Our Most Action-Packed Video Ever!

Before you press play, dear reader, we beg of you — sit down and hold onto something! For what you are about to see is so tense, so gripping, so full of pulse-pounding pandemonium that your overstimulated mind may short circuit! Can your heart stand the excitement of — a kitteh lounging in a tub of water?!


  1. Is that a rubber platypus? I totally need one of those. Also, kind of need that kitteh.

  2. I’m with you on both of those thoughts, smooph! I have never seen a cat just lie in water like that…

    I thought that was a privacy rubber ducky at first, but at the very end there’s a distinct view of a platypus-like tail.

  3. It’s a wind-up toy! I am totally getting this. The website doesn’t sell lazy soaking cats, sadly.

  4. crrrazycatlady says:

    I thought it was a pig-in-a-blanket toy. I don’t know why one would *make* or *have* a PIAB toy, but it looked like one until the end.

    I love this kitty so moishe, lounging w/his feets crossed and purring contentedly (you can tell by the belleh movement)!

  5. The tension! I still can’t recover… *gulps down tranquilizers*

  6. That is an otter in disguise! I’m sure of it!

  7. What happened next???

  8. Kitty Rolled over and Lolled on the other side LOL

  9. I t-t-thought I was ready for it but I wasn’t.

    The crossed legs have kilt me ded, not to mention the strategically placed…. hot dog??? duck-billed playtus???

  10. looks like the kitteh has been tranquilized ;-) how relaxing!

  11. I guess Japanese cats like to follow their national tradition of taking nice, relaxing baths… Who knew?

  12. I like the surprise ending.

  13. Mrs. Capers says:


  14. Gigi (the original one) says:

    This video needs a soundtrack, lets all sing together:

    Rubber Thingy your the one
    You make bathtime lots of fun,
    Rubber Thingy, I’m awfully fond of you.

  15. victoreia says:

    Actually, I was waiting for the “Dramatic [insert ani-pal of choice]” music.

  16. I was thinking this would be an IDEAL subject for “Soft Kitty.”

  17. :)

  18. If I recall correctly, it was too hot outside for said kitteh. So Kitters came indoors and had a spa day. = : )

  19. I love the modesty duck

  20. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh lordy. Another adorable Scottish Fold. I think I need one of these. Or two. Possibly three. Well, four. But that’s it. Maybe.

    Do all Scottish Folds like water, or just this one?

  21. WendyPinNJ says:

    Oh, and I’m sorry, but that rubber duck looks more like a platypus!

  22. From now on every time I’m stressed out I’ll watch this. I shall call it my kitteh Prozac.

    p.s. someone please remix this with music from Inception.

  23. Hey that’s a fantastic idea! Oh, if only I had ~ze skills with editing videos!

  24. 260Oakley says:

    Totally bathetic

  25. *snorfle* I actually check the comment threads for yours — what a funny, subtle wit you have.

  26. Everyone does! That is why 260Oakley is a national treasure!

    Great one 260, truly great.

  27. 260Oakley says:

    You guys are too kind. I’m bowing humbly in your direction, though that’s not an easy thing to do with a cat in my lap. ;)

  28. Don’t disturb the cat; that’s the one thing CO-ers would never stand for. :)

  29. Yes, you is a national treasure, 260!

  30. and full of bathos.

  31. Gold darn it, bathos was supposed to appear under Oakleys bathetic :(

  32. 260 you crack me up.
    As for the kitty…I’ve never seen a cat so loving the water.

  33. That´s not a cat, stupid human folk … it´s a little alien from outer space (just look at the eyes) and soon it is going to call its´ brothers and sisters and they will conquer all the world and all the bath tubs in it … they will sleep in your beds, shed hair on your furniture and demand food of you when ever they want, you will be slaves at their command!

    Uh, you mean IT IS ALREADY HAPPENING???

    Oh. It´s just my two very normal very nice kittehs … no danger at all …

    Sorry. Got carried away by imagination.

  34. I for one welcome our new furry overlords.

  35. victoreia says:

    Whadda ya mean “new“?!

  36. I appreciate a good Kent Brockman reference, Kar.

  37. :D

  38. I thought the eyes indicated the dose of valium / catnip / whatev the cat took before entering the bathtube :)

  39. That cat looks baked.

  40. Andi in NC says:


  41. Boiled.

  42. Drugged.

  43. Spiffed

  44. Stewed.

  45. TrixandSam says:

    Theresa, aren’t the Scottish (and Irish and Brits) known for their boiled dinners? Would only make sense that’s the state of this kitteh.

  46. How dare you impune our cuisine. Now I must put the sprouts on for next Christmas :)

  47. fried

  48. I wish my Scottish Fold was like that. I am willing to bet they either gave the cat some tranquilizers or got it just after a cat nip high.

  49. While Maru toils away leaping into and out of boxes, his younger, lazy brother stays home and lounges in the pool that Maru’s fame bought.

  50. There’s one in every family.

  51. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    There’s a Maru, in every family? WHERE”s MINE???????

  52. Bluemenro says:

    That is one comfeh kitteh! I think there should be a link to this video for the definition of “comfortabuhls” in the in C.O. glossary.

  53. They got some special kind of cat drugs in Japan, or something.

  54. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I think kitteh needs training in appropriate modesty-wear; a hot dog is not exactly…uh…shall we say..as good as a tailio?

  55. Agreed. I was much more shocked by the privacy wienie (wha’ wha’ WHAT?) than by the cat lounging in water.

  56. Don’t nuff me Bro.

  57. Isn’t “privacy wienie” something like jumbo shrimp?

  58. Yes! Also: military intelligence, government worker, pretty ugly.

  59. don’t forget smart bomb

  60. soooo cute…!!!! those huge eyes…!!!

  61. I think kitteh had too much nip and fell into a stupor.

  62. ;) I thought it was a …tub?

  63. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Wend:

    Please enjoy the following:

  64. thankyewverymuch!don’tforgettotipyourwaitressgnite!


    i wish there was a way to stick a big button right into your reply (timing is everything in comedy, right?). does this make it a little faster?

  65. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:



  67. @Sunny….
    Modesty Duck!! laugh laugh wheeze (I have the flu)

  68. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    best wheezes/ wishes for INSTANT healing, Chris!!!

  69. the mind boggles!!!

    i’m so confused, i should prolly go straight to bed….

  70. as someone else has already mentioned, love the crossed legs.

  71. That was weeeeeeeeeird.

  72. Kitteh doesn’t blink at all!!! Is that normal?

  73. My oh my, that is one damp feline … ;)

  74. catwhisperer says:

    That’s a mighty creative way to evade moderashuns…

  75. Yup indeedy. *golf clap*

  76. I love how he/she is purring the whole time :). I agree with the platypus for the toy. Or maybe a Pokemon?

  77. aww, look, she has soaked so long her ears have gotten pruney!

  78. I wish bathtime for my kitties was this mellow…

  79. Shinygirl says:

    Is that Maru? Is that what Maru is under all his fluffyness?

  80. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


    I will hazard my estimation, that what lies under
    Maru’s fluffyness is (ahem) just a TAD more solid & perhaps beefy ….

    But since he, Winston & Hugh (Simonscat) OWN THE WORLD,
    I’m stating that opinion in a whisper …

  81. Camp, I haz it. :P

  82. Zen cat.


  83. It’s the bath toy that cracks me up.

  84. (The Original) Mel says:

    Sumpin ain’t rite here.

  85. it’s all very sweet and cute until you hear that one of them weighs a thousand pounds. yipes!

  86. Is it common for cats to like water? The few cats I’ve known they all HATE water.

  87. There’s a breed of cat called the Turkish Van that loves water so much they are sometimes called the Turkish Swimming Cat.

  88. My Abyssinian kitty Puma adores water, though she doesn’t lie in it like our current Subject does. Puma sits in the shower and waits for me to turn on (and off) the water quickly, whereby she catches drops in her teeth and whines at the rivulets as if they were teeny tiny bugs. Then she sips some water and then resumes her place in the back of the shower to wait again for me to come by and ‘pretend drench’ her once again. She can do this all day. I, alas, can not.

  89. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Puma evidently is skilled at training her human vassals to perform her every whim obediently.

    I think I”m too skeered, to imagine the permutations and acrobatics necessitated at Puma’s mealtimes ….

  90. Our very skittish car used to sit by the edge of the tub every time I had a bath to drink the bathwater while I laid in it. She didnt seem scared at all.

  91. People, people! Take a closer look!
    It’s clearly a Privacy Platypus,
    not a Modesty Duck!!!

  92. 260Oakley says:

    Perhaps a modesty marsupial? For when you need to cover up down under…

  93. Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the purring?

    (I think it’s a hot dog – – or a vegemite sandwich)

  94. Natch! Where the women roll & the cats flounder! ;-)
    (it’s the only rhyme I could think of)

  95. 260, I bow to your genius each day!! :p

  96. Awesome! Well down!

  97. Er, done.

  98. I like the privacy duck :)

  99. Calgon, take me away!!!

  100. A kitteh in the water and no commentroversy? Kitteh has pwned everyone!

  101. Martha in Washington says:

    Poor kittie! Such a mean owner! Where are the bubbles? What’s a bath without bubbles?! And a martini on the side of the tub? And some aromatherapy candles? And Barry White singing in the background? Come to my house kittie and I will treat you right!

  102. Okay, not sure if that actually worked. I’m trying to post the James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub sketch from SNL back when Eddie Murphy was on. Let me try this:



  104. Martha in Washington says:

    And yes, kittie, I do, in fact, have an 8-person hottub in my backyard. You could invite friends!

  105. Yeay Theresa! (You’re the best. I can’t figure out how to do anything other than post a link.)

  106. Can’t decide whether it’s drugged or tranqed or otherwise beat into submission, or whether Relaxed Kitteh actually likes the bathing and relaxing and lolling around.

  107. cubbybutt says:

    the feline version of “when pigs fly.”

  108. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Shaz has inspired the following summary to my mind:

    “Relaxed Kitteh is Relaxed.”

    Succinct, no? ;)

  109. Lewis n' Clark says:

    *Golf claps, followed by whispers of “Author, author!”

  110. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Merci, Messieurs :)

  111. cutelover says:

    the crossed legs!!
    the plastic toy!!
    the milky eyes and vacant stare!!

  112. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    What is wrong with that cat?

  113. Peeps….

    That kitteh is in a shower. Seriously. That kitteh in a bath is also taking a SHOWER!

    With a plastic platypus.

    Apocalypse is nigh!

  114. I kind of thought the rubber duck (or platypus) was vibrating a bit. And considering the strategic placement of it. Hmmm….

  115. I want to be this kitty. So relaxing. That would be purr-fect!

  116. Oh my…this kitteh (“Fukutan”) is extremely high IQ/cooperative. It enjoys baths, and does about three times the tricks of a half-heartedly trained dog.

  117. Wha….? A cat that enjoys being in water? What has that cat been smoking?

  118. I want whatever that kitteh is on! Are Ludes still around!?!? Thought I missed out!

  119. Lewis n' Clark says:

    whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? haaaaaaaaaaaa?

  120. James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party!

  121. Exactly! See above… :)

  122. sigh. I was worried about that.

  123. There could never be too much James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party.

    Good God! Hit meh! Well well well!

  124. One never knows, do one?

  125. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa: d’ya think that Monsieur Brown got his use of “well, well, well” from his ancestor in Cool Musique,
    that is to say, Monsieur F. Waller,
    of piano artistry?

    ‘Cuz I gots an LP (yup, kiddies, one ‘o’ them round BLACK vinyl thinggies) where Monsieur Waller uses THAT phrase….in order to avoid using a (Blue-er) term, which would have necessitated a visit by the “Po-po” …..

  126. Say hot tub! Gonna get you wet-a. Gonna make you sweat. Uhn. Say say hot tub. Rubba-dub in the hot tub… Oowww. Good God.

  127. What I like about cats is they’ve kept their wild instincts, this just don’t seem right.

  128. nothing strange here…check it

  129. Has nobody else noticed the B.E.F. (beady eye factor)? Kittehs normally don´t exhibit this symptom of cuteness, but this kitteh does….

  130. Kitty hypnotism?
    I completely got the alien vibe… those eyes… is that a *relaxed * cat? Still not convinced. It’s been hypnotized!

  131. You mean I could have a kitteh to lounge in the tub wif me?!?!?! Must have!

  132. Schwa alien disguised as cat does not quite succeed…

  133. SnowyLeop says:


  134. Cute-iculous Scottish Fold + quirkily adorable behavior = Japanese pet.
    You just know if they had panned back from the reclining bathing beauty, a spotless, uncluttered and aesthetically cool apartment would have been revealed.

  135. i wonder that cat was enjoying or just too weak? :p

  136. She really just lays there. Even if you try to distract her.

  137. :lol: That kitty must of been bathed like that since he/she was a kitten :lol:

  138. Emmberrann says:

    Kitteh is all “Must you re-ally disturb me at my bahth? It is the Only time when I can Truly Rela-ax! Please go! At once!” [said in Julia Child voice, with plummy overtones]

  139. this cat could run a workshop on relaxation and self-care, i’m very impressed

  140. SheepishKitty says:

    it’s like an old-man in a hot spring kitty

  141. Found another video. Looks like she REALLY likes it.


  142. Toy PLAT-A-MA-PUS! How cute….

  143. OMGZ!! AKA Thrushy says:

    Scotty fold attack!!! I also need a platypus… I’d let it float in my aquariums.

  144. LuvFurBabies says:

    Where are the candles and bbbbbuuubbbllleesss??? ☺

  145. Cats are SOOOOOOO wierd – hahahaha

  146. WOW

  147. SnowyLeop says:

    Do you suppose it’s very warm water? I would think she would get a chill quickly if the water were cool or lukewarm.

    I tried to start bathing my two cats when they were kittens but they were as terrified of water then as they are now. That’s why I use the wipes to clean their fur when necessary

  148. My cat is 10 months old and I have given him a bath since the 30 days of life, yet she does not like to swim and is very hard to hold her to bathe. I live in Brazil and here we have a really hot day, yet she does not want to take a shower …. This video is unbelievable …. wish my cat would like that … Too cute … :)

  149. go on http://www.girlsgogames.com/ its really good and not bad.

  150. my cat does this too!


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