Ducklings blowing in the wind

How many sidewalks must a duckling walk down
Before they get totally blown awaaaaaay
How many bricks must a Mom duck cross
Before she totally eats it too
Yes, how many times must the ducklings get tossed
Before they’re forever harmed?
The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind

Apologies to Bob D. and Jennifer V.



  1. CoconuCheez says:

    the whole time when i watched this my mind was like…


  2. O.M.G. That belongs in Cute or Sad! Poor little ducklings!

  3. That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen! Poor little guys. Barooooooooooquack!!!

  4. Questionable choice of soundtrack. Muted it.

  5. metsakins says:

    I meant to do that!

  6. Haha! This was on ICHC the other day. You should have seen the pearl-clutching and hand-wringing!

    “Oh, those poor little duckies, whhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy didn’t the photographer put the camera down and go help them?????”

    Have you ever tried to gather up a couple dozen wild animals who don’t want anything to do with humans? 🙄

  7. poor babies! offensively BAD choice of music

  8. poor mom.. she must have freaked out.

  9. victoreia says:

    Meg! How macabre!

  10. Kristabelle says:

    I thought the music was some kind of mistake and I was like WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??? OMG??!!!??!!!

  11. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Not to mention that some ducklings are accustomed to jumping out of trees from several yards up in order to take their first steps. Definitely deserving of “cute or sad?” though!

  12. OH NO!!!! That was awful!

  13. What’s offensive about it?

    (Not disagreeing, just asking. I didn’t recognize the music.)

  14. okay, before this nuffball really gets rolling, i’m warning everyone: please don’t jam up the phones with comments about how sad this post is. i’ll just delete any comments if they haven’t got something constructive to add.

  15. all we are is ducks in the wind….

  16. I was thinking “Poor babies!” the whole time . . . but I was also snerking. It was probably kind of fun for them. I love the way the mom duck maintains her dignity in the end, though her feathers are literally ruffled. Definitely ‘Cute or Sad’ material.

  17. Here’s the one with almost 3mil views, and most importantly, NO MUSIC!

  18. I don’t know the song, either. I would’ve gone with “Wind Beneath My Wings.”

  19. Oh my sad! For the record, the Mama Duck would not have allowed anyone to “assist”..very protective of her young..learned that first hand while living on a lake in Florida. Hope the poor babies made it to their destination without being blown away!

  20. Digitoonie says:

    *n* Those poor babes! Least they’re durable.

    (I nuff the music though.)

  21. I’ll never know why the answer is blowing in the wind because of Sony Music.
    *insert insult of choice here*, Sony Music.

  22. OMG. Poor duckies. I am sure they are ok though. I think they just roll with the wind. and mama duck, too : )

  23. ok I actually thought it was funny. I’ve been blown over by the wind before, not literally across bricks but blown over. And its kinda fun. Those ducklings hydroplane on water because they are so light at this stage. They were just fine. Mom was hilarious with her (literally) ruffled feathers. But her pack reformed behind her and its onward and forward. (no sound at work so no chance to be offended – sorry).

  24. bklynkittenlover says:

    Cute or Sad… Cute or Sad… I think there should be a new section ‘Cute AND Sad’ The whole time I was thinking, is this funny or am I worried about the little duckies? I paused and counted though and she had all 11 ducklings with her when the winds were done.

  25. I was cheered as I carefully counted the duckies after the fact–there are just as many as before, and they are all walking. It looks like their God-given duckie-down helped cushion them.

  26. Mrs. Capers says:

    I thought the same thing!

  27. Always cracks me up when Meg decides to let out her badass side and everyone is so surprised.


  28. Your comment just made my day 🙂

  29. I definately vote sad, but it looks like “no ducklings were hurt were hurt in the making of this video”. I’d happily transport them wherever they need to go in the inside of my jacket! Man, that’d tickle.

  30. yummy!
    we love duckling!

  31. I’m not sure if this is cute. It kind of freaked me out that those poor ducklings and their mom were being hurled across the ground by the wind… Also, the music doesn’t really fit. Poor ducks.

  32. delete my comment then but I found this totally horrifying and not appropriate for CO. It’s not cute and it’s beyond sad. Yes, it happens but that is not what I come to this site to see.

  33. Oh Meggy, they have such potty mouths…

  34. Wow. Um. Wow. Make sure to mute the soundtrack before playing video. On second thought, don’t play it at all. A preview before posting might have been wise.

  35. Just Wondering says:

    The profanities, maybe?

  36. metsakins says:

    Have I mentioned that I am SHOCKED and APPALLED and am logging off right now! (The fact that I am shutting down my computer and leaving work has nothing to do with it!)

  37. Could somebody please EXPLAIN what is so offensive about the music???

  38. Glad the happy ending is showed because phew – they were really tumbling there! No harm done.

  39. LOL!

  40. The ducklings and Mom were adorable, but that bit of Mother Nature was not fun to watch. Glad they are ok. I agree that the music was in “bad form”, but I doubt they meant to be unkind.

    Merry Christmas!

  41. when i first saw this vid on i couldn’t stop laughing but at the same time, my mouth was trying to form the sound “awwwwww.” that was pretty hard to do. saying “awwwwwww” and laughing at the same time. and i LOVE that notwithstanding the ruffled feathers, the mommy duck retained her dignity. yay!

  42. Ana Félix Pires says:

    I was going GASP OH NO and LOL at the same time. Poor ducklings! Now that I know everything ends well, I can go back to watch again and LOL all the way through. 😀

  43. Oh Em Geee to funny!
    Pobre pato y patitos!

    p.s. Loved the song

  44. Love it! Cue up Kansas!

  45. IMHO, this is more “distressing” than actually “sad” — you don’t really grieve for the ducklings or their mom (they’re okay in the end, after all); you just worry a lot. “Danger” or “impending doom” seems more appropriate than “cute or sad?”, or perhaps in addition to it.

    I think part of the negative reaction is not so much the danger the ducklings are in as that being dragged around by the wind is a position that degrades their dignity: you’re seeing them as their least self-possessing and in-control. Given that ducks don’t start off with a huge amount of dignity in the first place, it just seems [i]unfair[/i] to catch them at their least dignified. 🙂

    As for the soundtrack of Nas’s “Hate Me Now,” it’s not the song I’d associate most with ducklings, and I can certainly see how it could offend, but then, I find a lot of the songs people add to animal videos kinda weird. In some ways, it’s a refreshing change compared to some of the more saccharine stuff, although in general, my advice to YouTube animal videographers with regard to soundtracks is “less is better.”

  46. At first I was all “OH NOES!” But then I couldn’t help but laugh, just a little, mostly because they seemed to be OK. Wow, don’t mess with mother nature when she’s a blowin!

  47. june seghni says:

    I have no problems with the video but wish I had muted the sound- I don’t want my child in the room with me to hear words like ‘motherf***er’ which featured in the lyrics of the song..I didn’t expect that from this site, or I would have waited until she was in bed..

  48. One Eyed Daruma says:

    I did the same thing! That mama duck knew she had all of’em, though.

  49. I wonder what Patito Gigante would have to say about this.

  50. Once A Fish says:

    I have to say that I was a little scared the first time I watched this (with the sound muted–thanks to all who warned me) and then I noticed the best part: It’s at :25, when one duckie says to the other, “DUDE! I’m okay! You okay? Yaaay, you’re okay! Let’s get out of here! Where’s Mom?”

    When they all get together at the end it’s like the kids getting on a school bus after a particularly rough field trip… Mom looks exhausted! 🙂

  51. The music includes potentially offensive words/phrases like “the N word” and MF.

  52. All’s well that ends well.

  53. I guess this is where I admit that I can’t actually view the video in this post because it’s blocked at the office. The version I saw last week had only innocuous instrumental music attached to it. So no wonder I was confused. I was thinking maybe it was a track from some slasher movie or something.

    I just looked up the lyrics to the song you named (never heard of it or the band), and…um, yeah…

  54. Got it, thanks. JME named the song in post below and I looked up the lyrics. 😯

  55. See my reply above, Auntie 🙂

  56. Nooooooo!!!!!! Poor duckies!

  57. Elena1030 says:

    Yeah, Mama Duck was all “I totally meant to do that. Tralalalalala.” Despite retention of feather rufflage. Ducklings were just as intrepid as their mother.

    Complete Make Way for Ducklings moment.

  58. This would be sad if the video ended at :25. But the way they all get up, check themselves and roll back into formation makes it triumphant. Onward they march!

  59. I b rollin wit Meg, I ain’t be hatin’

    Here’s the sunshine lollipops and rainbow version:

    “This is what I am, You can hug me now, (qb?)
    But I won’t stop now (real niagaras)
    ‘Cause I can’t stop now (bravehearts)
    You can hug me now (c’mon)
    But I won’t stop now
    Cause I can’t stop now
    You can hug me now
    You can hug me nooow

    Do it now, do it now, <weak, jealous moth er duck ers, Do it now

    Don’t hate me, hate the money I see, clothes that I buy
    Ice that I wear, clothes that I try
    Close your eyes, picture me rollin, Sixes, money foldin
    Batches’ honeys that swollen The riches, nas get in ya
    Most critically acclaimed Pulitzer prize winner
    Best storyteller thug narrator . . . ”


  60. But I have to admit I was amazed at how flat they went when they blew over 🙂 then I was ashamed at my amazement.

  61. BirdiesMom says:

    I LOVE the video. But I’m very, very disappointed in the admins for not doing their homework well enough. The lyrics are highly offensive and inappropriate for a site that projects itself as work-safe and kid-friendly – I was especially shocked at the N-word being allowed on this site, let alone all the F-bombs. And with a couple minutes of searching on YouTube, there’s the exact same video footage without a soundtrack. Admins, please do the right thing, apologize on the home page for the lyrics you allowed to be posted on the page, and replace the video ASAP with this version:

  62. i thought the musical choice was funny. but i was like “noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, poor duckies”, i hid my eyes. for reals!

  63. Gigi (the original one) says:

    LOL! In my head I automatically added “Dude” to your comment in the voice of Bill S. Preston Esq. I guess I’ve seen that movie once too many times!

  64. Carry on, my wayward ducks. Don’t you cry no more.

  65. Gigi (the original one) says:

    Good choice!

  66. I laughed in horror. Can that happen? It was sort of a “OMG hahahahaha nooooo, OMG! noooooo hahahaha…” But I swear it was in the most sympathetic way ever. Such cute things should not look so cute when being blown away in the wind.

  67. I had to fast-forward to the ending, horrified that a duckling would blow under a railing and telling myself the whole time, “Cute Overload would NOT show a video with babies getting hurt, or not show us a happy ending!” Phew!

  68. katfighter says:

    LOL. Melodramatic, much? Duckies were fine.

  69. The tag is called NSFW, a warning that blaring utterances of N***** and Mother F***** might get you in trouble. Look into it. Also, “Cute or Sad”.

  70. Gigi (the original one) says:

    I do not approve of the “N” word because contrary to the old saying (Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me) it does hurt.
    But four letter words do not offend me, they mean nothing and hurt nobody.

  71. What is an example of a “constructive” post on CO? “Widdle biddy boo boo kittens” or “Die Mother F***** Die!”?

  72. I was freaked out a little bit when the ducklings rolled away, and happy when they all got in a row again. Didn’t like the music, would have rather had a scary hurricane whooshing sound with dramatic violins and fake wind whistles. I don’t understand Sharpy’s comment, cuz surely with posting this sort of video the intention IS to get comments?

    Also, feeling a little touchy about freedom of speech lately.

  73. @Sharpy, what do you think is the cute aspect of this clip?

  74. BWAHAHAHAHAHA– quack!

  75. Sorry, but not cute. 😦

  76. Poor babies! Poor Mama duck!

  77. i agree.. bad really shady choice of song for the clip.. I think that is why everyone is taking it a bit more serious. Great clip though!

  78. I’m not sharpy, but I’ll answer your question.

    It’s some adorable ducklings who get rolled a few times by the wind, then pick themselves up and waddle on their way, while momma’s feathers get a little ruffled.

    That’s the cute aspect of this clip.

  79. Agreed! No one was hurt and they were happily on their way.

  80. the ones that i don’t delete.

  81. zackly.

  82. I agree, not cute, or funny.

  83. hey, i don’t post ’em, i just check the ID’s and 86 the nuffers.

    to be honest, when i see comments before i read the post, i just avoid watching the video. 😉 i’m wayyy too sensitive.  except when it comes to people. then i’m mean.

  84. thank you!

  85. ..a site that projects itself as work-safe and kid-friendly

    where in the hell did you read that??!

  86. skippymom says:

    Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack
    Sustained a minor wind attack.
    When they got their footing back
    They followed Mom along the track.

  87. Beyond sad? Really? Why? No one was hurt. Do you think that the cat yodeling video is beyond cruel just because a couple kitties get mildly annoyed? Relax man. 😦 Also, link to cat yodeling:

  88. I love it when people assume CO kid friendly because they think it should be :3

  89. that made me totally sad! i’m sure they were scared and mama duck was probably panicking inside. stupid wind!

  90. Mama Duckie is so brave! I vote ‘adorable.’

  91. Lewis n' Clark says:


  92. I’m crying with laughter at your comment, and I so needed it today.

  93. that’s the extra kick that guarantees that cuteoverdose!

  94. get over it. this is meg’s site, she’ll do what she wants

  95. that should be a tag.

  96. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’m a cop in the hood. This ain’t sad.

  97. Actually though, this is the original video that went viral. The one on CO basically stole someone else’s video and added an annoying P.Diddy soundtrack.

    I think it ought to be replaced by the original one if only for netiquette’s sake. Also, it has slightly better video quality to see the lil ducklings rolling.

  98. duuude, yo so-crates!

  99. Ok, I must be asking for it to post this…..but did anyone else look for a guy with a leaf blower when the video panned to the right at the beginning?
    Also….howze about ChumbaWumba’s(sp?!) “I get Knocked Down, but I get Up Again!” ?

  100. hahaha best reply ever

  101. Definitely Cute or Sad! It might be mean, but I can’t stop laughing. XD

  102. Do not want.

  103. First thoughts were “oh nooooooo! Someone help them!”, then in the end it went to “Oh thank God, they’re OK”. But seriously, whats up with the song?

  104. Being a pomo homo slolo who’s never fo’d a mo, I really rather liked the soundtrack. You don’t give a duck, I don’t give a duck.

    Also, though:

    Why not?

  105. How many others reached out toward the screen like an idiot and uttered some sort of warning: ‘Oh God!’, ‘Watch out!’, ‘Mama get them under yer wings!’ ? Like you’re gonna be able to actually help them? I did. And it must’ve helped cuz they all ended up fine in the end.

    Like someone else said, I can now watch it again and get a chuckle outta it. When mama starts ‘hovercraftin’ I lol’ed, then again at 26 secs when baby gets up all offended but confused with an expression of ‘WHAT the hell was THAT?!’

    Also think the song doesn’t fit. I can’t even tell WHAT was being said. They need to cue up some Yakkity Sax! Everything’s better with a little Yakkity Sax! I’ll demonstrate:

  106. MoonCatty says:

    I’d feel better about the lil’ duckies getting tossed about if it were across a more natural, and softer, surface like grass. The ducklings do have feathers and down for protection, but as far as in good cushioning against concrete? Maybe not so much.

    But they all righted themselves, shook off the indignity of it all and kept on duckin’!

  107. You can’t tell me Mama Duck doesn’t love her babies! And I love the sibling concern in 0:27!

  108. BatBlaster says:

    Poor ducklings. Oh well, at least they seem to be okay at the end.

  109. I know you won’t allow this post, but you are a crazy, sick creep for not letting people express their opinion. This is NOT a cute post, and it’s not funny–if you think it is, and get so offended by people who call you out on this, you really are a sociopathic mental case. Shame on you!

  110. Me too!

  111. AuntieMame says:

    To be fair, I don’t want to see motherf***** on an adult website.

  112. rapispoetry says:

    thank you JME for at least admitting that the saccharine stuff is sometimes much worse. AuntieBellum – Nas is a rapper, not a group, and while the lyrics seem to offend some of the more mild mannered commenters (seriously, what sheltered town did y’all grow up in?), I find the the rebellious, can-do, confident attitude of the song perfect for such a clip.

  113. Did they ever make it to where they were going? And where were they going?

  114. Totally!

    It was awful seeing them roll around on the cement. You just wanted to reach into the screen and grab them. Then when the mother fell? Aiy-yee! But when it was over they all seemed peachy, soo…Yay!

  115. Horrifying? How? It’s WIND. None of the duckies died or got traumatized (from what we can see), and whether this is in the wild or in nature, wind will blow the duckies down. It’s not a horrible man-made condition or situation of cruelty. Of course, the concrete must hurt more than grass, but this is like 1/100 on the sad-o-meter.

    Also, those nuffing on the music…the mismatch between gangsta rap and baby duckies is funny. Celine Dion music wouldn’t have the same effect.

  116. Forgot to add how much I loved the CO version of “Blowing in the Wind.”

    “How many bricks must a Mom duck cross
    Before she totally eats it too?”


  117. *Sigh* Some people don’t get enough exposure to other cultures within America, I guess. I’m not a rap fan, but I realize it EXISTS, and won’t try to block it from my ears like I do Justin Bieber.
    CO has never been for kids: Cats and Racks anyone? Multiple references to the 80s, 70s, 60s? It’s for adults who need a break from the non-cute world.

  118. What does this has to do with nettiquette? Methinks the poster found the ridiculous contrast of baby ducks + ganster rap amusing (as I did) and posted this version intentionally. I don’t think anyone is “stealing” anything, unless they claim it as their own video.

  119. This is too funny!! It reminds me of one day when I was out walking my Pomeranian-mix, “Bubba” and it was reeeeallly windy out. He lifted his leg to do his business and fell over!! lol He then looked back at me like, “Hey Ma, little help here!!”

    As for the duckies – they were fine! They know how to duck and roll 🙂

  120. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “And the Crowd goes wild!!!!”
    (Huge crowds of peeps cheer, from the bandstands)

  121. Perfect!

  122. CariceLaur says:

    I’ve seen Wood Duck ducklings and Merganser ducklings hop out of nest holes 40-50 feet in the air and tumble down a rocky shore slope unharmed, so this doesn’t upset me as much as it does other people, I’m sure. I’m sure they eventually learned to compensate for the wind until they got to their new home in a pond.

  123. entropy's bitch says:

    Did one duckie go down the drain?
    They rollin’, you hatin’….

  124. I bow down to the Zen master of CO!!

  125. lol.

  126. who watches youtube with sound at work?

  127. Peanut's mama says:

    MJ I 10000000% agree w you!

  128. Peanut's mama says:

    OMG THAT SONG WOULD BE PERFECT! Still hate the video and think its NOT cute, but as far as the song choice, WIN!

  129. Here is a soundtrack free version:

  130. Kristen S. says:

    The people asking what’s wrong with the song…are they deaf, or non-English speakers?

  131. I think that if you have to first seek out the title of the song, and then google the lyrics, and then, only after reading the afore-googled lyrics, be offended by them, the song isn’t too offensive in its present presentation.

  132. I was thinking the same things, Brooke. Watching any mama look around helplessly while her babies get tumbled around is not a pleasant thing to do, even though I was pretty sure there would be a “happy ending.”

    Not nuffing, you guys. Just saying I panicked a little too!

  133. Oh, my! The music! I didn’t know CO had such an edge to it. As for people trying to help the duckies– NO! Mommy ducks are like lions when then defend their young. I’ve seen them save their babies from large dogs trying to carry them off, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be in that dog’s shoes (so to speak).

  134. our longtime fans know meg likes to pull out a straight edge every once in awhile. we don’t know why she does it or when it’s going to happen. some says she’s had her annual martini. others remind us of the time her evil twin came home unexpectantly on early release, heads straight for plainview, kidnaps meg and ties her up in the old mitten factory on the edge of town, but we know that’s just how she rolls. sometimes meg is like that duck mama and sometimes a wind comes along and actually meg is the wind, but she’s also the dog and she might want to hold a tiny duck in her mouth and other times she just likes to get up and get in it, ite?!

  135. The Other Bryn says:

    Yes! I find them kind of inspiring. I have days where I feel like that. And they just shake it off and keep on trucking. Go ducks!

  136. warrior rabbit says:

    I think the only sociopathic mental case here is you. Bye bye!

  137. you are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m 8.5 months pregnant and very sensitive to the violent things i used to appreciate before, but seriously i haven’t laughed that much in a while!!

    yakkity sax, you win!!

  138. MommaMackie says:

    I lmfao while totally sympathizing with the whole lovely bunch, Momma and the beebs. But I knew they would be okay. They are tough little critters. I was glad to see them shake it off and continue on.

    Hey, life ain’t the destination, it’s the journey!

    I’m a little tiny gal myself, small enough that at six months pregnant, it was only my huge husband that kept me from taking flight due to a stiff wind on a sunny day in March! Wasn’t the first or last time a wind has tried to carry me off, just the time I remember best. Now, my sons keep me from being carried off in the odd stiff draft. Unlike the beebs in the video, they weigh slightly more than a grape wrapped in dustbunnies.

  139. Haha I’m not gonna lie, this video had me screaming as if I was watching a horror movie. Thank god for the happy ending. I wasn’t ever worried about the ducks getting hurt, just getting blown away never to be found again. Praise Jeebus they all managed to find their way back!!

    Oh and for everyone who is b*tching about the music, you need to chillax. It’s meant as a joke.

  140. Bunbelievable says:

    CO has been hacked! Notify the authoritays!!!

  141. Awww, the kyootie-wootie wittle duckies. Seriously, this would be upsetting if they were hurt, but ducklings are so lightweight that being jostled around doesn’t really harm them.

    Remember that video from Planet Earth of baby duckies leaping out of trees? Being tumbled by the wind must be a walk in the park!

  142. I have to agree with the people here, I think while the video is cute if a little feather ruffling, the soundtrack is not appropriate.

  143. Mary (the tall) says:

    Hmm…at least it wasn’t “Candle in the Wind”. *snerf*

    Maybe “I Need a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler?

  144. Since when does not caring for foul language mean “sheltered”?

  145. As a matter of fact, sara, I didn’t hear the song until 30 seconds ago, and yeah, it’s pretty offensive in its present presentation.

  146. OMG, this literally made me laugh out loud! This is just what I needed!

  147. The next video she’s going to post is the one that’s on ICHC today of the toddler tossing the cat into the pool. Brace yourself, sharpy. 😉

  148. Lewis n' Clark says:

    and then other times she just wants to slide on the snow on her belleh and go wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  149. A better song choice would’ve been Rollin’ With My Homies.

  150. If we were having a vote, I’d definitely come down on the side that the video is perfectly fine. It’s WIND — possibly channeled by man-made buildings to be stronger than it otherwise would be in that location, but still, wind, which ducks must cope with as wild animals. And, nature appears to have equipped them to cope very well — who knew you could blow a baby duck for 20 yards across brick pavers and it’d be just fine? As has been said, it’s a happy, perhaps even inspiring, ending — they pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep going.

    But as someone who has spent 30 years (or however long it’s been) avoiding rap music, and hip-hop culture in general, as much as possible, I was appalled to learn that it’s just as bad as everyone says it is. Rap has ruined popular music, ruined a generation (maybe two, by now) of youth, and is the theme music of those who choose to be the worst they can be instead of the best. It demeans and degrades our culture and is a pernicious, damaging influence on our society. Anyone who is NOT offended that garbage like that is called music and makes its thuggish creators rich (so they can murder each other while weighted down with their bling) has lost his moral compass. And to promote such civilization-endangering trash on this OR ANY OTHER site is inappropriate, I don’t care who says otherwise.

  151. Whhheeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  152. It’s just music on a duck video.

  153. They said the same exact thing about jazz. And women getting the vote and cutting their hair. Good times.

  154. I suspect all the complaints about the music are coming from comfortable middle-class white people who like to think of themselves as multicultural until they actually encounter another subculture.

    You see, Nas? This is why they hate you.

  155. You do realize that rap is just a musical form, independent of whatever content people choose to put in it, and that even gangsta rap began as social criticism (c.f. the entire works of Public Enemy) and is not inherently all about the superficial aspects, even if many artists embrace that as an easy sell?

    Can the moralizing.

  156. Sharpy, you do have a way with words. 🙂

  157. I am a horrible ant. I laughed and then I said awwwwwwwwwwww.

  158. Paraphrasing Chris Rock; They sell guns at Walmart. A rapper says gun and there’s a Congressional hearing.
    Ever heard that Rebra McEntyre song about a mom selling her teenage daughter into prostitution? That they call “American roots music.”

  159. Wow, way to over react about a few curse words. The website has never promoted itself as work or kid friendly, hence cats n’ racks.

  160. P.S. Michael, try decaf.

  161. Martha in Washington says:

    Yeah, laughing in horror is an acceptable emotion. Like 90% of the videos on “America’s Funniest Videos” where the guys get hit in the crotch. Same thing.

  162. warrior rabbit says:

    I really hope this is satire.

  163. Martha in Washington says:

    149 comments and NO ONE has said “RUBBER DUCKIES BOUNCE”!!!

  164. warrior rabbit says:

    You’re just as bad as Michael, if on the other intransigent extreme. The complaints regarding the music have to do with the swear words. Especially if one is in a cubicle… def inappropriate. I, personally, have no problem telling you to take your patronizing BS and f*c* off.

  165. I guess I’m going to Hades in a handbasket because I actually guffawed – in horror, mind you – at them getting tossed about. Horrified until they all just picked themselves up and carried on as if nothing out of the ordinary happened. Took off the headphones after the first 10 seconds, and watched it twice.

    There is WAY too much anthropomorphizing going on here….

  166. *snerk* 😀

  167. I am enjoying where this conversation regarding wee duckies is going. Good times.

  168. Tiny duckies
    In the wind
    Makes me happy
    Makes me feel fine

  169. perfect description of my response!

  170. LMAO!

  171. Silly rabbit! Profanity is a cultural construct. The rules about what is and isn’t appropriate in an office environment are defined by the dominant culture. That’s transparent to members of the dominant culture (like myself), so we don’t often think about it, but it’s an example of privilege that what’s permitted in an office environment aligns so neatly with what middle-class white people think is appropriate.

    To put it another way: encountering something on the internet that isn’t designed to fit smoothly into your environment is something that happens to people who aren’t part of the dominant paradigm every day. Getting the vapors over it isn’t a privilege that they have.

  172. wow, first time in the moderation lounge – could someone please direct me to the bar?

  173. 🙄

  174. If it’s your above post you’re referring to, the fact that it shows up empty suggests that it’s not so moderation but some kind of coding the website doesn’t recognize. Were you trying to post a link or something?

  175. Nope. just a comment. Maybe it didn’t like the brackets?

  176. mama duck – (shifty eyes looking around to see if anyone saw that, straightens feathers, walks away as if nothing happened)

    I *would* still like that drink, though!

  177. Michael, how can you understand rap music or culture if you have spent your life avoiding it? From what you have said it sounds like you never even gave it a chance, and for this I can’t respect your opinion. Rap has not ruined a generation of youth. Instead of being bored and causing trouble, isn’t it better for those youth to be interested in listening to or creating rap music? It is just another form of personal expression.
    Also, do you really believe that people who enjoy rap music have no moral compass? Wow. I’m so sorry for being a terrible person, I’ll get my life back on track right now. Your views are shallow and based on stereotypes. It sounds like you have been sucked in by the media. Why not look deeper? There are plenty of artists who present intelligent political and social arguments through their lyrics. Not only that, but kids actually listen. They’re encouraged to understand and form their own ideas. Isn’t that a constructive influence on our society?
    Sure you might say the particular song in the video is terrible, but you can’t categorise all rap as “civilization-endangering trash”. Do your research.

  178. Haha! Love the imagery there. 😀

  179. I’m really sad that everyone who was upset about the music was TOO upset to make a “fowl language” joke. What about the puns, people? Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the puns??

  180. Aw, so cute! I didn’t know they had a “getting the vapors” smiley!

  181. Joanna Nieznanowska says:

    I managed to do exactly the Mama Duck thing today morning, when I left home. The night was frosty and the pavement was covered with ice, which I noticed only when I was already in horizontal position. And then, “Tralala, I totally meant this” 🙂

  182. Thank you AuntieBellum and a round of applause to you for your wisdom on this matter.
    It’s frustrating trying to explain a preference for elevated language over vulgarity to others when they choose to be close-minded.

  183. Actually, underneath the Obi-Wan/Darth Vader battle, it is most effective. I would like to see it under, perhaps, the burning of Atlanta in Gone with the Wind. Or perhaps a scene from Sophie’s Choice.

  184. Awwww! Poor little mites! I hope none of them got hurt. :/

  185. OMG, he’s got one of those speshul “Can see you through the internets” machines!

  186. This was just sad… 😦

  187. Me too. Blech!

  188. Brilliant video – emotional rollercoaster or what? I screamed in girlish horror as the little bodies tumbled for yards, and then…the payoff, as the merely somewhat perturbed balls of floof got up and got the hell back in line. *sniff* such little troopers…

  189. EXACTLY. Thank you. Do these people have no concept of covert work avoidance? It’s a skill, people – use it!

  190. Ermine – Thanks for Cat yodeling; I had’nt seen it for awhile. There are still tears of laughter, coursing down my cheeks as I type. I’m afraid I do all those annoying things with Stan, my cat. However I haven’t tried the shivering technique yet, maybe I will when I get home 🙂

  191. Fowl langwidge??? Mebbee…..I dunno…(I was too engrossed in the video to rlly listen) Hmmmm; the way those duckies tumbled & rolled and then righted themselves fairly quickly, shows that Mom Nature has given them a built- in protection system wif all those downy feathers and accompanying webbed feets;
    (Must be so; otherwise you would nawt see too many Bebbeh Duckies) 😆 😆

  192. I don’t think you get to decide what is and what isn’t appropriate for CO.

  193. I have to agree that I do not see anything, ‘cute’ in this but I DO see an analogy between Humans and these Ducks. They could not see the wind coming but picked themselves up anyway and moved on. We Humans can’t always see trouble coming but like these ducklings, we pick ourselves up and move on. It’s a connection between all living creatures; the will to survive.

  194. Sharpy, as ever your right. (see what I did there, it’s called sucking up to Sharpy or getting in with theMod) I can see the front page of the National Enquirer, next to the title ‘Two headed baby found on Moon’ “I was ashamed at my amazement” says sultry singer Sherellee Shutmier “Some one said, I can sing in tune”…more amazing revelations to follow…

  195. BirdiesMom says:

    And I love it when the moderators encourage, and join in, making fun of users of differing opinions.

    Sharpy, even if you’re going to laugh at me for assuming that a site that’s safe to view at the office is work-safe, and that a site that’s work-safe is home-safe… which I guess makes me an idiot, I’ll cop to that and brace for the lovely people here to agree with my self-assessment in a bit more vulgar terms… look at all of the people posting here who were offended by the language, and take that into consideration for at least three seconds before you start laughing at us again.

  196. BirdiesMom says:

    Monica, thanks for your support. 🙂

  197. OK, that cat yodeling video was one of the best things I’ve seen in a LONG time! I loved it! (And, I’ll admit, I think I may try this out with my cat! Because he’s annoyed with me all the time anyway, so I might as well have fun with it!)
    As for the duckies, I’m glad to see they’re okay! I’ve seen part of this video, but only up to the point where all the ducklings and their momma go rolling and not the part where they all got up and regrouped. I’ll admit to having been concerned, lest they broke a wing or something. SO, I’m glad that they all ended up in one very ruffled piece!

  198. Well this doesn’t change my opinion that “Rap is Crap” and I have a very Catholic taste in music. What connection there is between Rap and music I fail to see, it’s specious toss.

  199. Form mistress Daphne Ducklington, head of English at St Smellys takes her charges on an edumacational school trip. “Now gels pick yourselves up, dust yourselves off and start all over again, follow me”

  200. Headphones. Headphones are good 🙂

  201. What confuses me about the “n” word is – how did it become okay for a single group to use it among themselves and a death offense for anyone else to use it?

    Truly, humans are weird.

  202. I’m such a wuss. As soon as I clocked what was happening, I fast forwarded to the end… the happy ending. Aaaaah.

  203. Lorrie-loo says:

    I’m with warrior rabbit. Lighten up, Kelley. Geez. Don’t you have somewhere else that you can be a wet blanket?

  204. I did the same thing just to make sure one didn’t go down that storm drain in the middle. Whew!

  205. Aw, I can understand the distressed reactions from some people, my initial response was ‘Oh, no! The babies are blowing away! Come back, baby ducks!’ It can be a little upsetting to see harmless little creatures tumble head over heels like that.

    Buuuut, all’s well that ends well, yes? Seems that ducklings, like similarly awkward human children, are hardier than we give them credit for.

  206. bookmonstercats says:

    Love it. Love it. Utterly love it. Go, Sharpy.

  207. Lorrie-loo says:


  208. No harm, no fowl.

  209. bookmonstercats says:

    I shouted, “oh noes” when I first saw them rolling, and then thought “you daft [middle class, white, in-the-paradigm*] bint. When they fly they get buffeted by the wind, it’s just the same, they’re just on the ground. They’ve got big, cushiony feathers. Concrete is hard, but so is hitting water at the speed they do when they come into land. Chill, Mo’Fo**”

    * in honour of Jere7y
    ** getting into the paradigm now – oh yeah.

  210. it was blank.

  211. yeah, i kept that comment on a dare.

    that and i was hoping to see a blanket party.



    sadly, there are many comments even more vicious than this one.

  212. LOL! cool music, too, but more sappy.

  213. before you go, be sure to pick up your item in coat check.

    ironic skin tone, im afraid

  214. Oh noes!!!! But, I love how Mom recovers her aplomb and waddles off with feathers ruffled and dignity intact.

  215. Oh man, the Lord of the Rings ones were GREAT.

  216. Martha, you made me think of this…..

  217. Whew.

  218. I remember the first time I saw this video. I laughed so hard I cried… I felt bad for the ducklings.. but it was kinda funny…

  219. Thank you! 🙂

    Also, I thought I was the only one who had that happen: the inability to handle violent-ness while pregnant. I remember the last couple of months, only being able to watch things like America’s Funniest Home Videos. My poor husband and older son had to endure touchy-feely shows or comedies ONLY. In fact, my pregnancy was what caused us to stop watching the Shield (a new show, at that time, that we quite enjoyed).

    Don’t worry beeegirl, after you push that little ball of hormone-inducing baby out, you’ll be back to your old self! Look at me, now I can laugh at cute baby ducks unwillingly sailing across concrete!

  220. Was the music for this cute or not so cute video really have Nas’ “You Can Hate Me Now” featuring Sean “Puff” “Puffy “Diddy” Combs…or did someone hack the music to the video…

  221. superbunny says:

    I was horrified at first.

  222. CO, why even post this? It’s all sad.

  223. psychethos says:

    Life is like a hurricane here in Duckberg.

  224. Yes! That’s exactly what i thought. Then i watched it again. And again. And again. And marveled at how funny those babies looked rolling over and over and over. And then i felt bad because that must have hurt. But they are all fine!

  225. This is EXACTLY why I LOVE CuteOverload. Just love it.

    Carry on, Meg– everything’s just Ducky here!

  226. Me. I did. My husband thought i was nuts. Then he watched the video and did the same thing.

  227. Did anyone else have the urge to strap tiny little helmets on their downy duckie heads? No? Yeah, me either.

  228. that, and the thug rap. ties it all together…

  229. There’s an idea! LOL!!!

  230. WHEEEE!!!!! Dat was fun, Mommee!!! Ken we do it again?

  231. i’m not encouraging laughter at you, i’m encouraging laughter, period. that’s my job and i do it all day, not just for 3 seconds.

    we post stuff like the one you see above. therefore, cuteoverload is not a site for children or for work. it can be, but that’s up to you.

    its a nice day 



  232. As pointed out on another website, there are ducklings that are thrown off cliffs and out of trees by their mothers, and have to sail down to earth. Amazingly, most survive the lengthy tumble. They are very light and resilient.

  233. QWERTZwerker says:

    Okay folks, to tell you the truth: The baby ducks were blown into a drain after the cam has been switched off. Down there in the dark canal rats came by to devour the eyes out of the little ducklings heads. BUT we have a happy ending down there – rats where leaving the stage, after eating the eyes and the ducklings are still alive!

  234. I have a question for those of you who are blistering the mods and the site and posting really vicious remarks. How exactly does your post lighten the place up and counteract the evil that is this post? If anything, you’re making it worse, so I don’t see how you have any call to complain about it.

  235. TrixandSam says:

    Interesting point MoonCatty. In fact, ducks are built with all sorts of padding (or ability to survive buffeting by the wind) owing to their ability to float. Hollow bones with an internal lattice structure (which makes them very strong), a “water wing” structure within their feathers, internal air sacs that can be deflated if they’re diving in water…. They’re also very light because of their anatomy (an asset when trying to float or fly) so when they hit the ground (or water, or grass, or concrete) it’s not like a human or other mammal hitting the ground where we sustain damage more readily on a hard surface than soft.

    Are they indestructible? No, but they’re better equipped to sustain being blown around than most creatures.

    My opinion: revel in the design of the duck!

  236. man, i’m getting soooo sleepy…

    let’s head over to the loading dock and wait for a new post.

  237. QWERTZwerker says:

    A. B. I guess the problem is, that many americans simply have no humour.

  238. TrixandSam says:

    Genius, Sharpy, genius.

  239. If you listen to these guys you can have the rap AND the powdered wigs!!

  240. oh yes we do, we just don’t like the kind with u in it.

  241. metsakins says:

    My only regret is that I am far too busy @ work to read all the comments and fowl language. However I have brought in bagels and coffee for those of you who have been up all night!

  242. I laughed my butt off! Ducks are tough, all of them were fine – so relax folks! The song choice is actually perfect for the video as the song is actually about persevering through adversity and negativity. Much like reading most of the comments to this post.

  243. QWERTZwerker says:

    Black humour has it’s right to exist, too.

  244. oh, i get it. it’s all about race, isn’t it?

  245. I feel mean laughing at this, but they seem to pick themselves up like nothing happened, so I don’t feel toooooo bad…….

    The absolutely bestest bit is the way their little legs flail around when they get blown onto their backs though, so cute 😀

  246. Kaitlyn Myers says:


    Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes – It’s a – Duck-BLUR!
    Might solve a mystery
    Or re-write history
    Ducktales whooooo!

  247. QWERTZwerker says:

    Yeah, you’re right. It’s bigotry, to accept one’s humour while eliminating and condemn the likings of others, only because of intolerance. This is so mean! So meanly.

  248. LOL!

  249. It’s a funny thing, isn’t it, A.B.? But when you think about it and pay attention, you come to realize that it’s the norm rather than the exception: people criticizing someone else while acting much, much worse in the process. (See Kelley’s “sociopathic mental case” post above for an example.)

  250. yesssssss!!!!

  251. Okay, I don’t think this is a cute video either but I’m not about to start name calling. That’s just silly.

    My suggestion? Just a tiny note that it has a happy ending or that no ducklings were harmed. Cuz I got sad, yes I did.

  252. what’s happening? are we fighting? what bus am i on?

  253. Nature always finds its way to cope with adversities of wild life. That’s the beautiful part about this duckies family: perseverance.

  254. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Intrepid” = WIN!!

  255. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry! Since they all seemed alright, it was pretty funny, in that “poor puppy” sort of way.

  256. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Our sympathies.
    Hope your tush is feeling better now 🙂

  257. Heh, no one commented yet about how the ducks were all going in one direction, then the wind blew them the other way and Mom’s all, “oookaayy, we’re going THIS way now. Go with the flow babies!”

    Oh, and @ psychethos above, I love you for your comment! DUCK TAILS WHOO OOOO!!! 😀

  258. mama duck: keep cool mah babies!

  259. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I can entirely agree with part of your statement:
    Humans = weird: Very frequently True.

  260. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    wow Sharpy: you’re sounding rather Zen here —

    (“when you can take the pebble, from my hand…”)

  261. @Tracylee!!!!!!! ROTFLMAO @ Ducks in the wind!!!!
    Now I’ve got that song as an “ear worm” for the rest of the day!

  262. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    WE CAN BOB OUR HAIR NOW???? ooooo YEAH!!!

    (takes the next bus to the Hair Salon)

  263. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    (*snicker* —
    Quite a succinct analysis of a music form there, HG 🙂 )

  264. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  265. (pssssst… i still haven’t watched this duckie video. i can tell it get too scared.)

  266. Really, just a poor choice for a post. Wasn’t especially cute here or on Icanhazcheesburger. I come to this website for a break from the stresses of daily life, not to bite my nails and worry about the welfare of bebeh ducks.

  267. hahaha… I never thought of that, but I guess I laugh in horror quite often and didn’t even realize it! LOL 😀

  268. HA! I don’t know that song but the title kinda says it all!

  269. I completely agree.

  270. omg the memories!!!!

  271. me too

  272. I don’t know why everyone is flipping out about the Nas track… a little Nas ain’t gonna hurt nobody. In fact, I think the music was fitting, not only because I am a die hard 90’s hip hop fan, but because these little chicks are GANGSTA! They just brushed the dirt of their little shoulders (er, wings) and kept it movin’. Way to go C.O. Who knew a funny website about cute animals could be so controversial?????

  273. I’ll take a bagel, got any blueberry ones?
    You can keep the coffee, though. 🙂

  274. I heard the voice of that bit character from Family Guy in my head, going “eh nuuuuuuuu” when they started rolling. So… much… wind…. XD

    Also, “I just watched something that made me mildly uncomfortable for thirty seconds! This is all your fault! YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON ARGLBRGLRARG!”

  275. metsakins says:

    Ya know, here is the real strange part. Although I was concerned for the ducks and felt bad (while laughing hysterically) I figured at no point would I see horrible crushed and maimed ducks. but then, I’m a wild eyed optimist.

  276. You’re 30 seconds are non-refundable, CO is not responsible for lost or stolen time … 😉

    lol *shhhh, I secretly started working for CO, and I’m reading their employee manualz!*

  277. I used to have ducks and being that they are also one of my favorite animals I know they are heartbreakingly cute. I have to say even though this clip makes you worry momentarily for the duckies, you have to have a sense of humor to see that this is kinda funny because they are by nature cute/awkward.
    Especially because they all looked fine afterwards if a bit disoriented.
    It’s not cruel to think it’s a little funny, like when you see a little kid fall down in a funny way and not end up hurt.
    Come on, it’s not like “duckie is getting mauled by a dog, haha”. In real life ducklings face much harsher things than getting blown around by a gust of wind.

  278. I feel bad for laughing at them! They are so teensy and adorable and rolling over and over and I just love momma duck getting her feathers ruffled and walking sideways.
    And now next time I slip on ice, snow, wet grass, or trip over my own two feet, I give duckies full permission to laugh at me.

  279. just an fyi? this is a perfect example of nuffing. it’s frustrating for those who aren’t aware of how irritating it can be.

  280. I kind of think this vid is awesome. Mothernature gives the wee duck family a major wind bitchslap — and they bounce and roll, and then get back up and waddle along their way! Take THAT Mothernature!! Woohoo!!! Ducklettes just rock on!!

  281. Yes! Tiny helmets made out of halved walnut shells!

  282. Its human nature, always harder to love than to hate. 😦

  283. Yeah, it’s funny how the ice is always waaay more noticeable when your nose is mere inches from it. I do speak from experience.

  284. Let us know how that goes 😉

  285. After reading some of these comments, I’m starting to think I must not have a soul because I just laughed and laughed at the little ducklings getting blown around. Because I knew they would be ok and they are just SO HELPLESS!!

    Maybe people forget because they sometimes live in cities, but ducks are wild animals, which means they end up in life-or-death situations ALL THE TIME. In the making of this video, no one was hit by a truck, shot by a little boy with a BB gun, or gobbled up by a bear (or whatever), so I don’t think it’s that sad. The truth is that a bunch of these babies probably won’t even make it to adulthood, so getting thrown around by the wind is the least of their troubles. I vote a solid CUTE on this video.

  286. Just in regard to a comment about some people being sociapathic cases (O_°) I must say that, loving animals and seeing red when I hear about a dog who’s been dragged with the car because its owner was pissed off with it, I didn’t see any of this here. Those people are kinda bad for animal rights defenders and we have harder to convince some to help.
    The music does a lot in this video (it brings the symbol of fighting against the wind, + it’s funny), but having watched the one without the music, really, those ducklings are fine. I mean, come on, you’ve been projecting your own fears on those ducks but they haven’t been hurt and not the way you think.

    This video was just hilarious and made me laugh, with all compassion towards the little feather balls and their mom (what a slide! :-p).

    On the other hand, I agree on the censoring of “nuffers” in the comments, that’s why I don’t even come here anymore (the comment section, I still looove this website), while some exaggerate their fears sometimes it’s just normal to ask yourself questions about a situation. Sometimes I think that a pic or a video could help raise some awareness for other animals but… well, I’d be a nuffer then right? No negativity must be mentioned here… °_°
    That’s too bad because Cute Overload could do something for all the animals bringing us indirectly, the cute.

  287. In the time it took me to write that last comment, Vanessa totally stole my idea.

  288. Exactly. I see tiny birds getting blown around all the time at the waterfront. They handle it just fine. At the end, momma duck and her ducklings almost instantly regroup and walk away together as if nothing happened.

  289. Skippymom FTW!!!!

  290. CariceLaur says:

    TECHNICALLY, they jump for themselves. The mothers actually will be down on the ground, coaxing them out. They have to make that first leap by themselves! Our children really are spoiled, aren’t they?

  291. we don’t “censor” nuffers, we just try to keep the conversations constructive and on point. that’s not so bad, is it?

  292. I hope to not see more vids like this. My heart dropped watching the ducklings and Mama get blown around. It made me sad, although I’m glad they were ok.

    Please more cute not sad.

  293. What # is the rule of cuteness were helplessness is cute? #21? I lol’d at the video also!!!

  294. CactusSeed says:

    Looks like a lot of people did…I counted them too! Happy to see they were all there. =)

  295. Oh noes, the sewars are where IT lives! Gaaah! Pennywise!!!!

  296. wannadance says:

    ducks in the wind
    all we are is ducks in the wind
    don’t hang on; nothing lasts forever…

  297. For all the people whining about the rap and saying that ALL rap is bad/full of cursing/ruining generations of youth, I implore you to listen to artists like Lecrae, Tedashii or TobyMac before you internalize that belief. It’s just a style of music, and if you listen to those guys you can see how it can be applied other than gangster rap(which I’m not hating on, I just don’t listen to it). Just sayin’.
    Cute duckies! They’re fine.
    Have a good day folks:)

  298. Am I the only person who has no problem with the complaints? It doesn’t affect me or my enjoyment whatsoever. I find it kind of cute (heh) when people have such sensitive hearts and they should be able to express that. They are a huge part of the animal lover community. Last time I looked people are entitled to their harmless reactions. Geez, if you don’t agree with someone move on along…like the little duckies do!

  299. Not at all. All forums need regulations (maybe the nuffing of nuffers needs too?).
    But I’ve been refused a comment because I had talked about koala rescue etc. From a pic here I went on the website (animals with casts I think) and found a pic of a koala and read more about it which made me wanna talk about it in the comments, but the post being I don’t know “sad”, it got refused. I wasn’t whining or angry, just wanting to raise awareness.
    Since Teh Qte help us feel better, why not doing the same for them?

    Thanks for answering, Sharpy, and accepting my post.

  300. Yeahhhh Go Marie! *cheers* ;-p That was kind of you, thanks!
    Of two bads, the lesser the better, so sensitive people are better than the ones hurting animals; there you go. ^^
    Thanks again.

  301. There you go, indeed! *cheers* ;D

  302. Har!

    (Gawd now that song is going to be on loop inside my brain all day!)

  303. I could seriously read the comments on this blog for hours 😀 Being a mod here must be awesome!!


  304. Nuff you Sharpy. It was a crappy post and as a reader (and em…financial supporter in the way of calenders and such) I think I am entitled to my opinion. I have a sensitive heart, so freakin sue me.

  305. Thank you Marie. I’m glad someone see’s us “nuffers” for what we really are; just sensitive souls.

  306. janet2buns says:

    Duckehs have survived windstorms without human help for thousands of years. I’m sure they are juuust fine.

  307. i don’t remember the comment, but here are some possible reasons:

    1. it was bound to start a new discussion that would lead our little comment ducklings astray

    3. it was about a particular cause or issue or program

    14. i didn’t really add to the discussion

    72. it actually was sad, angry and/or whiny

    9. i didn’t do it.


    look at the big picture: you saw a post on cuteoverload and it prompted you to investigate and you found something good for animals! now imagine the thousands of people who saw the post and may have done the same! besides, most people don’t even read these comments, just the smart ones.

  308. i think there should be a litmus test for posts that make us squeasy:

    will sociopaths begin flocking to cuteoverload to see it?

  309. ”Ha-ha-ha, such cute ducks. Oh my! They’re blown all over the concrete, isn’t that just funneh. How I do love everything that is posted on this website.” Perhaps you should color the calendar red instead of pink, cuz that censorship just cost you 5 calendars! You might as well remove the comment section if you’re going to delete all the MILD comments you don’t like? Really guys, think about it…you’re depending on us, it’s not the other way round. Please be more professional and polite or you’re going to lose some hardcore fans…

  310. i don’t have any problem with rap (i’m more of a college radio rap fan), but that soundtrack did make me go WHAT TH–?

    apparently meg was feeling feisteh!

  311. Toffiffeezz says:

    I LOF EET!!!!!!!! I laughed so hard I almost cried..

    Little balls of puff rolling faster and faster, where they will stop, no one knows…

  312. Awww! How cute! I think it’s adorable how quickly they get right back up and into formation. And yes, wind has been around since the beginning of time…small things have been getting pushed around by wind since the beginning of time. The universe must know what it’s doing. I’m not going to be all upset about it.

  313. wow! this is getting a little out of hand! no one was laughing at the ducks getting hurt!

    what censorship are you talking about? the stuff i delete is the stuff with nasty, vicious, potty-mouthed or completely off-topic stuff that the spam filter didn’t catch. i didn’t delete anything mild, so what’s the deal? if it helps, i still haven’t watched the video because i’m afraid it would make me feel bad! i am way too sensitive, so if i think i know ahead of time, i don’t watch. i understand you might not have had the same chance, but as a hardcore fan, you must realize that we’d never post anything with intentional cruelty!

    i’m a big baby: i can’t work at a vet, go to humane societies, look at roadkill, read about dog fighting, watch animal cops (or whatever it’s called), see dogs running on the street, read all the ads for free kittens in my local paper and countless other horrors. i certainly wouldn’t hang around HERE if i thought i’d see stuff that made me feel bad!

    i daresay cuteoverload was someone’s funny idea that got really popular and was lucky enough to have hardcore fans like you. we’re not here to make money or sell calendars. we aren’t professionals. as far as being polite, this isn’t a tea party. it gets a little sassy around here. i’m the bouncer and i’m sorry if you got your toes stepped on, but i didn’t see them! are you really not going to buy 5 calendars over this? what if someone gave you one for christmas?

    come on, let’s just hug it out for santa!

    just a wee one?

  314. *snicker* I have seen wildlife blown further than that, here in lovely Kansas, the state, not the band. Sure, you have some anxious moments, worrying that the ducklings might come to harm, but then they weeble-wobble themselves back onto their little paddlers, scurry back to Mama, and go on their way. That’s cute!

  315. Eh…if hardcore = obnoxious jerk, then I think we can do without that kind of fan…

  316. Wow! I didn’t even think you would allow me to post my message, but thanks for the long answer. Appreciate it. Misunderstood the censorship perhaps, it’s just that I’m doing my thesis about it at the moment and went to after a long day to relax and saw…a discussion about censorship :-). One question though: if you daren’t watch it, why post it? That means it’s not cute, right? You can expect people are going to respond emotionally to this kind of footage. If it’s intentionally, it would make much more sense to me.

    Furthermore, about the ‘funny idea’: I believe this website has a lot of potential to grow and work together with animal rescue organizations. Maybe it would be nice to start a little discussion here and there, ya know. It evokes something, I guess. Not only am I indeed a hardcore fan of this website (have to admit, wasn’t able to change my homepage settings), but am also a hardcore fan of all animals, like you. Good to hear you’re more of a softy than a sharpy :-).

    *Is off to Amazon*

  317. (You should watch the duckies, sharpy. It’s really not scary at all. What it mostly looks like is that time you dropped your 20-page term paper in the parking lot and the wind blew the pages all over the place. But then you gathered them all up again and turned it in and got an A+++ from teacher. Yay!)

  318. Wow, you don’t sound anything like my auntie…this would be worth censoring :-). Completely off-topic + offensive.

  319. For the record, it isn’t really the sensitive hearts that are the problem. It’s the pushy, demanding “You Must Post Only What *IIIIIII* Want to See On This Website Or I’ll Take My Ball and Go Home” types that get up everyone’s nose.

    That, and the ones who don’t even try to discuss, but come in with guns and personal insults blazing.

  320. Peanut's mama says:

    TY kim! I nuffed and got the axe, so glad to see someone on my side!! YAY US!

  321. Where would the world be without them? xo

  322. It’s called reclaiming a word (also called reappropriation). Basically, a word is used to vilify or insult a non-dominant population; then, that non-dominant population reclaims the word as a form of social empowerment.

  323. You win.

  324. Eeeek! *hides under bed, sucking thumb*

  325. Balthesia says:

    Wind! Wind! Are you talking about the awful stuff that blew our 20-year old cat over in our garden in the UK a few years ago! She got up, shook herself down and carried on exploring the garden (wind still blowing) – she didn’t give a toss!

  326. Balthesia says:

    🙂 I meant to add the smiley at the end of the post…sorry 🙂

  327. I must be one sick [D]UCK because I found this incredibly hilarious.

    Don’t underestimate animals, you guys. They all got up, shook off, regrouped and kept on walking, right? No one got hurt or anything. And besides it’s not like they were being blown around by a human with a leaf-blower. It was WIND. I’m sure we human are more startled by watching this video than those ducks who were actually caught in the gust.

  328. At least no one forced the ducks to listen to the soundtrack,..THAT would have been cruel.

    And FYI (as a guy who sees wild ducks and ducklinglings all the time),..just run of the mill daily duck life is filled with WAY more punishment than a few flip-flops on the square. Ladybugs have it REALLLY rough, they navigate by flying into pretty much everything at full tilt, they seem to manage ok though.

  329. ducklings are all “screeeeemmmm!” “Can we do that again Mom, huh, can we, huh?? pleeeeze!!!” Mom is all, “there better be some vodka at the house, cause I’m gonna need it.”

  330. yes!

  331. I dunno, they all seem to roll with the punches, or gusts as it were. I kept want to yell “DUCK!”…but since nothing hit them except the wind that would have seemed silly. Animals are so much more resilient that humans are at times like that.

  332. Totally agree.

  333. Has anyone noticed the duckie that gets up about halfway through and looks like any kid that’s just rolled down a hill, all woozy and, like, “which way is up?”

  334. There’s an article in The Toronto Star newspaper today about this video which was shot at a local racetrack here. The videographer was interviewed and confirmed that all of the bebeh ducks were fine, and people were helping to ensure that they didn’t fall down into any storm drains etc. Incidentally, it was so windy that day at the track, they had to call off the horseh races too!

  335. i knew it! you like spanking, don’t you? now i can’t decide if i should dish out a spank or not! this cute stuff is so confusing!

  336. This video had me laughing out loud — loudly! It’s just damn funny. Like other posters have shared, I am an utter weakling who gets blown around like a leaf in a strong wind, which we get all too often around here. It’s embarrassing to have people watch from their cars, safe, as I struggle to stay upright. So I found this hilarious. The ducks are all fine — no worse for wear.

  337. yay, peace rules! i really am a terrible softy, but don’t tell. rawr!

    btw, when i say i don’t watch ’em, it’s because i really am like the bouncer: i wait to see what goes on stage just like you do. the writers work really hard picking their posts and writing their captions and i just sit down here with you, waiting for the squeees and/or fights to break out.

    i hope people are giving and helping good organizations. i just happen to know that people get all lathered up about who has the best organization and then everything goes all crazy again. good luck on your thesis!

    mwah! mwah!

  338. catservant says:

    I would rather have watched this one, without the (please note, Sharpy) the POTTY-MOUTH sound track. I had to mute it, it was so offensive. I did giggle guiltily as I watched, I have been blown around like this in the wind — kind of fun for me. It was a perfect metaphor for Life on Planet Earth.

  339. *gulp*

    i could maybe watch through my fingers. but sometimes you just can’t unwatch stuff! i definitely can’t watch anything where dogs are being tricked, like with glass doors.

    i’ll try, though, i promise!

    (and what’s an “A+” ?) 🙂

  340. and then it gets co-opted by the dominant culture, rendered impotent and forever banished to the scrap heap of ironic nostalgia, know what i mean, homestyle?

  341. catservant says:

    I feel so much better now, T&S! And better informed! I actually learned something on CO. Thanks!

  342. I didn’t want to laugh … I really, really didn’t want to laugh, but I just HAD TO! Glad to see the little Mallards were ok!

  343. I did not find this cute in ANY way. I work at a wildlife rehab, and I just love little ducklings. I felt so bad for them getting blown around. I stopped the video then started it again a few minutes later thinking something CUTE had to happen. I was wrong. Most upsetting video I’ve ever seen on this site. Ever.

  344. I don’t know where they were going, but they probably won’t be taking that route again!

  345. duck and roll… HA!!

  346. ha! love the cat-loving engineers!

  347. heh – odds are good your child is already familiar with “motherf***er” …or soon will be.

  348. MommaMackie says:

    Thank you SOOO very much for the follow up! Great to know that all truely did end up well for this brave little family.

    One thing I must hand to dear Meg and the rest of the crew at CO – the place is almost NEVER boring! You stir up a lot of emotion and get people talking about both positive and negative issues, often in a very insightful manner. I’m glad to see it, whether or not I may agree with what I read. Good to see people actually taking their brains out and using them.

  349. So… what’s a “Catholic” taste in music?

  350. Yea..but Bernice will do it for free!

    Ya know…”Bernice Bobs her hair” w/Shelly Duvall?! It’s a classic, peeps!

  351. TheCat is amused.

  352. Launchpad McQuack.. oh my freaking.. lol

  353. I see this as a story of triumph. When the wind knocks them down, they get back up. Everyone needs to calm down and look at pictures of puppies, specifically hot salsa dog.

  354. I am a bit sad. I used to love Cuteoverload. I still like it, but it’s not the same any more I can’t explain why.

    *slinks away*


  355. No, I’m a comfortable middle class white person who makes no claim to being multicultural and doesn’t want to encounter other cultures, I’m fine with this one. And, in reply to other comments, I don’t need decaf because I don’t drink coffee, tea, soft drinks or any other caffeine; rap makes me this agitated all by itself. I didn’t need to give it much of a chance any more than I need to give being poked in the eye with a sharp stick much of a chance. It’s inherently terrible and worthless; it’s like listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. I realized it was hopeless when, in the closing credits to MIB2, I heard the most insipid, inoffensive possible lyric being rapped by someone I admire and like (Will Smith) and I STILL hated it and could barely stand to stay in the theater. It’s not a form of music, it’s anti-music, it’s an insult to the whole idea of music. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

  356. I held a duckling once, and though “wow, you better learn to fly quick or you’ll blow away in the wind”. It’s seriously lighter than a cotton-ball, and the “claws” on the feet are not strong enough to clench onto anything.
    This is just a normal windy day for a duck and the ducklings.

    Seriously. I think even my dwarf-hamster was heavier.

  357. Catholic taste = wide ranging, nothing to do with the church. 🙂

  358. Definitely not cute – more scary bite my white knuckles! I don’t really get why sharpy has a problem with the people that have a problem about this. Either CO should have a warning tag on the “challenging” videos that don’t fit in to the overall cute ethos (or have a “black CO” site) OR don’t criticise the complainers. You can’t have it both ways, CO.

  359. I’ve never seen so many red comments. Also, this has to be the most-commented on post ever that does not feature an attractive human in it. Or a male human who is alive.

  360. You weren’t there Sharpy, it was under the time of Tehocracy… I wasn’t whining, just raising awareness (therefore adding to the discussion). But there are sometimes a ‘must not see, must not hear’ about the slightest negativity. “Let’s talk about the cute dogs but not the ones being hurt by humans”, there goes the blinders.
    It doesn’t mean we must see all the horror, but at least not closing our eyes on it, that’s not much asking is it?

    Thanks again for answering and being open for discussion, there wasn’t that with Theo (sorry folks, that’s my impression).

  361. Strawberry_Thief says:

    I found it a bit upsetting – I know they were all okay but the little critters must have been frightened. Imagine it was you – even if you were okay in the end, it’d still be an unpleasant experience.

    I find it more upsetting that there’s a possibility this comment could be deleted. Bizarre.

  362. as long as your comments are fresh and delicious, you’ve nothing to worry about.


  363. Toffiffeezz says:

    Sharpy, I think I ❤ you LOL

  364. The reason you don’t get a “warning” before the post, is because CO (or any other website for that matter) can’t protect everyone from things that make them uncomfortable. They have no idea what’s going to offend you, or me, or the next guy. That is why coming on the internet, no matter what website, is kind of an “at your own discretion” thing.

    I wish more people would understand this, you cannot babyproof the internet. Everyones feelings cannot be protected. guh!

  365. Wow. This thing has blown into geopolitical struggle/existential crisis/doctoral thesis proportions. It’s a bunch of ducks and their scuffle with a natural phenomenon known as wind.

    I’m glad there are those who sympathize with the duckies’ plight, putting themselves into the duck’s perspective and feeling the pain of concrete on their own shoulders, but I think this is akin to elephants feeling sorry for human who gets squished on the bus during rush hour. It sucks, but we live through it.

  366. Alexandra Noelle says:

    they kinda make me think they’re just doing somersaults. But i was a bit worried the first i saw it, like, holy cow are they ok? I couldn’t do a tumble like that and come out smiling.or happy go ducky 🙂

  367. Alexandra Noelle says:

    I agree. I saw the 365 comments and was like huh? this must be super cute or something. But in the scheme of things, simon’s cat is cuter. it’s controversial i guess.

  368. you called theo a jerk, you called theo a jerk!


    i’m telling! 🙂

  369. “…And we were, like, whoa! And then we were, like, whoa! And then we were, like, whooooooaaaaaaaaaa! Duuuuuuuude!”

  370. you’ve made your disapproval known on several occasions. so i guess that means we CAN have it both ways.

    i don’t have a problem with complainers, i just have a problem reminding people that complaining about CO doesn’t make sense if you know how we roll!

    here’s an illustration:

    cute picture on the internet:

    Hang In There! 

    Cute picture with overload sauce:

    kinda tangy, isnt it?

    hopefully you came for the entire CuteOverload experience, not just the parts you think fit YOUR cute ethos.

    you’d better be careful because these discussions often end in hugs. 😉



  371. Lisa Shalet says:

    Well, I can think of one way that CO is not work friendly…that’s right, how much work does a worker work when a worker is watching CO? (Apologies to woodchucks.)

  372. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Ekjati: um, yes, actually,
    Meg *CAN* have it both ways, if she makes those determinations. It’s her site, and we get to visit it.

    WE DON”T own the site, peeps. We LOVE many things about the site and hence we often delight in visiting it. But WE don’t own it.

  373. That made me sad :’-(