Top Ten Cute Photos of 2010

At Cute Overload headquarters, we track the popularity of photos very closely. Y’all remember last year’s Top Ten. We have a refined stat-o-meter attached to every post, that measures everything from minor giggles to guffawing LOLs and reports back. Without further ado, here are the Top Ten Photos of 2010.

Drum roll please:

#10 Seal Bomb!

[Who needs another BOOOORING photo of penguins? Look over here!]

#9 Liquid Courage Makes Him Sleepy

Hey y’all, Cowboy Drumsticks McLongbody here, and I reckon y’all here to see me wrangle some o’ them wild horses and dangerous bulls! Well, I’ll be right ready to go just as soon as I top off this shot of Jim Bea – zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

#8 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!



#7 The Impossibirds

Ladies and gentlemen, this just might be the cutest darn thing on the entire Intertubes: Four impossibly cute, perfectly perched, flying floofballs!

No! Not the close-up! Not the close-up!

#6 Some Enchanted Morning

The thing that’s really annoying about animated movies is how they completely mislead the public. Who’s going to believe that animals like kitties & deer are the greatest pals? It’s totally unrealistic!


According to this report, “This picture was taken just before Hoverball Cat took off at supersonic speed. It sounded like a whistle and a scream and the ground caught fire.”

big orange hovercat

#4 Let’s Check in on: Boo!

Oh! He’s awake!


Wait, he IS awake!

Fooled me again.

#3 Let’s Check In on MeMe

MeMe the Kitteh sure is cute.

Let’s see how she’s doingks. [Cross-eyed head-tilt]

Oh, and this video will make happy tears in your eyeses:

#2 I Wonder If Magellan Had This Problem

Karl couldn’t resist a nap while straddling the warm equator between two hemispheres.

#1 Let’s Go For a Catwalk

Since 2008, two French hikers have chronicled their trek from Miami, FL to the tip of South America, a journey of 15,000km (about 9,320 miles) through 13 countries.

But what elevates this hike down a hemisphere straight into the Cuteosphere is the third member of the team: A stray kitten who joined them in Louisiana.

Thank you to ALL Sender inners. Especially the following folks who made the Top Ten this year. Photo Credits: #10: Mika W.#9: Amy L. #8: Elizabeth B. #7: T.L #6: Sue P. #5: #RSA #4: Boo! #3: Elizabeth V. and Sakurako Shimizu #2: Theresa V. and Miss Hannah. and #1: Keri F. and Turn of the World!



  1. Happy New Year!

  2. Ana Félix Pires says:

    Number 1 and 8 are my favourites. x3

    Happy new year everyone!

  3. Gigi (the original one) says:

    4:26 in the morning here, just back from celebrating with friends.
    Happy New Year everyone!
    And now to bed!

  4. Darling Creature says:

    Happy New Year and here’s to another year of Cute!!

    And more Maru:

  5. photo bomb seal still makes me giggle!

    Happy new Year!

  6. Hold up… are some of those duplicutes from 2009?!

  7. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    One of the Verreh Few Countdowns which is actually enjoyable!!!
    And I admit, like KittyAdventures, Seal Bomb has the same effect on me.
    Espesh with the hovertext attached to that one.


    “HIPPO GNU YEAR” everybody!!!

    (that’s from Sandra Boynton, lo these many decades ago ….)

  8. Ah, a cute conundrum, what to choose, what to choose?
    I think it’s got to be numero 3. I just wish I could sleep anywhere and on any thing, like cats do.

    As we are now in the New Year proper, I wish you all a New Year of happiness and great promise.

  9. Oh my god! Way too many cute pics… 🙂

    My fav must be numbers 4,7,8… I’m loving the dogs face for the cupcake… So cute… 🙂

    Happy New Year from Ireland.. 🙂

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR, Everyone. Here’s to a wonderful 2011. [Cheersing in your direction]

  11. I am apparently starting the New Year DED from the qte!

  12. Gigi (the original one) says:

    OK it was late but I was not drunk (only had 2 beers), photos have been changed since last night, Boo and Meme were not in the original countdown. Not that I’m complaining I love Meme and Boo, they are both very cute.

  13. Meg, Sparkster, NTMTOM, Prongs, Pyrit, Theo, Sharpy, Chief Sister Officer and Goose, THANK YOU for another exceptionally cute year! What a happy little community you’ve created for all of us.

    Pallina, Pixie and I wish you all a new year filled with heaps of joy (…and moist nosicles, pink toe beans, fluffly muzzlepowches, dangling paws, sproinging bunnies and lambs, bright sleepy sunbeams, leetle pink tongues, and happily wagging tailios…)


  14. What Nikki said!

    Happy Cute Year, everyone!!!!

  15. Thanks for the edit! Didn’t want to complain about the duplicate cuteness from 2009, but hurray for Boo, impossibirds and assless chaps on corgiliciousness.

    And thanks to all CO peeps. Happy 1/1/11!

  16. Thanks for the maruvellous link. I’ve never seen him imperious before, er, until he starts nomming on the regal decorations.

  17. Thanks for all the cute!
    #7 is probably my favorite. My heart explodes with love!

  18. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Perfect choices! Loved the corgi just a little too much, Boo is beyond cute, there has to be a better word for what he is, and kitties, so many kitties. Meg and crew, the happiest of new years to you and all of us who need a little cute to make our days. XXX

  19. Dang. You sure know cute. Happy new year, and thanks for another great year of wit and adorableness.

  20. Does anyone have any recent news about kitty (from post 1)? There haven’t been any updates on the website since august.

  21. Gigi – Nor was I drunk when I made my choice, it was 9:30 in the morning and I had a very sober non-celebratory night before. Things have been changed (shifty eyes) I will have to choose again, now let me see….

  22. Queen of Dork says:

    I want MeMe. And also, Happy New Year to all!

  23. #2: The question is not if they have the problem, the question is if Magellan would CONSIDER it a problem.

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    *pulls Theresa up from the floor and puts her in bed. feeds her black-eyed peas and chips. tucks in two kittens and one puppy and a baby otter. We all sing a lullabye.*

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    I think that about covers it! Happy New Year to All!

  26. Martha in Washington says:

    All the pictures are fantastic but it’s the BOIDS! Definitely the BOIDS who win!

  27. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    yeh, the BOIDS are def phenomenally wunderbar(s).

  28. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “lullabyyyyyyyyye….and goooooood niiiiiiiiiiiiiight…..”

  29. I oh so desperately want Meme. What a sweetiecat!

  30. Great picks. My fave photo made it. All I ask now can we get updates on some of our favorite cute overload stars (Maru, Meme, Boo and of course the beautiful whippet). I love Cute Overload (the best part of my day).
    Happy New Year all, may your year be totally cute.:D

  31. impossibirds!
    and maybe the deer and the cat.

  32. #8 kills me. That’s the look we call “The Crazy Eyes” at my house – when my dog either is drooling over food we’re eating or playing tug of war.

  33. But DID you count the number of times Jamin (ok, and the monkey) was mentioned in posts that had nothing to do with him? Surely he should be up there somewhere, special mention category? (That considering the original post was from 2009!)

  34. Sheesh. She (Meg) is really trying to *kill* us. Hear hear Meg, any more of these collections of the cutest and your followers will all be 6 feet under (and died happy). 😀

  35. QoD, I feel like AMAZING care has been taken of me. Espech that wet little fish-smelling otter wiggling all over the bedclothes. 😯

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    I think *somebody* has a crush!! 😉

  37. Just keeping in the spirit of things 😉

  38. I remember when Theo made hoverball cat move like it was doing the hovercraft vibratey-noise thing. Too dang funny.

  39. cute!!!!!!!

  40. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Happy New year to all from a newbie who loved (and learned!) a lot from the peeps and overlords of CO. Oh, and a speshell shout-out to Her Royal Sharpness, who kept the peace in so many amusing ways. And finally, having spent some time in the Lounge of Mod-er-rashun, which for some reason is completely dark, but equipped with a terrific bar…I am thinking mebbe, just mebbe, we’re all being kept in Sharpy’s basement while we wait to get out? I mean, I fell over a disco ball and brushed up against a (boa?), so…I’m just sayin’..

  41. And am I the only one who can’t get that website in English? My French is very rusty.

  42. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    To Rhea:

    ABOVE the relevant pics from the journey)
    which says “two French hikers have **chronicled**…” when you click on the blue text there, the screen which responds to that click, provides options on which you can choose, by clicking again,
    from English (or French or Japanese or some 4th option) and it should then load up en Anglais (hopefully). Just tried it here from Fla and that’s how it loaded for me from that spot ….Best of luck!!

  43. my fovorite is 4 and 3

  44. majuzinha says:

    #1 Let’s Go For a Catwalk is so cute!

  45. baby birdie says:

    #9 is so cute! Awww!
    #5 is probably ‘shopped.
    I don’t think Boo is that cute. Wait, naked on Wednesdays?!?!?!

  46. Omg i love duh puppy!!!!!!!!!!!! so cute and al the others!


  48. CuttieKittenFan says:

    Traveller’s cat is like .. PIKACHU! except it eats pikachu for lunch.

  49. my favourites are number 1 and 11 😀

  50. really thought the baby giraffe should have made the top 10. IMHO

  51. the kitty is scary but the birds are sooo cute

  52. Great photos. Favourite is #10 – the expression on his face is priceless.

  53. The bird … one year ago i saw it the first time and it was love …

  54. I think #8 waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa was so awsume.

  55. hehehehehehehehehehehe luv the hoverball cat

  56. hi charlie monkey they are the cutest pics i have ever seen a cat that small to fit in a tissue box if i wasn’t allergic to cats i would have millions top ten of 2010 are great i wonder what 2011 are going to be hhhuuuuuu…

  57. Meme LUVER says:

    Meme is the cutest thing ever, hands down!

  58. 😀

  59. #8, #9, and #4 just made my night!!! Oh my God, I LOVE IT! You guys find the cutest photos. If I didn’t love my yorkie so, I’d want to steal ALL of three right now!

    Diary of a Spoiled Rotten Yorkie on Man Wife and Dog Blog

  60. Number 4 is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!!!! Absolutely lovely.
    Greetings from Argentina.

  61. Tell me the truth – are the little white birds REAL? If so, where are they from??

  62. Yeah, ARE the little white birds real?! They are my favorite!

  63. the tearses are in my eyeses! all the cuteness iz gonna makes my head explodes!

  64. I need to know also! I did find a Wallpaper version of the pic though:

    Someone on that site says they’re little owls, but I doubt that. They don’t look even to close to being an owl! The mystery remains!

  65. jack o brien says:

    oooh godd these are the cutest little things.. im in love ahhhhhh gorgeous!!

    hope this is a great year for yall, lots of love to everyone!!

  66. Those pics of the cat with the deer are amazing!

  67. Thanks, Millie, for the link! Those little birds (now my desktop background) make me smile no matter what mood I’m in!

  68. I love the boids

  69. The seal with the penguins is hilarious. Reminds me of a live newscast where some goofball slides himself (let’s face it, it usually is a guy) into the picture and yells “hi mom.”

  70. laydeeJamess says:

    Can someone please tell me what breed number 3 is? I absolutely love that little guy! 🙂

  71. OMG SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute, not as cute as my kitten though, she is way cute!!!!!!XOXO

  72. Bwah. I made fun of my manly man friend for posting this on Facebook and then … hoverball cat happened. Heart.

  73. #8 is a rat terrier and, yes, they are the CUTEST dogs ever.

  74. I thank that is realy cute…

  75. I love bunnie…cute…hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….

  76. ti fofo eu amei esses bichinhos

  77. note to self: “bichinhos” is portuguese for “pets.” don’t be so immature.