A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

A valentine from Carolyn P.: “I was looking for a cute picture to put on the Valentine’s Day card I’m making for my boyfriend. My pet name for him is Woolly Bear – like the caterpillar! Soooo… I found this pic of this fuzzy, woolly little bug curled up into a perfect, teensy heart shape in the palm of someone’s hand!”



  1. I want a fuzzy heart too, where’s the fuzzy heart store?

  2. *Closing eyes tightly*
    Is it over yet?
    *peeping at fuzzy caterpillar*
    Awww, that’s really cute.
    *Crawling back under anti-valentine’s rock*
    Tell me when allthe mooshy stuff ends.

  3. *sends Wend a giant Valentine’s Day hug*

  4. As soon as I read Wooly Bear, I got an earworm. Or in this case, maybe an ear-catepillar?

  5. yep, my first thought too!
    watch it now, watch it now!

  6. Marian the Librarian says:

    totally, totally awesome. now i wish my nickname for my BF was woolly bear. happy st. v’s day, everyone!

  7. Awwwwww! (and ewwww!) NTMTOM, will YOU be my Snarky Valentine and teach me how to make all those special snarky characters in the comments?

    How many have asked before me!!? *looks around for my competition* 😉


  8. one of these bit/stung me on the neck in 4th grade and I got all puffy…


  9. I remember that if I picked up one of these guys I would get all itchy. I wonder if they are bad to eat.

  10. I love wooly caterpillers! This one’s just perfect for Valentine’s Day. If I had a sweetheart. Which I do not. Pooh.

  11. There are too many of us to fit in the Snickering Lounge. (Unless it’s like L-space, in which case look out for the Librarian! I don’t believe he cares for food and drink near the books……)

  12. Yay! Another Discworld fan 😀

  13. I am a skeered to watch it… Clicks anyway.

  14. LOL WOOLY BOOLY! Excellent!

  15. Skippymom, are you planning to eat one!?!

  16. Gigi (the original one) says:

    LOL! Again the joy of not fully understanding a second language when you’re a kid. What I heard was bully as in a kid that picks on smaller kids and I imagined him dressed in a woolly outfit.

  17. Gigi (the original one) says:

    If I put a picture of what I call my husband it would not be cute, I call him “choux” in English the word mean cabbage, but in fact it’s a French pastry that you call a cream puff. Come to think of it that’s not a lot better is it. 🙂

  18. CariceLaur says:

    The ‘fuzz’ on the Woolly Bear or Isabella Tiger Moth caterpillar are actually stinging hairs, but most people’s skin (even my sensitive skin) is too tough for them to bother us. There are plenty of others that have hairs that are as bad as stinging nettle, like the caterpillar from the Io Moth or the Buck Moth. Birds who don’t know how to eat these caterpillars can actually die because of being unable to eat due to the hairs in their mouths and throats.

    I pet any Woolly Bear I see though. So cute! Not edible though.

  19. I think Mike stays up nights thinking of these puns.

  20. I can see the card now:
    “Won’t choux me mine?”

  21. That’s “be” mine. Sheesh.

  22. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Better than what I was thinking:
    Be mine my smelly green vegetable.

  23. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear !
    A Caterpillar………………
    A Bear…………………….
    A Caterpillar…………….

  24. That’s soooooo cute! Funny but here I am looking at my rabbit inside her rabbit hutch and I can’t help but wonder how cool his tail would look shaped like that 🙂

  25. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ok. First, there are a veritable multitude of skilled, knowledgeable peeps who read and comment here in CO-land. I don’t have a third of the knowledge of fuzzy buggy itchy things that y’all know.

    Second — Cuteness to the 40,000th degree.

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Wow, someone’s giving Bug Man some competish! Thanks for the info.

  27. I’m not exactly a woolly bear, but if any CO’ers want to know what next winter is going to be like, check out the dark lines around my midsection!

  28. I never knew that was what those caterpillars were called! I have liked them ever since I was a child.

  29. Anaphylactic shock, I’ve got my First Aid at work serstificate.

  30. What does it profiterole a man to gain the whole world.

  31. Oh, as in choux paste (what goes into eclairs, etc.)? Yum! (Perhaps I should say “choux pâté”…)

    One of my favorite French food words is “chou-fleur” because it sounds so lovely. Much nicer than “cauliflower.” Well, everything sounds better in French! 🙂

  32. I love woolly bears too! In the fall, when my hubby is out for his walk/run, he helps woolly bears across the road so they won’t get smushed. (He uses a twig that they ride on.)

  33. not to mention the coloring!

  34. Yay!

  35. bookmonstercats says:

    I love your husband, kzgz – in an entirely proper, Cute Overload sort of way, of course. I have a lovely vision of lots of woolly bears riding solemnly along on a stick.

  36. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    The choice of the term “solemnity” has me smilingk. Thanks for that!!!

  37. Alice Shortcake says:

    I’m reminded of the place somewhere in Britain where young toads have to cross a road in order to reach another pond. Signs exhort the locals to “Help a Toad Across the Road”.

  38. T’ank You!

  39. OMG! I sent this in over 1 year ago for last Valentines! I made it up on Cute Overload! *WIN!* ^_^

  40. one for the calendar….sweet.

  41. A kind-of interesting fact: Beattyville, KY proudly has a festival named after the Wooly Bear catapillar. The Wooly Worm Festival, celebrated in the fall of every year, celebrates this little creature that is said to predict the severity of the coming winter by its patterns of color.
    Sorry, I just had to share some of my small town pride lol =D