“This has got to be the worst drive-in restaurant ever! What’s it take to get a little service around here?” (Warning: Turn down speakers)

Quick-thinking cuteologist Wendel writes: “He got a lot of looks as he honked for attention. I had to turn the car around and run up to get this video. It was too funny to pass up!”



  1. browngrl says:

    Earlier this week my husband and I stopped at the gas station on the way home. As we looked at our dog (who was left in the car while we pumped the gas and cleaned the windows) go CRAZY barking – my husband said “good thing he hasn’t learned to honk the horn yet”.

  2. Yaaaaaaaay it worked!

  3. That’s one horny dog…


  5. He’s telling his human to hurry it up already! he has things to do!

  6. He’s probably hot in that RV with the windows closed and he’s trying to send an SOS in Morse code.

  7. Snoopy at the wheel of an Arf V…

  8. (The Original) Mel says:

    Honk if you love beagles.

  9. 260Oakley says:

    Boogie Woogie Beagle Boy says: “Who you calling honky?”

  10. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!! says:


  11. “Honked for attention”? Mission accomplished, I’d say!

  12. “And two hard-boiled eggs!”

  13. what a sweetie.
    I guess howlin’ just wasn’t enough!

  14. the best

  15. Meep meep mee-ee-ee-ee-pppp!

    I was expecting (hoping?) to hear a beagle baroo, but this was actually much funnier. Beagles rock.

  16. I read the comments JUST for the @260Oakley puns. (This one made me el oh el)

  17. awww, she’s a baby!

    beagles aren’t all that smart except when they’re brilliant.

  18. Chris B. says:

    My Border Collie mix figured the horn out in no time. Then she learned how to put the car in gear. After that I could not leave her in the car with it running. I was afraid the next time she would figure out the steering and take off with the car…

  19. 😛

  20. LOL!

  21. eternalcanadian says:

    I really hope the dog isn’t being left alone in a hot and locked vehicle. He could very well be afraid and crying out for help or his humans. Not funny or cute at all. 😦

  22. Mary (the first) says:


  23. Maybe he’s honking because he wants you to come over to the window and hear how he saved a bunch of money on his car insurance.

  24. Stormcat42 says:

    Why Barroooo when you can have something do it for you??

  25. Stormcat42 says:

    I think I hear the engine running as the videographer walks up to the RV… So I’m going to assume that this gentle boy/girl’s owner has left the AC on, to run a quick errand to the little store across the streets because they suddenly realized they’d forgotten the goggy treats!!

    Next? 😀

  26. Trabb's Boy says:

    Holy moly — 24 comments and already two of them are assuming that the animal is at death’s door. Why would you do that? The dog learned that honking the horn gets attention, so she does it. That’s all. It’s funny! When you find yourself fearing the worst, try stopping for a minute and questioning your assumptions. Catastrophizing is a habit that can only make you miserable in the long run.

    And two boiled eggs.

  27. HA HA HA! That made my morning! I just hope my dog Cheddar didn’t see that and get any ideas. For all those who look on the dark side…I leave my dog in the car, only when the weather is cool. He would much rather be with me than sitting at home wondering where I am. beep beep!

  28. I can relate Chris, our border collie mix, Cheddar, is too smart sometimes. I really hope he did not see this video! Maybe your dog can cruise on over and she and Ched can go for a drive….hmmm… would they both stick their heads out the window? I think that just inspired me to draw a new cartoon!

  29. That is hilarious. 🙂
    I also love the cuteologist’s name, Wendel. I named a foster cat Wendel once. No idea where the name came from, it just occurred in my head. He was a great cat, but a handful – all four declawed, poor guy, so he had no self-confidence, marked alot be/c of that, but he got adopted into a home where he was the only cat and lived happily ever after.

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    Now I has the earworm!!! Boogieing round the office.

  31. bookmonstercats says:


    The other thing is that large vans like that have skylights in the roof, so they don’t get as hot as cars and small vans.

  32. The horn scares my dog thank goodness, however she has figured out if she pushes her paw on the armrest she can make the window open. We have to lock out the power window’s whenever she is in the car.

    I own an RV and I’m pretty sure the A/C is on is one

  33. starling says:

    I dunno, if you leave your car running, don’t you risk someone jumping in and stealing it?

  34. Stressfactor says:

    Dogs sweat through their tongues. I’ve walked dogs on hot days (and we always take it a little easier) and even when they get back inside in the air conditioning they pant with their tongues hanging out. That’s a sign that they’re hot.

    Beagle baby here is not panting, does not have his/her tongue hanging out and is showing no other signs of heat related distress.

    So I’d say she’s fine.

  35. TrixandSam says:

    Spot on, Stressfactor! No panic or distress on this pup.

  36. Cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I assume the dog is fine as well – except maybe too smart for his own good. 🙂

  37. I heart that it’s a beagle! Dogs in cars are awesome. Reminds me of when I was a kid, we’re driving down the highway and my mom says “What a strange wife that guy has (except she used a word that loosely translates as ≈ dear wife/old bag)”, then when we passed the car it turned out to be an Afghan hound sitting in the passenger seat.. 😀

  38. I think an RV would be very difficult to steal without anyone noticing.

    …and now I’m imagining some cool-looking dude in sunglasses tearing down Route 66 in a stolen RV…teeee heeeee.

  39. EZReader says:

    I enjoyed the Marx bros – have no Spanish but it seemed to me the captions were about something entirely other than the English dialogue – yes? A quick recap would be appreciated.

    Also – two boiled eggs…

  40. I will not laugh at that joke.
    I won’t.

    Okay I did and out loud.

  41. Awwww….my old Flat-coated Retriever, Max, used to do exactly this. We’d be in Publix, & hear a long series of honks coming from the parking lot. We’d go out, & there was Max, looking pretty darn proud of himself, with a big floofy paw on the horn.

    …………..I really miss my Max. TT____TT

  42. So what’s the big deal? My dog gets in my car and honks the horn for me to come out and drive him to the pet store to get him some treats.

  43. Beagles have their own agendas and do not take kindly to being ignored. I’m surprised this one has saved her barooos and gone right to the horn! My guy would be barooing AND honking the horn (and probably trying to drive away).

  44. Smart cute and healthy dog. She will go far, and probably with owner running after her trying to prevent her to go in trouble…
    My eldest cat and personal baby sitter was named Klaxon (Honk). Cause when he was… er.. borrowed from the farm he was born, my parents locked him in the car for a quick errand. They had to made it ewtra quick cause the kitten has fall asleep on the wheel.

  45. californiagirl says:

    This dog is not in distress at all. And I love how smart she is–the more I know dogs, the more I am absolutely amazed by them.

  46. californiagirl says:

    Just in case, maybe you should start teaching her things like changing lanes and parallel parking, because she sounds like she’s pretty close to figuring out how to turn on the ignition!

  47. Well, of course it wouldn’t be stolen. The dog is obviously honking the horn to let its parent know that the RV is still there!

  48. Maribeth says:


    It is a known fact that they take over your brain to make sure that you give them their proper name. I am glad Wendel sent you his name and found his home!

  49. I was thinking the same thing.

  50. Copperbat says:

    I can also relate. My red aussie would study my hands and feet while I was driving. It always stuck in my mind that someday both dog and car would go missing.

  51. Matahari says:

    Me too! 🙂

  52. The look on Honky’s face is priceless! Fantastic!

  53. OMG my beagle used to do the same thing!! I be in a store and hear the horn honking, it certainly would hurry me up!

  54. When I saw that it was a Beagle I LOL’s even more because, well, because I saw tha it was a ‘happy’ beagle! Also, thanks Wendel!

  55. OMG did you all notice the ‘kissy” noises Wendel made when the pup saw him?!! Way super cool!!