Home for the Holidays

Christine K. spotted this gem over at Awkward Family Pet Photos.



  1. this is just too cute.. i couldn’t stop giggling!

  2. my heart just metlted

  3. Hehe “Well I look redonk but at least I have a cookie?”*soft cronch*

    Nice message too

  4. so sweet…with an awsome message.
    my resqte furbabies approve of this message. 🙂

  5. This little gem of a video was just what I needed to see today:
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all CuteOverLoaders, Meg & Co.
    and all of our fur-babies and anipals….!!11!! 😆 😆


    1) Oh what the ass. 🙄 Not this again.

    2) OK, the cookie nom is a nice true-to-life touch.

    3) Snow bones. 😆 hehe

    4) …well hell YES, adopt!

  7. I didn’t know they did a pets episode of “Whose Line is It, Anyway?”! The “Helping Hands” segments were always hilarious (and extremely messy)!

    (And I’m referring to the original British version! None of that sissy scripted ‘Merkin stuff!)

  8. ::LOVE::

    And Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful place doing amazing things for animals. Best volunteer vacation ever!

  9. Hi, Theo!

  10. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I giggled helplessly at the licking of the frosting with the scrunched up lips and nose 😀 😀 😀 That’s how I do it too!!!!

  11. Sorry for the thread jack folks but here’s a REAL
    Simon’s cat fan ! It’s very short so don’t blink.


  12. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    …er…um…uh….sorry, but for me, it’s “not so much” …..
    but thanks, for the delightful opportunity to view ….

  13. I LOVE it! Dogs look so matronly in their xmas sweaters, earrings and pearls. 😉 Like their names are all “Marge” and “Gert.”

    Did anyone else want to say “Eat the frikkin’ frakin’ cookie already!” ? 😀

  14. Love lil kitteh all “what’s going on here??”

  15. Love, love, love it! Cute, sweet and a wonderful message at the end.


  16. PS Love the Guest Cat, too.

  17. Jessica Perkins says:

    Great video!

    If you’re ever in Utah, definitely visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

  18. First I started laughing like a maniac. Then I melted at the message. As a shelter volunteer this one hit close to home. The best gift I can think of would be for some of our long-term critters to find homes.

  19. kinda creepy

  20. Beautiful and inspired! Love it! Yes, please, please adopt.

  21. Aw, that brought a tear to my eye. My rescued beagle is making popcorn strings as we speak …

  22. Totally agree. A dog is for constant daily awesomeness, not just Christmas awesomeness. And shelters are where you find the awesomest, not to mention the smartest, cutest and affectionatest* animals. Fact.

    *officially now a word

  23. LOL at cat who comes over to check out “what the heck is going on in there!?”

  24. Queen of Dork says:

    Well that was delightful in an exceedingly strange sort of a way. I think I might have happily disturbing dreams tonight. I really like the part where the cat is like, “what the heck is going on over here? I don’t remember giving this activity the green light. And where is my tuna?”

  25. I love how 30 seconds into the video, the tuxedo cat wants to join in on the fun too.

  26. Queen of Dork says:

    I think the cat is trying to supervise. ‘Cause that’s what cats do. He’s all, “Dang! You forgot to put tuna fish in this. You’re fired. (but feed me before the door hits your butt on your way out”) 🙂

  27. Queen of Dork says:

    I also love the TA-DAAAAH! opening of the snowflake part.

  28. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Awesome video. Always adopt!!!

  29. This also reminds me of Whose Line It Is Anyways, but American version! 😀

  30. I love the message, but i am pretty sure the hand thing is just some kind of trick as the hands are not furry enough to belong to dogs.

  31. I usually don’t like animals in clothing… but this time… it was so tongue-in-cheek that I actually give it a thumbs up! 😀

  32. Heh. Agreed. and well said.

  33. HA! That was hilarious. I think my favorite one was the dog hanging Christmas ornaments and getting a bit lickey with the human hands. Taken as a whole, it made him (or her) look like a complete lunatic, licking his own hands as he hangs ornaments.

  34. That part made me giggle too, love eet!:)

  35. Or he’s just collecting the usual taxes, tariffs, and/or payoffs to which he, as cat, is entitled. We have lots of them. There’s the Sandwich Tax, the Burrito Tariff, the Burger Baksheesh, etc. :mrgreen:

  36. This is priceless….and wonderful!

  37. Awwww. For a change, that was a *nice* ad! 🙂

  38. I didn’t even notice the kitteh until I watched a second time. LOL

    My two rescued knuckleheads totally approve this vid. Best message EVER!

  39. HI TEHO ❤ ❤ ❤

    I had the same reaction, except I was actually gratified to realize it was the hands-dog instead of some other holiday crap. Although I still think the hands game is cuter when Colin & Ryan do it on Whose Line 😀

    and of course, adopting. yay!

  40. tobesograteful says:

    Very cute and very funny. But please do not feed your best friend your Christmas cookies! Very bad for doggies to eat sugar and chocolate!!!

  41. FTW

  42. Agreed. Best *vacation* ever!

  43. This is very Fey’s 12 Days of Christmas.

  44. OMG – How cute! Also BestFriends is a WONDERFUL place! They are the largest no kill animal sanctuary in the country. They helped re-habilitate the pit bulls that M. Vick was dog fighting!! Some have already been adopted! This place is truly magical check them out at http://www.bestfriends.org

    and no I don’t work for them, I just think that they do great work! Merry Christmas 🙂

  45. Oops. I meant Fay’s (not Fey’s). Best Video Ever.

  46. Owner…..Yoo aw sow bay-ard.
    Cat…..Can you substantiate that statement madam.
    Owner….I aint a Madam.

  47. Theresa – My thoughts exactly. There’s my Auntie Freda, Aunt Ada, Auntie Flo and cousin Edith.

  48. Charley – Yeh, it’s so oviously sh*pp*d…..Hope that gets past teh Mac.Hinery.

  49. Feys good, my fairy fey.

  50. So awesome. I want to see the outtakes!

  51. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Just need to give credit where credit is due – BAD RAP took the lead on rehabbing Michael Vick’s dogs, not Best Friends.

  52. Can’t put anything over on ole Charley, can we? Nope, you betcha, he’s just toooo smart for us.

  53. But the 22 that were left and deemed most unable to be rehabilitated were the ones Best Friends took. They built a special area just for them. I visited BF in Kanab, Utah, in 2008 and saw the dogs there (in the distance; no visitors allowed at that time). I’m pretty sure some of those dogs have now even been adopted (as reported in the BF magazine).

    BF is a FABULOUS place!

  54. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    OMG that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

  55. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Woo hoo, I have a rescued Beagle too! But he’s just snoozing on the couch, covered in blankets… 🙂

  56. Excuse meh? If I recall correctly (and it’s possible I don’t) the original hand guy was doin’ this with his Weimerainers (sp) way before Who’s Line even came into existence. I mean, I remember this stuff from when I watching Barney at around the age of, oh, 5, and I’m 18, which makes me a young grasshopper to some peeps here but still. I’m pretty sure that was before Who’s Line.

    -end rant-

    Uhm, sorry. Childhood memories got in the way. I’m sure the Who’s Line bit was hilarious. I just never watched it that way and prefer the doggeh version.

    Also, I LEIK THIS STUFF. Seriously, what on earth is wrong with it? I’m almost offended.

  57. I have the Book! :3 (I’m pretty sure I’m thinking of the same thing.)

  58. I’m pretty sure that if they actually let the dogs eat it, they made sure it was dog friendly. And yes, such things exist.


    I remember the original Weimerainer commercials. When I was a kid I was like, “why do the dogs have hands?” but then I got used to it.


    (Youtube doesn’t work right now, so I hadta get it from google videos. Which is why the link’s so long.)

  60. TrixandSam says:

    Oh lordy, that was too good. My dogs are looking at me like I’m insane because I’m giggle-snorting.