My Happy Place

Your mad gardening skills totally harshes my mellow. I must close my eyes until I reach tranquility. Mmmm, I am a pebble, my thoughts are floating, floating, higher… Why am I visualizing a sparkly green dragonfly? I must maintain focus amid the chaos! Waterfalls! Why couldn’t there be a waterfall here instead, with a reflecting pond. And koi. Now I need tea and healing crystals. Think I’ll write a haiku…

That’s a new kind of enlightenment, Mandy



  1. Somebody pull out the old Bush cd’s and put “Everything Zen” on repeat.

    Poor pup, looks like he needs a meditation space.

  2. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *just giggling, that’s all I “got” :)*

  3. sunnylessmum says:

    It looks like he is gloating over knocking over a gnome! What a busy little garden they have…and an absolutely adorable pup!

  4. wafting spring breezes
    dreams of peacful waterfalls
    ekk, gnome intruders.

  5. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  6. bookmonstercats says:

    Goodness me!

    I ain’t got no more.

  7. 260Oakley says:

    There’s no place like gnome, there’s no place like gnome.

    Alternate: Gnome, gnome on the range…

  8. This looks just like my baby! His name is Chico!

  9. wannadance says:

    for peace, i pee on gnomes.
    for balance the birds and bugs
    pee on me.

    i know this is off wrt syllables and stuff,
    but zen is to accept, already…

  10. Retired Hippie says:

    Three gnomes of fortune
    Two plastic pink flamingoes
    One blissed out puppeh

  11. That there’s a recumbent gnome. :mrgreen:

  12. “What this place needs is a gazing ball.”

  13. wannadance says:


  14. …And a partridge in a pear tree

  15. Andi in NC says:

    Flamingoes of pink
    A green drangonfly floating
    Gnomes bring peace and love

    This makes me mis Haiku Friday….

  16. Andi in NC says:

    for the win….

  17. Gigi (the original one) says:

    NOOOOOOOO! The world might implode under the weight of the kitch!

  18. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I will from now on picture Oakley with ruby slippers and a cowboy hat 😀

  19. That dog will never roam alone.

    What a great photograph! (And I’m not just saying that because I have thing for gnomes and, OK, pink flamingos.)

    Here is my warm happy place, aka The Island of Kittens (fur reals!).

  20. (The Original) Mel says:


  21. ओं मणिपद्मे हूं

    I assume that the “mad” in “mad gardening skills” modifies “gardening,” rather than “skills.”

  22. We need a “like” button.

  23. Actually it modifies both or rather is an adjective.. meaning Great or awesome or spectacular.

    Sits down and waits for one of teh language specialists to show up and explain better than me.

  24. Or is it an adverb because gardening skills is a verb not a noun.

  25. Yes. Definitely a “like” button.

  26. ScoutsMom says:

    This little one better be careful around those guys. I wonder if he prepared himself by reading “How to Survive a Garden Gnome Attack: Defend Yourself When the Lawn Warriors Strike (And They Will)” by Chuck Sambuchino. Those creepy things are just waiting to ambush us and take over the world!!!

  27. Oh no! Not English class! My least favorite subject ever!!! Where are the math geeks when you need them?

  28. In this case, “gardening” is actually functioning as an adjective because it’s modifying the word “skills.”

    I think…

  29. When I open my eyes, I will be surrounded by tasteful shrubbery.

  30. Just install some of these Gnome Be Gones or Flamingo-Aways:

  31. brinnann says:

    Bwahahaha!! I love those!

  32. I would say that mad is modifying skills. Gardening is a gerund, and they can act like nouns (subjects, objects, etc.) or verb-like things, and in a pinch, make a tasty stew.

  33. I’m in love with this picture for so many reasons ❤

  34. AuntieMame says:

    I love that the one that was formerly called “Tiger” is now called “Cheetah”!


  35. that tall girl says:

    all my fellow accountants (and other number-y people) please join me in one big communal eye roll… On 3…. ONE!….. TWO!…… THREE!!!!

    🙂 but hey. I love y’all bookworms anyways. You wrote all those books i’m addicted to!

  36. Pup pants over gnomes.
    Visions of pink flaming goes, comes.
    Yes, green dragons fly.

    Gnohhhhme, oh me pad me nommmmmmmm

  37. Mary (the first) says:


  38. Mary (the first) says:

    um er after reading other answers, actually that makes sense, “gardening” modifies “skills” and “mad” modifies “gardening”. It could have been basic gardening skills, but NO, “mad”! gardening skills. “Mad skills” on the other hand leaves us wondering, what kind of skills?

  39. Love the hovertext

  40. Love that. I’m not sure whether my favorite is the business card holder or the Vishnu. :mrgreen:

  41. trinlayk says:

    what kind of pup is that, he looks Sooo much like a fox!

  42. Lerrinus says:

    …Where the flamingos and dragonflies play! 😉

  43. keekster says:

    trinlayk, I don’t know, but it looks a lot like my dog who is a pomeranian/papillon mix! Mine looks like a fox too 🙂

  44. Thank you! I was going to ask this too! 🙂

  45. Given the political news I’ve just been reading, I NEEDED this. I shall commune with happy puppah instead of stroking out in sheer fury.


  47. Each time I look at this picture, I love it a little more.

  48. This pupper’s name is Sonic, but I don’t know what breed it is.


  50. YEAH!!!1!!

  51. Should we tell him haiku is 5-7-5?

  52. I bet he/she’s a super pup !

  53. Methinks puppeh hath quaffed yon absinthe!

  54. Hahaha! 🙂

  55. victoreia says:

    (…and then they got the orders to blow up the world….)

    Wargames….. 🙂

  56. This is such a fantastic photo. So many things about it make me smile.

    It also reminds me of the “Garden Gnome Liberation” activists who have a silly website.

    I was compelled to introduce the site to my sister when I visited and found a veritable explosion of gnomes in her garden. I tried so hard to stop the madness, but to no avail. :ROLL:

  57. Ooops! I tried to insert an eyeroll up there. Sheesh!

  58. Sonic was a rescued dog from the pound, they thought he is a mix of Pomeranian and chihuahua 🙂

  59. kibblenibble says:


  60. This also looks like our beautiful long-haired chihuahua, Cassidy Dixie Pixie Dogzilla. Her first birthday is coming up on March 22. She’s a real smart and sweet girl. Our first puppy together.

  61. I think it’s more marching cadence. He’s in the Army now, ya know.

  62. Is this a border collie mix? Looks just like my older sister’s doggie Fast Freddy, back in the day…We used to have races and Fast Freddy always won!

  63. LOL!

  64. Bahahahahahahaha!!!! Awesome video! “vicious pest” :~D

  65. This little guy looks pretty blissed out for someone with a giant dragonfly on a stake stuck in his skull! Ees maybe like garden acupuncture?

  66. Sonic the Hedgedog!


  67. Hon Glad says:

    Gnome-ing in the gloaming, on the bonnie banks of Clyde

  68. bookmonstercats says:

    Gerund stew is my favourite.

  69. 😀

  70. /raises hand/ another accountant here that loves reading too!

  71. lol!

  72. wannadance says:

    you are right. 2 adjectives, on e noun, technically..

  73. wannadance says:

    love this vid. love that wonderful sorta geeky handsome professorial guy giving straight faced lecture. love the gruesome idea of destroying baby gnomes with their hats just poking up.
    i wonder if this guy likes the word gerund? one of my faves?

    i am terrifyed of gnomes. just one step up from trolls…

  74. wannadance says:


    mwah, kiss kiss, lick…….

  75. wannadance says:

    don’t plotz. none of the troublemakes are worth it…

  76. It’s only 9 am here and already this day is horrid. So I thought, “maybe C.O. can tip the scales…” And look what I found! So perfect.

  77. Oh you’re right! The Army needs a Haiku Unit!

  78. SoCalSis says:

    Was just enjoying this comment stream (as per usual) and slowly easing into the day when this image of ‘garden acupuncture’ made me lol out loud… Don’t know why but just tickled me funnybones… Thanks for the chortle!

  79. Cover Photo for the March issue of Better Gnomes and Garden…

  80. Cynthia Spanton says:

    Perhaps it’s not a busy garden and it was staged. No matter, it brightened my day. I’m a sarcastic person, but I thought the words with it were funny, in a cute way and in themselves making fun of “woo-woo” people 🙂

  81. Mark Maranta says:

    That’s no pup… that’s a Chihuahua!

  82. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  83. YaY for rescutes!

  84. That dog could be a twin of my Jojo, I stared at it for a long time thinking my ex (who I share pups with) might have submitted it. Jojo is a long haired chihuahua, no mix.

  85. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Never noticed before that a long-hair Chihuahua looks similar to a sparser-coated Pomeranian? Am I on crack or does anyone else get that vibe? Enjoy the garden, baby.

  86. This pooch looks very much like my 1/2 chihuahua 1/2 doxie Toby!

  87. Emmberrann says:

    Actually, “gardening” becomes a gerund, which is a verb being used as an adjective, to modify “skills.” (Oops. Grammar geek is showing up srsly right here.)

  88. Emmberrann says:

    I think doggins is sayin’ something like “eeeeuuuuuww! do I smell gnome-fart?”

  89. Sparkly green dragonflies will not be denied.

  90. Oooh, I will make it the gnome photo of the week! 🙂

  91. I’ve got a belly button. Will that work?

  92. Awwww – looks just like my friend’s pup, Bailey:

  93. Gardening skills, duh!!!

    Although I don’t see why gardening skills would harsh somebody’s mellow…

  94. Adorable. Love the pink flamingos.