Move over Martha Stewart.



  1. mintyheart says:

    lolwut is this?

  2. I’m refreshing the page madly in the hopes that someone will chime in & tell us what the heck this little feller is.

  3. My wife, a biologist, is thinking this is a hyrax. They are related to the elephant.

  4. Hannah C says:

    It’s a Rock Hyrax from South Africa!

  5. Yup – rock hyrax, a litty bitty relative of the elephant – and those teefs are actually tiny tusks!

  6. julie wakil says:

    they are related to elephants-honest!

  7. Omg he looks like a kid that I went to high school with.

  8. BatBlaster says:

    You went to HySchool with a Hyrax?

  9. [video src="" /]

    Nuf said – the wikipedia article is adorable!

  10. Squamatophile says:

    LOOVE hyraxes!

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