What a Ripoff!

This place hasn’t been the same since they hired that new barista. They used to put lots of marshmallows in my hot cocoa, and now look!

One lousy marshmallow, and it’s all the way at the bottom, grumble grumble

We’ll buy him a whole bag, Stosh L.



  1. The Nerve of those people to short you your marshmallows squirrley guy!

  2. Okay and HE has heman legs! and what ever kind of squirrel is this?

  3. I am helpless before this creature’s charms.

  4. That’s a good looking skwerl!

  5. I wish I had a cup of cocoa big enough to climb into. It’s cooooold in Colorado today!

  6. What kind of squirrelio is this? Neat coloration! Never seen it before! Or is he off to a Halloween party disguised as a skunk???

  7. Awww, look at the cute tail!

  8. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Funny, I would of tought he would go for a hazelnut flavored coffee 😉

  9. Is there some crazy Pepe Le Pew shizzle going on here? A grey-black squirrel…cool!

  10. What’s better than a squirrel? TRICOLOR SQUIRREL!!!

  11. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    I know, I’m experiencing Tail Envy, myself 🙂

  12. WOW! I’ve never seen a tri-color squirrel before. A google search turned this up ( http://t.co/N06FIVw ) and apparently some of them are at a zoo. Black squirrels, red ones, albinos, and the everyday grey I was aware of, but I had never heard of nor seen a tri-color. Interesting. Very, very interesting.

    More importantly, very very cute!

  13. My thoughts exactly… he is so handsome in his tricolor coat.

    I have tried googling and can not find a picture of a squirrel quite like this.

  14. Such a cool looking squirrel. Very pretty colors.

  15. What kind of skwerl is this? I shall investigate!

  16. (The Original) Mel says:

    Cup O Sqwerl, the nutty new snack brought to you by the makers of Cup O Pizza.

  17. That is one srsly flooftacular tailio…

  18. metsakins says:

    Look if that squirrel was foolish enough to pay $4.95 for a hot chocolate, they figure they can get away with anything!

  19. Aha, it’s a Tri-color, or Prevost’s squirrel.

    They live in Thai-Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo and nearby smaller islands, with an introduced population in northern Sulawesi, and in downtown cafes. :mrgreen:

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    Impressed at the speed of Theresa’s research – srsly.

  21. metsakins says:

    Hmmm and it doesn’t say anything about marshmellows being part of their diet….

  22. Thank you, Theresa! That is quite fascinating! What a wonderful varied world we live in. And I love his toesies!

  23. A ha ha ha ha!! Good one.

  24. that tail is REDONK!!!!!


  25. Having never experienced marshmallows in a drink, what happens? Do they float or melt or coagulate prove string theory or what?

  26. They float as they melt, until your beverage has a layer of sticky foam on top. Mmmm…

  27. Little guy reminds me of neopolitan ice cream!

  28. (The Original) Mel says:

    My marshmallows actually do indeed prove string theory. I found them in an MIT nerd support group, took them in out of the kindness of my heart, and dipped them in hot chocolate.

  29. fleurdamour says:

    Bet that that is a toffee nut mocha.

  30. I’d love to have a detachable tail myself. I can’t imagine how I’d sit comfortably with a tail, but they sure are wonderful fashion accessories. Love the one on this little fellow.

    Yo, skwerl, you can have my marshmallows if I can pet your tail. Deal?

  31. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  32. Very cute, similar to the ones in Costa Rica but his Costa Rican cousins have darker brown bodies with the black stripe. Looks like same tail though.

  33. In the town where I live, there is a young man who walks around with a big fluffy tial. He has a whole wardrobe of them in different colors and stripe patterns. He also wears a hood with little ears.

  34. “tail”, rather

  35. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    um — skippy — srsly???
    Like, the guy doesn’t *also* wear a little white vesty-thing with REEEEEEEEEEEEally long arms wrapped around torso???

    or do you live in an entirely Artsy-Fartsy eccentric place???

  36. And do the tail and ears match?

    How is Miss Chloe today?

  37. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ps — I really do like the idea of his sartorial splendour. Just kinda wond’rin’ how a guy in ‘Merica gits away widdit, widdout bein’ pummeled daily. Unless your “town” is San Francisco, mebbe ….

  38. So, is it a pet squirrel, or did it just pop in for a spot of cocoa?

    Hey, everybody, Chloe is home and happy to be so. She’s on nine different medications, her eye is sewn shut, and she is not happy about having to wear a conehead. But she is one of the strongest people I’ve ever known, and while it’ll be tough going the next few weeks, she will ultimately be just fine.
    I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love from you all. Thanks from us both.

  39. More warm thoughts and hugs to Chloe – and to you – from the ceejoe gang! Have you read Homer’s Odyssey?

  40. I read some of it. And yes, I was thinking of it while waiting to find out about Chloe’s eye. To be honest, I thought the parts about the cat were interesting, not so much the parts about the girl. Same reaction I had to Dewey, actually.

  41. Oh Yeah Foamy deliciousness that is what they make, on top of your cocoa.

  42. I live in a boring suburb in Massachusetts. Don’t know what this guy’s deal is. He sort of mixes and matches the tails and hoods to make different ensembles.

  43. Oh Yay for Chloe! So glad she is home and on the mend.. how long till her eye gets unstitched?

  44. Yay! Best news I’ve had all day. Smooches on Miss Chloe.

  45. It’s amazing what we can find on the internet. My new word is “Sciuridae”, the family to which squirrels belong. Also, did you know that Woodchucks and Marmots are closely related to squirrels? I learn something new every day. If I weren’t forgetting something new everyday, I’d be ahead of the game.

  46. If all goes well, about three weeks. In my mind I’m seeing her getting unstitched March 1.

  47. The coloring is similar to a Prevost’s but not exactly the same, and I’m not sure what a Malaysian squirrel is doing in someone’s house. Until we get word on where the photos came from, I’ll think that maybe it’s a weird color morph of a gray or fox squirrel. Besides the black ones and white ones, I’ve seen some that were blotchy and even one pearl gray with pale blue eyes.

  48. What you said! I’m loving that talio!!

  49. Sounds like the kind of guy who doesn’t get any flak because everyone’s afraid to walk up to him and start a conversation….

  50. “I learn something new every day. If I weren’t forgetting something new everyday, I’d be ahead of the game.”

    This is so true of me, too!

  51. the bug man says:

    Actually, I think this is a variegated squirrel, Scurius variegata. Specifically, I think it’s a Rescue Skwerl (TM) named Rama Rota, from Costa Rica.

    And if you think he’s cute as an adult, you should see him glurping from a bottle when he was a young’un:


  52. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Ha! That last bit needs to be a t-shirt.

  53. He-Man legs? snerk!

  54. LOL Yep see all those muscles


  55. Oh rats it doesn’t work that way Hmm

    <a href=http://images.wikia.com/entertainment1/images/e/ea/Heman.jpg

  56. okay I will stop now maybe sharpy can fix it for me.

  57. Try googling for Prevost’s Squirrel or Asian Tri-colored Squirrel (Callosciurus prevostii) 😀

  58. I’d hazard a guess at Prevost’s Squirrel or Asian Tri-colored Squirrel (Callosciurus prevostii) – dem’s purdy!

  59. Whoopsie, way to not scroll down. I apologize XD

  60. is it weird that my first thought was “that squirrel needs a little sweater vest” ?

  61. arachnophile says:

    Thanks Moony – that was the kind of scientific detail I was looking for! 🙂 I’ve learned something new today. whoop WHOOP!

  62. skippymom says:

    Not weird at all. I suspect most of us had that thought, actually.

  63. You mean marshmallow isn’t a fruit? Bummer.

  64. Sounds like quite a character. Have you ever seen him sit down whilst wearing the tail? This inquiring mind wants to know!

  65. skippymom says:

    Berg, I only ever see him walking down the street. The tail, by the way, is quite large, very furry, and bounces up and down in a charming rhythm as he walks. The coolest one I’ve seen has black, orange, and purple stripes. Maybe someday I’ll ask him where he gets them, and I’ll let you know.

  66. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    Tell him that he has many (virtual) admirers who are *not* internet weirdos …..

  67. Skippymom, if you’ve got a guy in a giant squirrel outfit strutting his stuff around, that makes it a tad less boring, mmm? 😆

  68. Take a piksh!

  69. skippymom says:

    Theresa, actually, he dresses in what I understand to be “Goth” style, all black with lots of metal bits here and there, a big backpack, and the hood and tail.
    I’ll, uh, try to get a picture of him. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

  70. The first animal I saw while traveling in Costa Rica was this same type of squirrel.

  71. Okay, now was that just random, or did you come across this pic like I did? http://homepage.mac.com/rvflores/Sites/blog/user_files/SquirrelSweater.jpg

  72. Who are you Bug Man and how do you know Rama Rota? Kudos to you and Laura. Rama Rota is indeed a tri-color variegated squirrel and the most dashing skwerl I’ve ever seen. That one with the tongue posted a few days ago is the prettiest. Hope y’all had fun investigating!

  73. freakin’ adorable

  74. Yes –that is Rama Rota–he thinks that he is the “KING of Costa Rica” ( where he lives) I am his guardian and keeper… He is 14 months old and is a Variegated Tri- Color Tree Squirrel ( and we LOVE him )
    Start every morning by logging on and having your morning “COFFEE with the KING” His full story is on TSB ( The Squirrel Board ) 224 pages and over 60,000 views…

  75. Bows to the king!!!! He’s uber cute Stosh!

  76. OMG I saw a bunch of these li’l guys too, when I went to Costa Rica! It was adorable to see skwerls running up and down the palm trees.

  77. Bushiest of tailios. ❤

  78. Thank you, we’ve all been dying with curiosity. I’ve never seen anything like that squirrel!

  79. That is one big caterpillar on top of that squirrel.

  80. It is interesting that there are so many rodent species, isn’t it? Many people think of mice/rats when the word rodent is mentioned. The BIG family includes skunks, beavers, jerboas, capybaras…a large list of mammals with those large incisors to which to ‘gnaw’. They can be quite handsome creatures, or scary if you see the teeth!

  81. the bug man – Good to see you back, there have been a few minor disputes as to entomoligy etc for which, we needed your knowledge.

  82. Gah…entomology

  83. snerk 🙂

  84. Gentle – I like the sound of Sciuridae, now how can I use it? I know, that sodding sciuridae has dug up my bulbs again!

  85. All hail the King, Rama Rota. I am but one of his faithful servants! I am glad to see Rama Rota getting the recognition he deserves. All hail the King, Rama Rota.

  86. Actually, skunks are not rodents. They’re carnivores more closely related to weasels than anything else if me Da is to be believed……

  87. Rama uses his tail as an EARLY WARNING SYSTEM…
    It goes in first >>> and tests everything before The KING touches it…

  88. no, I didn’t! but that is stinkin cute!

  89. Yes –that is Rama Rota–he thinks that he is the “KING of Costa Rica” ( where he lives) I am his guardian and keeper… He is 14 months old and is a Variegated Tri- Color Tree Squirrel ( and we LOVE him )
    Start every morning by logging on and having your morning “COFFEE with the KING” His full story is on TSB ( The Squirrel Board ) 224 pages and over 60,000 views…

    WED. Feb.9….11 am

  90. I’d appreciate knowing the tail source, skippymom!

  91. Oh My Stosh Aren’t you lucky.. and he is the cutest little guy ever.

  92. It does look caterpillary doesn’t it?

    Or like he stuck in in an electrical outlet.

  93. Oh my goodness that squirrel is so so cute! He looks a little skunky… 😀

  94. does it go something like “UNGK-UNGK-UNGK-UNGK?”

  95. I REALLY want a tail too! not in a weird ‘Plushies’ way but I think it would be comforting and I’d like to wrap it around me when I sleep or just absent-mindedly groom it while watching The Insider…

  96. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    y’know, this really is becoming pretty nifty/ thought-provoking….; a combination of Fashion with Therapeutic Play/ Accessories …..

  97. Don’t try talking to me until I’ve had my mornin’ cup o’ skwerl

  98. He is a Costa Rican Squirrel ( Guanacaste) His name is Rama Rota It means Broken Branch, because he and nest fell from about 50 ft. up. Miraculously–he survived…and is healthy & thriving with the great advice and guidance from TSB (The Squirrel Board.) He had more GOLD as a baby….More ‘grey” now–

  99. BugMan
    Thanks for being a Loyal Subject to the KING of Costa Rica–
    Rama Rota is a Kind & generous King

  100. Queen of Dork says:

    Skippymom, I am absolutely FASCINATED with the fact that a tail and hood/ear wearing guy walks around your town. That sounds anything but boring! The tail on the squirrel in this picture looks like a pretty bottle brush.

  101. How about that. I came here to ask if anyone knew what sort of squirrel he is and I get the answer straight from the source. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Variegated Tri-Color squirrel before. C.O.’s going all NatGeo on us now.

    He’s a cute little guy! Though I bet a squirrel is one heck of a high-energy pet.

  102. Rama Rota a hoot— he runs and plays from 6 am to 10 am–then he NAPS till noon. Two more hours of Rama running around and –BELIEVE IT or NOT–he goes into his nest-box at 2 pm and sleeps until 6 am the next morning.Typical tree squirrel habits. Being a “Prey animal”–it is safer in the nest.

  103. So are we…I am the KEEPER to the KING ( of Costa Rica ) Rama thinks he’s the KING-and I can’t disappoint him…What a blessing to share time with a wild critter…