TV Guide Dogs

Beeg Dogue: Mon petit ami, voulez-vous watchez le TV?

Squeehuahua: Yo quiero un caballero western movie. Si! Si!

Beeg Dogue: Oui! The French Chef it IS!

Cute Overload Xtreme TV Guide Dog Close-Up:

Who hogs the remote at your house, Kris?



  1. Awww Squeee and his friend is also his warm fuzzy blanket!

  2. He looks slightly concerned, maybe the French Chef is making Dogue Provencal?

  3. watchez le TV….

    Very franglish…

  4. What the heck? Is that a Briard? And it was nice of the hooman’s to get matchink pups!

  5. What a fab photo!

  6. Big Dog: Would someone please tell me what this thing between my front legs is? It can’t be a dog, I’M a dog!

  7. Looks like Piglet to me, Big Dog. Yes. I think It’s Piglet. 🙂

  8. puddlepeppers says:

    Methinks its the Chinese Chef making Peking Dogue with scallions, crepes,
    and hoisin sauce. (A day’s notice is often required for this dish, giving
    dogue time to high-tail it.)

  9. 260Oakley says:

    When Hairy met Smally

  10. puddlepeppers says:

    Mon coeur, it goes le-boom! for matchink pups…I will continuez to
    cherchez, but I find no matchink pups…le bou-hou, le honk.

  11. I’d say a Briard or a Wheaten with the wrong haircut..

  12. Good one 260Oakley!

  13. (The Original) Mel says:

    …And I will amor heem, and cuddle heem, and e-spank heem wheen he ees bad, and you have some splainik to do, Lucy…

  14. Yes, that IS a Briard! His name is Bonaparte and he’s my nephew by adoption. 😉 A more wonderful dog you will never meet!

  15. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!!! says:

    To Gigi: Is your (or your Sign. Other’s Man-) Cold enny better, yet???? Hope so!

    I have and have kept in my Archive of Amusingk Thingks, a comique.

    In it, a Society Dame walks her frilly, poofy dogue in a downtown area, in front of a store’s large, plate glass (mirror-y) window. The dogue looks in the window and is immediately HORRIFIED. He says “MY GOD!!!! I AM one of those poofy little dogs!!!!!” 🙂

    One of the best single-box cartoons, I ever done seen!!!!!

  16. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!!! says:

    yay for naming him Bonaparte!!!!

  17. So Much Matchingks!

  18. PS: BEEP! beep!

  19. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!!! says:

    Le Bigue Dogue even matches le Carpet!!!!
    Clevaire for zeeee housekeepingk, non??

  20. o no he/ she/ it DI-unt!!!! says:

    *Anguished Grammar Police sigh*

    Alors!!! Mais ce n’est pas, tres francais!!!!

  21. Maybe it’s just the skewed perspective, but Beeg Dogue looks like he’d be about 8 feet tall if he stood up. Them legs go on forever!

  22. And what ees the leetle dog’s name?

  23. Oh the worry on the little one’s face! So pathetic even though he is so clearly protected by his big brother. Adorable.

  24. OMG. I just noticed the ponytail on top of the big dog’s head. Hilarious.

  25. Non, ce n’est pas très français…

    Should have been:
    Mon petit ami, voulez-vous regarder la télévision?
    Mon petit ami, voulez-vous écouter la télévision?

  26. BatBlaster says:

    Now what would the puppies look like.

  27. That is my beeg stinky bubba, Bonaparte! Squeehuahua had no name during her brief respite in our house. You see, we were just a pitstop on her bid to freedom and eventual landing in a Furever Home.

    From what I understand of Squeehuahua’s history, she was purchased by Grandmother for Grandchild. Only Grandmother is canineophobic or something and was TERRIFIED of eebil Squeehuahua. So terrified, she couldn’t stand to have eebil Squeehuahua in her house. (apparently she was the kind of phobic that made her think Squeehuahua was plotting her demise) Her answer was to put Squeehuahua in a cardboard box on her screened in porch. More problematically, we had no verification of food or water for Squeehuahua and this was the month of January. Jan in Arkansas is, while not as cold as say…Wisconsin…temps still hover around freezing.

    Squeehuahua was rescued by my aunt and uncle, who found a home for her with an older gentleman they were friends with who had recently lost his wife. Unfortunately after they picked up Squeehuahua from her cardboard box, she was shocky and lethargic. Late in the evening and no emergency vet to speak of, they brought her to our house. My only option was to put her with Bonaparte and let his body heat warm her up slowly. Once she became a little less lethargic we offered her a small amount of water and some of my pomeranian’s raw food. She ate and drank a bit, and she pinked up. Within 40 mins or so, she was exploring, her eyes had brightened back up, and she stopped the teeth-chattering shivers.

    In some of the pictures we have, she is scaling Mount Beeg Dogue and in others she is burrowing beneath his coat. We never saw Squeehuahua after that, but heard that she was very happy in her new (non crazy) home. And she started a whole trend of taking pictures of Bonaparte with Wee Roggies. 😀

  28. victoreia says:

    Excuse me, but isn’t there a missing tag? Matchingks!!!!

  29. baby birdie says:

    Little Dog: Look out! The cat’s using her fish launcher again!
    Big Dog (paying attention to TV) : Hahahaha! Spongebob is hilarious!

  30. baby birdie says:

    And “Impending Doom.” Check out my comment below…and the little dog’s face.

  31. LOL, BatBlaster!

    Could a dog any more serious than that little Chichi?

  32. Kris Bonapart is adorable and how wonderful of you to be a stop over to a forever home! Sometimes we all go on convo;luted journeys to reach our ultimate destination.

  33. Surrealle says:

    Looks like a Briard to me, I grew up with one. Its neat seeing one on this site 😀

  34. Kris, thanks a million for sharing that story! Little Squee was certainly lucky to have a big pal like Bonaparte to warm her up and make her feel loved and protected! It’s so great that you rescued her and brought her back to life. You’ve got a big heart! ❤

  35. Well little one
    “Nothings going to harm you, not while I’m around”

  36. Andi in NC says:

    First – love the back story – you’re an angel for helping Squeehuahua and so is Bonaparte.

    Second – apparently you are also the “Plant Whisperer” – how do you keep all the plants looking so great???

  37. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Kris, thanks so much for helping the little Squeehuahua. Your picture is fantastic. Bonaparte is awesome. LOVE those long hairy paws!

  38. tesstricks says:

    All Wheatens should be named Wil, IMO.

  39. Well, we don’t really speak true français here. It’s more frawnch, the outrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrageous dialect. :mrgreen:

  40. The Squeehuahua looks so totally like Yoda. Hell, it might *be* Yoda.