On Your Mark, Get Set,

BEEP!         BEEP!          BEEP!

(Turn down your volume!) http://www.autospeak.com/grpsndb/horns.wav

Aooogah! (eyes pop out on springs), Sophia.



  1. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    *gasp*…WHAT are they? I gotta have ’em all!

  2. oh good lord
    *drops ded*

  3. Gak! Are these squirrel molecules?!?! Cute cute cute.

  4. Behbeh chipmunks??

  5. And now they come down to the wire! And it’s number one. And now number two. And it’s very close. There’ll need to be a photo finish or an oil painting.

    And now Louis leads with a left, and Louis is in there slugging — and it’s a battle.
    And now they’re tearing hair — there’s hair all over the ring — there’s hair all over the place.

    I don’t know whose hair it is — oh, it’s mine.

    And there goes the winnerrrrrrrrr …


  6. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    –they have good makeup artistes. Cheque the eyeliner 🙂

  7. victoreia says:


  8. victoreia says:

    OMG! [ded]

  9. Delightful Spike Jones reference!

  10. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Actually, that probably means these guys….

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Three tasty little noms…nom nom nom!

  12. This is the reason I visit CO.
    After a rotten day, this absolutely made me smile.

  13. And may I just say that these are three of the most adorable little noses I’ve seen in a long while.

  14. (The Original) Mel says:

    Sqerlicules are unstable without their bushy electrons.

  15. Bebeh southern flyingk squirrelios! Vroom vroom vroom.

  16. emmberrann says:

    Awww! These wittew teeny bebehs are just.a, b, and c-dorable, but are they skwerlies or chipmunkules? They sooo teeny the eyecapsules are sealed! Somebody tell us, puhleeeze?

  17. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  18. “Hi, I’m Larry; this is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl.

  19. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  20. … according to current cutemological models. */annoying nerd/*

    This is why the LSC (Large Squirrel Collider) is searching for the elusive Higgs Bushy Tailion. Confirmation of the predicted H-Tailion would overthrow today’s cutemological models by unifying the bush and stubby poles, and thenceforward open up whole new vistas is cuteology.

    We live in exciting times.

  21. LOL. Exciting times indeed, HP. 🙂

  22. And they FLY?!?! Bonus squee!!

  23. OMG. Hilarious.

  24. */raises eyebrow, pushes glasses up on nose, smirks/*

  25. They look a little grumpeh.

    (BTW, when I clicked the horn link, my internet security program blocked it and said that was a known “malicious” site?)

  26. Okay, that made me just shout with laughter! 😀

  27. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    I’m FAIRLY (don’t kill me if I’m wrong) that these are bebah flying squirrels. If they were chipper-monks they would more than likely have stripes on their backs. 🙂

  28. The horn link goes, “brrrrrnnnnnnnp, toooooooooot, Model T honk-honk, Big Rig air horn”

  29. OMG – my ears and my eyes!

  30. Ali-baba says:

    So THIS is Tom, Dick & Hairy, huh? They’re quite smaller than I imagined then to be.

  31. {shifty eyes} {gently scoops up critters and tiptoes away}

  32. The muzzlepowsch on the middle one looks otter-ish! 🙂

  33. SNERK

  34. What AM they????!! So nibble-able!

  35. Skwerl nerd? You’ve got my vote, HP.

  36. brinnann says:

    That’s what I thought they were at first.

  37. Girdle in the stretch! HAR HAR HAR!!

  38. Chickenlegs says:

    They’s baby flying squirrels– some of the cutest little critters in the UNIVERSE and they STAY cute no matter how big they get (don’t get very big actually)

  39. This is exactly the level of unbelievable…er, … I mean, unmatchable, not to mention incomprehenable, scientific reasoning that can only be found on CO. And it makes perfect sense to me! Thanks, Professor HP.

  40. Glad I am not alone, I thought they were bebeh otters too.

  41. Queen of Dork says:

    Oh! Well for heaven’s sake. These little babies are just so sweet! I love the overwhelming adorableness combined so inexplicably with the facial expressions of being so incredibly disgruntled and MAD! What are they so mad about? Are they mad because bunnies get all the credit for being disapproving and so are trying to prove they can take disapproval to a new level?

    (Oh noes! Are you so angry, Mad, Angry, Madder McMaderson poo-poos? Oh dear. What can I do to make it up to you?) I shall hide under my bed from your cute fury and wrath.

  42. Foxsparrow says:

    I remember when my southern flying squirrel, Puck, was that tiny! I found hand feed him and he’d sleep tucked in my bra for 18 hours a day. Oh, I miss those times! He was all head with a tiny, flat little body. The best part is that their heads stay mostly round. Best. Pet. Ever.

  43. Foxsparrow says:

    *would hand feed him, not found.

  44. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Yup! But don’t want the Pokemans..want whatever those things are…

  45. Kallisto says:

    I agree, I woke up to find the sewers blocked up to such an extent that the manhole covers in my garden had been lifted and, well, the contents had spilled onto my lawn.
    Rotten day indeed.

  46. so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!