THIS JUST IN: Knut wallpapers to remember him by :(

Consistently redonk Sender-Inner Brinke McBrinkersons has sent in two wallpapers for you to enjoy of our dearly departed Knut bear:

Choose Standard size
(5120 by 3840 pixels) or

(5120 by 3200 pixels)

Thank you, Brinkie.



  1. very cool… poor little guy 😦

  2. How fantastic. Thanks for doing this! Love all of the cute tongue and paws action. What a sweetie he was.

  3. Thanks Brinkie… Just intime to put on my new work computer.

    ANd Poor cute Knut… he is so missed.

  4. My favorite is the one towards the bottom middle, where he’s against the wall with his paws over his face. “No pictures, I haven’t got my face on yet!”

    Poor widdle Knut. You will be missed.

  5. Er, of the widescreen one anyway. It’s in the upper right on the standard size.

  6. Thanks for this.

    But what about the cause of death, was it revealed?

  7. These things take time,,, they were doing the Necropsy today. We probalby won’t hear results for a week

  8. RIP little guy.

    I remember when you were a cub. Was it really years ago?

  9. Sadly not all storys have happy endings.

  10. Thank you! I will certainly miss seeing new photos of this sweetie, but at least I can see him every time I turn on my computer. This will surely be my favorite desktop.

  11. good old whatshername says:

    Aw man, stupid allergies. My eyes are burning.

    Not fooling anyone, am I. 😦

  12. Beautiful collage. I can’t stand that this happened! Knuuuuut… 😦

  13. baby birdie says:

    *turns on teh sad music*

  14. i don’t want to feel miserable every time i turn my computer on so i’ll just walk past this…. =(

  15. That’s what I was thinking. Very, very sad.

  16. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Thank you, I know you meant well but this got me all angry again.
    You see, I was watching the news yesterday on an American network that shall remain nameless and they showed the actual video someone took of when Knut passed away. Why would they do something like that?

  17. Bye bye joli petit ours 🙂

  18. newspapers said today that it looks like it was a brain condition that caused his death :o(

  19. hey how come my sad face showed up as a happy face – definately not happy

  20. reports they want to stuff Knut and put him on display in the Berlin Museum of Natural History. I’m not a fan of taxidermy anyway, but this seems too morbid somehow. Poor little guy grew up in the media spotlight. Let him at least rest in peace.

  21. I miss him 😦 I hope they figure out what caused his death, he was still a baby.

  22. MissCecelyn says:

    There was something wrong with his brain 😦
    Apparently his great-aunt died of the same thing at the same age.

  23. eternalcanadian says:

    RIP Knut! 😦

  24. Rest in peace little sweetie……..

  25. Unbelievably sad! Another precious being gone. He was and still is loved!