Jingle Goats

Jingle goats, jingle goats
Hoppin’ up on stumps
Oh, what fun it is to bounce,
Hurdle, leap and jump, Oh!

Merry Hannu-kwanzaa-dan, C.S.O.



  1. Merry Christmas….

  2. Love to see those little goats just kidding around.

  3. Haha, they are made out of rubber and springs!

  4. Teehee, they’re playing King of the Stump!

    And WHY am I just learning about GigglingwiththeGoats.com NOW!?!?!?!

  5. Poor kid at 0:52 😦

  6. hooray for goat parkour!

  7. I always thought there was nothing happier than a happy dog, but now I’m not so sure–these little guys seem ecstatic.

  8. Alright, who gave the kids espressos?

  9. 😀

  10. Love the flop at :50. “I meant to do that!”

  11. ………………………….did anyone else feel sad cuz they wanna belong in a group the way those goats do? They seem so happy….

  12. I’ve learned to just laugh at that. It may seem callous, but they’re all BAM! OW! DANG THAT HURT! LET’S DO IT AGAIN! CMON PLAY PLAY WHEEE!! and there’s no perceivable damage, it seems kinda superfluous to worry. They’re just all, hoomans is silleh! Mom, realleh! I’s fine! Lemme go! Wanna play!

  13. or elastic

  14. BOING! BOING! BOING! I want legs like that!

  15. As the computer at work seems to be on the fritz, the whirly round thingy has been
    whirling for at least half an hour. I shall just say :-
    The goats emotes
    they’re better than stoats
    and that denotes
    a concupiscence for lust
    I know the last bit doesn’t fit, I just fancied throwing concupisence in to the mix. 🙂

  16. I believe the correct word is “hurtle.” A hurdle is a barrier.

  17. Beeeeeeebeeeeeeeeee goats! STINKIN’ cute!!! (and in some cases, literally!)

  18. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    I think they stink
    when they get older…

  19. Tried to come up with a pun for this one, but like the goats, I’m stumped.

    P.S. I think “Goat tell it on the mountain” would have been a good alternative music choice.

  20. earlybird1 says:

    “The floor is boiling hot lava!!”
    Love the triumphant wiggle from the goat on the left at @0:59!

  21. earlybird1 says:

    oops, I mean 0:59. Sleepy fingers.

  22. Only the males (sorry, it’s true)

  23. Happy happy baby goats!

    It is impossible to watch that video and not smile. In fact, I double dare anyone to try to frown while watching it!

  24. Sproing!! Bounce!! Ridiculously adorable. 🙂

  25. Sproing!! Bounce!! Sproing!! Ridiculously adorable! 🙂

  26. GOATIE FEET..!!
    quite possibly my favorite thing in the world.

  27. it’s true. i tried. darn goats.

  28. Solid sproingage!

  29. I think this is a clip from that Julia Roberts film “Bleat, Play, Shove.”

  30. Oh for goodness sake. Ridiculously cute. I have the biggest, dopiest grin on my face right now.

  31. My favorite parts are:

    1. The “WTF” look on the grownup goats’ faces, and
    2. The ‘tocks on little McSquirmerson wriggling into the washtub

  32. Christmas should be for the kids.

  33. Me too!!!

  34. (The Original) Mel says:


  35. (The Original) Mel says:

    Once, my coworker who has a farm was forced to bring an ailing bebeh goat to work to nurse it back to health. It was kinda funny with that goat riding around in a squad car all day and gallivanting around the police station.

  36. d’awwww… how fun and joyous! Wonderful peeps to give them so many things to jump and leap on!

  37. What FUN!!!!

  38. SPAZtastic.

    They remind me of Rudolph when he’s learning to fly.

  39. TrixandSam says:




  40. I got this link in an email last week and must have watched it 6 or 7 times. It still makes me happy!

  41. Welp, there’s one mystery solved: my boxer dog is actually half goat…

  42. LaureninGeorgia says:

    Seriously?? A baby goat got to ride around in a squad car? I want to live where you live.

  43. Me three! That is some potent cute right there. It reminds me of why I would love to have some goats in the backyard…

  44. I think this might be becoming a tradition. This post has inspired me to write this:

    T’was a few days before Christmas and all thru teh Qte,
    All the peeps were squirming and bored to boot.
    The printers were churning, keyboards a clacking.
    But something this Christmas just seemed to be lacking.

    Teh puppehs were snuggled, & kronching their beds,
    While kittens knocked ornaments onto their heads.
    Piles of paper on my desk, what a task
    Wondering again where I left that flask.

    When out in the yard there arose such a commotion,
    I sprang from my desk, to heck with that promotion.
    Away to the window I flew like a flash,
    Knocking over coworkers in my mad dash.

    And my gaze did wander, the landscape below,
    Happy for the distraction, now on with the show.
    And what to my wondering eyes did appear?
    But a miniature squee and sproingy goats, dear.

    With six Peeps, each with Wit in tow,
    I knew in a moment they must be from CO.
    More rapid than eagles, CO’s Posters, they came.
    And we cheered and shouted, and called them by name!

    Whoo Meg! Whoo Prongs! Whoo Sharpy! Whoo Theo!
    Yay Not That Mike, The Other Mike! and Yay Pyrit!*
    *work with me here, their names just don’t rhyme*
    To the top of teh interwebs, sharing cuteness with all
    Now post away, post away, post away all!

    As toward boxes of all sizes, Maru doth fly
    Throwing himself in with such a happy sigh,
    So through the world, our CO Peeps do share
    Cuteness and humor, with plenty to spare.

    And then in a twinkling, I heard at teh door,
    Teh mailman, for me, with packages galore!
    I tore open the one marked, Cute Overload
    I was so happy I thought I would explode!

    There in my hand, a treasure so dear,
    A Cute Overload Calendar, 2011 year!
    A bundle of cute, from kittens in racks,
    To a bunneh quartet, enjoying a snack.

    Their quips how droll, their jokes how merry
    Our CO Peeps, some wish they could marry.
    They share so much fun, wherever they go,
    Making life brighter, and smiles grow.

    The goats, cows, beetles, and mice
    All agree, that CO’s quite nice.
    Without their posts, some peeps would never learn
    There’s lots more cute out there to discern.

    Bee tocks, and spidery smiles, fresh off the shelf
    Make me laugh when I see them, in spite of myself.
    A wink of an eye, and a nudge from our Mod-Ed,
    Keep commentroversies from getting too bog-ged.

    Back to our goatlings, whence this poem’s inspiration
    Makes me grateful again for CO’s perspiration,
    Filling our days with cuteness and glee
    Giving a pun, a giggle, a chortle, a whee!

    Cute Overload, our choice place to play,
    Helping us all get through that workday.
    As we sproing off, though we do cheer,
    Sproingy Christmas, and a Hoppy New Year!

  45. Lisa Shalet says:

    I was in a terrible mood, grumped over to CO, saw this, not only smiled but LOL and now I’m in a much better mood. Thanks for posting. (And as always loved the comments.)

  46. Lisa Shalet says:

    Very nice to allow bebbeh animulh at work, especially such serious work as policing.

  47. Lisa Shalet says:

    This is absolutely delightful and brilliant! Best holiday poem ever!

  48. Meaghan, the athletic event consisting of jumping over hurdles is known as “hurdling.”

    Like this:

  49. Oh no! Look at this very classy guy with his own parade!

  50. Amazing! Now let’s all sing about Santa Duck!

    Follow up with a chorus of opossums!

  51. Sometimes I take my own legs for granted. These little kids reminded me to be grateful for the joy of unfettered mobility.

  52. “Gallivanting.” Very Catholic-school word, that. 😀

  53. Hilarity ensues.

  54. I was thinking “hurtle” as in “throw” — you know, the goats throwing themselves around.

  55. i loved the pushy goat at 48 seconds and the lil guy struggling to get into the bucket. they are all sooo cute!!


  57. If they poop it would be…
    Jingle smells jingle smells, please get far away.

  58. 🙂 Hon Glad… Excellent!

  59. Not if you get them fixed, then they smell like fur instead of OLD GOAT! Pewww. 🙂

  60. Metz- A poet laureate position awaits you, oh and does your boss know what your up to?

  61. That works, too. 😀

  62. bookmonstercats says:

    *Throws bouquets to Metz, cheering*

  63. Metz As always you delight and inspire… This is amazing and funny and twinkly too! {{{Hugz}}}

  64. bookmonstercats says:

    Perfectly put together post. Oh the hilarity.

  65. /sound of crowds cheering/
    Awesome, Metz!!!

  66. Baby goats… they put the spring in sproing and the flic in frolic and the pounce in bounce… and of course the play in playtime.
    They are the inspiration for Happy Happy Joy Joy JOY!

  67. heehee!

  68. {thunderous applause}

  69. Cutest video ever!

  70. Alice Shortcake says:


  71. Gigi (the original one) says:

    LOL!! Can you imagine the look on people’s faces when seeing a goat riding in a police car!

  72. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Bravo! Bravo!

  73. *work with me here, their names just don’t rhyme*

    Bwahahahaha!!! :mrgreen:

    And your “Mod-Ed/bog-ged” rhyme is inspired!

  74. that too

    Anybody else reminded of Tigger?

  75. Goats gotta jump!

  76. Awww shucks! 😳
    Thanks everyone! 🙂
    Consider it my Holiday Gift to my CO Peeps! 🙂

  77. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *Standing Ovation*

  78. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Boingy, bouncy, SPROINGY, yippeeyahoo; wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

    Also: I submit the belief that each of the baby goats have four of the following, where most goats have legs:

  79. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    verr’ nice, memsahib!!

  80. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Mel:
    “gallivanting” should be Standard Issue Vocabulary when discussing bebeh goats. Oops; just saw Theresa has had the same thought….

  81. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    (plus it’s alliterative, as well. “G”/ “G”!!)

  82. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    WOW and also WOW again!!!

  83. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *the crowd goes wild in approval*

  84. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….sheep gotta boing….
    I gotta watch CO ’til I diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

  85. life-affirming. 🙂

  86. wonderful metz! i was feeling bah humbug-gy and this totally cheered me up! NOMTOM has got a run for his money…… =D

  87. Well played, madam, well played!

  88. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    yeh; McSquirmerson certainly was lil’ Tenacious G, wuzzn’t he?
    I practically let out a verbal “hurrah!” when he finally got the hind ‘tocks in there!

  89. Martha in Washington says:

    Their top are made out of rubber!
    Their bottoms are made out of springs!

  90. LaureninGeorgia says:

    If I eat enough goat cheeze, maybe I can boing boing boing too!

  91. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Meself, I enjoy goat teef and lambie teef. Remember the Goofy Goat Kid pic ???
    (it said he was in the School Band…)

  92. Kristabelle says:

    Awesome job, Metz!!

  93. They’re bouncy, trouncy, fun, fun, fun,fun, fun…

  94. Yup, right up until they ate everything ELSE in the backyard.

  95. That story is so full of win!!! A goat in a police station *wanders off shaking head in wonderment and awe*

  96. Lewis n' Clark says:

    wonder if that would work for the commuter lane..hmmmmm

  97. Lewis n' Clark says:

    {standing ovation still standing hours later; flowers AND boas being thrown on stage}

  98. I didn’t realize lil’ goats liked to bounce around that much! adorable!

  99. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    My sister coined the term “spramping” to describe precisely what these goats are doing.

  100. Bottle Green says:

    Merry Happy, everyone!

  101. I think my beagle might be part goat…

  102. (throws armloads of soft fuzzy stuffed kittens and puppies at Metz)

  103. That settles it. This is the kind of kid I want.

  104. i think it was first reported over at boing boing.

  105. that’s perfect!

  106. Who knew that baby goats were so darn cute!!

  107. See? This is why I love being a Capricorn! Goaties are so cute! The baby goats remind me of kittens, the way they bounce and sproing hither and yon.

  108. Indeed! I can view CO at work, but can’t watch videos (YouTube is blocked, gee, might be counterproductive or some such). It’s a pity; this video is sorely needed some days.

  109. And did anyone notice that this is a perfect arrangement of “Jingle Bells” to accompany bouncy goats? Lots of flutes and a lovely ebullience.

  110. Of the cute videos – not the photos – I’ve seen posted here over the years, this is easily the cutest.

  111. A veddy veddy proper old goat.

  112. I dunno… there were some older goats doin the sproingy thing too.

  113. [whispers] Can we stop clapping, now? My hands are sore.

  114. shhh! I hope not, 😉

  115. lol, no you must keep up the adoration. (hands victoreia a pair of gloves), 😉

  116. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Hon Glad: may I excise one partic’lar bit and appreciate it most ‘specially?

    the whirly round thingy has been
    whirling for at least half an hour.

    Somehow that sounds like something zen or from the monastery in the 70s TV show Kung Fu.

    or something profound like that.

  117. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    well, WE certainly won’t divulge it …

  118. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Victoreia:

    at the risk of copying a bit of text here, (from either Sharpy or from Theresa; I dun’ forgot, which one….) I have the following response,
    to your question (of 10:04 pm):


  119. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    *raises hand*

  120. I giggled with the goats(dot com) all the way through that. 😀

  121. i’m pretty sure baby goats know how cute they are 🙂

  122. wow. epic poem. did you write that just… in an instant?? I am humbled.

  123. During watching this, all I could think of was “WHERE’S BEE?!”

  124. heh, don’t tell my boss but it took me most of the morning, I’d work on it for a bit, do some work, go back and revise a few parts, work, back and forth until it felt right.