Whoa, Are You All Right?

I’ll assume you didn’t intend to slingshot off those pine trees into the cliff face.

By the way, we found your other ski pole in the bushes, next to one of your arms.

Matt C. says: “These of pics of my friends’ King Charles Spaniels, they live in Gais, Switzerland.”


  1. snorglepup says:

    Love the hoodie. He can be my ski buddy.

  2. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY as ever, Mike catches the perfect mood of the pup’s facial expreshe,
    in the Hoovertext!

    And I’ll admit that I’m close to reaching a Theory that
    there never has been a non-cute KingCharlesSpaniel….or, if I use more-gooder grammar, the wording would be “all KCS are cute at all times in all situations”.

  3. They are. They are insanely adorable little dogs, with very, very sweet dispositions, and great smiley faces.
    For years, one or more KCSs were in the Met production of “Der Rosenkavalier”– and they always practically stopped the show with their constantly wagging tails. :D

  4. Theresa, I was just remembering the same thing about the KCS/Met productions. It’s how I got my niece to love opera…

  5. That’s why Shakespeare wrote only one play with a dog in the cast! His actor pals said: “Will — if you do this to us again, you’re out of the company.”

  6. skippymom says:

    OK, now I’m going to spend the rest of the day trying to think which play had a dog in it….

  7. bookmonstercats says:

    Was it King Lear?

    “The little dogs and all, Tray, Blanch, and Sweetheart — see, they bark at me.” They might have brought doggies onto the stage for a production.

    Apparently Will wasn’t fond of dogs, although people generally weren’t at that time.

    If it’s not Lear, I’m stumped.

  8. Crab, in Two Gentlemen of Verona: “the sourest natur’d dog that lives” — and he’s always cast — of course — as a total sweetie pie

  9. sorry — the sourest natur’d CUR that lives

  10. WS is always very funny about people who make a big deal out their dogs and horses, like the Dauphin in Henry V

  11. Two Gentlemen of Verona.

  12. hahahaha with those ears – it’s Shaun White if he were a doggeh

  13. He does look like him!

  14. Oh geez, he does look like him!

  15. TrixandSam says:

    This shot could be from the Sundance Festival. The glamorous locks, the prosh (faux) fur hood, the concerned look at a morning after reveler….

  16. Well-accessorized puppeh is so cute that it took me FOREVER before I even saw the ski pole! LOL

  17. What a glam little snow spaniel. I love the luxurious ears cascading out of the fashionable hood.

  18. I have never understood the practice of climbing up a mountain, to then slide down it. As I am currently wearing an Aircast boot on my right leg, which I’m told is like wearing Ski boots, I am further puzzled, as it’s bleedin uncomfortable.
    Now a stylishly clad KC, that I understand, he’s just there for the Apres Ski.
    Do you think they have a snickering lounge at this resort?
    Mines a glogg.

  19. (The Original) Mel says:

    Aw. Sorry you are ‘laid up,’ Hon Glad. Hope you are all better soon.

  20. skippymom says:

    Funny, on my way to work this morning I heard a radio advert for a ski place, and thought (as I have many times) WHY would anyone want to do that? Put on a few hundred pounds of equipment and then go sliding down a mountain just asking for multiple broken bones? Never have understood the attraction.

  21. bookmonstercats says:

    Hon Glad, so sorry as well. I have only ski-ed once. Enjoyed it, but I wrecked my knees. The apres ski (what I recall through a haze of codeine) was great though.

  22. I’m disappointed by the lack of a brandy barrel underneath his chin. At least enough to fill a cordial glass.

  23. Kar – You are cordially invited to drinks and snacks in the snickering lounge. NOMTOM’s

  24. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Can I come too? I would like a Long Island Ice Tea please or maybe two, it’s been a not so nice day so far.

  25. I’m thinking it’s a good day for a hot toddy or a doctored hot chocolate. Mexican Hot chocolate.

  26. please to have Irish Coffee sir? I’ll bring Mr. S. White puppers to provide entertainment in the ‘hey bro’ vein

  27. Chloe and I are bringing champagne for everyone to celebrate her ongoing recovery!

  28. Mary (the first) says:

    I’ll take a Mexican Coffee please. YUM

  29. 260Oakley says:

    Pup is obviously an expert in mountain-earing.

  30. 260Oakley – Where’s the earing, I can only see pups hood?

  31. 260Oakley says:

    I was using “ear” as a verb. I imagine this pup wears her bling apres ski only.

  32. That is the most awesome dog coat I have ever seen.

  33. Styling Spaniel saves stranded snowbuddy from slippery ski slope.

  34. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  35. By “I’ll get it,” does the doggie mean the pole or the arm?

  36. LOL!

  37. Yes. :D

  38. Thats the dog I want, so cute:)

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    Why hasn’t anyone booped her nose yet to welcome her to CO? BOOP!

  40. We were waiting for you, natch. ;)

  41. I’d prefer it if you retrieved my arm, thanks.

  42. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    heh heh. :)

  43. How cool – a Mountain Rescue Spaniel (Petite)!! Spaniels (and their prototypes, analogs, derivatives, etc) RULE!

  44. What an adorable photo. I have Cavaliers too!

  45. Doggie is all” Dude that was gnarly the way your arm just flew off! I was like Whoaaa! But then I was like, Whoaa, and now I’m like Whoa Dude, you don’t look so good.”


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