Maple Sap Sipper

And when he’s finished with the pancakes he’s going to want to wash it down with some milk.

The cows will not be pleased with his methods.


See you on the flipside, Peter


  1. sjdierks says:

    Cute lil’ squirrel tongue!

  2. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I just gotta hop in and say SEE!!!!???? THIS is what the skwerrlios in our back yard would do this time of year! And here is a picture of the yellow bellied sapsucker ( I did not take the pics) drilling holes that produce the sap to be lapped…

  3. Peter— Great photo– I love to feel a Squirrel’s tongue…licking yogurt off my hand– It’s a wonderful feeling

  4. Tongue-hance!!

  5. Czechmate says:

    Oh yes! Must have tongue-hance!

  6. Tiii-daaa.

  7. Yay!

  8. Hmmm. Something’s missing. What this photo needs is a sqwerl photo bomb…

    Now if I only knew how to do it… *waits patiently for my more tech saavy CO peeps to arrive with doctored photo…*

  9. Was that a “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie’ reference?

    Squirrels and classic kids literature FTW!

  10. NOOOOOOOO, don’t put your tongue on the stop sign!!! 8O

  11. Did someone double-dog dare him?

  12. Hep! Ma thung ith thuck.

  13. ThTuck. :mrgreen:

  14. Hahaha!

  15. Pat Trenner says:

    I think this is what Nikki is talking about (needs embiggening). Prolly won’t work because I am, technically speaking, a moron.


  16. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *giggle* “embiggening” :)

  17. Pat Trenner says:

    I WISH I could take credit for “embiggening.” I stole it from Theo.

  18. It’s a perfectly cromulent word!

  19. WIN! =D

  20. So now Pat and I are in the Snickering Lounge sipping adult beverages while waiting for a tech super hero to come to our aid and show us how to embiggen and embed a squirrel photo bomb into this pic…

    *passes bowl of mixed nuts to Pat*

  21. Pat Trenner says:

    [Hard Kronsch sounds from Snickering Lounge “mmmm, macadamias!”]

  22. Pat Trenner says:

    [hard kronsche sounds…”mmm, macadamias!”]

  23. Okay, Pat, why don’t you hand me your maple martini? Maybe we should switch you to club soda…you seem to be repeating yourself. :)

  24. Which happens with macadamias. :mrgreen:

  25. Pat Trenner says:

    See above. Make that a verified moron.

  26. Squirrel is no sap he’ll eat those pancake lickedy split.

  27. What a great shot of that wunnerful peenk tongue.

  28. puddlepeppers says:

    Thanks, Pyrit…I’ve been working on the budget,
    and I so needed a dose of maple syrup and
    some outraged cows.

  29. Awww yummy Maple Slurple.

  30. Roses are red
    Violets are purple
    Sugar is sweet
    And so is maple slurple

  31. Syrupy squirrelio savors sugary sweet.

  32. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Sipper for Supper.

  33. Off topic (though I love the squirrelly pink tongue!):

    Maru is okay!

  34. victoreia says:


  35. I didn’t see your post and just posted the same thing. Well it’s good to know we all were thinking of our beloved Maru!

  36. I’m so happy Maru is safe!

  37. sunnylessmum says:

    I cannot even describe the sigh of relief that just escaped me. Man, I love Maru way more than I knew!! Now I’ll continue to hope, pray, and wish that all other living beings there are helped.

  38. I didn’t see this anywhere but according to his blog our favorite boxhab candidate Maru-san is safe along with his family. My heart goes out to all of those furry and not who were not so lucky.

  39. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, maybe waiting ’til March to finish the Yule Log wasn’t such a great idea. It’s gotten a little stale. ( Make that Bûche de Noël if he’s a Francophone.)

  40. I’m so happy to hear that Maru is safe and sound. All of those fantastic cute reporters, creators of ridiculous adorableness and their ani-pals in Japan will need all of the happy and healing vibes we can send them today…

  41. Momof13cats says:

    So glad to hear Maru is ok!

    Best wishes to our kindred kute pals in Japan and their furry babies!

  42. The tragedy in Japan is a good reminder (especially for those of us in earthquake country) to have an emergency plan and kit. And don’t forget your pets. If you do have an emergency kit, make sure it has pet food, bowls, vet info, collar/tag/lead, whatever your animal needs. Make sure your family knows where to meet up if home isn’t an option, and keep your kit updated with fresh food and water, clothing, medications, first aid kit, radio, etc.

    End of lecture.

  43. spoken like a true Bay Area Resident. Just did a review of our supplies today.

    I will never forget having the Loma Prieta quake occur the day before shopping day. I was just about out of food. and so we made due for several days on what we had.
    I have kept an emergency supply ever since.

  44. Exactly, Kitty. The ’89 quake was when I first put together an emergency kit. I even remember to update it periodically.

  45. Boondock saints?

  46. Oh goodness look at that little tonguelet!

  47. “MOTHER” told you not to lick the pole at winter, you get your tong stuck on IT”

  48. Pat Trenner says:

    See “moron” reference

    See “moron” reference


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