Floor Patrol

So far, only a cracker, pizza crust, a fuzzy, green, dead caterpillar, and they’re dropping lots of fruitcake. Weird!

Sender-Inner Caitlin says pup Oscar can patiently sleep wait anywhere.



  1. The footies are KILLING me.

  2. Aawwwww, chair-rung-sleeping! My little doxies used to do that when they were pups. Never looked comfy, but there must be something to it!!!!

  3. Oh noes, I’m thinking it wasn’t a caterpillar! 😀

  4. sleppy tag!

  5. Looks like a Corgi!

  6. Yep, I’m thinking Corgi too!

  7. also, I’d totally sneak a bit of prime rib for you, Oscar, yes indeedy. and cheese!

    (disclaimer: sigh, I know about the no people food EVAR! crowd, and I don’t give my own pup much in the way of cooked food. only if she gets to it first after I’ve dropped it. and that girl is FAST. [she is a greyhound, afterall])

    he really gets me with those little pawsies folded in like that…

  8. My first guess would be that there may be cats in the house that taught him to fold in his paws like that since I’ve never seen a dog do that before, but I’m not sure. It may be just what he did to get his head high enough to rest on the chair. Either way, it’s adorable!

  9. I thought Corgis had sticky-up ears?

    And I’m trying to think what the fuzzy, green, dead caterpillar might really have been. Hmm…

  10. Oh HAIL YES!!!

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    There would definitely be some food-sneaking in my house if this lil’ pup was mine!
    *continues to shake boxes under tree, listening for puppy sounds. Nothing yet.*

  12. Martha in Washington says:

    Anyone want a drink while I’m in the Mod Lounge?

  13. LaureninGeorgia says:

    My dog loves salad. He gets a cup or so a day of spring mix.

    And – I vote Corgi, too.

  14. sure! Limbo is fun, I was stuck there yesterday (without benefit of booze, I might add). pass one ’round!

  15. I thought mine was the only one! mine sometimes just grazes outside for awhile. I call it her visit to the salad bar…

  16. Cocktails! Would Don Draper please bring me a whisky sour?

  17. OK , I replied to Martha’s comment about being in the mod lounge and now I am in there too. Groovy!

    …and while I am there, I will continuously beep that doggeh’s nosicle.

  18. Sometimes, but not reliably!

  19. Hey, I’ll join you for a hot buttered rum. I know what a lonely place moderation can be, but I’m learning not to let it ruin my day. Cheers!

  20. What color was the caterpillar? Don’t eat them until they’re just the right shade of orange/green/brown/yellowish/puce. :mrgreen:

  21. Puppers looks like he should be in that old commercial for the music, where the guy is sitting in the chair being blasted by sound waves. Can’t remember which one it was, but I’m sure you know what i mean. 😉

  22. This way for the corridor between the Limbo Lounge and the Snickering Lounge!

  23. Oh, what a sweet little puppeh, so perfect and round (and relaxed)!

  24. Hot buttered rum with gingerbread!

  25. Yes! I’ll bring the gingerbread, I make a mean one.

  26. I had a dog who loved soybeans. Whenever we took her on walks past soybean fields she would snap off pods and eat them any chance she got.

  27. all my pupdogs are convinced that carrots are the best treats in the world.

  28. Also, a pizza with extra caterpillars!

  29. dang, I wanted to say it was RCA, but a quick google search didn’t turn up anything but Nipper. now its going to bug me! I’ll come back and reply if I come up with it.

  30. ..and grammar just died. “turned up nothing but Nipper.” Sorry! Ugh! I embarrass myself!

  31. I am picturing your dog reaching out with a paw to snap off soybean pods, using her paws to open the pods and then popping the beans into her mough.

  32. Mouth, that is.
    ‘Nother hot buttered rum over here!

  33. Our dogs too! You should see them scramble, they’ll leave other treats behind whenever we get the cutting board out. CARROTS!!!
    Had a puppers when i was a kid who loved Apples, same thing, he’d choose an apple over a dog treat any day.

  34. It was for Maxell:

  35. memorex!


    Also, cute puppy. I find it really hard not to share my people food with them… and they all know it the moment they see me.

    But what, pray tell, is the green, fuzzy, dead caterpillar? We don’t eat caterpillars in my house, even at Christmas. o_O

  36. D’oh! Yes, memorex. If I’d actually read the page I linked to, I’d have known that, too. But I googled memorex, and up came that picture. Sigh…

  37. Different version here (in fact, I think this was the original): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rfkC-s9roI&feature=related

  38. DOUBLE sigh. Maxell. I meant to say Maxell (the second time).

    I’m just going to excuse myself and go back to my chores now.

  39. Rockin, Mal! Thanks!

  40. At first I was thinking Australian Shepherd but those legs are quite stubular. Cute!

  41. and then brushing them with chili paste and sriracha like the ones i had last night! NOM!

    actually i have to admit something. i didn’t realize that the corn that grows in vast rows all across the country is not actually corn corn. it’s feed corn. i always assumed i could live off of “wild corn” if things got tough, but i guess you have to find sweet corn. i suppose the same is true for soybeans, too!

  42. doesn’t it make you feel so proud? like, my dogs are the healthy dogs! they turn their noses up at meat and bones!

    plus dogs chewing carrots is like watch the cookie monster eat cookies. ha ha, you don’t have cheeks! i can watch you chew!


    or maybe that’s just me.

  43. It could be. The face and the pose remind me of my Aussie. She often curls at least one forepaw against her chest, and the face is very similar to hers … uh, at this moment, actually, because she’s resting her chin on my knee.

  44. Keep your head low, Flow Patrol Pupper. Beware the brick-like qualities of those fruitcakes!!

  45. baileysgrandmom says:

    Well, back to dogs eating strange stuff. We had a chi chi who would absolutely KILL for raw cabbage–especially liked the middle piece (vocabulary has already gone to bed without me–sorry) that she would chew like a bone. When the cabbage was gone, she would stick her whole head in a nearly empty yogurt cup and lick it absolutely spanking brand new clean. Of course, she came out with a little yogurt on her whiskers and nose, but that just made her cuter!

  46. and a perfectly washed dish! raw cabbage, now that’s a trick. 😛

    now that i think of it, aren’t apples bad for goggies? one of ours had a horrible night at the emergency room after ingesting seeds from fallen apples. 

  47. napkinring says:

    Nova Scotia Duck Toller?
    (small type of retriever)

  48. whatlizate says:

    nova scotia duck tolling retriever is my guess what breed the puppeh is.

  49. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog with its paws curled in like that, like a cat’s!!

    OHMYDOG, just had the best idea evah: What if a new species emerged that was a mix of cat and dog?? We could call it a cog… oh no, better, a dat! Now THAT would be cute overload!!

    And may I just add that my German Shepard loves our veggie garden and looks pleadingly at us until we cave in and give her a string bean or two. And yes, in case you’re wondering: we pay for it later.

  50. LOL, I love to confuse people with that, I’ll be telling someone something like, “Kassie was SO CUTE sitting patiently while I was cooking dinner the other night, so I’m chopping away at the cutting board and tossing her bits and she was in heaven.” Usually about this time the listener is kinda drifting, yeah i talk about my pets a lot… anyway, I’ll suddenly say, “Yeah you should have seen her snap those carrots out of mid-air” and the listener will be like, “uh huh uh huh, uh-wai, wha?” (snicker), that’s what you get for assuming (snicker).

  51. YEAH! that’s it! I knew I could rely on my peeps for those memory fillers. 🙂 thanks! 😀

  52. hmm, our doggie never had any trubs, course we did spoil him rotton and cut the apple up, we never gave it to him whole, so he prolly never got any seeds, maybe it depends on the type of apple, like crab apples?

  53. smallthunder says:

    Wolfie, you beat me to it — I was sure I’d be the first to mention dogs and stringbeans!

    My late beloved dachshund would eat anything, even those things not technically edible (like pistachio shells). Not surprisingly, she was a bit rotund. I used to snap stringbeans into small pieces and throw a bit to that corner of the room … and she would run after it, naturally, to devour it … and then I would throw another piece, but to the other side of the room … and she would run after it, etc. etc. Great way to get her to exercise, and for such a healthy little treat, no?

  54. Martha in Washington says:

    Yep. our old dog Jewel would give up meaty treats for carrots…and popcorn.

  55. My five year old, 75 pound, adopted (she was born and practically raised in a shelter), and scared to death of cats Rottweiler folds her paws like that often.

  56. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your description of said canine quadruped eating inedible items such as pistachio SHELLS, then proceeding calmly and understatedly (?) to the phrase “a bit rotund” ……nice contrast effect there.

    (*snerk*ed and EVERYthing 🙂 )

  57. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    a “dat”!!! Most excellent concept.


  58. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    you gonna bait us like that, WITHOUT providing a swatch??????


  59. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    nice disclaimer!!

  60. Be happy your not in the non-departure lounge at Heathrow 😦

  61. OMG! I had no idea doggies do the tucked-under-pawsies-thing too!!! I thought only kittehs do that! Soooo cute! 😀

  62. The late great, Gladys cat, pulled some pahsketti out of the kitchen bin and etted it.

  63. I had a Marmie who was absolutely nuts for peas, green beans, and tomatos… Especially the juice from the peas and greenbeans… I would even think about opening a can of any of those, and she’d be in the kitchen already waiting! I had another Kitty named Momma who was crazy for Pringles and popcorn… My ex would open a can of Pringles and have them laying on the bed next to his desk… Momma would get up next to the can and stare at him… (She had him trained, don’t ya know..) He would bring a chip out and break it up for her… If he ignored her, she would sttrreeettcchh her paw into the can to snag on, then meow at him until he broke it up for her… LOL Was great fun to watch from the sidelines…

  64. thanks! 😀

  65. i had a similar idea the other day! i think you’re on to something. it’d be fun to pick the qualities we’d prefer.

    our german sheperd likes carrots, but looks at us like, “are you commanding me to eat this? if not, i’ll pass.” she’s usually busy with her job as vegetable garden sentry to eat any of it.

    and they’re famous for their intestinal protestations, aren’t they? she much prefers home cooked rice and beef to anything, no matter how shiny or expensive the brand of dog food. 😉


  66. if only kassie knew what she was missing up there! 😉

  67. we were really surprised to find that she was being poisoned by the trace amounts of arsenic in apple seeds. we have two crab apple trees next to our apple tree, but she isn’t interested in those. i think the fallen apples got mushy and more enticing that way. maybe store bought apples are less toxic?

  68. you just reminded me that two of my rat terriers used to go bonkers for ice cubes. watching them chase melting cubes around the kitchen floor was so great (especially on hot days.)

  69. paws up to popcorn, too! Art Rat The Dog (his real name) learned long ago that my husband is prone to dropping popcorn under his chair. ooh, and they love chips from chipotle, but i would never, ever give them anything so unhealthy. 😉 even if they stunned me with their most moistest, beggingest eyes! nope, no way.

  70. My Jack Russell eats blueberries right off the bushes! Nom, nom, nom.

  71. Aww c’mon peeps, ‘fess up. No one has ever found fuzzy green things on their kitchen floor? Way off in a corner? Under the fridge?
    Just be glad if you find it before your pup does.

  72. I wish I could sleep like that! any where, so peaceful, just fall asleep. Cute DOG!

  73. I’ll admit there have been plenty of times the three adults in the house are eyeing a mysterious brownish thing on the kitchen floor after the dogs have come inside, each of us silently declaring, “not it” in case it is something gross. You should hear the sighs of relief the times it turns out to be a leaf. 😆

  74. Martha in Washington says:

    Stay strong Sharpy!

    We cook popcorn the old-fashioned way…in a pan on the stove and Jewel knew which pan was for the cooking and when we got that one out she would sit quietly by the stove and wait for the top to come off and then clean up the mess for us. She was a lovely goggie. I miss her so!

  75. Bunnyfluffs says:

    I have a dog, Snookie, a yellow lab mix, that actually refuses to eat anything delicious. Seriously. Dog food is his “thing”. But even dog food doesn’t make him all wiggly-bottomed. If I want him to try anything super-nummy, I have to pretend to eat it (or, if it’s human-friendly, actually eat it) first, sometimes repeatedly, in order to get him even slightly into the idea. When he receives his treat, he will take it loosely in his mouth, drop it on the floor, and push it around/stare at it for about 10 minutes. The only way to get him to actually eat it is to pretend you’re going to take it back. Then he very delicately neebles it away.

    He’s so weird. I love him.

  76. My JRT does that too, very cute! 🙂