Ya’ll remember Trapezoid Head right!? Well he’s BACK to congratulate the Best in Show pup winner: a five-year-old Scottish Deerhound named Hickory. Check out all the contestants here, and our FAVORITE HERE OMG.


Thanks to original sender-inner Kerry L. and the Chicago Tribune photographer Kuni Takahashi.




  2. Haaa, they look like toys!

  3. Everytime I see dogs with this kind of hairstyle, I just want to eat them.

  4. Pup looks a little…..perturbed. Maybe doesn’t like the current style?

  5. His haircut makes me think of a certain Mel Brooks movie…

    I agree he looks perturbed, perhaps a little annoyed. Fuzzy = cute, though! 😀

  6. Hickory looks like a real dog, not an etiolated floofball.

  7. Ok, the Bich-yawn Frizzy thing is cute. But the Scottish Deerhoud has kilt me.

  8. These show dogs seem composed, but what would happened if a squirrel got loose in the ring?

  9. 260Oakley – The blurb says he likes to chase wild animals, so he might get up your kilt, if your not careful 🙂

  10. it’s so fluffy I could DIE!

  11. Let’s let a squirrel loose at Westminister and see what happens…

  12. Well, she ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog after all 😉
    (Hickory is a not-so-wee lassie)

  13. Oh my 🙂

  14. TrixandSam says:

    After her grand tour, Ol’ Hick is going to retire and make babies!
    *wanders off to find pics of Deerhound pups…*

  15. TrixandSam says:

    Bichons rule! Deerhounds drool!


  16. aw, it’s not his fault he has a sno-cone for a head.

    (but I do lurves me some deerhound… big doggehs are where it’s at, folks, no doubt)

  17. MySweetFoley says:

    Please raise your hand if you are the one who calls them “Bitchin’ Frisbees”. I remember that comment from another Bichon post here, and I absolutely crack up everytime I see one now and think about it.

  18. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *snerk* “sno-cone for a head” 🙂

    That has me visualizing adding some sour green apple Kool-Aid into this puppeh’s coiffure ….

  19. baahh hahahah there’s one across the street from me – THIS IS HIS NEW NAME

    : D

  20. 260Oakley – Lassie eh, don’t tell me Timmy has fallen down the well again.

  21. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    One of the fake band names my pals and I came up with in the 80s was “Bitchin’ Freeze”.

  22. That front one looks like Bob Ross reincarnated as a puppy… and he’s NOT pleased.

    “How the heck do you expect me to paint Happy Little Trees in this getup?!?”

    Gawd I miss that show.

  23. Hickory is from Warrenton, VA. I have friends who live there. Beautiful, beautiful country!

  24. *giggle* Pup’s ‘do is itching for some syrup, no?


    And so on.

  26. He reminds me of this guy:

    and extra absorbent!

  27. Okay, I tried to post a link to a picture but I couldn’t.


  28. puddlepeppers says:

    I would name my bichon “Mr. Sta-Puff.”

  29. Scottish Deerhound takes “The Best in Show” title at the West Minster dog Show A bigger upset than Appallation State beating Michigan.

  30. I had the honor of knowing a Scottish Deerhound a few years ago. He was an amazing dog– he was enormous with those wild eyebrows, and he was so quiet, sweet and gentle, he was almost angelic. He was one of the sweetest creatures I;ve ever known.

  31. They are dogs. 😛

  32. i am obsessed with gary and his spongehead! i can never convince anyone to go see him when he has shows at the casino. 😦

  33. Maybe off topic, but since it’s the contraction of “you all,” the word is “y’all.”

    Nice dogs, btw.

  34. Appalachian is my old school!
    it was a lovely day when we beat ’em!

    rather than an ‘upset’ for the BiS title, shouldn’t we be happy that it, too, went to the underdog?

  35. I’ve been a fan for years but they’ve rarely even made it to the finals. I was practically screaming at the end.

    Plus, it’s always a bonus when a breed that’s never won wins. Plus, it’s always a plus when it’s not a terrier. Enough with the terriers already!

  36. Sorry for the multiple postings! Instead of consent, I took silence to mean Disapproval (hmph).

  37. Once they mentioned that back in the day, (before the present management) a rat dropped out of the rafters during a terrier judging. It got ugly very quickly.

  38. Me too! 🙂
    Ape Man 1: Dear me. What are those things coming out of her nose?
    Dark Helmet: Hey, hey, watch my helmet.
    Ape Man 2: Spaceballs?
    Ape Man 1: Oh, sh@t. There goes the planet.

  39. He looks so angry. He does not like his little hair cut.

  40. [channeling Dan Akroyd]

    “…I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something that could never, ever hurt us. Mr. Sta-Puf.”

  41. 😆 I loved watching those painting shows! (And that little German guy, whose name I can never remember…..)

  42. Here’s video of the beautiful Miss Hickory!
    She was on the Early Show this AM, and acted very much like the deerhound I knew– very sweet and quiet and bashful:

  43. There was a deerhound, a Scottish deerhound
    Who wandered far away and showed off far away
    There was none bolder, with good broad shoulder
    He’s showed in many a place, and showed and won.
    He’d seen the glory and told the story
    Of doggies glorious and wins victorious
    But his owner’s singing, his tail is wagging
    Cause he showed at Westminster
    And there he won!
    It was this doggie, this Scottish doggie
    Who won Best in Show The first deerhound’s best in show
    The judge loved him; his owner hugged him
    And he got treats and cups to take back home!

  44. Ooops….Hickory is a girl! Please change lyrics to reflect if you feel like singing.

  45. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    The hunter dogs would have a Field Day!!1

  46. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    (giggle) Bob Ross.
    His painting was wonderful; and that sure was some ‘do, wasn’t it????? 🙂

  47. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    A very close friend and I have this whole theory where Lassie lives at an Old Actors’ Home and Lassie sits, chain-smoking, at a ratty, old dinette set in the kitchen….

    “JEEZ if Timmy doesn’t friggin’ learn to
    STAY AWAY from that stupid well, I’m gonna go ballistic, one of these days ….” 😉

  48. I’m not sure about y’all, but my jaw dropped when I clicked on the Kuni Takahashi link and found my screen covered with hardcore war and conflict-zone photos. Thursday, unrest in Afghanistan *click*, Saturday, some fluffy thing at a dog show *zoom, click*. The unpredictable life of a photographer.

  49. entropy's bitch says:

    this dog looks like Will Ferrell.

  50. My Bichons have never looked like that. Not sure if I should be disappointed or relieved.

  51. O/NO – You brought tears to my eyes, I can just picture a superannuated Lassie,
    probably with Rintintin and Champion the wonder horse.

  52. Janet – I have the misfortune to remember Andy Stewart singing the original song 🙂

  53. If you want to refresh your memories, it’s on YouTube.

  54. Insert as chorus:

    Because these dogs are not highland dogs
    They’re not island dogs, they’re no my land’s dogs
    THough these dogs awfully cute may be
    They didn’t win the SHOW!

  55. Oh, I also remember the original Scottish Soldier song. I was a teenager then, and it played on the radio. Rather a shock when, years later, I’m listening to the entire opera of William Tell by Rossini – and up pops The Scottish Solider, played up tempo!

  56. Redo of Chorus (I should think this out first, I know – but then no one would see it because the would be long since onto something else)

    But these dogs are not first-place dogs
    They’re not Worst-Place Dogs
    But they’re not First Place Dogs
    THough these dogs awfully cute may be
    They didn’t win the SHOW!

  57. Relieved, trust me.

    When I first had Bichons I’d take them to a groomer who knew the “show cut”. He’d fluff them up to within an inch of their lives. Do you know how long that fluff lasts? One trip to the water dish and half the face goes, one trip outside and the coat is smeared with dirt and full of prickly things. It’s a bonus when something dead is found and rolled in. Then the whole ‘do goes down the drain because you have to bathe them.

  58. Hey, I’m glad I’ve finally stopped using youse. I’m now trying to stop y’all so if I use you all as a transition, I’m happy.

  59. If it’s the same incident the late Roger Caras wrote about in one of his books, it was a mouse, and it ran beneath the stands next to a group of Lakeland Terriers. It did not get that ugly- but only because all the dogs were on lead. If they hadn’t been, Mr. Caras wrote, “what a pile of very expensive fur that would been !”
    As things were, Mr. Caras continued, “I’ve never seen a group of dogs in the ring that was as ‘on’ as those Lakelands !”

  60. One word — floof

  61. Mrs. Kravitz says:

    Thanks for the vid clip! What a lovely dog. And soooo big! In this setting, you can see she’s as big as a pony! Well, one of those little ponies, anyway. I realized she was big when anyone stood next to her, but in the show ring she somehow seemed… less rideable :).

    She’ll be a wonderful mom.