Hold that Pose

“What the…?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot you’re new here. No big deal, just once a year, she likes to arrange her cats with their tails like this.”

“What is it, some kind of Feng Shui thing?”

“No idea. Anyway, she takes her little picture, starts crying, eats a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s and we get tuna.”


I think I (snif!) have something in my eye, Paul P.


  1. Love is in the air!

  2. Oh, no. I’m the first to comment and I’m awaiting moderation? Sigh! I heart Valentine’s Day anyway.

  3. Happy Felinetine’s Day, everyone. May all your hairballs be chocolate coated today.

  4. I got to clean up hairballs on the kitchen floor first thing this morning – and they def weren’t chocolate coated – a nice start to the day for me! ;)

  5. So, what flavor were they?

  6. Ben and Hairy’s new special. You’ll hafta ask Oakley what it is, cuz I forget the name.

  7. Hmm, I’d say either Hairy Garcia or Chocolate Chip Tossed-Cookies Dough

  8. 260– and everybody– Are you familiar with this raging civil debate in Fort Wayne, IN?

  9. Theresa, you are a pervert.

  10. HAHHAHAHAAHA…. thank you, Theresa!

  11. Hey, I don’t make up the news, I just report it. :P

  12. Theresa, you are such a gem. Haha

  13. Mary (the first) says:

    If I saw what appeared to be a chocolate coated hairball on my floor, I would be very very afraid that it was actually made of some other substance.. iykwim.

  14. /snort/ yes, ikwym… i sometimes find those too… never a dull moment at my house.

  15. I’ve read this three times and just got it. Duh on me.

  16. Happy valentines day!

  17. snorglepup says:

    Most likely the only Valentine I will get today. Baroooo….
    I’ll be making a date with Ben & Jerry later; and that cute Captain Morgan.


    Go kiss an animal and write your friends/familymembers/teachers/bosses/coworkers/whoeveryoufeellikegivingacardto a valentine.

    Rant over. Go eat some chocolate.

  19. Well from one lonely Valentine to another, Snorlepup, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! *sends hug*

  20. Aw, that is adorable. Happy Meowentine’s Day everyone. (Really sweet photo, Paul P. Nicely done. May have to try that with my two cats. :-))

    And here’s a Valentine for all you dog lovers.

  21. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    wow — kittehs doing “sweet”!!! I thought they
    only knew about working on World Dominayshe !!!!

  22. It’s still about World Dominayshe, all the cuteness is just the kittehs’ way of saying “Hey! Look over there!” or “This big red button? Just the latte button, really. Nothing to worry about.”

  23. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    so kittehs are passive-aggressive? Makes perfect sense :)

  24. Hey, even Eben finds time to be cute now and then – or do you read that comic? (http://www.twolumps.net/ – good for a giggle more often than not.)

  25. What day?

  26. I’ve got the cats and the tuna if some one has the Ben & Jerry’s.

  27. I’ll pick some up on the way over.

  28. Maybe pick up “Out of Africa” or “Bridges of Madison County” too?

  29. My love has got a red red nose
    That’s seen a across the room
    My love is like a melody
    That’s badly out of tune

  30. sorry about the stutter, but we did just win a Bafta.

  31. bookmonstercats says:


  32. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Why, LOOK!!! Over there!!!
    It’s King George VI, visiting Cute Overload!!!111!!!

  33. Martha in Washington says:

    *looks around frantically*

  34. I used to daydream that I would wake up one morning, and everybody would be speaking Austenspeak. “Such affability! Such condescension!” “My dear, you have delighted us enough.” “I would be no means suspend any pleasure of yours.” *sigh*

  35. Whither Mr. Darcy? I admire him most ardently. As I do those most affable and cunning felines portrayed in the photo yon.

    And that kids was my very sad and rushed attempt at Austenspeak.

  36. And looking much, much better than the original, which most people are too tactful to point out. :P But not me!!! :P

  37. When it comes to tact, you are my role model.

  38. I love it.

  39. Luvely!


    Can’t find the C.O. post, but this is the original.

  41. Awwww, I gotta admit: This one got to me.

  42. PS: A “whole pint” of Ben and Jerry’s? Amateur. :twisted:

  43. Maybe she prefers to ration it for those long crying jags……

    [pause] Or she’s an amateur……. :roll:

  44. Possibly the meanest description of a sender-inner :D

  45. bob drummond says:

    My complements to the person who took this picture.
    His/Her timing was purrrrrrfect. It’s cute the way the
    kitties just happened to form a Valentine and the
    camera’s shutter went off at the right moment.You’ll
    never get that chance from those cats again! WOW!
    Good shooting.

  46. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Yeah Valentine’s Day, let see.
    My husband and I exchanged cards this morning then he left for work, he’ll pick up something for diner when he get’s back.
    I don’t work on Mondays so, I shoveled the entry way, did the laundry and now I’m cleaning the oven. Ahhh romance after 36 years together. LOL!

  47. We had no Valentine’s exchanges whatsoever! But no baroo, since our anniversary (and koinkidentally – not really – my partner’s birthday) are on the 7th, a week ago. We’ve done all our celebrating, and then some. It means we don’t have to fight for table bookings!

  48. My Valentine was being loved up, by Stan my long-haired Tux. At 3:45 this morning he stood on me (He weighs 16 pounds) purring away like billy-o, dribbled on me and left muddy toe bean prints over the bottom sheet.

  49. That’s when the Snuggle Monster attacks in my house. The Snuggle Monster eats naughty kitties who stand on Mommy’s solarplexus in the middle of the night. I don’t know how those kitties get away every time!

  50. That’ll teach you to sleep in!

  51. 260Oakley – I know I’m a slug-a-bed.

  52. Hon Glad, what means “like billy-o?” I first encountered this expression in a “Hellblazer” graphic novel. I know it’s a Brit-ism and in context take it to mean “like mad.”

    We celebrated Valentine’s yesterday with a late lunch and a matinee of “Gnomeo and Juliet.” Cute move. Lots of Shakespearean references in it, nice little dog-whistle shout-outs to English majors. :)

  53. I meant, of course, “cute movie.”

  54. Noelegy – I’d just heard of “like billy-o” in passing, so before using it I looked it up, it’s an emphasizer and used as a euphemism for like the devil or in my case instead of like bugg*ry. A useful source of British slang is http://www.peevish.co.uk/slang

  55. I spent several years of my misspent youth with an Australian bloke, and almost got used to people putting -O on the end of everything. Also hearing the word “f***” used in ways that made me ashamed of how unimaginative Americans are. :P

    I get the impression, though, that the nuttier Aussie slang is fading out in favor of a more globalized kid-speak. Which is a shame.

  56. Beth covered in cat hair says:

    Hon Glad: BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Sorry, I had to laugh at that and I could actually picture it. As long and the dribble doesn’t go into your mouf then it’s all okay. He wuvs you!

  57. the bug man says:

    My sweetie was running late this morning, so my Valentine’s Day gift to her was giving her cat subcutaneous fluids before work.

    I think such mundanities are pretty romantic, actually.

  58. Very sweet.

  59. Having had to do that, yes, that counts!

  60. Enormously sweet!

  61. Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Awwwwwwwwwww! Beep! and Beep!

    I am smitten with these kittens.

    Throws Valentines hearts all over the Cute overload web site

  62. *is covered in sticky Valentine’s hearts*

    Hey! Mind the street cred!

  63. *joins kitty*

  64. Happy Singles Awareness Day, everybody!

    I had homemade oatmeal raisin cookies, and am thinking about going out and buying myself a box of chocolates. If you can’t love yourself, who will?

  65. Hey, I’m one-half of a committed married couple and I still bought myself some choccies. :)

  66. LOL I do this often.. Hubby who is sweet in every other way just does not have a romantic bone n his body.

  67. At least he doesn’t try to be something he isn’t, and that’s worth a lot right there.

  68. Absolutely! My hubby is the same way. Very, very sweet-natured, but with a pragmatic dislike of appearing “mushy.”

  69. Erm– *opening mouth for off-color joke, thinking better of it* 8O

  70. Right there with ya’ – my mind went directly to the gutter as well…
    Hey, we’re in good company! (and I don’t imagine we were the only ones)

  71. I was wondering who was going to bite :D

  72. You are all a bunch of PERVERTS!!!!

  73. And this is a surprise? (JK, folks!)

  74. Why yes, we are.

  75. Hmm. “Kinky” is using a feather. “Perverted” is using the whole chicken.

  76. This caption made me guffaw. Not just giggle, mind you, but actually guffaw. Funny looks from the neighboring office were the result.

  77. Hey, that’s Kitty (black) and Kal-El!! Their hooman has a brill photostream on flickr. You gotta credit her!: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatinski/2896412801/

  78. So NTMTOM, I’m guessing you grew up with a sister? Your observations about us girls are always hilarious, and seem to be inspired by a muse somewhere in your past…

  79. Oooh, wicked, Mike. :twisted:

  80. My late brother/sister cat team used to do this all the time.

  81. My Eddy and Franny will lie down facing away from each other, and “converse” with the tips of their tails. They seem to have a secret tail-tip-touch code.

  82. Makes you think that James Cameron was onto something with the Na’vi, huh?

  83. Didn’t see the movie–what, did the blue people do something like this?

  84. Their pigtails had these weird sparkly tassels on the end, with which they would “interface” with animals (like their mounts) and with the trees, and with each other. The long braid in back covered this prehensile thingy that seemed to be an extension of their spine. It was, I thought, a really neat concept that explained why and how they were so interconnected with their world.

  85. Oh, my.

  86. is this a maniston reference?

  87. April's NaNa says:

    @skippy’s mom You might want to see the movie afterall..it is to be enjoyed on so many thought levels and just plain fun fantasy. Watch it with your “kid eyes” :-x

  88. bob drummond says:

    Yes, I still love my wife after31 years of marriage (not all of it was sweet.though!)
    We had our hard times and conflicts ,but we weathered them all.The hardest
    adjustment was ten years ago today(drum roll), that’s when i had a prostectomy.
    (screaming in background.) So, all you guys out there had better take better care
    of yourselves before its too late (more sceaming in background.) TRUST ME ON
    THIS ONE!!!!!

  89. bob drummond says:

    So, anyway, Happy st.Valentine”s Day everybody!!!

  90. Oh, I so want to snorgle both of those kitties :D


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