Cute or Sad? A Seal goes “Ehn!”

Cute or sad?

You tell me, People.

Josh N. says “cute.”



  1. Precious, cute little thing… This is sadly cute!

  2. I had this video favourited under ‘OH MY GOD’ because that’s about all I can say when I view this video. HE CRIES

    HE /CRIES/

    oh my goodness

  3. Holy crap, my ovaries are aching.

  4. Oh my god, it looks like it’s crying in the end.. almost made me cry too :/

  5. Cute.

  6. It is really =sad= first where is the miother , second it is out there for polor bears, wolves ect, to get it and eat it, or for it to starve because no mother around to feed it or keep it warm it is sad, sad, sad, the seal itself is cute , but alone is sad, sad, sadf, and the chances for it living by itself is next to none.

  7. Oh my! I must pick him up and snuggle him and get him mittens and a cup of hot cocoa, stat!

  8. Christine says:

    Only cute if there isn’t a sealer somewhere out of frame.

  9. Don’t worry, punkin. Mama will be back in two shakes of your cute little seal tail.

  10. It does say Ehn and Nyerhe! I just barfed a rainbow. I want to squeeeeze it! Please let its mama be nearby!

  11. A little too frantic to be cute.

  12. Aw, the little guy looks like a snowball! Definitely cute, i mean there’s another animal making noises in there so he presumably isn’t alone.

  13. At 0.39 he’s all just pretending to be sad and snuffling little tears… while he prepares to STEAL YOUR SOULIO!

  14. You really think, a baby seal can’t survive 45 seconds without its mother? – After all, that’s all we can judge from this video.
    That said from all we know it could even be the mother herself is holding the camera, thinking “Aw, cute!”

  15. Gustav M says:

    “Ahhh! Everywhere is white, boring snow and all I can do is waddle and being acutely fluffy! Halp!”

  16. I don’t know, but one of my cats went all nuts when he heard all that whimpering. I didn’t know he understood seal-speak.

  17. Please tell me this was not shot by a seal hunter!!! This is so depressing. I am in tears.

  18. Bbbaaaaarrrroooooooooooooo.

  19. Chantal Lyons says:

    The mother’s probably out fishing. Seal mums often leave their babies. That’s why they have that fluffy white fur, helps them to blend in

  20. Did anybody else think it looked like it was gonna cry toward the end there? I just couldn’t stop myself imagining it saying “Heeeellp meeee 😦 😦 :(“

  21. c'est moi says:

    At the end it looks like it’s sobbing and snuffling… Cute.. And sad

  22. birdcage says:

    Cute ……no, sad………no, cute ………arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  23. Did the baby cried at the end of the clip? It’s a heartbreaking to see him cry. 😦

  24. only cute if there is no polar bear nearby.

  25. Unfortunately, this little guy/gal’s future may not be so bright, thanks to global warming. But it is super cute to see his wriggly-ness.

  26. hggggnnnn seconded 8C

  27. Good thing global warming is fake.

  28. Oh he looks like he might cry!

    (Which is cute because his mom is so totally coming back real soon!)


  29. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    I KNOW! Right at the end when he looks right at the camera he looks like he’s about to bawl 😦

  30. browngrl says:

    I just want to get on a plane – run out to the ice and pick up that baby and wrap him up in a warm blanket and cuddle him up till his mommy gets home

  31. Aww he looks like he’s crying in the end!! He was so sad and cute it made my heart ache.

  32. Marianne says:

    oooooo! I’ll say cute! I love the wriggling and the noises. s/he’ll be fine, there’s no need to worry!

  33. (The Original) Mel says:

    Sad. 😦

  34. I want to go out there on the ice and spray paint his fur first so he is not good to the fur-trade seal hunters! Then I’d cuddle him!

  35. Cindy Matulewicz says:

    sad indeed. The danger is not animals, but man! The canadian seal hunt begins the end of this month!

  36. I can’t imagine a better way to put it, Teresa!

    My dog Kaya agrees, too — she’s freaked out and running around trying to find the little lost pup! :-/

  37. My cats didn’t care much, but my dog is still running around looking for it!

  38. FinnMacCool says:

    Come live with me precious baby. I swear I’d never leave the house again. I just stay home and pet and feed and cuddle!

  39. Cute little guy 🙂 He’s not alone you can hear other pups calling for their mothers, who probably went fishing, they have to eat to be able to produce milk to feed these little guys!

  40. Cute! I couldn’t help myself, I had to whimper, too…

  41. he’s a little anxious because when his moms went out he forgot to ask her to get fries

  42. Martha in Washington says:

    Cute AND Sad!

  43. Boomer's Mom says:

    “Momma, momma, where are you? I need a snuggle!”

  44. I’d have babies if they came out as fuzzy baby seals!

  45. Don’t worry, it is illegal to hunt and kill whitecoats (white seal pups), only once they reach the age they leave their mothers and their goat turns spotted grey and they loose their fluff are they legally allowed to be hunted. It’s been illegal since the 80s. Still sad, but at least this little guy is safe. Cute! 🙂

  46. totally SAD!!! :o(

  47. Jimbeaux says:

    It’s actually true that mama just went out to get some lunchabuls for the li’l guy, and he’s saying, ‘I hope we get the ones with the chocolate chip cookies!’

    Cos that’s not sad. It makes me feel better.

    *runs up and snuggles the li’l guy til the lunchabuls and hot cocoa is ready*

  48. I’m inexplicably reminded of “The Most Pathetic Baby Panda Ever” on YouTube…

  49. This is so sad…..I just want to scoop him up and find his mommy and reunite them. Wah!

  50. That was HORRIBLY SAD 😦 Poor little bugger can’t get out of his little ditch and pleads with the dink holding the camera to “HELP ME!!!!”

  51. Troll harder, my friend.

  52. I’m going to have to go with ‘Sad’ on this one 😦

  53. Aww. He’s adorabuhls, and he’s just anxious. His mom left to go earn her seal paycheck (fish), so that she could provide dinner (also fish).

    I’d be tempted to help him out of that little spot, but sadly, I don’t think you’re supposed to touch them. 😦

  54. So sad 😦 Poor little thing. I want to be your mum 😦 !

  55. sabrina rose says:

    Of course it’s sad…the little thing is crying and has worried eyes. Maybe there are fur trappers out there.

  56. Susan G. says:

    I just can’t think about that…all I can think about is “Thank God in this big, cruel world there is something so incredibly beautiful and adorable and perfect”.

  57. Susan G. says:

    Amen to that. Can’t think about it, but absolutely true.

  58. such sad little plink-plink eyes.

  59. savvy_geek says:

    SAD! He’s crying! 😦

  60. I don’t usually comment, but this baby seal made my heart ache!!!

    PS: When are we gonna get Canada to stop the hunt!?!?!

  61. not really that sad though. In real nature (i.e. the ideal situation where people don’t eff with the animals), and 99.999% of the time, no seal baby is going to have a nurturing human bean help it every time it gets stuck in the snow. This teeny snowhill is really he least of its worries. The cameraperson would only be a “dink” if the seal was in physical pain or stuck in a hole, and not helping. This ditch is just a part of its normal life.

  62. i want to hug him and squeeze him and call him george.

  63. Michelle says:

    Global warming isn’t it’s biggest problem. They’ve restarted the seal hunt. As a Canadian, I am trully ashamed. Who buys seal meat or seal fur anyway??

  64. CUTE!!!


  66. SO SAD! i agree that he is crying, especially at the end. This video made me want to cry!

  67. Sad Poignant and cute all rolled into one!

  68. Pamela in Calgary, AB says:

    Oh, this made me cry! Where is his Mommy??? How can she let her little baby just cry, without doing something??? Look at his sad, baby seal eyes!! Listen to him…..just listen….WHERE IS THE HUMANITY??????

    Whew…okay, I feel better now. Maybe if I watch it again, his Mommy will be there this time.

  69. Do you think seals are supposed to build houses or something? How can it be sad that an animal is living in its natural habitat and behaving the way it’s supposed to be?

    Also, you can hear the cries of other seals all around. That’s because their mothers have gone to get food. But yeah, mom should propably have got a stroller and taken baby with her when she went fishing. Or at the very least called a babysitter.

  70. Ahhhh, the serene arctic… So peaceful…

    Oh no wait, there’s the sound of crying babies everywhere. Nevermind.

  71. Ooo! I’ll babysit!

  72. I think this little baby will be fine. Remember, just because he looks sad doesn’t mean he IS sad. Could just have snow in his eyes!

    Oh, who am I kidding. BAWWW! POOR BEBEH!

  73. there should be a petting zoo where i can hug baby seals.

  74. looks cold, hungry, and sad.

  75. wannadance says:

    nothing cute about it. this is a baby, l ooking for its mother. i agree, it’s frantic. this is it’s natural habitat but not it’s natural stage of life…
    vid breaks my heart…

  76. So mommy leaves it out by itself for five minutes and you’ve decided, “How tragic, it’s been abandoned/orphaned and is going to die!”? Mommy’s probably getting some nice fish for her baby, but since he’s a baby he’s crying.

  77. Um, it IS natural, because it happens in nature. I’m prettysure all seal moms have to leave their babies for a little while, and I’m sure all the babies wail for mama.

  78. Pretty sure that the person who is holding the camara will defend the baby seal because we know that people who kill baby seals don’t usually take film of their prey.

  79. You were just asking a question – I don’t see the need for so many snarky comments.

  80. Actually I change my vote to sad. He did steal my soul at the end. I felt so sorry for him!!!!


    Where’s his momma? That’s a sad noise he’s making, for sure – lost and cold and all alone and afraid he’ll be clubbed to death…


  82. YES! I’m voting for this idea!

  83. simultaneously cute and sad

  84. Totally normal. This seal is very healthy, unhealthy seal pups have an awful deflated look about them.

    Baby seals make all sorts of pathetic-sounding noises even when they are perfectly happy. It’s just to ensure that their mothers can find them when they come back from hunting (mothers don’t eat at all for MONTHS through the birth and initial nursing, so they have to start hunting when the babies are still very young and nursing to rebuild their fat stores).

    Not as familiar with harp seals, but I assume given the other pups crying in the background that this is a birthing beach/snowbank and that they are totally fine.

  85. sunnylessmum says:

    I always feel sad for any bebeh that is crying for his or her mama. That’s a good thing though right, empathy, compassion and all those kinds of wonderful traits. But there is no question that this li’l one is absolutely adorable. Hope his mama came back very soon and gave him a big lunch; just think how happy he was!!

  86. Very sad.

  87. They don’t shoot them, they club them to death to preserve the perfection of the fur. Its a horrible practice but one the Inuit of Northern Canada have been doing for a very long time. How did the Inuit survive in the northern climate for the past couple thousand years? They wore fur coats and ate seal meat. Its a difficult situation for Cdn politicians because the northern Inuit have so very few resources and ways to make a living. Personally I’d love to stop the practice but there are political and cultural extenuating details. Nature is cruel, polar bears eat seals, humans (being at the top of the animal pyramid) club adorable baby seals. The world is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. We all just try to survive.

  88. victoreia says:

    Apparently, some Asian and Northern European countries……

  89. The Japanese?

  90. That is sad…he’s crying…it put me in tears when I saw it. The sad overwhelmed the cute. Please post something heartwarming soon.

  91. Dumb. The excuse they use here is that they eat all the cod. I CAN’T even AFFORD to buy COD! Tastes like chicken! Give them chicken instead!!

  92. Yeah, definitely heartbreaking, but like easol says also natural. Seal moms have to leave their babies alone often, and they leave for good fairly early in the baby’s life. The babies wail for some time — they say the sound of an entire floe of babies wailing for their missing mothers is heartrending — and then they go on with the business of become adult seals.

    It’s a hard-knock life for seals, but they’re resolute lil’ cuties.

  93. Cute! I see no particular reason to think that he’s doing anything other than rolling around and making “Mom! Hey, Mom! Mommmmm!” noises as all baby animals inevitably do.

    I was surprised by the noise, though… I’d never heard baby seal cries before. They sound halfway between a kitten and a baby!

  94. Aww, look at the bebbie seal :D. Eet’s so cute! How could one not like the seal puppeh?

  95. Seals *do* weep tears, and frequently. Probably not sadness, although how would we ask?

    This lil’ guy probably *IS* crying for his mother, though. It’s natural for seal moms to leave their babies alone, and also natural for the babies to be QUITE vocally upset about it!

  96. 15 seconds before:

    mom: oh gosh we’re out of baby food. I’ll just be out for five minutes…

    baby: *wakes up from nap* mom? MoM? MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!?

  97. How could someone kill something this cute just to sell its fur? We live in a sick world.

  98. muttluver says:

    I second that. It was one question! One answer was sufficient!!

  99. muttluver says:

    Whew! No baby seal clubbing (by the legal hunters, at least.) The adult seals at least have a fighting chance–they can be mean!! (Or so I’ve heard/read.)

  100. muttluver says:

    Yeahhhhh……. leaving human smell on wild animal is generally not that smart, plus baby needs to figure out how to make it on his own. Tough love, tough love……

  101. muttluver says:

    I’m sure animal rights activists will be out there trying, just like the whale people.

  102. muttluver says:

    Should I feel horrible for thinking that’s hilarious?

    Meh, head hurts, don’t care.

  103. beeegirl says:

    baby seals are always surrounded by a glowing aura of sad, it’s their lot

  104. muttluver says:

    Was gonna go with cute till the end, when he he looked like he was crying. Sooooooooooooooo cute……… wait.

    I don’t think he’s in any more danger than is normal, peeps.

    DOES give a mighty hard tug to the heartstrings, though.

  105. cubbybutt says:

    the blorble at :33 is soooo sadsssss!

  106. I know from a human perspective it sounds like he/she is crying, but maybe it’s just normal baby seal noises?

  107. Princess of Insolence says:

    It could very well be saying “Dang, I love pudding!” However, I don’t think any of us are fluent in baby seal, and it’s not nice to be not nice. Poor thing certainly doesn’t sound like he’s having a good day.

  108. carolina says:

    He/she is calling for his/her Mom. The desperation is growing and the little seal is crying.
    I hope Mom was nearby and was found quickly. Made my heart hurt and reminded me of a horrific film I once saw on baby seals being clubbed to death for their fur. Very sad.

  109. Way SAD!!!!!!! 😥

  110. Personally I’m less concerned about the baby being abandoned than mama coming back and finding you messing around with her cub.

    Dewd, first rule of the forest, savannah, rainforest, frozen tundra:

    When you see a baby, leave it alone because mama will whup your ass.

  111. it’s ok cuz um, I saw this on TV and the seal found his mama and they went to live in a seal sanctuary paradise where no animal or person could hurt them EVER and um… they lived happily ever after!!! so, no worries 🙂

  112. I vote CUTE. I belive a gazillion and a trillioth people have already said that adult female seals need to fish in order to provide nutrients for the adorable little squeakmonsters (as I believe David Attenborough put it; or if he didn’t he should have.)
    What I *can’t* believe is that nobody has mentioned this flopping about unattended in their natural environment is essential for baby seals – like human toddlers – to learn to move around under their own muscle power.
    And that the word for this is Skooching. I don’t know the etymology of it, its origins are dim and distant. But the verb To skooch is my favourite word in any language ever, and this is why.

  113. If this copy of the same video is to be believed, the wee seal baby was ok:

    “A video I took while on an expedition filming whales with mum ^^
    And for the record, her friends and mommy were very close, so dont worry”

    So cute. So so cute. ^_^

  114. muttluver says:

    Haha yeah, was thinkin’ the same thing.

  115. muttluver says:

    ………..wouldn’t that tickle?

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  116. the phrase “wee seal baby” is squeee-worthy all by itself!

  117. Wee seal baby!

  118. OMG! someone help this cute little baby get over!! he was soo hopeless at the end 😦

  119. AlexisJune says:

    Agreed. I teared up a little. It looks so sad and lost. =\

  120. Shinygirl says:

    Ouch! I got cute in my eyes and ears now.

  121. OMG why is this seal all the way in snowland when it could be being snorgled by me?!?! That little round melon with tiny ear dots is just begging to be smooched!! I think he was just crying because he couldn’t get up the snow hill to be cuddled by the camerman 🙂

  122. *cameraman, guh i can type

  123. Princess Fiona says:

    My cat was upset too! Maybe there’s a universal Baby-speak?

  124. So very sad, poor baby

  125. I am unable to speak now. Those eyes stole my voice. All I can do is whimper incomprehensibly.
    Cute wins. Sad cute, but cute. Like puppy dog eyes.
    Seal pup eyes!!!

  126. Wee Seal Baby Indeed!! – what a neat turn of phrase.

    Kar I just loved that post – may your God and mine Bless you, because I am so sure you have the RIGHT of it – Mama Seals are great Ass-Whuppers if you mess with their kids – I am happily picturing even the nice camera-person running away when Mrs Seal got back.
    Just an idea – who is to say if little one is in a ditch – that Mother did not put him there for his/her own safety. I say – like a frosty cradle

  127. It’s ok, I’m going to hell too, because I giggled at that.

  128. LOL! X D

  129. Oh for pete´s sake, put the camera down and get him/her back to his mummy!!! 😦

    What a cutie though. 🙂

  130. Ana Félix Pires says:

    Cute at first, but then. The sniffling at the end! TT_TT

  131. Matahari says:

    For some reason this breaks my heart ..

  132. Matahari says:

    🙂 :-))

  133. oh. the crying breaks my heart! I want to pick him up and put little seal mittens on his flippers and a little seal hat on his head so he’ll be warm! poor little seal baby 🙂

  134. Matahari says:

    Nooooooooo!!! Please 😦

  135. Sad. Sad. Video person should of gave the little pup some help; especially when I think about the horrible seal hunts in Canada **cries**

  136. Matahari says:

    In this day and age we don’t need fur and sealmeat to survive, there are alternatives. One should say we have progressed on the evolutionary ladder. Different insights etc. make these ‘old’ practises no longer necesary.
    Just because bullfighting in Spain has been part of the culture doesn’t make it right either. We should know better by now …

  137. The Cute Avenger says:

    I think it is a universal baby-speak! I felt my mama-instincts wanting to gather the pup up and keep it safe… or that could be my cute instincts of desiring a good snorgle. But anyway… My daughter perked up when she heard it and looked a little concerned (she just turned one, btw), like she just heard a kindred spirit in need.

  138. baby birdie says:

    What my little brother does when he wakes up and Mom isn’t there.

  139. snorglepup says:

    It’s a cold, cruel world out there, peeps.
    Thank God we have each other…

  140. snorglepup says:

    Moderation Lounge so early in the morning!
    Coffee and a puppy please. So was it the G word?

  141. transcript of wee baby seal ehn’ings: “Mooooom? MOOOOOM! There’s a funny person with a huge, single black eye looking at me! Mom? MOOOOOM! MOM I’M EATING SNOW! Hey, eye dude, can you give me scratchies? Please? Ooh, hey, this snow tastes awesome. HEY MOM, LOOK AT THIS! MOOOOOOM!”

    Also, it seems like the mommy is quite close by, considering how much noise the wee one is making. So, not sad, but more zomgsoadorabuhls!

  142. Ohhhh but the faceplant at 0:07! Schadencuete!!! Cutenfreude!!! Cute *because* it’s sad (in-a-really-totally-harmless-way-like-when-babies-fall-on-their-butts).

  143. Waaaahhhhh—SAD, pathetic, looking for his mama!!!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHH……..

  144. A little pathetic, definitely, but not so sad. Very, very cute.

    Somehow I think politics and natural worries should be put aside for videos like this. I know we’re all worried about what people are doing to these cute critters, but sometimes it does the whole world a lot of good just to sit down and go ‘awwww’.

  145. I know! T_T

  146. Precisely! I want to read him a story and snuggle with him until he falls asleep. Then I will just gaze at his adorable, fluffery and my heart will explode.

  147. baby birdie says:


  148. virgepurge says:

    Sad. The person filming the baby seal is making it scared and uncomfy. Hence the cries for momma.

  149. This is just the sound that baby seals make — the mama seals hunt for fish while they leave their babies on the surface so they don’t slow them down. After spending a lot of time with baby seals (used to rehab them) from my perspective he is upset because his video-taper is too close and he’s trying to get away.

  150. Look, not everyone thinks that eating tofu and/or farmed meat in the form of fastfood is a ‘progression’ on the ‘evolutionary ladder’. In fact, it has nothing to do with evolution – which, by the way, is not a ladder at all. Like Ffleur points out, we are just living creatures in a hard world. I don’t think battery chicken farms are nice, but they still exist. I don’t think killing cows is nice, but that still happens.

    I know, this is cute overload and we are all biased towards cute animals – but they’re just meat and bones like the rest of us.

  151. My thoughts exactly. That camera person is intruding -and- being stupid.

  152. Sad and cute. The baby seal is absolutely adorable, but its cries make me want to cry. I hope it found its momma quickly.

  153. The little face dive into the soft snow at 0:06 is so precious!


    Oh so sorry – caps lock – Eeep – I did not mean to shout at you – but I see no one wants to answer my questions – so you’ll excuse me please – I am so out of here

  155. Sad Overload.

  156. Fuzzy little critter making safe, happy-baby type noises in a unconcerned manner: cute

    Fuzzy little critter whose mother is probably out searching for food because that’s the way it works in nature, making anxious and distressed sounds as if to cry “Mommy, where are you?”, even though we’re pretty sure he was happily reunited with Mommy off camera but for 45 helpless seconds we had no sign of that and STILL don’t: not so cute.

    I’m not nuffing or demanding you remove the video. But you DID ask for us to weigh in…

  157. What a whiner.


  159. So then he prolly wouldn’t want me to pick him up and cuddle him.

  160. I vote cute, not sad.

    I don’t really see the crying as a “help mommy please come back I’m scared and this world is cruel!” kind of cry. It’s more of an impatient “mooooooommmmm, hurry uuuuuuuup, I’m hungryyyyyyyyy, can we go hoooooome now?” kinda whiny cry. You know, like a toddler in a supermarket?

    Then again, I just got back from work, where I dealt with whiny kids all day, so perhaps I’m biased. 😉

  161. Wha? You gotta be kidding me!

  162. aquasaline says:

    Ain’t it just like a mom to keep filming when the baby is cryyyyyying !!!

  163. Alexandra Noelle says:

    they sound like babies googling and burbling. and its CUTE! I want one 🙂

  164. When I look at this and see that is it still waiting Moderation after so long I am tempted to ask what the heck is wrong – with it that it is in need of moderation – can someone kindly explain – WHAT IS WRONG with what I have said

  165. Snurfles says:

    Sweet but it makes me sad to hear him crying out like that. He looks frustrated and a little lost but it’s hard to know what’s going on. You can hear others around him so I don’t think he’s been abandoned or anything but it did make me want to reach out and comfort him.

  166. Okay, it’s natural and he is probably fine–but he doesn’t know that. He is anxious and possibly fearful. I don’t find those emotions to be cute. I vote for sad.

  167. i see one of your comments in moderation and it’s a long one, but no questions. if you check around the site, you’ll get a feel for the kind of commentary we enjoy.

  168. Well said! I agree.

  169. No I don’t! This comment was meant for Matahari, not Elsa!

  170. It is still awaiting Moderation there are others about as long – and some actually disagree with the Inuit Practice / Ritual – whatever !!
    Well Sharpy thank you for your understanding – I guess I do not feel at home here anymore TTFN

  171. Well I think it’s a fabulous video, What a lucky chance to be able to video seals in their natural environment! Mammal babies, and many birds too, have small whiney vocalizations, doesn’t mean they are crying. Could have been hollering at the human to get away or saying hello. The baby seal mulling about is cute.

    What I think is sad is folks who see a cute creature and all they can say is how someday it’s gonna die. It’s whole family will be killed, humans are treacherous and the poor creature will someday suffer horrible violence. Oh, but the seal is cute.

    We prefer happy endings, based on the immediate picture/video provided. I don’t see the sense in improvisong play by play acts of violence as an alternate ending. This is CuteOverload, not a Shakespeare tragedy. Oh, and the seal is cute.

  172. baby birdie says:

    Why would a seal steal your soulio? Does he have no soulio? Why would he need my soulio?

    heheh. soulio.

  173. patti, it looks like you’ve only started posting here in the last week or so. you are very welcome to make yourself at home and get a feel for the usual discourse. posting a picture of a baby seal is bound to provoke some difficult conversations, but we do our best and we’re glad you’re sticking around.

  174. WendyPinNJ says:

    LOL! Had I been drinking my coffee I prolly woulda spit it all over my keyboard!

  175. WendyPinNJ says:

    Indeed Pat.

  176. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh lordy, why must we anthropomorphize the little guy. He’s making regular baby seal noises and waiting for his mama to come back from fishing and his little watery looking eyes are normal.

    I’m going with cute on the face of it.

    I’m not “going there” and harshing my own cute by even entertaining thoughts of hunters at this juncture!

  177. I have been posting perhaps not as frequently as I like but definitely posting since I got my first PC – no offence taken if you think me a newbie – there is no harm in being inexperienced but I have been posting on and off since 2003 – unfortunately it is my habit to want to look on the brighter side and find solutions – Oh Right !! and do not write the Canadian Govt. they do not listen – I am taking a rest from this no perhaps to comeback later I was welcomed once and thanked for my compassion but that is another story

  178. Wendy – that is a brilliant post – that is at present all I can say – their little eyes water a lot – until they get used to the environment I would say – salt on snow could irritate so Mother Nature provides.
    Also I would honestly take a quick video and then up and go – because I do feel I might not like the Mother Seal’s reaction.
    Live well and Prosper

  179. sorry, patti! i guess i’m the newb 😉

  180. Mary (the first) says:

    Cute but heartbreaking!

  181. Wow, how can you tell what that baby is feeling? For all we know, she’s upset because her buddies won’t party with her.

  182. buh bye, Patti. Maybe you’ve gone to find answers for yourself, standing on your own two feet.

  183. Sharpy, you’re the best!

  184. cupcakes for Sharpy!

  185. Squeeeee!

  186. WHERE? WHERE? (whipping head around) WHEREWHEREWHEREWHEREE?!

  187. Dude, my dog’s name is Kaya! And, um…I also felt sad for the baby seal. 3:

  188. Cute or sad? You tell me, People. Josh N. says “cute.”

    First, I’m not willing to check my thoughts on animals in general and to say nothing in here but awwww.
    THis is what Daphne Moss Said (Bless!!) and this is brilliant – I read this on the email that was sent to me but I cannot find the post – I want to thank Daphne because she did so much better than me

  189. Sealy Marco Polo!

  190. Longtail says:

    TOTALLY cute! Baby harp seals spend most of their time alone while their moms are out fishing, and they can be noisy little suckers. *L* The “tears” are also normal. Seals “cry” all the time because the snow and wind irritates their eyes and the tears keep them clean and protected.

    So, nothing wrong with this little guy. He’s being a normal squirmy baby! Enjoy the cute! 🙂

  191. VERY SAD…Where’s his mama. 😦

  192. Agreed. Consider also that there has been a camera inserted in it’s living room.

    For those crying over the lonely baby left to his own defenses, this is how the polar bear population survives… Hunting and eating seals!

    Personally, I think he’s cute and hope he grows up to be a big strong daddy seal some day. :). If he’s strong and adapts to his environment, he will do just fine.

  193. Me too!!!!
    This video should come with a “careful, heart wrench” disclaimer!

  194. baby birdie says:

    Seal: Wooaweoawww!
    Seal Translator: Mommy! Mommy!

  195. Vanessa Formato says:

    Just wanted to note real quick that this is in fact adorable and that the crying at the end isn’t actual crying. Seals “cry” as a way to protect their eyes from the cold/dry air. It’s not sadness.

  196. The baby seal noises woke my sleeping female cat and she went crazy trying to turn over pillows and get under my laptop in an attempt to find the noise. I think distressed baby animal noises translate universally.

  197. baby birdie says:

    I give this post the Seal of Approval.
    Everybody groan in 3…2…1…

  198. cute and sad because he can’t find something and he is so cute at the same time

  199. The cutiest thing I’ve ever seen! I watched this about 30 times in a row, and still can’t stop…

  200. Sad.

  201. Awww…BOTH! Cute AND sad!

  202. Sad! He’s totally crying and sniffling there at the end. Poor bebeh!