Why can’t we all have Red Pandas as pets?

Now that spring is here, let’s take one last look back at winter with these two red pandas going completely nuts (with double “coming to get YOOOU” action at 0:21).

This Wacky Winter Wonderland brought to you by Arlo R.


  1. Oh that 0:20 serious showdown is just too much!!! :D

  2. And 1:26 snow gathering action is just priceless.

  3. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I was going to bring that to everyone’s attention, too!! ;-)

  4. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh lord yes!

  5. brinnann says:


  6. And thus we have the problem of owning them as pets. If the entire world had access to such obviously dangerous ‘pets’, we’d self-destruct in no time at all.

  7. victoreia says:


  8. sunnylessmum says:

    Cute. Overload.

  9. OMG they are like a cat and a panda rolled into one adorable package. This could be the cutest animal ever.

  10. Yes! They definitely have that kitteh thing going on. And such fluffulence!!!! Prolly the cutest thing I’ll see all year. :-)

  11. Yes. It is undoubtedly the cutest animal in teh wide world! After 1.25 I couldn’t believe my eyes any more, it was just too much.

  12. wuyizidi says:

    In Chinese the word for panda is ‘bear cat’. I guess people weren’t really sure what they are.

  13. This totally puts my cats to shame.

  14. *speechless* 8O

  15. mplsredd says:

    I was having a crabbyapple kind of day and this totally turned me around!
    I am cured by the adorable pandy cuteness, esp snow all over thier sweet panda face!

  16. Same here – if I had my own red panda I’d never be a crabapple again. Promise!

  17. Red pandas for everyone = world peace! :-D

  18. omg… too much win… can’t take it… anymore….. arghhgh! >.<

  19. Best showdown ever. ARRGH I IS FIERCEPANTS ARRGH

  20. Red Panda Piratess :D

  21. Yeah, in retrospect I probably should’ve gone with “RAWR.” :-D

  22. Seriously, why can’t we have them as pets?

  23. because they are wild animals that like to chew stuff. and they are to cute to be put in a cage all day. If you had this cute animal in your house it would be chewed up in less that a week , I know I tryed to make a squirel a pet and it chewed up books, the couch,my father wood carvings ect. and even as we got it as a baby it did bite it didn’t know what was play, and what was bitting ,we ended putting it outside in the tree next to our house when it made a nest in the living room couch

  24. No, but seriously!

  25. wuyizidi says:

    If they can tame foxes in 50 years, I bet they can do the same with red panda.


  26. WendyPinNJ says:


  27. i also love it when he keeps on flipping over the rail.

  28. With the snow face!

  29. Bamboo break at half-time.

  30. Squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  31. double squeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Red Pandas! The People’s Panda!

  33. Alice Shortcake says:

    Someone isn’t QUITE ready for the bar exercise in next year’s Olympics…

  34. Unless they make up a new variation on the event. I mean – could that repeated step-slide be intentional?

  35. Alexandra Noelle says:

    SQUEEEE! I want one! :) they’re like cats, and puppies, and squirrels and all that adorable curiousness wrapped into one! :)

  36. *is dead from the cute* X_x

  37. NorbertsMom says:

    OMG!!! That is the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Now if you will excuse me I need to go eslpode!!

  38. News Flash!! Red Pandas can cure the common cold! I sear I feel a 100% better!

  39. 260Oakley says:

    a pandacea

  40. LOL!

  41. Seriously, I can barely watch this whole thing. Although, in hysterics, I can watch the whole thing several times, apparently. Oh, snowface mc slippypants! THIS TIME! EHN! oops. EHN! oops. EHN!

  42. “THIS TIME! EHN! oops. EHN! oops. EHN!”


  43. But he doesn’t fall! WIN!

  44. Fleurdamour says:

    Especially loving the snow pawing and nomming action. If my roommate’s cat could climb like these guys, our groceries would be history.

  45. yoruneko says:

    Science, get on with the cloning, STAT!!

    Red pandas, the only animal better than cats.

  46. the cutest video i have seen here in weeks. thnx

  47. Ginnie19 says:

    Equally as cute :3

  48. wuyizidi says:

    LOL, the last two characters of the title is literally “pandemonium”.

  49. My Lord.
    That end part where he stomps on the snow is just….that’s it. done. can’t take it.

  50. I know he’s like “Imma make a snow ball and STOMP IT, imma make another snow ball and STOMP IT!! Squeemax!

  51. arachnophile says:

    They are so FLUFFY I COULD DIE!

  52. WendyPinNJ says:

    Despicable Me!!!

    That’s the new motto in our house! And we use it every day because we have a big, fluffy Persian kitty, who is ALMOST as cute as these two guys!

  53. Martha in Washington says:

    Ok, now I want it to snow at my house! *looks anxiously out window*

  54. NO! I sed no. Sorry. I need to plant my blueberry plants. No more freeze!! Ktks!

  55. WendyPinNJ says:

    We’ve got snow outside my house right this very minute and YOU’RE MORE THAN WELCOME TO HAVE IT! Argh!

  56. Martha in Washington says:

    I’ll take your snow IF you include two adorabuhls red pandas!

  57. But what good is the snow without adorable red pandas frolicking in it? Hmmm?

  58. Dear dear dear creatures! What is this unbelievable cuteness?? how am i supposed to go on after seeing this??

  59. and if anyone wants to risk it and die out of cuteness, here’s a clip of a slow loris being tickled!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. That’s been on CO before.

  61. HEY.. so um.

    These pandas are heartbreakingly cute and I totally want one, but to answer the question..

    one: they’re an endangered species..

    two: you CAN get them on the black market.. in fact by not being responsible with the videos we circulate to this, an ENORMOUS circle of friends, we serve to promote how adorable they are as pets.. because not all of the thousands of subscribers here are extra cool like you obviously are for reading this far in.

    That amazingly cute Slow Loris above this post is beyond endangered. His species is nearing extinction due in very large part to the pet trade which is due in MAJOR part to videos like these.

    Google “Slow Loris Pet Trade” if you wanna see just how bad it gets.. If you choose not to watch, just know that BAD THINGS happen to these guys..

    Please ask Meg and crew to be careful about circulating videos of critters that find themselves on the business end of black market pet trades?

  62. tesstricks says:

    Good points that should be mentioned. These particular red pandas are not pets living in someone’s backyard. They live in a zoo in Japan.

  63. We have Zoos here Tess – could it be better to have some careful distribution into foreign Zoos by people who are totally aware of this problem of extinction. One day they will all be gone, but near where I live – we have Chester Zoo (UK) we have Red Panda’s there and they are cared for by their keepers really very well. We need to act before so much beauty vanishes from the Earth, some of our Zoos could make room for the Endangered Species

  64. Missy B. thank you for your comment – I cannot help but agree totally with every word, You have illustrated a simple tragedy – we should be more careful or one day there will be NO Cute to Overload

  65. WendyPinNJ says:

    With the snow here in the northeast today, I’m feeling particularly grumpy. But THAT snow made me smile because these babies are having so much fun.

    It’s a kitten! No, it’s a puppy! Wait, it’s a bear cub! Oh, I give up. Doesn’t matter what it is as it’s probably the cutest thing EVAR!

  66. wuyizidi says:

    If you live in NYC, and if we get a lot of snowfall, you can go to the Central Park Zoo and see a live-action version of this. They have two red pandas there.

  67. I love the balance beam action. Nadya Comaneci, eat your heart out.

  68. Did that music come out of a Mario Kart game or what?

  69. Red Pandas should get their own tags in CO!

  70. So I normally don’t “squee” or make any other such ridiculous noises when watching the cute videos here, but this one has done me in. Red pandas are truly the cutest. For months now I’ve been obsessed with the live red panda (aka fire fox) cub cam at http://firefoxlive.mozilla.org/ but nothing there competes with this.

  71. hipcheck says:

    THIS. This is the cutest animal on the planet. If all others were replaced by this one, I would not cry.

  72. WendyPinNJ says:

    You are the third person to mention this firefox webpage since this video surfaced. Before that the only firefox I was familiar with was the operating system on my computer.

    Going NOW!

  73. WendyPinNJ says:

    Whoops, “Replied” in the wrong place! But you know what I mean!

  74. Benicia Swanson says:

    This is so very cute. Made my day.

  75. Well, they’d be really hard to keep in the back yard for one…

  76. I grew up in a snowy climate and vowed never to live in the snow again. A pet red panda could change my mind!


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