Don’t Ask, Don’t Snorgle

[whispering Sir Richard Attenborough voice]

Rarely seen in the wild*, a Mali monkeh snorgles a Dachshund puppeh… Let’s watch.

*Wild? Wait—I think I see a leash Julie G.!



  1. Wait, the leash is around the monkey’s hips? Oh, this must be the rarely seen “hipster monkeh”.

  2. Let’s play Count The Nose Beeps! I saw 11, counting one instance of foot-nose-beepage. Am I right?

    (I now want to beep the monkeh’s schnozzle, which seemed to go unprodded during this video. *shakes head sadly at this travesty*)

  3. bahaha, im the same way as the monkey. “i love you too, i just really dont think kisses are necessary!” love pups, but honestly not a big fan of puppy kisses

  4. I assume you meant David Attenborough, the TV naturalist. Richard Attenborough is his actor brother (he played the guy in Jurassic Park, among others).

  5. I love how the monkey keeps putting his hands over the puppeh’s mouth and behind to stop the relentless licking and tail-wagging…..

  6. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Also rarely seen: the elegant rear-paw-in face Public Display of Affection
    (brings new meaning to the abbreviation PDA….)

  7. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    perhaps the monkeh is actually a member of the British Royal Family.
    Or maybe from Canada.

    (no actual slight should be inferred
    by any wonderfully affectionate Canadian CO peeps)

  8. I love that there’s two conflicting grooming/socializing habits here: the puppeh wanting to lick the monkeh, and the monkeh trying to hand-groom the puppeh.

  9. Thankfully, both seem DETERMINED to get their own way. I could watch this aaaaalllll daaaay!

  10. David Attenborough!

  11. Monkey is like me, always trying to prevent slobbering puppeh breffs. I am a cat person! Maybe monkeh is too.

  12. Not cute. Puppy is owned by hoomans. Who knows when it was taken away from its mother.

    *gives you camomille tea* Here, this will help. Have some pudding cake?

  13. I don’t normally find monkeys cute but this little monkay was so gentle and befuddled with the affechuns I lurv eet

  14. Walkin’ in a wiener wonderland.

  15. that is totally me! wanting to touch, pet, snorgle, and so on, all. the. time. whenever I see an aminal!
    how can anyone doubt evolution after seeing this?

  16. I also think that all the licking is the worst thing about a puppy/dog…

  17. Dachsund through the snow…

  18. Outside of a dog, a book is a monkeh’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

  19. could have been a zoo monkey out on a “social call,” you know.

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    Humans and monkehs/apes etc obviously have a common ancestor with snorgling genes.

    If one of the Attenboroughs says it (they’re both national treasures, so it doesn’t matter which one), then it’s offishul.

  21. Druj – If it was Richard he would be calling everyone darling and lovey, mostly because he can’t remember their names.

  22. Go to Manhattan. Hipster Monkeh is not as rare as you think.

  23. But, I love puppy bref. Its the best.

  24. O No – Her Majesty has asked me to inform you, that contrary to public opinion, there are no monkeys in the Royal Family. Consider yourself corrected young lady.

  25. That there is ineffably cute.

  26. Wow, you two! My mind is officially blown.

  27. mervtheflamingo says:

    puppy is a mini Australian Shepherd, per You tube.

  28. Too*Stinkin’*Cute*!!!

  29. My my, what happened to all the commentroversy? 😉 😈

  30. i did.



  31. GASP…Teho is back! Best Christmas present ever 😀

  32. Merry Christmas Theo! Hope you get a wonderful break at home. Have you conquered the enemies with cuteness in the Army?

  33. now lie back and think of england. 😉

  34. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ hg: so noted.
    My esteemed thanks for the briefing.

    Your Obedient Servant.


    ps: hi, sharpy!! 🙂

  35. i call people lovey and darling when i can’t remember their names, my lovey darlings. 😉

  36. Hmm, that would be Brooklyn. Williamsburg to be precise.

  37. well, hello!

  38. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I can’t see the video at work so I don’t know what slight should or shoud not be inferred by Canadians. LOL!

  39. awwwwww………………I’m in love with the pup…

    I love it so much when puppies try to lick you all over ❤ ❤ ❤

  40. Hehehehe 😀

  41. I’m home on leave for just a little longer, then back to the drizzly Northwest, where they have all the really big toys.

    And no, it’s not all about unexpected pictures of fuzzy animals… but my unit is known as the Red Lions, if that helps.

  42. Darlingk, that’s enough with the lickingks and the waggingks.

  43. J’adoooooooooore! How did they end up together? Who cares!
    Funny how there’s a saying in Asia, 犬猿の仲 — fighting and disagreeing with each other like dogs and monkehs (apparently mortal enemies). These guys obviously discredit that proverb.

  44. My heart melted at 0:38. I cant get over the gentleness of the monkeeh.

  45. Theo the Red Lion….yep, that helps! Wishing you safe travels and we miss ya around here 🙂

  46. I was too distracted by the fact that the leash appears to be attached to the monkey through a piercing, and therefore would tug directly on the skin. Made me whimper, how much it hurts when my earring gets caught and tugs on my ear!

  47. Oh the leetle tail wags!!

    The hugs at :25 just kills me. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!

  48. Merry Christmas, Theo!!

  49. Thank you, Groucho!

  50. Are You Kidding Me?????????? PUPEEH + MONKEEH = SQUEEEEEEEE Florggle HossenFeffer Schmoopy MushyFoo. I could watch that all day, Thank You for making my Day Better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Richard was the Oscar winning director of Ghandi, also directed Chaplin (the movie not the actor) In addition to acting in everything from The Great Escape to Miracle on 34th Street (was a pretty convincing Kris Kringle).

  52. I’ve seen a lot of cute animal videos – this one just may top the list!
    I’d kind of like to be that little monkey 🙂

  53. *falls off chair laughing* Brilliant, the both of youse! 🙂

  54. Gads, between this and the goat video I’m toast!

  55. I love how at one point the monkeh stops, puts his hands on the puppeh’s mouth, and looks around. Like, “Shh – wait, someone’s here! No, false alarm. Let’s resume making out!”


    Too awesome. Except for the butt-leash. But I hear they’re swingers, these monkehs.

  56. I’m not sure I like the look of that dog farm she’s running (follow the link on the video)
    And I found it a bit disturbing where it said “Puppy is for sale and can be shipped!”.
    Can someone tell me if that is the norm in America? To ship young dogs crosscountry?

  57. clearly, you have not met my puppy. you would change your mind.

  58. Well Theo, if you want to make your unit even cuter, you could secretly call yourselves the Red Lion Tamarins. They are adorable (tho admittedly much less macho than actual red lions)…

  59. Lewis n' Clark says:

    anyone else notice the Donald Trump combover-like hair on the monkeh right near the end of the vid?

  60. it’s a leash attached to a harness. no piercing. you can see it in the owner’s other videos.

  61. It’s the most weinerful time of the year!

  62. haha, he’s like, “Stop licking me! Be a monkey!!”

  63. pups with bad breath need a dental appointment – dirty teefs is why. That’s YOUR fault, Panda-babe (or -dude)…

  64. only if you’re an evil puppy m!ller…

  65. correctionpolice says:

    I believe you mean David Attenborough, Sir Richard’s brother, the renowned conservationist.

  66. Some breeders will ship, while others won’t. It’s not something that most responsible breeders like doing though.

  67. Yeah, looking at the other videos & at their website. Looks like this person is a backyard breeder. No interest in bettering breeds or breeding responsibly for that matter. All they want is to push out as many puppies as possible for maximum $$

  68. And here was me about to make the same comment. Thank you, it’s nice to know I’m not alone!

    (BTW I met David Attenborough the other day at a talk on ape conservation, and he was FAB!)

  69. Theo – In England The Red Lion is a Pub, Is your job organising pub crawls?
    mock innocent wide eyed look.

  70. Really sweety, darling, lovey, whatsit 🙂

  71. The video is very cute. However I have looked at the owners website and personally don’t feel it is something cuteoverload should be promoting. It’s basically a (slightly) nicer of a puppy farm in England. I love cute overload but I think your missing a trick by not using your site to promote animal welfare as well as the cuteness!

  72. Unfortunately, yes. I know people who have bought puppies over the internet, and they were shipped in a crate to their home. Very sad.

  73. Aaaahhh this is out of context nooooow… T_T
    Now I sound like a nuffer boohoo. Oh well.

  74. My mom used to own a domesticated capuchin monkey. She says that’s what this so-called Mali monkeh is.

  75. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Awww, monkey loves the puppy. Such a pre Christmas present. Thanks Meg and folks for all the cute.

  76. haha! I agree 🙂

  77. This idea sounds spiffing. Cracking. Brill. Capital. Is one of said pubs called The Howitzer, perhaps?

  78. Whosyerdaddy… 😉

  79. So very cute! I’d be so scared the monkey would snap and hurt the puppy. I’m relieved to see that my fear would have been wrong.

  80. Not unless you have a poop eater.

  81. When we picked up Ricky, one of our dachshunds. He was just 8 wks old. He never had that sweet puppy breath. Then I found out why….he had a snack outside…Lucy our other dachsie had done her business. Then I knew why he didn’t have that sweet puppeh breath.

  82. O No He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    y’all fergot “kiss, kiss” !!!!

  83. THE ‘DRIZZLY’ NORTHWEST?! Sounds ezzakly like my backyard! And the street, the city…the sky.

  84. Why does the monkey keep looking around so nervously? Or is that just standard monkey habit?