So You’re the New Nanny, Eh?

Here’s the deal: I get cartoons from 11:00 to 2:00, all the ice cream I want, and you push me around the park every day before dinner, if you know what’s good for you.

Brianna L.
says: “This is Roy, the Netherland dwarf rabbit, with Alice, the brown tabby.”



  1. “Associates”– HAW! My niece and nephew have associates, too. P

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    I almost bought that same rug! And now that I see that it comes with a kitteh and a bunny in a basket, I’m sorry i didn’t! (The bunny better be careful come Easter time or someone may mistake it for ..well, you know.)

  3. Alice better watch out…….if that were my little Nethers, he would deinitely keep her in line.
    Bunnies Rule!!

  4. PS: All props and awe to my n&n’s babysitter Maryama, who is something of a Wonder Woman.

  5. Alice is all I told you to eat your broccoli! Get back to the table youngster.

  6. I have that rug.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    Roy considers consulting Siegfried before including this particular big cat in the Easter show.

  8. SuperCATlifragilisticexpialidocious Nanny!

  9. Pat Trenner says:

    That’s one BIG dwarf rabbit. Is that an oxymoron, like “jumbo shrimp”?

    Or is “oxymoron” a detergent for idiots?

  10. 😈 I don’t think you will get away with anything, rabbit 😈 That kitty has been trained by SuperNanny 😈

  11. sunnylessmum says:

    I think the cat is none too pleased about bunneh sitting duties. Nor about a basket stroller that looks like a kind-of-box he could settle in to for a nap.

    Thank goodness for CO. I have to come here after every idiotic experience at work just to get a perspective readjustment! Hence, I visit this site OFTEN!

  12. (The Original) Mel says:

    I do believe they have their, “You wouldn’t dare. Don’t make me” faces on.

  13. Associates? Is this a mafia-bun?

  14. I loved that film.

  15. Bossy bunneh bamboozles bunnehsitter

  16. I’m absolutely amazed!!! Bunneh is schmoozing with the kitteh and there doesn’t seem to be even a tiny hint of disapproval. What is the world coming to?

  17. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:
  18. victoreia says:

    *snerkity snerk*

  19. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  20. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    1- Tous les deux animaux sont cute.
    2- A moi, je suppose que le/ la chat(te) se resemble au Chat de Cheshire.

    (see: Alice/ Wonderland)

  21. victoreia says:

    Don’t we all?

  22. Godfather Bun to you, and he is making the kitty an offer he can’t refuse.

  23. This looks like a scene from a beautiful Victorian children’s book!

  24. I was thinking the same thing Pat! Very large ears for a Netherland Dwarf…

  25. ashagato says:

    Roy and Alice! Sounds like somebody’s aunt and uncle in Staten Island 😉

  26. “We meet again, at least. The circle is now complete.”

  27. Bah, should read “at last”…

  28. 😀

  29. Helmet! So, at last we meet for the first time for the last time.

  30. Nanny cat will probably be caught napping. after all thats what cats mainly do.

  31. CoffeeCup says:

    Totally OT, and I’m sure someone else has asked this, but uh…do we know if Maru and his owner are okay?

  32. Pat Trenner says:

    Looks a lot like a Dutch to me, which makes me want to sing the patty-cake song “I am a pretty little Dutch girl,” etc., etc.

    Why can I remember a song from my ancient childhood but not my own phone number?

  33. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    hiya!! Yup. We have nice peeps on CO who posted the statement from Maru’s human, during/ on a different CO post.

    Here’s the instant replay (I’m trying to get to the correct part of Maru’s website without including the items prior and since — and since the headlines are in Japanese,…. Please excuse if my typing/cut/paste bring something assoc but “not quite right”):



    I receive a lot of emails of the encouragement to Japan.
    However, I cannot show all of them.

    Thank you for your praying for Japan.———————————————————————-



    Maru experienced earthquakes too,
    but he is not frightened now.
    Thank you for a lot of emails and messages.
    And thank you for praying for Japan.
    Maru is very cheerful.

    スレッドテーマ [ ペット … 猫 ]
    03/12 00:15 | ねこ



    スレッドテーマ [ ペット … 猫 ]
    03/10 09:10 | ねこ プロフィール


    Scottish Fold


    YouTubeページ。 特訓するねこ。

    YouTubeページ。 まるです。

    YouTubeページ。 Maru Now.

  34. Ah well; I guess it’s true: the brown tabby chat does seem to resemble me;
    (However, I must admit, that Alice the Chat is more beautiful than I am: sob, sob!!
    😥 😥 😥 ) And yes, do check “Alyss in Wunnerland”: a most excellent reference about me and my “down the rabbit hole” associates, a quite mad bunch,
    all of them, you should be forewarned……..!!!111!! 🙄

  35. Glad to hear that Maru and his owner are okay 😀

  36. Aw, my two babies got on the site! Roy is 6 months old, and alice is 8 years, so the caption is fitting 🙂

  37. haw!

  38. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    YAY Brianna, yay Roy and yay alice!!!

  39. Horray for Maru!

  40. First thing I thought too, that bun is a definitely a Dutch; the ears aren’t teeny enough to be a dwarf.