She Said She’s Mad About Me!

She cries out my name as I follow her around all day escorting her by foot. On the stairs she really fell head over heels for me. She’s always asking if I want to go out. She wept as she gave me a box! And was sweet enough to put me in it!

Handle with care, Abby J.



  1. Not cute..that kitty looks upset, or maybe he is just mad? I don’t think that photos of animals in distrees is funny. How many times do we have to go over this?

  2. She might wind up needing a restraining order against you…….!

  3. Oooh *singsong* Restraining Order!

  4. Herrrrrrreeees, Johnny!

  5. Unless there’s a beartrap in the box that we can’t see around his hind legs, I don’t think kitty is in distress. Just play-agressive behavior. With a hole that big, he’s in there because he wants to be. Kitties can jump out of holes the size of postage stamp, especially if it’s cardboard.

  6. Our cats get that exact same look when they’re feeling extra frisky. I agree with Kar that this one is probably not in any distress, just extraordinarily hyper.

  7. bellasmom – are you serious? This kitty looks like they’re having a perfectly fine time getting chompy on some cardboard, much as my own cats look like when they’re violently dismantling a box.

  8. You will note that the edges of the box have obviously had someone chewing on them for a while, as kitties so enjoy doing. And also that the hole in the top of the box is more than large enough for him to jump out if he so wishes. There is no reason to think that the cat is doing anything but playing.

    Kitties make some crazy faces when they get really into their play. When my cat chases string he often hisses and growls at it. It doesn’t mean he’s upset or scared, just that he’s really, really intent on GET THAT STRING.

  9. Do you have cats? Have you ever seen some of their facial expressions when playing?

  10. Not really, that’s just how they look when they switch from the child/pet mode into their adult/natural born killer mode. If I have a cardboard box out, even if it’s full, my cat would jump on it and commence shredding. Sometime she would fall in, and this is the look (complete with ears pinned back) she gets as she ‘fights’ her way out. She also get this look during her crazy runs after dinner. Over time I’ve learned it’s dangerous to interrupt her when she’s in this state 🙂

  11. seems like the “I’m a mighty tiger, gonna git you” look to me

  12. Those calicoes are so feisty!
    Hey friends, Princess Chloe Zoe Calico had her first post-op check this morning, and the doctor says everything looks great. He’ll see her again in two weeks. So we are cruising right along toward recovery!

  13. eep! those fangs!

  14. Unwarranted nuff right out of the gate…… that’s gotta be some kind of record.

    Heck, i’m not even a cat person and I can tell that’s an “raaahr, iz feroshious box nomming tiger!” face.

  15. And here I was thinking, “OF COURSE it’s a calico!”

  16. Bellasmom: Um, no. My cat WISHES he was having such a good day.

  17. Wackadoodle eyes!

  18. Exactly! Calico = feisty.

    Glad to hear about Chloe, skippymom! Give her extra hugs for me, please.

  19. But we don’t know for sure whether Pyrit performed the appropriate back-check to determine there is no hidden beartrap before posting. So, you know, it’s possible.

  20. thats creepy

  21. that is so adorable

  22. I was thinking more on the order of, that’s just how they looked when they switch over from pet mode to “deranged wackadoodle demon beast from hell” mode. :mrgreen:

  23. (The Original) Mel says:

    Fangs McGinty practices his box escape routine that caused 3 small children to pass out at the circus last year.

  24. Ya srsly. 😛

  25. Yeah, my cat terrifies me sometimes. He looks just like this. I leave him alone during those times. *creeps away* and croaks “here, kitty, kitty!” in a fearful voice.

    attn: nuffers

  26. Go her royal highness!!

  27. /snicker/

  28. Ugh. How about posting buns/chins/red pandas/anything that’s not a cat.

  29. So many things they do just make no sense at all. For example, every night, as soon as the lights are off, the cat would go to the living room, stare at a blank wall or a door really intently (as if she sees ghosts hiding on the other side), and start making a howling noise (sounds like ‘owwwww’). If I call out to her, she would snap out of it, acting if nothing happened.

  30. Yay!

  31. You don’t say.

  32. Leetle teefs! Awww. Makes me wish I was the cardboard box.

  33. I love watching cats hallucinate! Then there’s also that thing they do when they want to distract you and it’s the old “Look! Over there! Don’t you see it?!”

  34. Awesome post, pyrit! The cat is having a blast, and the box will soon be shredded to tiny slivers…let’s hope the couch won’t be next 😉

    Cat nuffers, can I offer you a cute kitten to huff? Or possibly one of the many cute non-feline critters posted over the last few days? *there, there, it’s all ok*

  35. Yay for Chloe! Thanks for the update, skippymom.

  36. MamaMclain says:

    As a proud ‘handler’ of the wild calico…. I give this two ‘thumb-claw- way way up…. *Glances around in terror of the Queen of Crazy*

  37. I don’t know how anyone can tell what the cat’s mental state is just from an eye, a nose, three teeth, and four claws anyway.

  38. Mad? We’re all mad here. 😈

  39. Mine looks like that when he has an Attack of the Insane ™. It’s when you have to keep all extremities very, very far away from him.

  40. When I start wishing for a new post, I sometimes go back to the old posts from the very beginning. This has always been one of my favorite bun photos:

  41. 😯 I didn’t know they came in white!

  42. How about not.


  43. MamaMclain says:

    Oh my goodness… I don’t think I’ve laughed so hard this year. That cat is crazy.

  44. That is my cat, Ed. She loves cardboard and especially loves to eat it. I’m not sure Ed has enough mental capacity to feel angry, except when the new kittens are involved.

    Go Ed! Take the internet one website at a time!

  45. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Exactly what I was thinking!

  46. HA! that brings back memories of my own first calico kitten. We’d bought her a furry spider dangle toy… a scrap of rabbit fur, eight pipe cleaner legs, two googly eyes hanging from an elastic.

    She went utterly berserk, pouncing on it and dragging it while growling ferociously.

    We were rather taken aback our sweet kitten seemed to have gone totally feral.

    It’s good to be reminded our pets are *also* animals, and not objects or just extensions of ourselves.

  47. Hey man, that’s my cat. Don’t be jealous.

  48. I don’t think you know what distressed animals look like. But please keep that ignorance coming.

  49. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Leetle teefs indeed, better you than me LOL!

  50. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    That kitten has lost her mind! The adult cat looks at the camera as if saying “WTF?” Noodles must reallllly like that canned food.

  51. Beth covered in cat hair says:


  52. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    What is with those crazy runs…it’s like they got something on their tales they are trying to run from. You’re right, you don’t want to get in their path.

    My cats will stare at the ceiling or a door too, I think they do it just to try and psych me out. Gets me all paranoid.

  53. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!! says:

    “Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!”

  54. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!! says:

    YAY for Chloe and skippymom!!!! Glad to hear that all the concern and affection might have helped generate good karma and good results thus far!!!!

  55. Why on earth would anyone continue aggravating a kitten who obviously doesn’t like that spoon. Putting the food in a small shallow dish on a mat to protect the floor and giving the kitten a chance to sniff and taste the food peacefully is a much
    kinder introduction.
    May seem amusing at first, but keeping on teasing this little cat is stupid and mean. How would the humans laughing their heads off like to be treated this way.
    I wish CO would discourage this sort of behavior by not posting it.
    Not cute, but an overload of stupidity and poor judgement.

  56. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I don’t think this kitty is training at the Maru Boxing Escape Academy

  57. They don’t make sense to you, because you don’t see what they see! BWAHAHAHAHAH!

  58. Noodle has something in common with Broccoli Boy, Captain Pugwash:

  59. Ed? As in Edwina?

  60. Nope! Ed as in Edward named after Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivruskii 4th. I was watching a lot of Cowboy Bebop when I got her as a kitten.

  61. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!! says:

    erm, Theresa — you DO know, that a Restraining Order is generally considered to indicate that someone is *NOT* welcome company, dontcha???
    (wink/wink; just kiddingk ya)

  62. I am pretty sure we are done going over it. /snort/

  63. 😆 And it is probably followed by the words “Look out! Crazy Cat on the loose!” 😆

  64. Oh, man! That kitten sounded just like my dear departed cat, Seven, when she was a rescue kitten (her mom had disappeared when she was only three weeks old) and she would GROWL like that whenever I got too close to her food.

  65. There is a civil law in the UK called an ASBO…Anti Social Behaviour Order, I don’t think one has been issued to a cat. Yet.

  66. Jolly good show, as we Brits say.

  67. Fangs for the memories.

  68. Good book. Tribe of Tiger by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. Cats, large and small, are all about PREDATION.

  69. Thank god, at least one Shining reference. 🙂 I wondered there was none in the post from pyrit. It’s soooo obvious.

  70. Manners young lady, manners! 🙂

  71. (The Original) Mel says:

    The USS Chinchilla is one of my all time faves, being a Navy vet and all. 😉

  72. The Person that Feeds says:

    My little girl is a calico and she does the nuttiest things, but always always always makes me laugh! Right now she just likes to jump into all cardboard boxes in the apt, which my roommate and I leave around just for her, but soon I have no doubt that she will have to attack the villainous box for disobedience. Doesn’t having a pet (or in my case, my calico owns me) make life just so much happier?!!!! (Rhetorical Question)

  73. The Person that Feeds says:

    Also…LOVE the caption on this one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  74. In MY house that face is made while hidden and preparing to leap on an unsuspecting purveyor of food. And it’s almost always followed by, “OUCH!!!! Knock it off! That hurt! What were you THINKING??????”

  75. That is awesome 🙂

  76. CariceLaur says:

    ~[i]ba-tu bah, ba-tu bah
    ih da coh, ih da coh
    ahn du sei, ahn du seila
    trah vihn vehr
    ba-tu bah, ba-tu bah
    ih da coh, ih da coh
    ahn du sei, ahn du sei mah bohn[/i]~

    I could repeat that song about a billion times. Friends forced me to cosplay as Eduwardo-kun a while back. Good times, good times.

  77. bookmonstercats says:

    I call for play-aggressive as well. I’ve seen it so often when a playful belly-rub suddenly results in a cat-shaped bear-trap around my hand.

  78. bookmonstercats says:

    Hello, Teho. Nice to see ya.

  79. bookmonstercats says:

    Prob’ly should be, HG

  80. My geriatric calico, Gabby, has done this for *years*. We call it “testing the acoustics.”

  81. I thought the same thing, but I figured if the kitten was actually distressed amongst all the growling and jabbing she would have run away. After a certain point I did stop watching it because I think they were going overboard (they’re definitely complicating this kitten’s acclimation to wet food), but I think their mean fun wasn’t all that damaging. I don’t like them as people, but I think the kitten will do fine.

  82. It really bothered me the way the human kept it up with the spoon;
    they should have recorded the initial 15 min., then put it on a loop, where they could play it endlessly, to their own unkind satisfaction……
    In any case someone should have taken that spoon and hidden it away someplace, nevermind where exactly …..! 😉

  83. Correction & Addendum:
    They should have recorded the first 15 SECONDS, not minutes………!
    😳 😳 😳

  84. I agree, she sounds a little food defensive. She likes the food but she doesn’t like the hand that’s feeding her getting too close.

  85. Let me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Gigi (the original one) says:

    First you guys posted on the wrong tread.
    Second I think you are humanizing cats, they are not little people in fur coats, they are wild animals that allows us to think they are pets.
    This baby is having the time of his life “killing” and “protecting” his food, it’s his nature.

  87. This is truly BoxHab gone wrong………