We hold these cutes to be self-evident…

That all kittens are created equal.

Like, do they think it’s Martin Lion King day, Shannon?



  1. Retired Hippie says:

    That they are endowed by Ceiling Cat with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Snorgling and the pursuit of Cat Nip.

  2. victoreia says:

    So teeny! So fluffy! So CUTE!!!!!!! [ded]

    [best way to start the day!]

  3. But they’re more equal than hoomins.

  4. StormCat42 says:

    WANT!!! *grabby hands*

    Yea, I know… My 3 Kittehs at the house would say “feh” to me on that, but WANT anyway!!! *grabby grabby*

  5. Are these littermates? The great (and insane) thing about cat genetics is that you can get all different looking bitties in one litter. 😀

  6. You forgot the eternal and unalterable ownership of sunbeams.

  7. They certainly all look the same size and age, don’t they?

  8. the orange one looks smaller than the rest… but maybe that’s just because he/she is further away from us?

  9. Can’t get cuter than this!!! ~ :)))

  10. PS: BEEP! BEEP! and BEEP!

  11. SheepishKitty says:

    i want the blanket

  12. Drat–you beat me to it! I’ll just have to boop their noses instead.

  13. …What’s a yeem?
    I mean, I want all three anyway, but if I can give them a yeem, I certainly will!

  14. (The Original) Mel says:

    When in the course of fluffy events it becomes necessary to nap in the dogs cushion.

  15. I wouldn’t mind having that blanket right about now either. We’re having wet, dreary weather here. I could definitely go for a snuggle and a nap.

  16. I have a dream that all kittens will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their fur, but by the content of their cuteness.

  17. SheepishKitty says:

    blanket with cats attached to it would be even better!

  18. Jimbeaux, the daffynition of yeem can be found …
    Oh! Thank you, brinnann!

    These kittains possibly have more of a gleam, than a text book yeem.

  19. (The Original) Mel says:

    Why isn’t ‘blorp’ not in the glossary????

  20. (The Original) Mel says:

    I am deeply ashamed of the previous poor grammar and have sacked myself.

  21. Beep, beep, beep.

  22. Wether Marmi Tabby or Calico, white or black, Siamese or Burmese, Hymalain or British shorthair, Mutt or Jeff… We kitties are all created Squeee-qual.

  23. P.S. You Peeps really are full of all things fluffy and awesome.

  24. If I may dare speak on behalf of CO’s esteemed Glossary Boss, aka Theo, aka Teho, aka Mod, aka -Ed, “blorp” is universally understood by virtue of its onomatopoeia and therefore does not require explanation, …unless however you have something to add? Hmmm? 🙂

  25. And thus was discovered “prospective” in the art world. Some times an ideas’s time just comes.

  26. The white one with the Superman arms just did me in. Too much qte for first day back at work.

  27. (The Original) Mel says:

    We could at least put an example. Also, let me out of the modlocker. It’s hot and stuffy in here and it smells like gym socks.

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    I wanna know how the photographer got all three kitties to look in the same direction at the same time! I only have ONE cat and can’t get her to look at the camera when I want to take her picture. Is a live tuna fish involved?

  29. Momof13cats says:

    Ummmm…….Tortie! *WantWantWant*

  30. Mmm, well, if Sharpy’s toes aren’t too sore already from my stepping on them …

  31. Oh I see!
    I do not think these kittens have full yeem yet, but they may be charging up the batteries!

  32. Neapolitan ice cream kitties!

  33. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Ebony and Ivory (and marmie)
    Live in perfect harmony
    Side by side on my white blanky
    Oh Lord why don’t we.

  34. Furriners whose first language isn’t Cuteish might find a definition most useful, vous savez.

  35. Gigi (the original one) says:

    P.S. I know it’s a tortie but she’s dark eanough to pass for ebony.

  36. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ TheOriginal(Mel) :…
    re.: “and it smells like gym socks.”

    *snerkity snerk*!!!!
    In a GOOD way 🙂

  37. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  38. [golf clap]

  39. oh they are indeedy cute BUT I miss say this
    that little tortie one is one to keep
    an eye or 2 on!
    torties own my soul

  40. whu–?! what’s going on? who goes there? what’d i miss?

    hey, would it suck if i pointed out that “onomatopoeia” is a noun? it would?


  41. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    How ’bout the Dancing Llamas?
    Have they been sacked, as well? 🙂

    MP/ Holy Grail 4ever!!!!

  42. stephanie says:

    Soft kitties, warm kitties, little balls of furrrrr…

  43. Sharpy, would “onomatopoeianess” work?

  44. Marmony?

  45. Wonderful MLK tribute!

  46. victoreia says:

    I should say!

  47. hee! (laffing, har-har-hard) I see what you did there brinnan.

  48. Blorpomatopoeia!

  49. Neopolitan kittens, want a scoop of that on the side.

  50. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………..

  51. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Yes! That’s the word I was looking for Marmony, thank you!

  52. Me too! Torties are the best……uh, wait. I mean, all kittehs are equally fab, but I’m partial to the torties-it must be the tortietude 🙂

  53. 😀

  54. Lewis n' Clark says:

    sharpy – you didn’t retire the pink font, did you?

  55. Silent Meow says:

    I want to snorgle all these kittens in the blankets on my bed. Warm blankets and warm, fuzzy kittens. Awwww, heaven! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  56. hmmm… is that supposed to be “perspective,” or am I missing a pun here? maybe a commentary on the “likelihood” of the preceding observation? or, maybe you just wanted to put an optimistic spin on it, which, you know… is cool, too. :p

  57. puddlepeppers says:


  58. puddlepeppers says:

    Happy snorgling!

  59. You caught prospective, but not “ideas’s” and “some times”? I’m pretty sure it’s a lolcat impression. :p

  60. My 4 1/2 -year-old kittie Tango looked a lot like that little tortie when she was a baby, though her orange is much oranger. (In fact, she is “Tango” because I was thinking “Tangerine” when I looked at her, but it didn’t sound kittenish enough.) Her nose is perfectly divided by an orange streak; her mouth looks like a pinwheel or checkerboard cookie, divided into equal alternating orange and black sections; the paw on her front right leg is orange; and she has one orange toe on her left back leg. ,If you saw her, I would probably have to get a stick and fight you off, because you’d probably try to grab her and run!

  61. Same here, StormCat42 😀 I would grab up all three kitties and give them snorgling and cuddling 😀

  62. Oh, and speaking of cat genetics: My 6-month-old kitten (whom I adopted from a friend whose 1-year-old girl cat got out before she could get her spayed), has a mother who is a brown tabby, two solid black brothers, and one very subtly calico sister, who from a distance looks like the brown tabby mother. But because the daddy was a local Siamese, my kitty girl looks like a perfect little Siamese! No one who saw her mother or siblings would ever guess that she is related to them at all.

  63. I like Cute Overload a lot but I thought that this post was in poor taste. Comparing different colored cats to the work of MLK Jr. = fail. Privilege Overload.

  64. Heh heh, crazy cat families! My long haired tortoiseshell’s mom was a pure white short haired moggie and the *supposed* dad was the same- white and short haired. Either momma had some explaining to do or she had a tortoiseshell mother or grandmother because 3 of my kitty’s sisters were torties and her 3 brothers were pure white. They looked like two entirely different litters!

  65. Joke much?

  66. I *totally* judge kittens by the color of their fur, because I squee just a little bit more at black kittens! I think I have a soft spot for them because so many people don’t like them or are superstitious about them. I collect black cat figurines, etc. and bring out my black cat collection every Halloween and decorate my desk at work. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me, “Aren’t you scared of them?”

    But ALL kittehs are cute, of course! I’ve yet to meet an ugly kitteh. Some are just…differently cute. 🙂

    P.S. I looked at this photo and thought, “Chocolate, vanilla, and caramel!”

  67. Hear, hear!

  68. What a sweet little triad of kittehs! I really hope the blue-eyed white one isn’t deaf, and if he is, I hope he (or she) has a loving and accommodating home.

  69. Upon closer inspection, I think the little white one may develop into a flame-point Meezer. Either that, or he’s been in the Cheetos.

  70. Susan Cole says:

    my vet is worried i might become a kitty hoarder. he might be right, i want more kitties in my life. can’t have too many kitties in my life.

  71. If the female mated with various toms during her heat (and it can happen), the litter may have a variety of fathers.

  72. Agreed! I did wonder if whitie was a meezer.

  73. My dear sweet Oscar, he that just departed this life, was a marmie tabby with a Meezer brother. No one ever believed that they were brothers. They were completely different in temperament, too; Oscar was laid-back, happy, calm, and quiet, while brother Niko is a nervous Nelly, jumpy and talkative.

  74. Theresa, have you seen the terrific chart of cat genetics/coat colors up at the “other” website?

  75. TC, I used to have an enameled tack pin of B. Kliban’s “Supercat” when I was a kit:

    It fell in my (shag) carpeting and got nommed by the vacuum cleaner. This bent the pointy part of the pin and it was never wearable after that. I still have it somewhere, though.

    *Yes. I had shag carpeting. In “celery” color. My older brother had blood-red shag carpeting in his room. Yes, I know “shag” means something else to Brits.

  76. Aww, “Tango” is a cute name, but I could see “Tangerine” too. You could have called her “Tangie” as a kitten.

  77. Happy kitties, sleepy kitties, purr, purr, purrrrr.

  78. (The Original) Mel says:

    Being a cop, it will be my goal to somehow use “marmony” in a sentence while executing my official duties. (Meow, you know how fast you were going?)

  79. I want that mug!! I love when animals do Superman arms!

    On a side note, I have a feeling lots of things got lost in people’s shag carpeting back in the 60’s and 70’s. I thought it was only drug related stuff! You proved me wrong.

  80. staubbers says:

    i see THRICE kittens


  81. My baby Beamer!! (the white one- he is now a gorgeous flame point Siamese) and his sister and brother! Very equal opportunity cutie pies, even now! A friend at work found them the day they were born under her porch, and took them in, plus their very underfed mom (who is now totally spoiled, she hit the jackpot when she picked my friend’s porch!) and none of us in the office could resist taking one home. Thanks for reminding me of such a happy memory!

  82. As a proud Black woman who actually LIVED through the Civil Rights Movement (in the deep south, no less), I feel like I have the right to say here that anybody who found that post even REMOTELY offensive needs a headcheck. If anything, this picture should make us pause and think: these yellow, brown/black and white babies came from one mother as all humanity shares a common ancestry. If color means so little to our fellow creatures of God, and we love them all regardless of- and even because of!- their wondrous variety, then why can we not feel the same way to our fellow man? We could all take a cue from these “lesser” creatures and this picture illustrates that fact perfectly.

  83. cool!

  84. victoreia says:

    @Miz L: You go, girl! (Or woman, if you prefer, of course.)

    And very well put, too!