THIS JUST IN: Laser Cat Bowling

No caption in the world could do this justice, so… press play and brace for pure, universe-spanning awesomeness.



  1. LMFAO!! Oh wow. That was genius.

  2. Omg… Hahaha! I did NOT see that coming!

  3. so wrong . . . and yet so right

  4. (The Original) Mel says:


  5. OMG That is so full of Awesomeness.

  6. Must be an alley cat.

  7. I wish i could do that with my cat. Mine suddenly became deathly afraid of laser pointers (He used to love them).

  8. Very funny, but aren’t green lasers very dangerous?
    They can blind the cat or anyone with vision.
    The cat-safe ones that I use are red.

  9. Haha did you by any chance try that stunt on him? So hilarious but poor kitty!

  10. The room the cat is in at first–is it carpeted with Astroturf? COOL!

  11. Win!

  12. Uh, I’m pretty sure you should never shine any color laser in anyone’s eye. I doubt red is any safer than green, but both are probably fine as long as you aren’t shining it in their eyes for more than a split second.

    Anyway, hilarious video!!! Loved it.

  13. Now why can’t ESPN show laser cat bowling instead of the endless and pointless poker tournaments?

  14. Well done!

  15. The Dutchess of Cupcake says:

    That was hilariously awesome.

  16. Zig, zag, zoom, zip…zowie!

  17. Oh, that’s good.

  18. smart move…

  19. I’m totally going to do this tonight… Laser pointer, CHECK!….Bathroom Cup Stacks, CHECK! Crazy kitties, CHECK!

    Yes, I think I heard recently that those green lasers are more powerful and can do damage? I dunno…

  20. Emmberrann says:

    And it’s another Strike! Kitteh strikes the target perfectly! “Well, Chris, is the finish of another perfect game?”

  21. Catsquatch says:


    Bet that cat thinks twice about chasing a laser pointer again ;D

  22. WendyPinNJ says:

    LOL! Good stuff. Unfortunately, I have a kitty who really couldn’t care less about the laser dot.

  23. WendyPinNJ says:

    Yeah, I don’t know. Looks like they’d done that before. It was all set up just so, with the towel in place so kitty would slide in to the stack of cups. Some kitties are so obsessed with the laser dot that nothing else matters once they see it.

  24. Absolutely BRILLIANT!!

  25. Fun with kitties! Awesome set-up and reveal at the end.

    Also loved the subdued giggle heard at the end… event well played and enjoyed, but chortling kept low key so as not to do, much more, ruffling to kitty dignity!

  26. What an absolute RIOT !!! Still LMAO….saaaaayyyy…my kitteh is addicted to his “bug,” but I don’t have teh patience to set up teh bowling alley.

  27. A red laser is safer than green (the green lasers are REALLY intense, which is why they can be used to point out objects in the night sky). However, you should never, ever, ever shine any laser in anyone’s eyes–period. A red laser can still cause eye damage in a really short period of time.

    –PSA over.–

    Funny video, though it seemed like that strike really scared the cat. I hope they don’t do that sort of thing too often. Kitty torture is not funny.

  28. Don’t forget the strategically placed slip-slidey towel!

  29. Can you hear me howling with laughter??? :~D This might be the funniest one yet, since I started following Cute.

  30. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ooooooooooooh, yeah!!!!!

  31. Sort of off-topic, but let’s pretend this is a story about the origins of kitty bowling:
    Years ago at my university, a physics professor used to regale students with stories of his graduate school exploits in the early days of laser technology, long before most non-scientists had access to the lasers or even knew what they were. After long days in the lab, he and his cronies would take the lasers out at night for games not unlike kitty bowling. On some occasions they would just point the laser at a random spot on the ground and wait for someone to walk by, when they would then have the laser dot hop after the unsuspecting (and freaked-out) pedestrian. Their favorite game was to point the laser at the back of the head of a group of students sitting outside to smoke. Inevitably, someone in the group would suddenly notice the little red dot, assume that the other smoker’s hair had caught fire from a stray ash, and proceed to douse the fire with whatever beverage was handy or attempt to swat it out with a spare sweater. These days, of course, we would spot the red dot and assume that some psycho was locked and loaded . . . .

  32. rrrrrrrrrrrrebecca says:

    That cat may never chase a laser pointer again, but it was worth it for that video. Mine swats at it for a few seconds then goes into Boring Mode.

  33. green lasers are definitely more dangerous than red, assuming same brightness. higher wavelength, greater energy. more risk from a glancing accidental pass across the eye. you can’t get them over the counter.

  34. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    And here I was, hoping you’d spare us.

  35. Well, I am known for my gutter humor.

  36. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    poor kitty…

  37. Some cats are unable to see red clearly and are much more responsive to the color green. You should never ever shine a laser into the eyes of a cat anyway, regardless of the color.

  38. I had a friend who was arrested with his buddies because they were pointing a laser at people down on the street from their college apartment balcony. It’s a funny story now, but it freaked him out at the time.

  39. My dog totally does this!!! LOL We do it with foam bowling pins and a Nerf gun with the laser sight though.

  40. cellarmouse says:

    this is why we groan at puns …

  41. Yeah, I think the green lasers are now illegal? I’ve read they cause permanent bliding even when viewed very briefly. It’s the kind people are arrested for shining up at airplanes, causing permanent retina damage in pilots.

    Do a Google search for “green laser crime”. Not all sites agree as to the damage caused by the green lasers, but many people are arrested for shining them where they should not.

  42. Somewhere kitty sits cursing the ghost mouse and swearing revenge.

  43. I don’t know what “your comment awaits moderation” means. But this video and the subsequent comments have really turned me off this site. I have tuned in for several years, I guess I’m just out of step.

  44. it means, “your comment is waiting to be reviewed for approval or rejection.”

    the ways of the moderator are mysterious and wonderful, but i can give you a hint: the best comments are the ones that make people happy.

  45. You go pee in their slippers tonight, kitteh. They got it coming.

  46. happypiano says:

    i wish the title for this post didn’t give away the clip! >.< cuz i read it and was like, "oh, it's gonna be a cat who chases a laser and runs into a stack of stuff."

  47. Mary (the first) says:

    I agree.. I LOL and yet felt guilty about it.

  48. People have been permanently blinded by red lasers too, and you don’t have to look at them very long either. It’s surprising the things are legal at all, really.

  49. ROFL! That made my day. And I must try that on my cats LOLOLOL!

  50. Well no, see, I expected a cat actual bowling a ball into a stack of stuff, not *itself* 😉

  51. Don’t worry, Sharpy is on the ball!

  52. After an evening spent cleaning up cat urp, followed by a night of cats walking back & forth across my poor tired self, this funny made me smile wickedly with vicarious revenge.

  53. I can’t wait to play:)

  54. bookmonstercats says:

    …. bowling ball?

  55. bookmonstercats says:

    I haven’t ever “bowled” my cats, but we used to let them chase the light from an ordinary torch. Just as good. I don’t know whether we can buy lasers in the UK. I suppose you might be able to send away for them from one of those rather weird military magazines.

  56. Wow, my post was deleted? All I said is that I feel kind of sorry for the cat and that it may look cute, but what basically happens is that a fun toy for the cat gets turned into something scary now.

  57. I wish I had slippery floors to do this, It would be way too much fun! – but I want to say, for those who are sorry for the cat – take a look at the tail as the cat runs away. Its straight up in confident cat mode, not hair sticking out floofy. If this cat was scared, he would be slinking on the ground, tail tight to his body. I suspect this cat absolutely loves the game. He’s running away the same way my cats “run” away when playful and I look at them funny.

    Also, I second or third or fourth, the thought about green laser lights. They are way more dangerous than red. I think they are actually illegal in some parts of the US, but its easy to order them online.

  58. ???

  59. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    From now on, whenever 260 shows up, we should all just GROAN ahead of the actual skillful wordsmithing !!!!
    Labor-saving strategy!!! 🙂

    PS: Hi, A.D.!!! How’s the collection of Donkeypants doin’, this wkend?

  60. LOL! 😆

  61. maybe you didn’t notice that you’re stepping on the bummer button.

  62. Then why does it stop chasing the light and start running the other way? An angry cat lowers its tail, the tail of a scared cat points upwards as is displayed in this video (really, look it up if you don’t believe me 🙂 ). You can also clearly see that its ears are lowered as it runs off. The cat thinks it is under attack.

    I didn’t know there was a difference between red and green lasers btw, but thanks for the tip!

  63. arr arr I like it

  64. My boyfriend is an Engineer/Physicist, and I promise green lasers are definitely stronger and more dangerous than red ones, which is why the red pointers are most commonly sold. They can still cause damage, as Berg already said, but not as quickly.

  65. Yes. Those are the very words I was searching for. ;D

  66. ‘zactly! I lol’d but felt bad too

  67. cat tail pointing upward = very happy cat

  68. psychethos says:

    True dat. Tail up = curious, happy, playful.

  69. I agree with you 100%, Pheas 😀 What a mean thing to do to such a sweet kitty.

  70. Is that like a nuffer button with more bum?

  71. don’t be cheeky! wait, i mean… this is no time for wisecracks! … NO! wait… *****ACK!!!1!!!!****



    how do you do it, oakley?

  72. Scarleybelle says:

    Sorry, I think it’s mean. The poor cat was frightened. Tails also go up in fear, or when threatened.

  73. Why do people have laser pointers, they seem pointless?… Puzzled of Great Britain

  74. I would not want to see where the next hair ball is found!

  75. I was a taaaad concerned (but mostly just amused) until I realized the pins are NOT aluminum cans, but little plastic cups. now amusement is at 100%!!! love this!

  76. I am guessing what ever Comment Sandy Made not only got stuck in The Moderations Machine but also in the Sharpy Moderation Machine as no previous comment showed up. Thanks Sharpy for your hard work

  77. Becuase Kitties love to play with them and they make an excellent pointer when you are putting on a presentation.

  78. I really needed a laugh. Thanx for that.

  79. Ah yes, cats are so easily scared away from their favorite toy by a tumbling pile of plastic cups. Just because he ran away at high speed? Pleeeeeeease. I have a cat who purposefully knocks things over to make a big noise. And then runs away as though her tail were on fire. Only to return the next day and repeat the process.

    Of course, this is the same cat who made me consider going into the demolition business. With only her and a laser pointer, I believe I could complete tear apart a house in a little under an hour.

  80. My comment was that I thought it was not fun for the cat, just for the owner. That got kicked off apparently because it wasn’t a “feel good” remark…but I noticed several people alluded to the cat’s discomfort and did not get kicked off.

  81. i think it’s because you nuffed the entire site. that doesn’t lead to constructive conversation. we do hope you’ll stick with us. even i don’t love every post, but your favorite kind will show up in the rotation eventually.