1. squeeeeeeee! Well what else did you expect. Sooo Cute.

  2. Not impressed! Little, little dogs aren’t particularly sqee-able. They just look too fragile or something…

  3. I want to see the tail end! pleeeeez!

  4. Tiny dog!!! And tiny bone!!!! SQUEEE!

    He looks like one of the little plushie dogs with the little bodies and huge heads and eyes. SO CUTE!!

  5. He looks like something out of a Jhonen Vasquez cartoon. I bet he growls like a beard trimmer, too. 😛

    Also, why is there that huge comments section on the front page, then this much smaller one here? Are we the cool kids or the nerds here?

  6. Headline Malfunction! But that didn’t stop me from going,

  7. In honor of this tiny bundle I have coined a new word – adorapupple!

  8. What a tiny cutey-face!


  10. SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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