Time for Your Morning Exercise

And straaaaaaaaaaayche…

… and relax.

Toulouse doesn’t have much fat to lose, Naz and Mil.



  1. hahaha I love the grumpy ears 🙂

  2. Very Aristocatic!

  3. Rachel of Cyberia says:


  4. Hahaha! What a cutie! Kitten does her best imitation of a hedgehog.

  5. Looks like me in the morning.

  6. Privacy tailio malfunction!

    What a silly, floofy, adorabuhls kitteh. ♥♥♥

  7. Face framing feet.


  8. Li’l Jellybones!

  9. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt !!! says:

    Looks like grey is the New Black.

  10. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Yogi Mafurrypaw demonstrating navel gazing 101.

  11. StormCat42 says:

    ACK! I want to just grab (gently of course) those little feet and nibble on the Jelly bean toes!!! I bet this guy is so asleep that you could pose him however you wanted to! Hmmmmm *bangs fingers on the monitor in the attempt to pose sleeping kittey* ow…

  12. StormCat42 says:

    You slap yourself with your back feet? Really? *evil grin*

  13. Now that’s a gym I would join !

  14. I guess my last post was too fat, It got stuck in moderation (snicker)

  15. I’d like to see that, Kar!

  16. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt !!! says:

    fabulous! 🙂

  17. Oh God, not the leg lifts! Not the leg lifts!!!

  18. Well, the feet are probably my cat’s, but still, I wake up in weird positions across the length of the bed, etc.

  19. Well, I’ve been known to put my foot in my mouth on occasion… though at least I know I haven’t been using it to dig through the litter box first.

  20. Kitteh yoga!

  21. But how is he at his scales and his arpeggios?

    (Everybody wants to be a cat)

  22. Did you ever read the comic strip “Rose Is Rose?” In addition to being just delightfully sweet and surreal, the strip would sometimes feature the Maharishi Peekaboo and her impressive yoga poses.

  23. I don need no steenking Jane Fonda.

  24. (The Original) Mel says:

    This exact thought has run through my head before.

  25. HEhehe! Snerk.

  26. Kittycat Pilates!

  27. I’m so confused! Are those front paws, or back paws?

  28. StormCat42 says:

    *pushes lunch away* Well that’s the best way I know to lose your appetite!! LOL

  29. StormCat42 says:

    Oh gosh, I miss that strip!!! I loved it when the Kitteh would get all lovely!!! I have one of those on my desktop as a matter of record!!!

  30. For all you word geeks out there, the official term is “omphaloskepsis,” which is a mouthful even without a face full of feet!

  31. I just want to kissit and kiss it and then somemore, Including tose litterbox feetsies!!!!

  32. My son’s scales and arpeggios on his violin sound remarkably cat-like.

  33. you can see the human legs poking out underneath the blue towel. this is all happening on top of someone’s LAP!!!

  34. I’ve heard of something “going pear-shaped” but this is not what I thought that it meant.

  35. Fatigued feline flexin’, floofy flirt!

  36. (The Original) Mel says:

    Kitteh is simply demonstrating “upward facing cat” posish.

  37. No time Toulouse…..

  38. “No-time Toulouse. The story of the wild and lawless days of the post-Impressionists … “

  39. Heh. This will probably make sense to none but myself, but hey, I’m cool with that. One of my favorite bands is The Alan Parsons Project. One of my favorite APP songs is “Nothing Left To Lose.” Which has been running through my head since I read this post, except of course in my head I’m singing, “You’ve got nothing left Toulouse…”

  40. It’s not malfunctioning, it’s just another part of his body reaching total relaxation. 🙂

  41. OK, totally different song, obviously, but you just reminded me. In the summer, when my kids complain because I don’t let them out, tell me how much fun they had before I forced them to live in a house, etc., I tell them, “Kitties, freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.” This always shuts them up because they can’t figure out what the hell I’m trying to tell them.

  42. Blue Footed Booby says:

    That’s a big part of why when my parents made me take up an instrument I chose the cello. I figured I was going to suck for a while regardless, so I might as well choose an instrument where sucking is annoying rather than painful.

  43. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    — not to be confused, with the term “oompa loompa” —

  44. Hee hee!

  45. Holy moley, Batman! Say THAT 5 times fast!

  46. That was my first thought. Instead of focusing on relaxing, kitteh should focus on privacy tail. I know you’re all proud of your bad self, Toulouse, but no one wants to be seeing that.

  47. (raises hand) I do!

  48. And I’ll bet that pervert Theresa does too.

  49. [singing] ‘Cuz a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at….

  50. puddlepeppers says:

    Enjoying this!

  51. Come to think of it, Janis had a pretty good caterwaul.

  52. 😈 Me too 😈

  53. Is it something about the name?

  54. Ha!

  55. Awesome, I can never get into the kitty pilates class at my local gym.

  56. earlybird1 says:

    NOM-aste, Yoga Kitteh!

  57. You can still read Rose is Rose on Yahoo Comics..
    I have a large (tubby) kitty but he is still able to do yoga poses that would send me to the doctor.

  58. Awwww. Kitty’s doing yoga!

  59. Skippymom – I’m sure everything I say to my cats is not understood. They look at each other as if “Why does he keep doing that, burble wurble wibble prerp? Gawd knows Stan, but I wish he’d button it.”

  60. Pounce – Snerk… I’ve been to the Tolouse Lautrec Museum in Albi France, well worth a visit and a lovey town with a very impressive Cathedral.

  61. Gah! Toulouse! TOULOUSE! Toulouse is Arch and Mildred Riker’s cat from the Cat Who Series by Lilian Jackson Braun (the undeniable star of this series is Koko, but Toulouse has a few cameo appearances in various cat shows and whatnot).
    Yeah, I’m a bit of a book nerd. Oops. Sorry for the minor freak-out. Cool coincidence though!

    Oh my goodness how adorable! I just want to scoop this little guy up…he’s all curled into a ball and would be very easy to scoop up and snuggle.

  62. Fluffernutters!! All I could hear in mah head was that line from Ace Ventura II:

  63. Au contraire, those are very relaxed ears. One is easily mistaken for the other.

  64. Oh! I’m so happy to see you guys submit this! Since then he’s stopped doing his exercises. he’s now quite a fatty.

  65. Ahh!
    My Toulouse got his photos submitted!

    .. Only now he does have weight to lose because he’s big and fat and takes up my whole lap. He doesn’t do kitty pilates anymore though sadly 😦 Just tries to worm his way between the laptop and my stomach instead.