The Big Reveal

Closing her yes tightly, Susan hoped they hadn’t used Avocado in the den makeover. She hated avocado.

Sense of touch by Happy Holiday Flickr Friends!♥ Spice ♥.



  1. kibblenibble says:

    “What is it? Is it a bunny? I think it’s a bunny!”–
    (Me as I looked at this adorabuhl…bunny?)

  2. *is ded*

  3. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    And look… it’s already disapproving!

  4. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Teeny weeny little baby bunny…head splod!

  5. earlybird1 says:

    Velvet fur… pink leeps… teensy claws… WANT!

  6. Is Harvest Gold OK, Susan?

  7. p.s. must…soft-kronsche…leetle…fingaires….

  8. Surely it’s the Guess How Much I Love You bunny – the early years?

  9. They know not to do avocado– it clashes with my Persimmon KitchenAid® Stand Mixer!

  10. Ooh, you’ve just given me an idea for my New Year’s menu: Avocado and Persimmon Salad. Yum.

  11. biscuithead says:


  12. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    oooooooooo want to pop head in mouf and nibble on bunny ears!

  13. want.

  14. Bebeh. Fluffeh. Bunneh. [ded]

  15. I didn’t know what’s an avocado (greetings from the Old World!) and googled it, apparently in my native language it’s known as 鳄梨 or “crocodile’s pear”, ewww

  16. I love bunny muzzles so, so much.

  17. i want to kiss its cutesy little baby fuzz fuzz face!

  18. Have you not eaten 鳄梨, ybfelix? Lovely green color; smooth, unctuous flavor. Goes good with all sorts of things. “Alligator pear” is an alternate term in English, by the way.

  19. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Avocado is soooo five minutes ago.

  20. It’s “eyes” not “yes”

  21. waaaaaaaaaaant! Behbeh bunneh tooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuute!!!! *squeeeeeee* 😀

  22. You’re in China, yes? You can find 鳄梨 in Hong Kong and Japanese food .Usually with crab meat, bean sprouts, wrapped in rice paper or over sushi rice. Yummy!
    And very pretty, unless you do your whole kitchen in that color.

  23. So tiny and sooooo disaprovinks.

  24. You can’t make guacamole without it!

  25. Sounds like a durian without the smell… 😀 would try next time at Cantonese restaurant

  26. Gigi (the original one) says:

    You want eww? In French an avocado is “un avocat” the exact same word and spelling is used for the French word for lawyer LOL!

  27. Calamity Jane says:

    My lips, his nose. Repeat!

  28. Calamity Jane says:

    Sorry, Susan, HER nose. I will make it up to you with kisses.

  29. Yes! The odor of avocado is very mild. It doesn’t smell like . . . anything. But the flavor is . . . . well, the flavor is Central America. Taste it, and imagine the New World! (Except for the Northern part, where all the English speakers are, and avocados aren’t.)

  30. “abogado” en Espaol o Portugues.

    They really need to rename this fruit so people like ybfelix will know what to ask for from their local grocer.

  31. ñ ñ ñ

    Muy peccado, latinoamericanos.

  32. Daphne Moss says:

    Velvety eye caplets….want to gently stroke tiny spot between bahbeh ears.
    This is heart-meltingly adorable.

    Avocado…favorite weekend breakfast is sourdough toast with cheese grilled on top (guyere is yummy; provolone tastest like bacon when grilled) Add a fresh slice of avocado or two, sprinkled lightly with salt and fresh-ground pepper…a quick squeeze of lime juice and oh mmmm….

  33. Everything in the world just got cuter. Thanks.

  34. @Daphne: Sounds delish!

    I am a cat person, but just visited my sister who has 1 of every kind of pet. Wanted to give them — rabbits and all — bits of my food. But always asked her first. Dogs like meat; birds like fruit. Bunnies like veg.

  35. Teensie weensie clawsies!

  36. It was that avocado color that did it.

  37. Careful, now… that behbeh bunneh will stay that way for about five hours (slight exaggeration) then, boom!, you’ve got yourself a teenage bunneh! With attitude and everything! Including of course, the disapproval.

  38. janet2buns says:

    Behbeh bunneh fears that the first thing she sees will be stoopid hoomins. She refuses to open her eyes until we leave. The tilt of her head demonstrates how determined she is to avoid seeing us.

  39. OMG thats so adorible just wants to eat it up nom nom nom

  40. But she’s only 10 days old in this picture. How could something so small and young be so disapproving?

  41. In Puerto Rico they are called “aguacates”. Old country folk predict how bad the hurricane season will be by the avocado crop – apparently, if the avocado trees give lots of fruit, there will be many storms.

    My dad likes to smear ripe avocados on his bread, like butter (but much better for his cholesterol).

    But what’s really important thing is…


  42. Bun-bun!

  43. HAAAAAYLE no. 😛

  44. (I read that as Permission Salad… my sleep schedule is completely whacked right now)

  45. because we ATE IT.

  46. Cool cinnamon bun, complete w/pink icing leeps!
    **tucks bun in pocket of avocado green jacket, runs away quickly to harvest gold kitchen to fix a feast worthy of such a sweet bun** 😉

  47. Oh crap. Too cute. *dies*

  48. What is it, i hear you say? It’s a UCO – an Unidentified Cute Object!

  49. Candy size Bun, I’ll have 2oz.
    There was a fashion for avacado bathroom suites in the UK during the 70’s,if your unlucky, you will still find them, when moving house.

  50. AVOCADO IS POISONOUS to Bunnies, please spread the word.

  51. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Intriguing Vocabulary Word of the Day??? “Unctuous” !!!

  52. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    LOVE THIS comment.

  53. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  54. Sweet baby bunny!!!!

    I SO remember that TLC makeover show episode where the wife told the her friend NOT to paint her living room some sort of brown color. Sure enough, the designer painted it the color the wife hated. When the couple saw the room at the reveal, the wife “attacked” her friend yelling at her and knocking down to the floor. Talk about somebody not being happy over a paint color..geewhiz!

    You go bunny with your disapproving self 😉

  55. GingerBean says:

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one who noticed! It took me a minute to figure out what it was supposed to say…pre-coffee and all. I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it yet.

  56. I read that as “My dad likes to smear ripe avocados on his head…”

    The overpowering squee of the bebbeh bunbun really threw me off but I would like to apologize to your dad.

  57. Ahem…You’re unlucky.

  58. Bunnehs are born to disapprove, in fact, it’s been located in the bungenome. Susan is simply fulfilling her bunnular destiny.

  59. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    A rabbit seed! And holy cwap, it’s Theo! How’s army life?

  60. is umm… dedER?
    This pic is just gorgeous.

  61. LOL Skippy’s Mom we are not going back to those 70’s COlor… although you kno9w Burnt Orange is just soooooo…. orangy!

  62. LOL I like how you ignore the more fun combination of Aligator Pear! Snerk!

  63. Here’s one of the all-time-greatest sources of color insanity:

  64. NO No they grow Quite nicely in California even as far north as Sacramento.

    Yummm avacado’s

    they are so buttery soft

  65. Permission Salad is served before Libertine Risotto.

  66. HEhehehehe

  67. Me too… Becuase the world really needs more cute!

  68. OMG This totally made me grin… IT shall be my newest Acronym

  69. 🙂 punctuation is so very very important!

  70. and Apostrephe position.

  71. Yum!
    I gave my dad a for Xmas,mocajete so he can mash his own for fresh guac!

  72. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….and the spelling of “apostrophe”

    (don’t worry though I frequently type faster
    [and then hit the “send” button] more quickly
    than my own brain operates ….:) )

  73. Luuurve Fiesta ware! My mother used to have a bunch of it; of course I don’t know what happened to it.

  74. Yes! My menu is almost complete. Now, what to serve for dessert?

  75. Kitty, are you high AGAIN?!

  76. I think it’s built-in….

  77. Not all avocados and not all parts of the avocado, but bunnies do have selective diets, according to this page. It doesn’t mention avocados specifically but a few searches should find the right information. Be sure to hop right back here when you’re done!

  78. @ Rachael: you must have been using my eyes, because that’s how I read it, too! 😆

  79. rabbits do you know what kind of rabbit it is? I have never seen this this small before….

  80. NO No that would be me not knowing how to spell apostrophe and also not checking if I spelled it correctly.

    and Skippymom Sadly, no I am not high on catnip right now as I am at work… Bwahahahahaha!!!

  81. Permission (persimmon) Cookies of course

  82. Ebay, baby!

  83. Little raspberry mouf…

  84. Am I the only one who reached out to the screen to beep that little nose?

  85. A BABY rabbit! The eyes open at 10-12 days, so younger than that.
    When I raised a litter, one sibling’s eyes opened first, so she was hopping around confidently (since she was the only one who could see) and the other two girls were bumping around, like, “Wha?”
    Of course, I didn’t know until much later all three babies were girls, the itty bitty bunny parts being too small to identify.

  86. The newest color is Paprika. I’m a major Fiestaware dork. Even go to the yearly conferences.

    Baybay bunbun! Eep!

  87. *snicker* I totally missed that the first five times! (And there’s no witty hover-text! [pout])

  88. Genetic predisposition at work.

  89. Meriweather says:

    It makes a delicious smoothy! A tablespoon or two of condensed milk, some ice, half an avacado, and you’ve got rich, creamy wonder.

  90. O NO He/ She/ It Di-unt!!! says:

    nice [pouting] ackshon there, V 🙂

  91. O NO He/ She/ It Di-unt!!! says:


  92. Can I have seconds on the risotto?? 😉

  93. I wanted to say: Noooo! Don’t ever close your yes!!

  94. No, in portuguese it´s “advogado”.

  95. You gave your dad a machete for Xmas so he can mash his own avocados? Those must be some big avocados.

  96. Tilt Bunneh head wif
    not approve omg!
    ur blonde winter lager of loff

    -lame haiku (&wrong syllable structures)-theese eez a blonde bunneh bombshell. I NEEDED sumpin’ aftoi the week i’ve had.

  97. They are so soft and sweet at that time. I had a mommy give birth to seven like that. They do grow up fast. I miss when they were little like . They were so much fun to watch when their eyes opened and they start exploring their room.

  98. swallowing books says:

    Try wrapping your tongues around ‘zaboca’, major points if you figure out what part of the world that word is used.

  99. d’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! *splode into pink glitter, foof, and rainbows* that is dangerously precious.

  100. Well… as long as we’re on the subject — just to let it be known — the avocado pit is toxic to birds. So to be safe, you should never feed a bird avocado.

    There. It’s said. Now back to our keeeuuuuut bunbun.

  101. Trumpetgirl says:

    Avocado & bacon (turkey or other), smokienomnom.

  102. Trumpetgirl says:

    My 1st squeeeee!!! Oout looooud.;)

  103. That bun is only a few days old and already he’s totally got that Disapproving Bunny look going on pretty hard. Trouble is, that tiny, it’s ANERABLE!