Bring it!!!

Cocky stoat courtesy of C.S.O.


  1. Where eeees eet?

  2. *GASP* We’ve been stoatnapped!!

  3. Jake of All Trades says:

    Your comment keeps making me giggle :D

  4. um…..where ees the stoat??

  5. I think he may be out voting…

  6. ha!! Nice one sas :)

  7. TrixandSam says:

    excellente! no going back once you vote stoat early.

  8. Aww… a white stoat in a snowstorm building a snowman! And the white rabbit digging around (presumably) for a carrot? Sooooo cute!

  9. voatin’ and a stoatin’!

  10. We want teh cute! We want teh cute! We want teh cute!

  11. Teh Qte is right here! I promises you will not find more Qte than this <3

  12. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Is winter-coated stoat invisible against the white of the webpage?

    *looks carefully for signs of bright little stoaty eyes*

  13. That’s it! Breelleeant!!

  14. (The Original) Mel says:

    Statistics show that 44% of stoat theft occurs on Mondays.

  15. ///snort

  16. *stort*

  17. Cute Napper says:

    eyes got the stoat. Nobody move. Put all the cutes in da bag and nobody gets hurt. see.

  18. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Is there a way to say “YAY”, with cynicism, in a toughguy accent????

  19. muttluver says:

    There’s def. a Yay with cynicism. Dunno bout the tough guy accent.

  20. It’s the abominable snowstoat.

  21. Man, say THAT five times fast! lol


  23. :D

  24. Hate to repeat myself, but…

    I see dead links. They don’t know they’re dead.

  25. cellarmouse says:

    i feel very secure … but did someone say something bad about googlers? … cause i can stand up for their innocence …

  26. You all made me LOL! I’m glad I’m not the only one who has gone stoatless on this last day of January!

  27. What we have here is the stoat in his fine winter white coat, hiding behind a snowbank whilst in the middle of a white-out snowstorm. Needless to say, his paws are covering his black nose.

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    Ummm…peenk nose! Which I shall now boop. *BOOP*

  29. How was I to know it was actually peenk. His paws were covering it up!

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh sure, blame the stoat!

  31. Picture snowed in. All I see is white…

  32. Mary (the tall) says:

    They “brought it” all right…

    Snowpocalypse 1, Stoat 0

  33. You have now entered a Stoat Free Zone.,,

  34. He really blends in!

  35. What we actually have here, is a snowt.

  36. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Actually, what we have here is an ermine.

  37. Maybe he’s reeeealy tiny & is hiding behind the wee puppy’s biscuit!

  38. Hastily fixes creme brûlée…. And chips & queso… And mimosas… May I come out now?
    Or am I in The Moderation Zone?! (cue doo de doo de music) ;-)

  39. muttluver says:


    Seriously, I’ve got the munchies. Share the chips and queso?

  40. The Emperor’s New Stoat

  41. TrixandSam says:

    Chicagoland forecast tomorrow: 14″-22″ of snow. My two white floofy leetle dogs: about 12″ at the shoulder. FTW!!11!!!1

  42. so you’re saying that the stoat is stunted enough as not to be seen over the snowdrifts as such so far as they are at this time

  43. TrixandSam says:

    Yes, in a way.

  44. I would feel bad for you, but here in Colorado the high was -8, and the windchill was -40. And I still had to go to work at 6am.

  45. muttluver says:


    The windchill was -7 here today. This is TEXAS. It’s not SUPPOSED to get that cold. And we don’t get snow twice a year either. WHAT IS GOING OOOONNNNNNN

  46. I’m in Colorado too– couldn’t feel my toes for the first half of the day yesterday, haha!

  47. We’re short one stoat. Please remedy this situation, S*T*0*A*T!!

  48. Stoat early, stoat often!

  49. oh wow, Theresa, did you film that? I gather it’s a wild ermine? SO KEEYOOOTE

  50. CariceLaur says:

    We have these little guys around our home here in NW Minnesota. They are a delight to see, bounding around in temperatures of -20 F like they haven’t a care in the world. For the more sensitive Cuteoverloaders, I won’t go into detail of what they’re bounding around looking for. ^^

  51. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Do they say thees??? :)


  52. Thats so cool I never get to see them! :P

  53. I sort of totally love that my ferrets are in the same family as stoats. *G*

    That little one is adorable. The black ring on the end of his tail is prosh. Our little girl had one just like it.

  54. 4leafclover says:

    This reminds me of “The Golden Compass”… So cute!!

  55. While your comments are all quite entertaining…I VANT TO SEE ZEE STOOOOOOOOAT!!!!!!11!!!

  56. squatting hammie , hidden stoat …. his kung fu is strong !

  57. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    We’ve solved the mystery of the stoatnapping. Enjoy!

  58. Was it Miss Scarlett in the Conservatory with the candlestick?!?

  59. No, it was Major Slinky out on the slopes, with the white kneesock. :mrgreen:

  60. My stars! But I am evah so relieved that our fine stoat in his or her stoatly glory has been found and restored to his stoatliness. Now, who wants mimosas?

  61. theoriginalmel says:

    As God is mah witness, I’ll nevah go stoatless again.

  62. theoriginalmel says:

    As God is mah witness, I’ll nevah go stoatless again.

  63. theoriginalmel says:

    My computer puked.

  64. Well fiddle dee dee!

  65. Mary (the first) says:

    I would love a mimosa, please.

  66. muttluver says:

    *open mouf*

  67. okay. now i see it. and i obey it.

  68. One small stoat for CO. One giant squee for mankind.

  69. “I go with a modern Unisex earthtone blend for Spring/Summer. But Fall/Spring it’s strictly ‘is ‘n’ ‘ermine.

  70. theoriginalmel says:

    Lord Stoat Von Wigglebottom mysteriously appeared in the doorway and made a tiny pink moue of concern.

  71. I have a kitty named Sir Angus McWigglebottom! The stoat must be his German cousin.

  72. whoa…BEF to the max!!!

  73. He/She maybe cute but check out that attitude! A Serious Bad-A$$.

  74. Worth the wait. My heavens, those ears are the best!

  75. Martha in Washington says:

    I wanna wear this cutie wrapped around my neck.

  76. SheepishKitty says:

    now I know who to blame for snow…but it’s too cute to be angry at.

  77. Snomageddon. *plink* *plink*

  78. muttluver says:


  79. HRHQueenCat says:

    awww, this stoatie has Weaseled its way into my heart ;)

  80. muttluver says:

    I do believe Oakley’s been upstaged.

  81. Ohhhh this one’s BEF number goes to eleven.

  82. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    On a technicality, could we mark it down, as “Elebenty” ???

  83. Leetle pink nose!

  84. little powder-sugar-dusted gumdrop pink nose!

  85. Somebody call Miyazaki, we found his winter forest spirit.

  86. The eye beadiness! Eep!

  87. If he closes his eyes, he disappears!

  88. SheepishKitty says:

    that nose looks like those mochi bits I just put on the frozen yogurt i had at the Green Apple a few days ago.

  89. You’ve got me hypnot-eyes-d… just staring at the marvelous BEF set against the beautiful white coat. Yup. I’d give him just about anything he demands.

  90. The nose!! Must…beep it…!!

  91. Those eyes actually ARE beads, right?

  92. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I think that this lil’ guy/ gal might also have
    just answered a ring/ doorbell or knock/door, and be saying, “You rang/ knocked?”

  93. Yay stoat! Mustelidae for all!


  95. muttluver says:

    *mouth falls open*

    *much time passes*

    *curious stoat sniffs open mouth*

    *falls over*

  96. Q: What can I do about stoat plows that block my driveway with stoats?

    A: This is an unfortunate side effect of plowing all streets in the City. All stoats must be plowed to the curb and as a result driveways get blocked with the wet, heavy stoats from the plow. It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear the stoats from the bottom of the driveway.

  97. baby birdie says:

    Boop its little nose!! *BOOP*

  98. Beep his nose already! =D

  99. Most boopable nose ever? *boop*

  100. Two hue is ermine,
    to fur-give, divine.

  101. Emmberrann says:

    Would that be “Ermine” Gingold, star of London’s West End and numerous plays, films, and panto in the United States?

  102. Snow weasel is from National Geographic’s photo contest….

    I bookmarked him as one of my faves on there :-p

  103. Awwwww…


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