Rocky had installed a fire extinguisher, in case things get too hot.



  1. Are you serious?! I’ve just melted!

  2. I melted too!!!!!! Waaa…. how can anything be this cute?!

  3. What?! Talk about interspecies snorgling!

  4. The kitty looks perfectly at home. Where IS this place??!!

  5. Is this real??? I live in a country with no raccoons… so please excuse my ignorance…….

  6. Oh, no…it looks like Penelope has left Pepe Le Pew for another! The hussy!

  7. The need to know the story behind this one is keeeeelingk me!

  8. OMG Is this real life?

  9. at this point, i think it’s safe to say “no.”

    unless you have a more complicated definition of “real” and “life,” of course.

  10. Wow, is this real?

  11. Look who’s home for dinner, and I mean for my dinner.

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