Why is this miniature varmint laughing? Tell me! (in the comments)

Bootcuts star Cristal G. sent this one in.


  1. chanpon says:

    “Scared that bumble bee right back to his hive!! Hahaha, oh, I slay me.”

  2. ahhaha! This one gets my vote!

  3. Meandering says:


  4. Debra A says:

    Ffinally I get to be the flower girl!! Yeah!!!

  5. sweetone says:

    those flowers are poppy flowers the fumes are getting to him

  6. diana seferian says:

    or maybe he was about to sneeze and the picture took right in the midle of it! :D

  7. He got an advance copy of Not Mike’s (or whatever his name is) new coffee table book!

  8. wannadance says:

    there’s a BOOK??????,
    mike, you better send me one. as a pre wedding gift. btw, i got a p urple wheelchair for the occasion…


  9. snorglepup says:

    Is there a wedding on the horizon? I shall do a happy dance for you!
    and I too love purple…A bouquet of mice for you!!

  10. bookmonstercats says:

    We’ll all do the happy dance for you, wannadance. Just watch your train/tails in the wheels of your funky wheelchair.

  11. Well, we keep dropping hints about it. Maybe someday our wish will come true!

  12. wannadance says:

    if we drop an anvil on nomtom’s haid maybe he’ll be too stunned, and he’ll marry all of us!!!!

  13. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    “The hills are alive,
    with the sound of muuuuuuuusic.”

  14. Linda H. says:

    Oh, that is a good one!!

  15. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    ah, ah, ah, achoo!

  16. Stephanie says:

    Hahaha that was my first thought too!!! He’s not laughing, he’s allergic to that flower just like I am! LOL

  17. I made it to the top!

  18. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I’ll hide like this and then, right before the ceremony, I’ll jump out of Kate Middleton bridal bouquet!

  19. Christopher says:

    Needs “like” button!

  20. savvy_geek says:


  21. puddlepeppers says:

    Thanks, Gigi (the original one)!

  22. ingemary says:

    for me you’r the most original , thanks a lot !

  23. Oh the JOY!! Flowers tickle me! The best tickle in my life.

  24. Cat Foundation says:

    Dang, you got this first….

  25. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Double dang!!

  26. wannadance says:

    POLLEN! the color, the smell, the taste, all is good (pah!). OK, pollen is good. more flares…

  27. MarvinKatt says:

    “…and then the otter said, That’s not an abalone, that’s my wife!”

  28. Hey that is funny!

  29. Niiiiice! Ba-dum-CHING!

  30. Heather L. says:

  31. He’s allergic to pollen and about to sneeeeeeze.

  32. I love spring! Oh, how I love spring. And spring flowers.

  33. Me too. I have been pining for spring, but this winter is neverending. The first day that’s warm enough to out in short sleeves, when wind is warm and smells of flowers, I will be as happy as this little guy.

  34. (The Original) Mel says:

    The fleurs tickle his belleh, obvy.

  35. Ah-Ah-Ah-CHOO! (allergies)

  36. Jiffknee says:

    He’s clearly high on flower power – or wacky weed, whichever you choose.

    “OMG, Cabin Boy is the funniest movie EVUR!” (which movie I could not make it through, in spite of being intoxicated.)

  37. Hehehe, I was just about to say… “Maaaaaan, this ragweed is some good stuuuuuuff. You gotta have some. Heeeheeeheee… I can’t stop giggling over it… heeeheehee…”

  38. bargles says:

    Totally. There is some funky pollen in those plants.

  39. 260Oakley says:

    He’s smiling because his stalks are up.

  40. Bwahahahaha!!!

  41. AWESOME!! Love the pun!

  42. cuz he knows the other varmints didn’t save 15% on their car insurance by switching to Geico!

  43. Cat Foundation says:

    hey, there must be typo: shouldn’t that be CAT insurance????

    will aaaaaaaaaaalwaaaaaaaaays luhuv

  45. At first I thought those were lowercase ells instead of capital eyes. It made a really weird sound in my head.

  46. Cat Foundation says:

    me too…

  47. *shaking fist* Damn you, sans-serif font!

  48. ingemary says:

    So true , nobody understands my adress , when starting with a capital :
    Ilper….street ( ilper….street)

  49. starling says:

    You mean kinda Welsh?

  50. Aw come on! /moderation pout/

  51. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *remember to stomp both little feetsies, Th* :)

  52. victoreia says:

    (But stomp them one at a time. Otherwise you might fall over.)

  53. I’m glad you realize my feetsies are little.

  54. LyndaLu says:

    Jiffknee, my thought exactly, high on flower power.

    Or maybe he’s just delighted he outfoxed the cat.

    Really an amazing picture! Never seen such a happy hamster.

  55. He just saw the cat fall in the pond!

  56. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    Or was it Timmy, who fell into the pond??? :)

  57. Nicole M. says:

    This could be an ad for Crest Whitening Strips.

  58. LyndaLu says:

    NO, I think he’s just getting ready to sneeze.

  59. muttluver says:

    I was gonna say that.

  60. “Listen, Sal, whaddaya mean MGM’s not making cartoons anymore? I just got a brand new bunch of glossies made up. Look at this one on the flowers. That’s cartoon gold. Gold!, Sal. Okay, fine, you know what? Get me Friz Freleng on line two. . . . He’s what?! Does Chuck Jones know about this?”

  61. wildviolette says:


  62. I WAS Lonesome Lenny’s little friend, but Lenny don’t move no more! :-D

  63. “Rachel, I want you to send a dozen white roses to Chuck Jones’s family, and sign it, ‘A. Hamster.’ You what? Like I give a sh*t. What else? Oh, yeah, add ‘Thanks for the the f*cking job you paid me to do. Except no!.’ What am I thinking? ” Screw contracts. This is for my children to work out. Ooh, look at me! I’m a cute little animal! And yet, sentient beings are subject to BS here and abroad. If Wisconsin can’t do it for me, let’s hear it for Libya! Tiny animals either need to stand up (and look at the evidence in our collective Kodachromes) or get out the way!

    “Wildviolette, sign ‘A. Hamster.” to all good things, and don’t listen to anyone else. We live in interesting times. Ain’t that the f’ing truth? All those shows I did in the 50s and 60s? Straight to the IFRC.”

  64. where’s the part where he runs off a cliff? or slams someone with a frying pan? no? then you sir, are an i.m. poster!

  65. Lorel J says:

    Apparently you had to be there.

  66. OOOOOOOOKe-la-homa! where the wind comes sweeping down the plain….(plane?)

  67. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


    “The *RAIN* in Spain, stays mainly, in the Pla-yane…..
    The *RAIN* in Spain, stays mainly in the Play-ane!!!…”

  68. “Mine! MINE! All your white-flowered-what-its-names be MINE!” [maniacal high-pitched squeaky laughter ensues]

  69. Lupins?

  70. Yarrow. One of my favourite plants. Pretty AND very useful! And the pink variety smells delightful!

  71. Yarrow, actually

  72. Not yarrow. It’s an everlasting…..ummmm…..let me look it up! We grew them last summer……

  73. STATICE!!!!!! The plants didn’t look like much but the flowers kept on coming all summer and into the fall by the arm-full. Literally.

  74. Because it TICKLES!!!!

  75. A butterfly farted.

  76. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I LIKE THIS ONE(and fart jokes generally do NOTHIN’ for me). :)

    I think mebbe it’s the contrast of an elegant flutterbye and the idea of its farting …

  77. wannadance says:

    which explains the swoopy way they fly…

    can someone explain ‘stalks are up’ to me? i have been up all night, not in usual clever, witty, highly intelligent state. more like breathless: bruised some ribs….
    glad to know that’s a hamster. i was webildered…

  78. 260Oakley says:

    It is a weak pun. For “stalks” substitute “stocks” (as in stock market). And now go to bed and rest your ribs.

  79. Oh, somehow I thought it was a word pun like this:

    his stalks are up
    his ‘tocks are up

    Hmmm……but why would that make him happy? It just makes us happy.

  80. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “webildered” = YOU WIN TODAY, wannadance!!

    That’s supremely clevaire!!!

  81. Wow, thanks Di-unt! ;)

  82. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  83. LOL!!!!

  84. “…and then Justin Timberlake said ‘I’m Banksy!'”.

  85. I actually snickered at work on this one. Thanks.

  86. muffler says:

    He just watched Simon’s Cat in “Sticky Tape”.

  87. Ali-baba says:

    “beezelbulb has a devil put aside for meeee! For meeeee! For meeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  88. Yes. The “Bohemian Rhapsody!” Oh, how Freddie Mercury would have approved.” ;-)

  89. 260Oakley says:

    Will you do the hamdango?

  90. Scare-a-mouse scare-a-mouse!

  91. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Why thank you, ever so kindly, Oakley, yes!!!
    I thought you’d NEVER ask!!”

    *flirtatious eyelash-blink* *flirtatious eyelash-blink*

    JK, o’ course ;)

  92. Oh well…if we can curse now on CO:

    OMFG I love this!!

  93. Looks to me like she’s yawning!
    (yaaaaaawns! . . . cause no one can yawn alone . . . )

  94. I have looked at this dormouse five times tonight. I don’t care why it’s laughing. It’s the cutest thing ever (today) (next to sleeping dormice) (next to my own pets)

  95. Heather says:

    Oh em gee, is that there a Harvest Mouse? Even their name sounds adorable!

    Although rats in lab tests have shown the ability to laugh when being tickled, I am not sure the same response is possible in mice. I think the leetle fella was simply caught pre-sneeze, those dusty little buds must have tickled his itsy bittle nossicles!

  96. The scientific name of the Harvest Mouse is “Micromys minutus,” which even sounds tiny.

  97. tiny squared

  98. wannadance says:

    teresa, this thrills me, you just don’t know!! i love genus/species names..
    thank you, thank you

  99. — Ollie Ollie All Come Free! —

    “Here I am! You didn’t find ME! *Giggles insanely*


    …oh, heck. Somebody help me down from here, k?”

  100. jeny_nour says:

    “The blossoms — they tickle.”

  101. Tegro Teppy says:

    “Climbing this flower feels kinda funny…like when I used to climb the rope in gym class!”

  102. bargles says:



  103. Tiffany says:

    I’m king of the world!

  104. smeeanne says:

    Why do bees have sticky hair? — they use honeycombs!! HAW HAW HAW
    What do sneezes wear on their feet? — ahh-shoes!!! hee hee hee
    …and any other laffy taffy joke.

  105. Martha in Washington says:

    A priest, a minister and a rabbi walk into a bar…

  106. wannadance says:

    LOL! for the win…

  107. tracylee says:

    but the hare krishna walksaround it, sparing himself the head injury…

  108. lol!

  109. victoreia says:

    :lol: :lol:

  110. This is SUCH a fantastic photo! :)

  111. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  112. MommaMackie says:

    Hmmmm…looks more to me like he’s winding up for a good sneeze from the big nose full of pollen that he got climbing up there! Look at those whiskers!

  113. Mary (the first) says:

    he’s laughing at that silly cat that was tricked into careening into a pile of plastic cups!

  114. Cat Foundation says:

    Hey! I know that cat! No making jokes about that cat, please. ;)

  115. wannadance says:

    but, but…cats are smart. looks like fun. like me, cats will do stuff over and over if it’s fun. if not, they will show you their tails and walk awe. not me. i will just wait for my next trick..

  116. And the doctor said I was allergic….HAHAHAHAAAAACHOOOOOO

  117. That’s not laughter, that’s PURE BLISS.

  118. I agree – unrestrained joy! The earth laughs in flowers… and tiny rodents!

  119. *Alternate ending to “Horton Hears A Who!”

    Horton- “So what you’re saying is that Whoville really doesn’t exist, and it was you this entire time? Real funny… “

  120. PS Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

  121. Because dormice know they’re a-dor-able. (Or is he a harvest mouse?)

  122. “I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.”

  123. bookmonstercats says:

    Good one.

  124. Yes, I think this mouse dude abides….

  125. Hon Glad says:

    “When I’m calling you-ooo-ooo -ooo ooo-ooo-ooo”

  126. Oh, ack! Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy? Hmm. It does work.

  127. Gigi (the original one) says:

    It also makes Martian’s head explode!

  128. crashnandicoot says:

    good one!

  129. What’s wrong with Jeanette and Nelson?

  130. Just that this little cutie beats Nelson Eddy singing with no facial expression. Nothing at all wrong with Jeanette!

  131. aurorae of chocolates says:

    “Ah-HaHaHa, HaHaHaHaHa…!! Oh my… Oh my! I climbed up here, to see what you were shooting at, and, realized it’s me! And now guess what, I’m stuck here, can’t get down now! Must be looking ridiculous… And I see, you seem delighted… that I’m stuck!! Go on, go on and shoot me this silly looking rodent… oh my goodness, this is SO embarrassing!! And by the way, the flowers kind of tickle… Or… is it… is it my own fur? Ah-HaHaHaHa! HaHaHa!!”

    He’s just in a really good mood =)

  132. That there is one happy, if sneezy little harvest mouse. I used to find these little morsels in summer back in England. They are so small that a family can nest in a tennis ball. Indeed we used to take old tennis balls, cut a small hole in them and tie them to a stick and hide them in fields to make nest boxes for them. Conservation of the cutest!

  133. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY for Meese ResQte & repurposed tennis balls!!!

  134. Another Miriam says:

    Well, this is a sad day I thought things were posted on CO before being reposted to imgur….

  135. I’m in the mood for love, suddenly when you’re near mmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  136. Shelagh Royale says:

    An aphid was crawling up its leg and it tickled….did not want to move too much ’cause might fall off….so grinning and bearing it… giggle….

  137. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    This is very sweet!!!

  138. He’s totally rocking out on the flower organ to the solo on Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” (a.k.a. his uncanny Jon Lord impression).

  139. vieracatlady says:

    Ham Stir….get it… Ham Stir !!!!!! Ha ha heee heee.

  140. She caught Cinderella’s bridal bouquet and she lived happily ever after!

  141. Madeline E. says:

    I’m going to Disneyland!

  142. as the sun came up, Norman ran like a drug tested lab rat across the meadow towards home….overcome with the heady flush of last nights exploits, he rushed up the flower stalk and clinging to the flowery head, the sunlight streaming, he yelled with wild abandon, “She loves me!!!!!!!!!”

  143. OMG YES!

  144. Very good!!!!!

  145. ElishaB. says:

    Must say, you’re giving NMTOM a run for his money……..
    I vote yes to this story!

  146. baby birdie says:

    Obviously, this cute little flower hammie has just heard a good joke–possibly from another flower ham?

  147. h’es getting tickled where the sun don’t shine

    or he’s just happy with the dental work on those front toofus’s

  148. Saffron says:

    He is singing along with the Trololo guy….

  149. OMG! No WAY!! This little guy is totally the Trifolo Sing Along Mouse, except in a really cute, not-so-kinda-freaky-weird-lookin’ way.

    I am so glad they put the subtitles, I would have a hard time singin’ along…

  150. wannadance says:

    one of THE strangest things i have ever seen. esp. the wig.

    can i google this? and how: no no no ah ah ah… fake lips….la la laaa

  151. Miss_Tara says:

    There’s a butterfly ticklin’ his ‘tocks.

  152. Superb visual to go with this little guy! Furthermore: ticklin’ ‘tocks, ticklin’ ‘tocks, ticklin’ ‘tocks…

    …Carry on…

  153. bookmonstercats says:

    “Ha! John Galliano, eat my dust. Now I am wearing the best hat in the world. HA HA! HAHAHAHAHA!

  154. That’s no laugh! He has the hay fever. Poor guy. He’s about to use up his last vacation day.

  155. catladyk says:

    Finally! After 37″ of snow, its SPRING!

  156. PantsConquistador says:

    Adorbs wee ones like this are why the British government protects dormice.

  157. She just got engaged!

  158. Because he knows I’m sitting at my desk at work and he’s not?

  159. Heike Kubasch says:

    I think he is singing “Oh what a beautiful morning…”

  160. Studio Hen says:

    Furry Laughing Buddha

  161. Flower Scented Joyfulness
    Life is Beautiful.

  162. “I just LOVE watching the nudist colony!”


  164. Zombwynne says:

    It’s spring and he’s happy he’s no longer … DOR-MOUSE.

    Well it sounded funny in my head! Granted, everything sounds funny in my head …

  165. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    It works pretty well!!

  166. He played a prank on his owner by telling the BBC he was abused. “They woke me up! Would you believe it? I was HIBERNATING. The nerve.” And he’s having a good chuckle watching them get raided by the police.

  167. “Officer, these men are criminals!

    You might as well say ‘I breathe when I sleep’ is the same as ‘I sleep when I breathe.'”

    (Who’s Dinah?)”

  168. tracylee says:

    it is the same with you

  169. tracylee says:

    eep! that post, below, was supposed to be a reply to this one!

  170. tracylee says:

    arghh… comment frustration…

  171. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I *REALLY DO* “feel yer pain”!!!!

    I have a permanently-assigned cot in the Moderashun Lounge of Gloom.

  172. As it would turn out, it was not catnip that Otis was gathering for the daily “distract the cat so you can steal all the delicious crumbs in Mrs. Godfrey’s pantry,” but mousenip, leading directly to an afternoon he would never remember, and his neighbor the shrew would never let him forget.

  173. Like!

  174. He’s in Love…

  175. WHEEE!

  176. StormCat42 says:

    I can’t believe no one has posted this, so I will happily do so! What’s this little guy so happy about? Easy!!

    “I love to singa about the moona and the juna and the springa I love to singa, about the sky of blua and a tea for twoa”

  177. And do you know who sang the song for Owl Jolson in that cartoon? None other than Tommy “Butch” Bond of the Little Rascals!

  178. But . . . he has no green Fedora, for Dora, not Alice, not Annie, not Sadie, but for Dora . . .

  179. tracylee says:

    hahaha I sing this song to my dog, Juno!
    (wait, that’s kind of weird now that I see it written…. )

  180. Ammalamm says:

    OMG – I literally LOL’d and startled my fellow cube farm inhabitants. Love the moona and the juna AND the springa!!!

  181. Candice says:

    He’s sneezing because he is allergic to pollen.

  182. Lookit that hamstah! He’s pepped-up on goofballs!

  183. Because she feels pretty, oh so pretty…

  184. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Muy excellente!!!!

  185. O


    what an incredible photo!

  186. Intoxicants?

  187. “Charlie, I know tigers. Some of my most terrifying nightmares involve tigers. You, sir, are not ‘tiger-blooded,’ and even by primate-blooded standards, you’re not that epic.”

  188. Viola de Lesseps says:

    She’s actually singing the Queen of the Night’s aria from The Magic Flute.

  189. Cat Butler says:

    Flowers tickles me!

  190. ElishaB. says:

    Great comments!!
    Can’t you just feel the joy this little guy seems to be expressing to the world.
    Oh for the simple things in life…..laughter, laughter, laughter…CO just rocks!!
    Thanks Meg and crew!

  191. bagelmom says:

    Hey mom, I just hit the mother load. YEA!!!

  192. looking at him again, I just noticed how all his leetle whisk-aires are pointing straight up!

  193. Chris B. says:

    He is laughing because he just saw a human walk out wearing shorts, socks and sandals. And the human’s legs are whiter than white.

  194. Ahhhhh that is so cute!!!!

  195. “And then the gerbil said, ‘Hamster?? I hardly knew her!!'”

  196. “…and they’ll think they’re made out of chocolate!”

    (sorry, that was icky. My other choice would be the punchline of one of my favorite jokes:

    HE HAD HIS OWN PEW! BWA-hahahaha


  197. that’s totally a yawn …

    little guy is sleepy

  198. he lost his dinosaur!

  199. “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…”

  200. Fleurdamour says:

    Elderflower wine is SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD.

  201. Littlest laugh lifts littlest laugher!

  202. shannomo says:

    I think he is about to sneeze. Achooo!

  203. He caught a glimpse of a skinny-dipping pixie?

  204. I shared this on facebook and only ONE person liked it. I don’t understand people! If he had a Charlie Sheen quote coming out of his mouth, they’d like it!

  205. This is why I don’t like things like facebook, it turns social networking into a meaningless numbers game. Maybe your facebook page just isn’t frequented by as many people as cute overload. Does it really matter?

  206. victoreia says:

    “….I know a man with a wooden leg named Smith.”
    “Really? What’s the name of his other leg?”

    [Starts floating to the ceiling, as Dick Van Dyke sings “I love to laugh”….]

  207. ” . . . . Harelip! Harelip!”

  208. I think he’s laughing at his buddy, the “Dreaded Fearsome Ninja Ham”, as he gets spaghetti stuck in his teeth:

  209. SoCuoot says:

    “haaaa, haaa, ha ha ha ha ha.” [pause] “I just realized I have no idea how to get down from here!”

    – goud luck leetal varmint

  210. I can see Charlie Sheen’s house from here

  211. MoreOverloadPlease says:

    Oh dear, on the contrary. He is not laughing, or sneezing, or singing. Let’s start from the beginning.

    This is Felix. He is a harvest mouse. His best friend is a human. They meet every day after school and tell jokes and stories, play games and share snacks. Today is Felix’s birthday and his friend has baked him a lovely carrot cake. It is so big, he could live in it for months before he ate it all! He walks around the circumference, amazed at the size and beauty, then climbs a tall flower to get a view of the top. There is a candle, and “Happy Birthday Felix!” written in sunflower seeds. He has never celebrated a birthday before and listens in awe as his friend explains the custom. After clarifying what to do, his friend sits down, lights the candle and sings happy birthday. Felix’s tiny heart races with happy anticipation – he can’t WAIT to see if his wish will come true. He shuts his eyes tight, takes a deeeeep breath, and…..

    -*camera snaps*-

    BLOOOWWS out his candle.

  212. O NO He/ She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  213. I like that story!!!!

  214. LyndaLu says:

    OK, so we’re all agreed. He’s/she’s just about to sneeze. (-:

    SUCH, an amazing picture!


  216. Um, I thought it was either the beginning or the end of a yawn, not a sneeze.
    Ah, well.

  217. Carolyn says:

    ‘Oh what a beeeuuutiful MORNING.’

  218. He just saw the Charlie Sheen 20/20 interview?

  219. !!!

  220. BigGuido says:

    What kind of a critter is that? A miniature hamster or sumthin’?

  221. David Trahan says:

    Because the flower buds are tickling his little toesies

  222. Actually, he’s saying a small prayer to God to thank Him for yet another beautiful day….

  223. Neopatra says:

    The flowers are tickling his tummy.

  224. Steve in NH says:

    They say if I don’t stop I’ll go blind…..

  225. Dusty and Snickers says:

    “Dat waz a gud joke!!”


  227. he totally is allergic to pollon and is sneezing. DUUUHHH.

  228. Cosmeoflower says:

    LOL YEAH!!!

  229. Cosmeoflower says:

    LOL YEAH!!

  230. bob drummond says:

    I just love this little guy.He must’ve read some of my comments.
    Now he’s cracking up. H e can come to my place anytime, just
    watch out for the neighbor’s cats!

  231. Celeste says:

    Micro critter is laughing because he got 50 gazillion hits in the the first
    5 minutes – and you didn’t.

  232. Hi moderator,

    I think there’s a Photoshop job behind that picture. The “smile” doesn’t seems to be real. I’m curious to know if that’s the case. I’ve tried to ask the question twice but my comments hasn’t been published.

    So, the only thing I can say on this website is “Awwwwnnn so cuuute…”?


  233. it is probably not the case.

    if you only had a choice between comments about photoshopping and comments saying “awwn so cute,” i’d say go with the aww cute.

    theo, do you have any input on the photoshopping comments?

    (i’ll be over here, hidingk.)

  234. C K Maas says:

    He is SO obviously breaking into the hook-line of “Au Printemps” !

  235. Lets talk about his toofs ….check out his toofs! two little salt grains!

  236. Denice Stout says:

    It’s a harvest mouse yawning, hardly vermin, but an endangered species.

  237. he’s not… he’s burping!


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