Static Cling is a Launderful Thing

If you pull us apart – sparks will fly!

Prepare to be electroCUTEd!

That would be shocking, Shannon.



  1. earlybird1 says:

    Look at those blue eyes!!

  2. Those eyes would look wonderful set in rings.

  3. My favorite part are their eyes! And they’re huggings!!!

  4. The eyes, the markings, and the peenk jelly bean toe pads… ded. I had a Siamese cat named Max when I was growing up; and I will never forget his beauty. 🙂

  5. Beautiful, beautiful kittehs. Snowshoes or Lynxpoint Himalayans. Love them!

  6. victoreia says:

    [channeling Sir Elton]
    Blue eyes. Baby’s got blue eyes.

  7. My laundry is nowhere near that pretty, even after it comes out of the dryer…

  8. Another basket case.

  9. R-A-G-G D-O-L-L RAGDOLLS! Do-de-do-da-de-da-da!

  10. Beautiful kittehs! But their expressions are totally “Excuse me! Have you never heard of knocking first?!?”

  11. Why are there always two miss matched socks when you finish folding the laundry???

  12. HOW MOST BEAUTIFUL ARE THESE 2!! My cat goes bonkers for fabric softener sheets, its like her crack and she has never gone that crazy for catnip.

  13. R-A-G-G D-O-L-L Raggdolls! do-de-do-da-de-da-da!

  14. Where have my comments gone? 😥

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Hanz and Franz are hampered in their efforts to achieve washboard abs.

  16. I’d cling to these little blue eyed beauties too. Anytime — call me!

  17. Hey you two. Get a room.

    Oh, wait…

    Carry on.

  18. happypiano says:

    i love the protective paw!

  19. I’m thinking Ragdolls.

  20. OMG, Hans und Franz– NOOOOO! Or: NEEEIIIIIINNN!!!

  21. hee hee.

  22. So so beautiful. I think they might be a Lynx point and a Seal point Birman. Love the white paw, pink jelly bean toes and of course the blue eyes. Looks like my Gracie Lu.

  23. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Mine are gone to!

  24. Purry wink-le blue.

  25. omg what gorgeous kitties!

  26. Blame it on statikitty electrikitty. 🙂

  27. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


    “Comme ces yeux sont bleus!!!!”

  28. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Matchingks”, pweeze?

  29. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa: “long time lasting….
    Where have all my comments gone?
    Long time ag-o-oh….

    Where have all my comments gone?
    Young [Sharpies] have picked them, ev’ry one …

    Oh when will they ever know?
    Oh when will they…..ever know?”

    Not Peter [Yarrow], nor Paul or even Mary.
    [nor Pete Seeger, for that matter 😉 ]

  30. i honestly can’t decide which shade of blue eyes i prefer.

  31. Wow, just wow. You are truly the master! 260O FTW again!!

    PS I loved Hans and Franz!

  32. Let me try this one more time:
    R-A-G-G-D-O-L-L Ragdolls! Do-de-do-da-de-da-da!

  33. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Please be careful about fabric softener sheets and cat here is the link to the ASPCA.

  34. Amy LeVien says:

    basket full of AWESOME!

  35. squid with shoes says:

    My favorite un-pickup line is “You have beautiful eyes. I would like to put them in a jar on my mantle labeled ‘beautiful eyes.'”

  36. Shandrewsca says:

    Wow, such beautiful kittehs 🙂

  37. Amo o blog de vocês – Love in Brazil!
    Look Kiity

  38. Emily Richards says:

    What beautiful cats!!

  39. okay, now this is a tough one. are you intending to post a whole bunch of these, sort of like “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” x a million or were you trying to find the magical way to get just one through?

    it’s a damn good thing i went to college for this.

  40. Ooh, the rare Siberian Timber Kitteh – times two!

  41. Anything but the permanent press setting on the dryer, please.

  42. Those have to be the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen on a cat OR human! I’m jealous.

  43. Hahahahaha!

    I’m hanging genius ribbons all around this one. 😀

  44. *snerf*

  45. 0_0

  46. I know every one is writing about the pretty eyes , but you can’t help but miss how blue they are and there just a pair of beautful cats!!!!!!!!!!!ALSO they look very happy just being together in the basket , a pair of happy pretty cats.

  47. I didn’t get a message telling me I was in Mod-Detention– I didn’t know where they went. So I kept repeating. *oops*

  48. I got stuck butt first in a basket just like this when I was a wee child. The only difference being my eyes of dark brown were crying in embarressment when my picture was taken.

  49. bookmonstercats says:

    The moral of that is, “Be careful of the company you keep…..”

  50. When Springsteen’s “Seeger Sessions” came out, one morning when my radio alarm went on, it was “GIT OUT THE WAY, OLD DAN TUCKER!” and it practically knocked me out of bed.
    My niece and nephew love that album, BTW.

  51. bookmonstercats says:

    I want a snowshoe kitteh, and a snow leopard. They can live in my laundry basket.

    No… wait…….

  52. Thanks so much, I had no idea:)

  53. I would do laundry more often if there were a surprise like this in the bottom of my basket every time I looked.

  54. Is that Charlene Butterbean’s long-lost cousin on the right?

  55. 260Oakley says:

    If you are troubled by leopards in your laundry, try using a spot remover.

  56. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Ohm mah gah, so cute.

  57. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    Ohm mah gah, hilarious!

  58. THEY’RE SO FLUFFY!!!!!! elebenty!!1!!

  59. blue eyes and pink beans. aaaahnn.

  60. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Los Editores:
    thankyewverr’ much, in. re. the “Matchingks”!!! 🙂

  61. WOW. Those are some gorgeous cats.

  62. kisekileia says:

    I suspect the one on the right is a Birman too, based on how much it looks like Charlene Butterbean from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    Tips hat to the Oakster.

  64. bookmonstercats says:

    Tabby face kitteh has the clearest “M” I’ve ever seen on her forehead, that shows she was touched by Mohammed. And who could blame the Prophet in this case?

  65. Then you may end up with a panther problem, though.

  66. Oh Dear Leslie you my dear are priceless.HEHEHEHEH

  67. And just like that Bammm out of the park! 🙂 Pyrit you maybe named for fools gold but you are the real thing..

  68. aw man, someone splattered paint on kitteh’s nose!

  69. martha in mobile says:

    The one on the right looks like a seal point mitted ragdoll. Please don’t ask me how I know, because I would hate for anyone to expire from mad jealousy.

  70. I WANT THOSE KITTIES! But I’m sure the owners want them more. So sweet.

  71. awwwww snowshoe siamese! ITS SO FLUFFFFEH!!

  72. What beatiful kittehs! The one on the left looks just like my dearly departed Lucy, so much so that I am wondering if it is the ghost of Lucy. She even had the exact same freckle on her nose!

  73. D’accord! C’est incroyable! Ces chats – ils sont très beaux! De plus, comment on-dit… matchingks!

  74. The Panther

    The panther is like a leopard,
    Except it hasn’t been peppered.
    Should you behold a panther crouch,
    Prepare to say Ouch.
    Better yet, if called by a panther,
    Don’t anther.

    (not me! – Ogden Nash)

  75. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *expiring from mad jealousy, even WITHOUT asking how you know*


  76. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  77. Great headline & caption … 🙂 !

  78. OMG, I’d never leave the house! *Sigh* I’m in love

  79. The kittehs are gorgeous! Those eyes!

  80. Karma's Mom says:

    I agree that the one on the right must be a Birman. (Note the socks). We have one in our house and they are the most beautiful creatures in the universe. As for the other one, we used to have a half Siamese/half Tabby who looked much like that.

  81. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ok I’m not putting this under the NEWEST post but

    We ain’t seen’ nuttin’ from HG in more than a week, now THAT’s NOT like him.
    Somebody call Great Britain and have the Polizei make a Welfare Call.

  82. OMG!! They are so freakin’ beautiful and what a fantastic photo!

    I have a website all about Ragdolls and would love it if you would consider featuring them as Ragdolls of the Week! I am going to Facebook now to share this great photo and website with my readers!!

  83. I was gonna say that if not for the leetle white spot on her schnoz, she could almost pass for the Bean!

  84. martha in mobile says:

    since you’re already dead, I guess I can tell you now.

  85. Watch out for things getting into your panth-ers.

  86. HG and the QoD. Do you– do you think???!! 😯

  87. baby birdie says:

    Just look at those blue cat eyes!

  88. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Well, I *do* “think” about things in general.

    Howevah. In this case, I dun’ had me some email communification with HER Majesty before lunchtime (Right Coast lunchtime, that is).
    To the best ‘o my knowledge, we ain’t nun’ of us he’rd tell o’ Sir Hon of Glad fer nary two weeks ‘r so, heah lately.

    Accordin’ ta her allegations, the QoD were sittin’ in a cubicle doin’ normal bureaucratic type wirk by a normal schedule-like, today.
    Least, that’s whut she SAY-ud. 😉

  89. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    um…so you were also covered in khaki and chocolate brown luxuriant fur, as a wee child????


  90. Brown courduroy (sp) and blonde hair count?

  91. Thank you, kittyadventures. I mean about the fool’s gold part. I wonder sometimes if anybody got that. 😀

  92. Clever! 🙂

  93. “What? We are madly in love. Is that so wrong?”

  94. ahhhh! i couldn’t figure that out. i thought fool’s gold was “pirite.” or “pyrite.”

  95. Fleurdamour says:

    Prepare to be electric blue-ed!

  96. Poetic license, layered pun, a bit naughtycal, all in fun.

  97. BeardofPants says:

    They are both ragdolls. Birman’s have different shaped heads. One is a lynx point, the other is a seal mitted with blaze.

  98. Omigosh, Martha in Mobile, I just stopped breathing!! how do you not expire with such beauty in the house sucking all the air out of your lungs?! What a honey!

  99. a-HA! i just needed a way to pronounce it in my head. 😉

  100. cassandra says:

    they’re all like, “AHEM–this is private. kthxbai.”

  101. martha in mobile says:

    I have to be vaccinated regularly. But it’s worth it.

  102. AWW 😀 Where did you get your sweet, fluffy kitty, martha in mobile 😀 By the way, I would not only survive such beauty, but also thrive 😀

  103. Queen of Dork says:

    I too, have been missing Hon Glad and wondering where the heck he is and if he’s alright!! I hope he’s okay! He is so cool.

  104. don’t brits get like 6-month vacations?

  105. martha in mobile says:

    I got her from a breeder in Georgia. Everything good that people say about ragdolls is true of her. She is sweet, calm, and has bunny-soft fur that we can’t stop petting. She is content to be an indoor cat and is always near us. I have always had shelter kitties (and will continue to do so) but resistance is futile when it comes to a ragdoll…

  106. bookmonstercats says:

    We wish, Sharpy. We do, however, generally get more holidays than you do in the US.

  107. Thank you, martha in mobile, for telling me where you got your two sweeties 😀 AWW 😀 I would love so much to pet your two kitties 😀 (I would probably dash to that breeder to see if I could get a pair of kitties like you have 😀 )

  108. martha in mobile says:

    Oh, no — the OP cats aren’t mine. I have only one ragdoll, who is a seal point mitted with a blaze, like the kitty on the right. That kitty certainly looks like my sweet girl, doesn’t she?