Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

Lend me your:

I can’t believe my own ears, floridapfe.


  1. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    That is the most unimpressed little creature I’ve ever seen. It looks like the -_- emoticon. Which is absolutely precious.

  2. Perfect comment!

  3. I agree, perfect comment. It’s exactly what I wanted to say, but better :D

  4. Everyone knows Mark Antony was a fox.

  5. *groan*

  6. Okay, I give up. I don’t get this one. :?

  7. “Friends, Romans, countrymen”– beginning of Mark Antony’s funeral oration for Julius Caesar, in the Shakespeare play.

  8. bookmonstercats says:

    Also, Mark Anthony was supposed to be a hottie – Cleopatra thought so, anhoo.

  9. bookmonstercats says:

    “anyhoo” *groan*

  10. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ brinnann: AND the line specifically STATED
    “lend me your EARS” …..and a Fennec Fox’s ears are generally …perhaps.a TAD on the Cute Side,

    thusly & thereunto appertainin’….

  11. Thanks everyone! I knew the line, but didn’t remember that it was the intro to his funeral.

  12. Skeptical fox is skeptical. (=_=)

  13. Beep! Little beep. Bip!

  14. Give it to me. NOW. *grabby hands*

  15. oh, you gotta good story? I’m all ears!

  16. So humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy ear-chomps. Except this fennecy eater only dines on Roman delicacies.

  17. Fabulously floofy Fennic feigns frown.

    Plus: Lookit! Ear nommables for all!!

  18. O NO He/ She /It DI-unt!! says:


  19. O NO He/ She /It DI-unt!! says:

    whot th’?????

    (moderation on the single word “Fantastic”??? Wha’ gives??)

  20. I actually let out a little squee. Thanks, CO, and thanks, little fennec fox!

  21. Here’s her albino cousin, even cuter:
    Fennec fox

  22. skippymom says:

    Holy carp, I think the little white one is actually a mythical creature that lives with the fairies!

  23. Smeagol!

  24. Stressfactor says:

    “Friends, Romans, Countrymen lend me your Fennec Foxes?” Gee, I guess this is the Cute Overload production of “Julius Ceasar”. Certain to be a hit off-off-off-off Broadway.

  25. The CO adaptation is titled “Julius Seizure,” and everyone dies of squee-induced head ‘splosions.

  26. Anyone here read Richard Armour? He wrote comical synopses of all kinds of literature, and in his retelling of Shakespeare, he explains how the Bard originally intended to title his play something along the lines of “Julius Grab the Girl Quick Before She Runs Away.”

  27. My comment that is currently awaiting Moderashun is about another adaptation called “Julius Seize-her.”

  28. Lisa Shalet says:

    I can just see an audience full of CO addicts…I mean fans…squeeing out of control, falling into isles, drooling and flopping around.

  29. Don’t you mean Julius Squee-zure?

  30. Or maybe “Julius Seize-her,” where everyone keeps trying to run off with the fox stuffed in their bras, Cats ‘n’ Racks style.

  31. A fox? I dunno. Looks like a baby lycaon to me. But no matter, who this precious cutie is, it is freaking cute!

  32. I lent you my EEEEEEE!!!! of delight.

  33. Lok at those pawsies!
    (Hey, AuntieB, I remember Richard Armour! You can’t be as old as I am!)

  34. I certainly qualify for “middle-aged”! :mrgreen:

    I looooooove Richard Armour.

    “Sir Walter Scott was a Scot. As a boy, he was a boy Scot.” Bwahahaha!!!

  35. bookmonstercats says:

    Googling Richard Armour NOW. I’m middle-aged, but I assume he is (or possibly was) American, ’cause I haven’t heard of him and I love that sort of humour.

  36. His books have been out of print forever. :(

    But they’re totally worth finding at the library or from a used book seller. Hilarious!


  38. *puts Theresa at the top of audition list for lead role in “Julius Seize-her”*

  39. See my comment in the previous post re: delicate ear nommingks.

  40. NurseNoir says:

    Da teeny, skeeeny wheeeskerses!

  41. The caption is perfect for this photo. Thank you for sharing.

  42. I think Fennec McRadarsons here also needs a disapproval tag. :I

  43. “Eh, I’ve been around, you know, seen a few things, knocked about from town to town, lived a bit of life, taken my knocks. What you got going on here, well, you know, it’s *fine*, but nothing I haven’t seen before, innit? Right.”

    -_- ftw.

  44. melissa belissa says:

    omg. I gasped. hands to mouth, mouth agape, gasped.
    so. adorable.

  45. Fox disapproval.

  46. I R SIRIUS FOCS!…just look at mi furrowd browz…

  47. “Friends, Romans, countrymen: lend me your ears.”

    “What happened to the ones we lent you last week?”

    “I put them on my chariot.”


    “They were charioteers.

  48. Nice, and also *groan*

  49. Ha! (And groan.)

  50. I’m glad someone cleared this up — it didn’t look like a fennec to me either, but I wasn’t sure. STILL CUTE!!!

  51. Nope, fennec.

  52. Damn, on second thought, perhaps you are correct with your righitude. I would like one if the personality isn’t too, you know, um, nasty.

  53. The name of the picture in flickr is “Bat eared fox”, so I’d say he’s right.

  54. emmberrann says:

    @Rhea: bat-eared, fennec, it’s not important–it’s CUTE!

  55. I AGREE!!

  56. cyberpunkrocker says:

    That’s ok, I can’t believe your ears, either

  57. I love his face of :|
    That must be one of the luckiest hands in the world!

  58. nyerrrrrrr! i want this in my christmas stocking!!! i’d never ask for another puppy or kitty if i could get a guy like that, i prooommissseee.

    what a fantastic little mr/ms fox. yuk yuk yuk

    for the baby fennec fox version of that movie, it would be fabulous mr. foxlet. and yes, i am fully aware that they are called kits. i prefer foxlet.

  59. Yeah, so totally unimpressed. But so cute. Those feetz!

  60. Actually, he looks seconds away from a “PBBBTHTH.”

  61. Expression is a mix of nonchalant and indifferent — and also fully entitled to pampering.

  62. i just died from this cute lil’ face and the big ears SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. stop at the name of my paw i know you love me but dont qweeze mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Oh, no….no lending…..give me those EARS!!!

  65. Nice floptitude going on there. Looks like a bat though… in a weirdly good way.

  66. BatBlaster says:

    So, bats are cute. Vulpes zerda right. fennecs are cute.

  67. BatBlaster says:

    Sorry i meant Bat eared fox, hence why it looks like a bat, because bats need big ears to hear the echos of their voices and navigate and stuff.

  68. I LedOL.

  69. Tooooo cool for mere cute, look at the posture. It ain’t what he says, it’s how he says it, ie: ‘Hipsters, flipsters ‘n finger-poppin’ daddies — knock me ur lobes!’

  70. Aww, a bat-eared fox! My second favorite kind of fox!

  71. Yay for bat-eared foxes. They don’t get enough lurve.


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