Top Cute Videos of 2010

Lights, camera, adorable! Let’s look back at some of the most commented-upon cute videos of 2010. If we missed one of your favorites, let us know in the comments.

The Human Cat Perch

Maru Potter and the Box of Mystery

Finger-sized bunny bebehs

Little Orphan Angelo

Butterball attempts to go down stairs (Actually late December 2009, but what the hey)

Wait for it

I am the Kibble Dancer

No words.

Shake that Shell!

This is Why You Always Use Dryer Sheets

Voice-activated Corgi

Gravity 101



  1. Voice-activated Corgi….WIN.

  2. the bug man says:

    I’m personally a big fan of the static-beleaguered cat.

    But nothing will ever beat Toby y Sheila.

  3. You missed MY favorite, the video of two bunnies in cups!!

  4. Kittens on a slide (who needs a treadmill)

  5. Noisy Kittenns does it for me. The trouble is things don’t really improve when they grow up.

  6. Well, not that I’m biased or anything, ahem, but my personal fave is my little Pallina in “Bunny Makes the Bed”… 😉

    And I loved the “where’s bea?” video of the lamb sproinging around the house…

  7. I think the tipping Maru was funnier. No Weenston?!
    We’ve had cats’n’racks: how ’bout top ten Rescute Guys!
    And an honorable slow lorus?!?

  8. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    Unfortunately, “Where’s Bea?” is no longer online, at least not in a form that I could embed in this post. Sowwy. 😦

  9. Thanks for giving it the old college try Mike!

  10. The Sparky Kibble Dancing! Who can listen to that tintinntapulation and not smile?

  11. Concerned says:

    No Piwi the Kiwi? Seriously?

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    I loved them all! But how did I miss Angelo the first time around? He is SOOO ADORABUHLS!! And the whimpering of Butterball upset my cat. She didn’t seem to care about the crying kittens though. Weird cat!

  13. Wheres Corgi-flop? Hands down cutest video ever.

  14. < corgi-flop imo. the little jump fails ❤

  15. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    For me, it’s all about the horrendously starved kittayns and Angelo the Goat & his Wonder Teef and “Where’s Bea?”.

    Evidently the profound mystery over Bea’s location has developed
    a new layer !!! Perhaps Bea is with Amelia Earhart????

  16. No Kiwi on a treadmill?!?!?

  17. If it were here I would vote for the baby goat sproinging on the rocks; failing that it has to be the staticky cat. It’s sooo hard to maintain the cool factor for that cat but it manages anyway.

  18. Sparky wins. Hands down.

  19. Corgi-flop ftw!

  20. Backwards on a Pig, Baby Monkeh.

  21. xxSevenSxx says:

    Awww, how did footloose goose not make the list?

  22. These are all wonderful, but my favorite is the turtle dancing to “Satisfaction.” I’ve watched it a billion times and it still makes me smile ear to ear.

  23. Deborah Johansen says:

    I would love to see Bunny Makes The Bed !! This was My all Time Favorite : )

  24. Love this one.

  25. me too, i love them crawling up the pants leg.

  26. These were all so adorable! Thanks for starting the New Year off with a Smile!
    I love the hungry kittehs!
    PS: I have your cute overload desk calendar, and look forward to seeing each cutie every day! Happy New Year!


  28. Andi from NC says:

    absolutely – diving corgi is THEEEEE best!

  29. Andi from NC says:

    I had forgotten about this one but it is definitely up there with belly flop corgi

  30. I tried to watch the noisey kitten one, but half way through the dogs started barking from downstairs at it! I had to stop to spare my dad’s sainty.

  31. This is truly my all-time favorite…100%. The VAC is 99.99% on my favorite scale.

  32. I loved them all but Angelo with his little leap at the end and his Sweateuws Just takes the cake for me!

    HE is so adorable.

  33. I put little other voices in this one:
    “Hey, whatcha doin’?”
    “Just sproingin’.”
    “Oh, okay! I understand!”

  34. 3 corgis…i am not disappoint!

  35. “Noisy Kittens” is the best! Best dog is Carrie the Merengue dancer!

  36. Thank you Cuteoverload for another wonderful year of cute! Your website always brings a smile to my face! You truly are making a difference in people’s lives with your creativity, humor, and love for everything cute! I’m a fan for life!!


  37. Backward sproinging = awesomeness to the 11ses!

  38. how could you forget bunnies in cups?!?!

  39. Where is CARNITAS the mini pig????

  40. Hm… cat on head… yawn.

    But slooooow peeking cat- awesome! Where is he?

  41. Oh man, corgis!!!

    And Angelo!

    My heart feels all happy now.

  42. Oh I LOVE that corgi-flop/jump off the dock video! I’m surprised it’s not listed.
    But I love this one just as much!

  43. Come on, how does this one
    Corgi Flop

    Or this one
    Frenchie Pup Can’t roll Over

    Not make it on to the list??
    That’s not to say what has been posted isn’t good though. They’re all fantastic 😀

  44. *gasp* corgi flop is not on the list!

  45. Mary (the tall) says:

    I second (or third or fourth) Corgi Flop! He was so brave…

    And Carnitas. It’s the eentsy *oink* that gets me.

  46. Thanks for the corgi flop postage! SPROING! Flop! Ehn!
    All he needs is a Superman cape.
    And the bonus supra-aqueous paddling just slays me: just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . .

  47. this is the best thing i have ever seen in my life. i’ve watched it about 15 times now, posted in on fb and sent it to my parents and siblings as a happy new year message. more more more!!! send me more dancing tortoise. also i grew up to darkrave in the 90s and this totally reminds me of going out to party

  48. i LOVE static cat!!!! and dancing tortoise, bestest!!!!

  49. Marjolein says:

    Oh, this is my absolute favorite video of 2010! Boink boink boink..

  50. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    yay Bea!! yay Brinke!!

  51. MrsJetson says:

    I want to be friends with the young woman in the first video – between her nonchalance at her cat’s insanity plus her obvious love of “Family Guy,” I think she’s my long-lost sister or something.

    Also? My Sam Cat got really concerned about all the mewing in these videos.

  52. Andi from NC says:

    Thanks for finding both of these – I love the “slo-mo flop” complete with slo-audio daddy laughter in the background.

    And then the little Frenchie – I don’t know how the videographer could keep from giving him a little nudge – poor fella!!!

  53. victoreia says:

    I love the ladybug with the tiny candies (whatever they were), and the Jingle Goats!

  54. victoreia says:

    Oh, and the OK Go – White Knuckles guys!

  55. LOVE all the Corgis, but I have to agree that the “Corgi Flop” was the highlight of my 2010.

  56. Where’s surprise kitty? goochy goochy goochy wha!

  57. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ooooo you’re right how
    can Jingle Goats NOT “bea” [see what I did there? 🙂 ] on the list????

  58. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Meg is the Queen of the Universe.
    This webpage is her Universe and the rest of us are grateful to get an occasional glimpse of her wonderfulness.

  59. Hungry kittens are sooo hungry! :p

  60. Omg what a sweetheart… Awwn.

    Anything that’s cute, executed by a corgi? Seems to reach a whooooole other level.

  61. Most commented most likely = most commentroversied / nuffed, rather than those that are just strictly cute. Which is probably why some of our favorites didn’t make the cut.

    Still, i love me some bunnies.

  62. If it helps, there is a second video in which the little Frenchie does figure out how to roll over! Lots of people were nuffing when that video first arrived, but the story has a happy ending.

    He just needed some practice. 😀

  63. Yay! 🙂

  64. It seems to prove what I’ve suspected: Corgies are the cutest dogs.

  65. Agree! Let’s do a Corgi-flop write in!!

  66. WHAT!!!! Where is corgi flop?!?!??!?!?!?!?

  67. He sounds like Stewie.

  68. Samantha M. says:

    I love the big smiley pig in the Angelo video the best, but he didn’t get his own video. Talk about beepable noses though. I love beeping pig noses.

  69. Love these, but I’d have voted for Marny, the Peeeeek-a-boo blue parrot for the Top Ten. ^_^

  70. Oh def. Marnie should’ve been on here. I watch those vids at least once a week and they always make me happy 😀

  71. MISHKA’S NOT STUPID?!!!!!!!!

    love angelo!!!

  72. I agree, voice activated Corgi. although I have seen and laughed at many times the Sparky Kibble dancer. that was my 1st time the voice activated corgi

  73. baby birdie says:

    What, the voice that “activates” the little corgi? That definitely sounds like Stewie.

  74. baby birdie says:

    My favorite videos are the hungry kittens and the voice-activated corgi.

    This isn’t from 2010, but the hungry kitties really reminded me of this:

  75. I want my Corgi Flop.

    Also the Pleix Piu video and the U900 videos. Those were pretty cool too.

  76. TOTALLY agree!

  77. baby birdie says:

    LOL!!! ::lol::