Hide Your Towel, Hide Your Sponge!

Animal Planet recently busted a backyard intruder — a cat burglar with sticky fingers, um, I mean paws, pilfering backyards in his neighborhood. Luckily, their camera crew got the goods. (PS: If you can’t view this video in your country, let us know.)



  1. fish eye no miko says:

    And now I’ve got that song in my head… ~_~

  2. I saw this on TV earlier. Dusty is adorable, and a little cross-eyed. 😉

  3. That…was…awesome!

  4. This cat needs kitty rehab… 😉

  5. HRHQueenCat says:
  6. (The Original) Mel says:

    Hide ya keeds, hide ya wife.

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I would totally put stuff out just for him to take it! I could save on recycling!! 😀

  8. I think my favorite thing about Dusty is that he stole a bikini bottom, then went back and stole the top. Fantastic.

  9. Love the waddle with the big items [like an underwire bra!] so he doesn’t trip; what a pro!

  10. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I had a klepto kitty years ago, he used to steal all kind of stuff around the house, belts, socks etc.. One time my husband was putting a bookcase together and I saw Fatso stealing a screwdriver out of the toolbox. When I called him on it, he promptly dropped the screwdriver and quickly laid down on it with an I’m innocent look on his face!

  11. Which kitteh needs more serious help? Box Addict Maru or Bikini Burglar Dusty??

  12. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Hide your bras and underwear. Where is he getting this stuff? Are people leaving it out in their backyards? Who hangs laundry out anymore?

    “He needs therapy or he gets arrested.”

  13. I don’t mind the thievery. In fact, I think that’s pretty funny, but I am bothered by the fact they are letting Dusty out of the house. Are they going to think his nighttime walks are so cute when he doesn’t come home, or they get a call about a dead cat on the side of the road?

  14. I loved the waddle!!!

  15. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!! says:

    Obvy, his M./O. is formed of Pure Logic.

  16. klepto kitty coming to a yard near you. lol…

    okay my lilac part siamese loves to carry stuff usually small stuff coins buttons, hair rubber bands.. when she first came to live with us she went all around our house finding every little thing she could and leavibg them in a neat little pile.
    thank goodness she is not hunting stuff in the neighbors yards

  17. Ol’ Four-Legs Diamond better look behind him ’cause he’s being tailed.

  18. Our Ginger used to go round the neighbourhood collecting sticks and would bring them home and lay them in front of our favourite chairs like gifts or votive offerings. She had very strict specifications; they had to be about 4 inches long and of a certain diameter. I don’t know where she got such uniform twigs from. Once I met her in the street outside our house, walking along with a stick in her mouth. As soon as she saw me she put the stick down and trotted up to me prrting and smiling and pretending that stick had nothing to do with her at all!

  19. My awesome cat Chex used to do this . . . mostly socks, but I caught her dragging around a pair of my jeans once. She always howled when she was carrying something, too, this bloodcurdling yowl of death. I miss that cat. 🙂

  20. “I’m sorry Professor! The neighborhood cat stole my homework!”

  21. My MIL sent my hubby a coonskin cap & a Davy Crockett video last X-Mas.
    A little while later in Jan. it started showing up on the gallery floor upstairs.
    I kept taking it back downstairs to our apt. but it kept showing up. Finally I looked up to see our smallest cat (all of 4.5 lbs. ) dragging it around walking like Dusty trying to bring to me her “kill” to show what a big hunter she was. I swear I almost broke my face trying not to laugh at her heroic climb up stairs with that huge cap & the picture she made with all that fur in her mouth (the tail of the cap dragging behind her.) So naturally I thanked her & told her what a good girl she was. Not wanting her to do damage to the cap it’s now in a cabinet in the gallery .
    I’m so proud of my “big” little hunter !

  22. 😆 Too bad you did not tape that, MudBug 😆 I would of been GIGGLING for a week after seeing that video 😆

  23. 😆 Dusty must think his owners need the stuff 😆

  24. I live in San Mateo County, where this kitty lives. A fellow volunteer at the animal shelter has been a “victim” of Dusty. She’s lost several gardening gloves, a Giants cap, one sandal, and a ski cap. She said she thought she was losing her mind until a neighbor told her about klepto kitty.

  25. I know what you mean “T” ! My biggest problem is they always do the cutest stuff when I’m up to my ears (literally ) in clay the little buggers !
    Personally, I don’t doubt they plan it that way.

  26. Aw Man I’m Jealous ! I want to be a Dusty victim !

  27. I grew up in San Mateo, do you have any idea where this cat lives??? Is it anywhere near Hillsdale Blvd??? I also lived in Foster City too.

  28. So he’s a Giants fan!

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    My Gemma also LOVES those rubber band hair ties. I used to leave mine in a basket on my bathroom counter but soon after I got her they started disappearing. So now I have to keep them in a drawer. But she hears the drawer open and comes running. She also knows that I keep one in my purse so now I have to keep my purse zipped closed at all times. She is a silly kitteh!

  30. Can’t view in Australia! 😦

  31. eternalcanadian says:

    That is just too funny!

    Some people expressed concern about the cat being out at night, but I think cats are very well equipped to be out at night and it sounds like the cat sticks close to home. It is not like it goes 20 miles out of its way, most likely 5 houses down the block and it was on the sidewalk, not the road.

    Anyway, still so cute, but stay safe cat burglar! 😀

  32. Cambridge Rat Mom – I still hang out my laundry and I don’t have a tumble dryer.

  33. When I first adopted Stan, he would bring things home. A rubber glove other cats toys, kids balls and strangest of all an Asian families wedding photographs.

  34. Hahaha… that is TOO cute.

    We had a klepto kitty, kinda. She’s too old now to be up to such shenanigans, but when young, she would bring home all kinds of things. Once, a whole uncooked chicken in plastic, a few times clothing items or toys. Everything she found, she put under my bed (as I was the youngest of the family and her chosen kitten).

    Unfortunately, she would also bring her ‘catches’ there. Which included big rats, live birds and for some reason half a hare at one point.

    And, three seagulls. Alive. One of which I discovered by reaching down to pet the cat behind the bed and being bit in the hand by the seagull she was hoarding underneath.

    Mind you, we lived on the second floor. Essentially, she caught a frickin’ seagull, climbed up a brick wall, in through a tiny opening into the balcony, and in through the tiny catdoor with the gull still in her jaws.

    Most determined kitty I’ve ever had.

  35. tobesograteful says:

    Now that’s true devotion!

  36. Hahahahah! They should get him one of these to see it from a cat´s point of view:


  37. Meh. There’s nothing wrong with letting cats outside, at night or otherwise. In fact, I think it’s good for the cat to be able to be outside like that. They can hunt, play, socialize with other neighbourhood cats, etc. When I grew up and lived in a house, we always let our cats outside whenever they wanted. They rarely got hurt or anything and seemed happier and more balanced for it.

  38. HAHAHA!

  39. Hide ya dinosaurs.

  40. Everybody outside the US still hangs out their laundry (OK, I exaggerate, but rather a lot of people do!).

  41. I don’t let my cat outside at night because he’s an eedjit, but I’ve always let my other cats out at night. And the current eedjit goes out during the day. What’s the point of a cat living a long miserable life indoors?

  42. And speaking of cats who are Giants fans…

    During the World Series our shelter named some black and orange cats after the Giants line-up. Cody Ross is the last “Giants cat” left in the shelter. He’s had some aggression issues which led to this hilarious note to volunteers:

    “Cody Ross has been neutered. Horray!”

  43. My Fjodor LOVES hair elastics. It’s his #1 toy, the one thing he never gets tired of. I shoot them across the room for him.

  44. Would that it were true. 😛

  45. Nassegris – How long were you in therapy, after the Seagull incident 🙂

  46. My friend had a kleptocat, but he was an indoor kitty so he only stole from my friend. We found his stash once under a living room chair – there were socks, bits of food, a couple of dollar bills, half-empty cigarette packs, and my friend’s high school ring.

    And then there’s the story of the Pyrex casserole. My mother had this really lovely Pyrex casserole dish; she used it for at least a couple of meals a week. All our birthday cakes were baked in it; most of the dishes-to-pass we took to church suppers were served in it – she used it for decades. And it was far nicer than anything we could have normally afforded. A couple of years ago I asked her about it; who had given it to her, since I assumed it had been a wedding present or something. She shrugged and said, “The dog brought it home one day.”

  47. If cats learn how to use tools, humans’ days are numbered!

  48. I wonder if one of the neighbors had a kindling pile.

  49. Yeah, it totally depends on the cat and the neighborhood.

  50. That was one strong kitty!

  51. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “eedjit” = 🙂

  52. Why the assumption that an indoor life is a miserable one?

    My cat wouldn’t go outside if you left the door wide open, lol!

  53. Not to give in to my nufferson personna, but I believe letting your cats run around at night, really depends on your neighborhood. A nice quiet suburban neighborhood should probably be a fine place to let your kitties out to play. We live in a rather rural area, with way too many loose dogs and other “dangers” running around at night. We’ve seen foxes and coyotes in our little area, not to mention the big hawks and buzzards that thrive on roadkill around here. Hence, my kitties are all indoors and safe, helping to keep the bed warm at night.

  54. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Dillpig: rather reminds me, of the 5900 times on “COPS” when the person apprehended by The Law, immediately states, “but, gee, Office Krupky, these aren’t MY jeans and this isn’t MY car and that cocaine isn’t mine, either. See, my cousin is staying at my parents’ house, and he left his jeans in my room and then ….”

  55. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *sits down with Ruth in solidarity*
    *helps her pout* 😦

  56. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “eez a Puzzlement…”

  57. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    — reminds me, of A. Hitchcock “The Birds” — kinda ….

  58. Anne Packrat says:

    You should be able to see it here since it’s an Aussie based site:


    Someone above posted this link.

  59. Anne Packrat says:

    I think this should work for you since it is in Australia:


    Hopefully this will work for you!

  60. Great! I saw just now Klepto Kitty in the german tv!!

  61. THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING I’V EVER SEEN. And having owned several Siamese and Siamese-mixes I can totally see this happening. Maybe this kitty lost a litter, or was separated from Mom too young. There’s some deep, dark reason for this hording. But it is ADORABLE! Bet the neighbors HATE this cat, though.

  62. OMG I LIVE in San Mateo County!

    The hovertext added that little bit of awesome to the video

  63. TUM – That tickled my funny bone.

  64. My cat is partial to cotton swabs.

  65. Mine loves floss – regular string will NOT do! I have to close the bathroom door if I need to floss my teeth because she will freak out if you don’t play with her.

  66. Some years ago I had a kitty with a fetish for rubber bands. She would rip them off and take them to her food dish, so clearly she thought they were something to eat. The vet told me not to let her have them, though, since they could cause intestinal blockage if she ate them. So, I had to spoil her fun and put them all out of sight.

  67. Ok, my dachshund Hariet has a Q-tip fetish.

    The cat, Fiona, is into those orange Nerf darts. My son’ll take his little brother’s Nerf darts and scatter them around the house for her to stalk and find. When he gets home from work, she’ll greet him at the door and do that spin-meow, spin-meow thing they do when you’re about to feed them. She’ll ‘escort’ him to his room where she’s placed the ‘freshly killed prey’ on his bed!

    I’m gonna have to get him to upload the ‘kill’ on his youtube account. It’s a hoot!

  68. I live in California, and it is common knowledge that if you let cats or small dogs outside, day or night, you can count on having them snatched and eaten by coyotes. Coyotes have been known to jump fences and brick walls to grab pets out of backyards, and they’ll go through screens, too.
    It’s not just isolated to the western states anymore either. The natural predators and competitors of coyotes have pretty much been driven to extinction, so coyotes have spread all the way across the United States. They’ve adapted readily to urban and suburban environments, and are not afraid of much. I’ve come home in the evening to find a coyote standing in my driveway, and I’ve seen them strolling the streets and backyards in residential areas in broad daylight.

    So, no. I don’t recommend letting cats out at night. Any veterinarian will tell you cats are better off indoors. My cats are strictly indoor kitties.

  69. Animal hoarding = not cute, hoarding animal = cute overload.

  70. That’s a good summary.

  71. Emmberrann says:

    Some indoor cats are afraid of “outside.” Mr. Picky was strictly indoors, lived to be about 20, more or less, and hated going outside. Too many strange smells! Too many strange noises! Once he got out and he couldn’t wait to come back in. Also, you are aware that outside has fleas and ticks and feline communicabable diseases that we pay lots of money to keep our furry children immunized against. Indoor cats live (and live well) longer than outdoor cats: truth.

  72. That waddle with the blanket totally cracked me up! What a funny cat, although I must admit I’m kind of glad he’s not in my ‘hood stealing my stuff…

  73. Never trust your neighborhood. I lived in a nice, quiet suburban neighborhood for years. Had two cats that were indoor/outdoor kitties that lived to ripe old ages. The third one was savaged by a raccoon in the backyard. I couldn’t get to her in time. I will never get her screams out of my head, and I will NEVER let another kitty outdoors again. Wild animals live in your backyard whether you think they would or not.

  74. Ok, this is adorable as heck.

    I still think I’d be pissed off at this neighbor for not doing something about her cat though. Bras are expensive.

  75. Only a matter of time before some neighbor sues Dusty’s owner over the thefts though.

  76. Quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen! THE BRA OMG THE BRA!!!!!!!! LMAO

  77. My cat was an outdoor for 17 years, but now she’s deaf and old and fat, so she stays indoors, and she’s quite happy with that and I love run-on sentences 🙂

  78. Lewis n' Clark says:

    my cat loves Q-tips…but my former housemate’s cat died from ingesting something similar to nerf darts (they were very small). And in my neighborhood, outdoor cats get hit by cars. It’s a myth that they need the outdoors. If you play with your cat, or otherwise keep them “busy”, they will be fine.

  79. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Decca – are you a volunteer at the SF/SPCA? I am a dog volunteer!

  80. Dear Mr. Lewis and Mr. Clark,
    I’m at the Peninsula Humane Society. (Waving from the peninsula…)

  81. Lewis n' Clark says:

    (Lewis and Clark wave paws back). Our Momswas rescued by you guys and fostered by a volunteer until she had us kittens. We’re both 13 now!

  82. Lots of people hang their laundry I haven’t owned a dryer in 10 years.

  83. Don’t be such a downer! Paranoia will destroy ya!

  84. Were you ever able to return the wedding photos?

  85. I think it depends on where you live. Here in urban Australia, cats are generally safe from everything but cars and the very occasional feral dog. In the country though, I’ve heard snakes can be an issue.

    If we had anything like coyotes around, then I don’t think outside would be a good idea, but otherwise I see little harm in it. Fleas etc can be dealt with, and if the cat wants to go outside sometimes there’s very little you can do to stop it. XD

    Our kitties were indoor/big cage at the side of the house with boxes and towels and stuff at night (they learned to run and bug me for food at about 10pm) and whichever they preferred during the day. One lived until 17, and the other is currently about 14 and very grumpy when I come to visit (leaving her was the hardest part of moving out of home).

  86. @Druj:

    Hunt? Cats kills millions of birds every year. I can’t stand cats being inside, but they shouldn’t be outside either to hunt and kill possible rare, threatened, or endangered bird species.

  87. I love the video, it is cute. It is funny and I love that the neighborhood seems friendly, but please keep your cat inside! It is SO dangerous for a kitty out at nite…..

  88. California Correctional Institution for Felines in Chino says:

    With the proper rehabilitation program, Dusty can turn itself into a productive member of our society.

  89. omg, hilarious. do they let neighbors into that well-organized room to recover their stuff, i wonder?
    and on the indoor/outdoor debate, outdoor cats live an average of 3-5 years, indoor cats live an average of 12-15 years. my Griffin only goes out in the fenced back yard with supervision (i.e., me), and he is fine with that (and nervous cat-momma is, too).

  90. Queen of Dork says:

    I LOVE all the stories of peeps’ animal friends! You all won’t believe this. (I didn’t myself when I first saw it). My daughter received a pretty pink helium balloon for Valentine’s Day. My cat Albert learned to roll on the string in a way that it would loosely wrap around his body. Imagine my surprise when one day, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and saw him sauntering proudly through the house carrying his pink balloon floating along with him! Eventually, he learned to just grab the string in his teeth and would walk about the house carrying his pink balloon around with him. He didn’t care much for the balloon itself or for playing with the string, he just liked carrying it around from room to room. Now, all of the helium has leaked out so the balloon no longer floats and so Albert is no longer interested in the balloon or the string. But it was so cute when he was! He was EXACTLY like a little kid really happy to have a floating helium balloon to walk about with!

    This is a totally true story.

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    Yeah, Hon Glad. Did you ever find the couple whose photos those were? Also, did the bride have a beautiful gown? Did she choose a veil? What sort of flowers made up the bouquet? And finally, what did Stan have to say for himself about that theft? (I’m guessing he somehow blamed the whole thing on you.)

  92. They sure don’t in Cambridge, but if you go over to Somerville you’ll see backyard clotheslines for sure 😉

  93. I just ran in to Dusty at Pet Club in San Mateo… The owners were picking up food or something. They say they’ve been asked to appear on Letterman… Dusty is one big cat. He was in a cute cat stroller. I’m sure he could have found lots of things to collect at Pet Club.

  94. We have to do that with my dad’s Siamese. Solomon will open the desk drawer and steal rubber bands, and then Sheba thinks she needs to eat them. My dad duct tapes his desk drawers shut now.

  95. And it looked fairly large, as well.

  96. Several years ago, my neighborhood was overrun by rats. Seriously, it was like a Biblical plague! I had just been adopted by a more than semi-feral pair of orange tabbies. Well, they were constantly bringing me rats, and parts of rats. Naturally, I dug some mass graves in the garden. After I rejected several rats as a dinner option, I found half a pizza lying in the Leaving Spot. It had little fang marks on the edge where it had been dragged.

  97. Actually, there are so very many things wrong with any cats being allowed outdoors. Call me a nuffer, be dismissive, whatever, but the fact of the matter is, cats are extremely destructive to any ecosystems where they are allowed to roam. Lots of endangered birds and small rodents are killed by cats and their careless or ignorant owners every year. Do your local wildlife a favor, and keep your cats indoors!

  98. Hahaha… yeah, that one scarred me for likfe I think. I still don’t like to put my hand in behind the bed without looking first 😀

    Had to throw a towel over the gull and carry it out while it tried to flap its wings… seemed to be fine, though, when we let it out.

  99. Mine is the opposite. If he doesn’t get outside within a day, he starts to get very angry. He will bite and scratch. He’ll hang out by the door and look for every opportunity to get out. He huffs as well, which is funny but the scratching isn’t. Once out, he’ll wander far out. He use to disappear for days. Once I saw him on a busy street. He looked both ways, waited for cars to pass, looked again and then crossed it. He’s also a ratter, though at 16 I think he’s given up on that.

    My other two cats like to go into the yard, but never go any further.

  100. sounds like it’s time to start tipping.

  101. what about hawks? doggies like birds, too. come to think of it, what about raccoons, squirrels and skunks? oh yeah, and magpies, crows, snakes, falcons, barn owl… and don’t forget deer who can strip songbirds of their habitats.

    i for one will totally be keeping all of those indoors. but i really, REALLY like songbirds.

  102. We can’t leave washing on a clothes rack on our deck at night because a cat down the road will steal the underwear, socks, and bras! She’s apparently suffering from post-natal depression and is now a klepokitty too. She’s on medication, but that doesn’t stop her thieving!

  103. Mine loves bobby pins! He also used to swallow rubber bands and throw them up…then we had to hide all the rubber bands

  104. KatetheGrey says:

    How about that I don’t want my neighbor’s cats killing the birds out of my bird feeder, or pooping in my flowerbeds? And they freak my dog out. Besides, there are laws against it here.

  105. Jacksons Girl says:

    Dusty lives on the east coast. I live in MD and I was watching the news and they talked to his owner. She and he either live in MD, Virginia or DC. I can’t remember when I watched. It was SO cute to watch though! I didnt know it all came from the Animal Planet. She saves and counts everything that he steals. Which the reports thought was weird…they wondered why she didn’t return the items. I thought it was adorable though!

  106. I think the wedding photos were the rejects, that they’d thrown in the trash, the pictures were sort of welded together. Now Stan and Sid only bring in dead (sometimes) mice worms and once a large moth.

  107. How weird a comment! Nothing I can say really. All the cats I had and have have a cat-flap to go in and out WHENEVER they want. Why would I keep my cat inside? It would be miserable.

  108. Queen of Dork says:

    I very much like the thought of my cat keeping mice out of my house. I sort of think of that as his job.

  109. Queen of Dork says:

    How would you like to spend your entire life inside? How would you like to never see the sky, feel grass under your feet, look at a pretty sunset or a lovely rainbow?

  110. How would you like to be torn apart and eaten, or crushed to death by an automobile? Or mauled by dogs and left to die of your wounds?

  111. Seriously? Dogs shouldn’t be allowed outdoors unsupervised either, and as for the rest of your examples, the very clear and simple distinction is that they are actually part of the ecosystem. Cats are for all intents and purposes, an invasive species. No different from an ecological standpoint than african rats in florida, or german cockroaches everywhere else. Just cause they are cute and cuddly doesn’t excuse their owners from practicing responsible care, both for their pets, and for the surrounding environment.

  112. Caught in the act!! Was that Madonna’s old cone bra he had there? BTW, the video worked fine in South Korea. 🙂

  113. lessthansign3 says:

    While it IS freakin’ adorable, two things…

    First of all, if I was a neighbor, I’d be pissed off.

    Second, it’s not good for him to be outside 😦 Life indoors for a cat is NOT miserable – they are rather content. Give them plenty of things to play with and lots of snuggles and they won’t miss the dirty, nasty, cold outsideiness at all. The average indoor cat lives 8 years longer than the average outdoor cat. Not to mention, outdoor cats are really annoying to neighbors (a neighbor’s cat when I was growing up would crap on the hood of my mom’s station wagon…) and a danger to local wildlife.

    Lastly, I’m maybe not so shocked by this behavior, because I own ferrets. Ferret is Latin for “one who takes things” basically (I’ll have to ask the BF for a better translation, he’s the Latin minor) and it’s pretty much coded into their DNA 😀 My two, Kira and Dukat, are especially fond of stealing my stuff!