[Comes up from blanket] Did the Steelers win yet!?

SuperPup TJ picks a winner:

TJ is ready for the Super Bowl, and Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet at 2pm CDT
We featured TJ and Teddy during the PREVIOUS Steelers Superbowl too. BTW, TJ could give Boo a run for his moneh.



  1. Boo! Where are you?! Defend your honor!

  2. Are you Ready for some Football!!!!!!!! turns on Puppy Bowl!

    and the crowd goes WILD!!!!!!

  3. OH NO I am stuck in the Moderation Lounge.

    Pulls out Mocha soy Latte, and waits for some one to rescue me. thats what i get for too many exclamation points. 😦

  4. victoreia says:

    [brings in plate of brownies] Here, I’ll keep you company.

  5. Ok Wisconsinites! Rebuttal! Where are your pictures of cute things wearing cheeseheads?!?!

  6. Gigi (the original one) says:

    TJ can smell a winner!

  7. Sorry, puppeh, the Packers are going to win!

    But your Qte is winning too! Very!

  8. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    OH NO kittyadv is saying O NO!!!!

    *giggles and hands you a Strawberry Dacquiri with
    a silly girly umbrella thinggie innit*

  9. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    So, Meg, tell us who you like in Tha Game today, huh????

  10. darn cute-ish

  11. We have some faaa–aaa-bulous sausages!

  12. What a happy little face! 🙂

  13. Yeah baby ! Back the Pack !

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, ever since my boyfriend John Elway retired from my team the Broncos, I’ve not really cared all that much about who wins what game. But I think I’ll just toss a coin and see….hmmmmmm ‘kay, here goes my flip. Heads, Packers, tails Steelers. Okay. Here I go. Came out tails. Who did I say that would be? Oh! I guess I’m going for Steelers. (I love you John!!!!!)

  15. baby birdie says:

    *small laugh*

  16. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    so, erm, *your boyfriend John Elway*????
    I hope he wasn’t too traumatized, when you kicked ‘im to tha curb, Q!!! 🙂

  17. BatBlaster says:

    Say that reminds me, animal planet has the puppy bowl on

  18. BatBlaster says:

    I honestly don’t care about football

  19. Silly pup, cheering for a (roethlis)Berger. Cheese is the word! Boo yah Rodgers!

  20. Ahhh, the Puppy Bowl!! Best two hours in television! “Grade A” Puppy Porn!!

  21. Sorority Sister says:

    there is nothing cute about cheering for a rapist… though the dog is presh.

  22. I’m gonna be totally immature and gloat that the Packers won.


    Done. Now I get to say what a very cute little fluffball that is.

  23. Silly Pom. Cheese over bergers evvvvvery time.

  24. Uh oh little one, life sucks for you now huh?……

  25. TrixandSam says:

    Aaron Rodgers. *sigh*
    Almost as QTE as this puppeh.

  26. PACKERS WIN!!! Change that blanket to green and gold!

  27. TJ looks *younger* than in those pics of him at the previous Superbowl. o_O I guess cute things anti-age.

  28. Meriweather says:


  29. Martha in Washington says:

    Awww…come here sweetie-pup. I’ll console you.

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    Is saying I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials the equivalent of saying you only read Playboy for the articles? 🙂

  31. If ya look closely you’ll notice that this pic is of TJ and the previous one was Teddy.

  32. I have no idea what those last three pictures were on about. (OK, I lie, but I only know because my American friends were yelling about it on Facebook).

  33. Sorry Kitty but a Mocha Soya Latte, sounds like hot water knocked silly to me 🙂

  34. I have never understood this Sport schtick, none of it interest me and as for the tribalism over your team my team, what the f**k is that about?

    yours jadedly

    Hon Glad

  35. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    I’ll gloat with you *gloat gloat gloat gloat* 🙂

  36. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    I sooooo agree

  37. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I with you Hon Glad and I have the chance to have a husband who doesn’t watch any kind of sports on TV. The only exception (and there is always one isn’t there) is the Olympics.

  38. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    THERE’s HON GLAD!!!!
    Your enjoyable input HAS been missed hereabouts!!!

    Theresa and QofD and I have been posting All Points Bulletins, hoping that you’ve been okay.

    I departed on the Titanic about three weeks ago, with a couple of St Bernard puppies, to cross “tha pond” over to Gt Britain, to begin a Search Party, and to have the gendarmes check on your welfare and level of okeydoke-ness.
    No nosy qwershtyuns but WELCOME BACK to Cuteness Land!!!!

    “Hip, hip, hooRAY!!! 🙂 “

  39. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    absolutely spot-on!!!

  40. enlightenmentgirl says:

    Pomeranians already have little orange cheese-wedge heads. No matter where they are or what they say, they are all Packers fans at heart!

  41. As will I. *GloatGloatGloat*

  42. O/No – Thank you for the effulgent welcome back and thank you Theresa and Q of D.
    I’m afraid the reason for my lack of input is rather pedestrian, I had an operation on my foot for a bunion, although I prefer Hallux Limitus as; along with ingrown toe nails and impacted wisdom teeth, these conditions are often seen as minor, even comic.
    Anyhoo, I’ve been at home for four weeks, but my connection to the internet has gone down the swanee. All I have to do is phone the internet provider and report it, but as my knowledge of computers could be written on half a postage stamp, I’m afraid they will ask me some technicackal questions, and I won’t have a clue. anyway, I back at work and on line.

  43. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    We’re glad you’re doin’ okeydoke, we were concerned and you were missed!!!

    — Pyrit wuz askin’, too-who (I had shamefully forgotten to
    mention his concern, in my earlier note )…

  44. Ho Glad, have you tried unpluging your internet router and replugging it back in… and once you do that restart your computer… sometimes this is all it takes… turning it off will not suffice it must be unplugged.

    This also works for printer problems… soemthing about the unplugging fixes it…
    I know it sounds crazy but I have fixed a ton of things in the office and at home in this fashion.

  45. LOL, Yeah i know it doesn’t sound very substantial but I have to say, if you are a non milk drinker, it really is good… and the taste is awesome..
    and for those of us with high Cholesterol… it is just the ticket.

  46. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    TRUE DAT– I kin second this advice and if it’s a laptop/ (non hard drive column/ desktop), go underneath the keyboard and the case, there is a section about the size of a cigarette case or about five inches long with a little toggle switch.

    When you unplug a laptop *AND* take the battery OUT ; this causes a DEEPER reset to occur) ….the computer sometimes gets a LOT more cooperative and functions more-quickly ….

    (*standard non-guarantee clause*)

  47. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    I share Meg’s irrational passion for Pommies. What is it about their tiny little tongues, barely visible ears and boopable noses that makes them so irresistible? For me, they are the cutest dogs in the world. I know you big dog lovers poo-poo miniature breeds; but if you ever saw the heart these little behemoths display, or ever owned one, or even dog sat one for a couple days, you would change your mind. Pommies rule….at least in my heart.

  48. Stands Next to Becky… Me too i am a total Pommeranian lover.. it is te little foxy face teh always happy smile and the attitdue.. making for a copletly awesome package,, they are a big dog squished in a little dog body.

  49. +2

  50. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I will admit that there is some cuteness in tha pkg.

  51. victoreia says:

    HonGlad, while I second the jaded “meh” over ‘Merkin football, I slightly doubt your lack of understanding vis a vis team tribalism……Or do you not join the soccer (aka ‘real football’) frenzy?


  52. Victoreia – Actually soccer (football) is my bette noir, vastly over paid simpletons, who can kick a ball and spit. However if I was compelled to watch several games, I grant you I would get caught up in the rivalry . I am proud of my country in many aspects, (but no t all) and don’t like it when fellow Brits tell me how much better it is in other countries; why don’t they try it? All countrys have there faults and problems.

  53. I have just re-read the above and realise it ain’t entirely clear. The flag waving bit denotes that , yes, I am tribal.

  54. BatBlaster says:

    I was discussing this comment on the bus yesterday, and someone stated it was the inverse. Watching for the GAME…

  55. Pittsburgh had a very bad sports day on Sunday. Their hockey team got shut out by their archrival and they lost the Super Bowl to a team with half their starting defensive line gone. Hint: -3 turnover differentials is not a recommended way to win football games.


  56. Enh. Hockey over all. You guys are missing out.


  57. Yes!!!

  58. enlightenmentgirl says:

    I was a hardcore papillon lover, until I adopted my rescue pom. Dougie is like a cross between a teddy bear and the world’s best-natured toddler. Poms have stolen my heart!

  59. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Papillons are pretty adorable too, enlightenment girl! All I’d like to know is how in the world do people end up finding rescue poms? Even in Ohio where there is a high population of Amish and suspected puppy mills, I have never seen a pom amongst the rescue dogs when I’ve looked. It’s probably just as well, because if I saw poms that needed rescuing I’d want to adopt every single one of them. Then my husband would strangle me! My newest pom came from a breeder who lived in the heart of Amish country. I love my baby, but he is off standard, very large, has a unique coat and coloring, and was a bit wild for at least a year. Sometimes you wonder if “breeders” are a front for their Amish neighbors. Just a thought….sorry for going off topic.