Dairy Air

Nellie the Dancing Cow, and her famous “Grand Arabesque”.


Dance to the moosic, Sandy T.



  1. The air their is dairy air.

  2. there.

  3. bookmonstercats says:

    I dance like that too – Go Nellie!!!!!!

    Who know cows sat down like that?

    Pyrit, lof the hovertexts, especially the second one.

  4. baileysgrandmom says:

    Somebody call Temple Grandin–stat!–to be sure Nellie is all right. But cows (and horses, too) really do look ‘funny’ seated.

  5. PFFFFTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, shoot. Now I have to wipe all that coffee off my screen.. and off my desk… and the wall… oops, and my cat… sorry, kid, it’s the cow’s fault!!

  6. XD Loff this.

  7. hehe my grandma would call this “Dropsy Syndrome” when she’d just plop down somewhere.

    apparently (just looked it up) dropsy is a fish thing. who knew?

  8. meaning, of course, she’d ‘drop’ her bottom half, much like our bovine friend above has done.

  9. I’ve seen cows standing up, and I’ve seen cows laying down, but this made me realize I’ve never seen the transition underway. Fantastic!

  10. 260Oakley says:

    Dance of the Sugarplum Dairy from the Buttcracker


    “I Field Good” by James Brown Cow

  11. I hope this is in between laying down and rising…as hilariously cute as this is, it’s not a usual position in a cow…

  12. i think we have a new record

    for chub

  13. We had an old (retired) cutting horse when I was little – an Appaloosa named Chief. Mom and Dad have a picture of him sitting just like a puppy dog in the back yard. I wish it was digital so I could post it for you guys.

  14. And an illustration for the definition of “guttulence.”

  15. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    I believe cows rise by lifting their butt ends first, then their front ends. This is different from horses. So I’m not sure what’s going on here.

  16. Hey, she’s not fat – she’s just big boned!

  17. I think she’s starting a Sit In. Wonder what Moovement she’s with. Whichever one it is, she’s clearly giving it her udder support.

    All puns aside, I know she’s a girl and all, but I can’t get the image of a big dude sitting shirtless on the couch, with a tank top tan line and his man bewbies and gut a hangin’ out. 😛

  18. Total win!!!! I’m laughing my buttcrack off. (LMBCO)

  19. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


    (stifled *snerk*)

  20. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Metz, you’re obvy in a nose-to-nose with 2600 in the Puns ‘R Us Dept today!!

  21. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Also also liking the “Cute or Sad?” Tag.

    All in all, pyrit — Grand. Just Grand.


  22. I’m feeling the need to watch Turning Point again. Or maybe buy a ticket for “The Black Swan.” Or is that Black Bovine.

    Time to hang up the four-fours! Would say tu-tu’s but for a quadped, four-four feels more appropriate.

  23. My cow cat is named Nellie!

  24. I’m calling cute underload on that one.

  25. Very sad this morning, went to order a calender, and they won’t ship to Alaska.
    Sniff, sniff.

  26. My family always called it “dropsy” when you dropped things. 😳

  27. Aaaaaaaaagh, 260Oakley, the genius! The genius!

  28. Where cow? There cow.

  29. Haha! Sadly, my fat cat sits EXACTLY like this, protruding belly and all.

  30. Hey Bunny, how ’bout a calendar rescute ? e mail me at :
    yakimapottery@yahoo.com & we’ll see what we can do about getting a calendar to you. I’ll get back to you tonight since computers don’t do well in a pottery studio.

  31. Unfair! Let’s stage a sit-in like Nellie here, until they agree to ship to Alaska!

  32. Is this an example of ground beef? 😉

  33. Derriere!

  34. I think this is what, in ballet terms, is called “La Plotz.”

  35. same principal, I suppose our ‘things’ are our tuchuses 🙂

  36. warrior rabbit says:

    Who? Amazon? Amazon won’t ship to Alaska?!

  37. I also think that’s weird! I grew UP on a cattle farm, and I’ve never seen this! I hope Daisy there is okay. (I’m sure she is; I don’t want to be one of those gloom and doom commenters, and I don’t think that’s called for here! /clarification)

  38. warrior rabbit says:

    Arrrrgh! Sigh.

  39. When I was a youth, I made a sitting cow out of clay and my smarter-than-me friend dubbed it the “anatomically incorrect cow” since she reported that cows don’t sit down. So, either this cow is anatomically incorrect, or my friend had it wrong.

  40. Snerk OMG metz… the visual will be with me all day now.

  41. Can’t even say “that cow is out-standing in her field”–“out-sitting” just doesn’t cut it. On long car rides, this is a family favorite udderance when spotting cows. That and “HEY” when you see a hay truck.

  42. I have a comment up there somewhere (over the rainbow) awaiting moderashun about a horse we had when I was little that used to sit like this.

    (Holy run-on sentences, Batman!)

  43. Oh boy. How about “What’s that on the road, a head?” :mrgreen:

    Or my dad’s favorite, when passing a property with a high fence around it: “Nudist colony!”

  44. Knock knock!

    Who’s there?

    Cows go.

    Cows go who?

    No, silly. Cows don’t go “hoo.” Cows go “moo.”

  45. LOL That reminded me of how my dad used to suddenly reach over and grab one of us by the head and hold us still. We’d be all, “WHA??” and he’s day, “The sign said, “Stop A Head!”

  46. Knock knock!

    Who’s there?

    Interrupting cow.

    Interrupting cow wh—


  47. Dads: Your Introduction to Corny Humor

  48. ooooh yah, it’ll be with me too! hehehehe

  49. That sounds like my dad! Every time he sees a sign that says “Congested Area” he starts coughing.

  50. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ pounce: Mui excellente!!!!

  51. I am surprised no one has said it yet, but…. BLORP! 🙂

  52. *applause applause* You are da bomb, Oakley!!!!

  53. Oh man, I just groaned outloud on this one… Good thing I work in an office for one!!! LOL

  54. Ain’t THAT the truth… My father would come home with something new, and I’d ask him where he got it… He’d always answer “the gettin’ store”… *sigh*

  55. I know!!!! Such blorpitude cannot be denied!

  56. Haha! My other favorite cow knock-knock! 😀

  57. I know it as a dropsical swelling or Oedema (UK) Edema(USA)
    “Well you muricans like things simple, because you’re all……..
    Not sure whether to duck and hide, will they geddit”? 🙂
    Gilray cartoons show the [I think] Prince of Wales [Prinny] with his legs ‘sore swelled’ and bandaged. It is a form of excessiveaccumilation of watery fluid in cells. I have it slightly in my lower legs above the ankle in connection with varicose veins[dam; there goes my chance of fame on, ‘Men of Cute overbite’] The result on myself, is that the mark of the ribbing from my socks, remains visible as an indentation for longer than normal.

  58. There wolf. There castle.

  59. 😀

  60. Said in Yorkshire accent, “Get the plates out Mother
    we’re coming to a fork in the road.”

  61. TrixandSam says:

    Upon ordering a salad and being asked his choice of dressing, my dad would reply: “do you have hundred island dressing? I’m on a diet…”

  62. TrixandSam says:

    The freakin’, stinkin’ genius!

  63. I think it may be a Jewish Mother cow, “I’ll just sit here, don’t mind me, it’ll be dark soon”

  64. Mary (the first) says:

    She looks a lot like me sitting down except i don’t wear such dangly earrings. Usually.

  65. Passing a sign that says “Eagle Laundry”– he says “Oh good, I need to get my eagle laundered.” :mrgreen:

  66. “Watch for Falling Rock” signs were common along hillside highways where I grew up, and my father had a predictably ridiculous tale of the brokenhearted Indian suitor who’d gone missing. “And even today, along the highway, you can still see the signs …” *groan*

  67. oh, lord, me too!

  68. Oh, yes – I see it’s there now. Would love to see that pic!

  69. “No, I’m perfectly comfortable. You should eat.”

  70. With my dad, it was “Falling Rock”, a Native American friend of his. [snerk]

  71. Q. Why do cows have bells?
    A. Because the horns don’t work.

  72. Anonymoose says:

    Wow, apparently driving “humor” is a favorite of dads. Mine always starts rolling his shoulders forward and back when he sees a sign reading, “Shoulder work ahead.”

  73. “Why are you talking that way?”

  74. Grand arabesque…not so much. More like a grand plie´ in second position.

  75. There’s nothing clever I can add at this point except to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! All of it photo, captions, hovertext.

    Could do without the tacky tagged ears on that poor bossy, but what can you do? Anyhow she’s chillin’ regardless. 😀

  76. Why not?

  77. Better yet: cute udderload.

  78. lord thunderin’ almighty that is one adorably cute cow. reminds me of my own pug babies. but upsized!

    and the puns had me totally crackin up folks, loved them all 😀

  79. This is not my cow!

  80. My dad’s favorite groaner of a joke:
    Whenever anyone asked “where are we going?” he would inevitably reply, “crazy”.

  81. I think this is the utter definition of a fat cow.

  82. cellarmouse says:

    THAT’S why it looks so wrong cows just don’t do this … thanks,occula …

  83. cellarmouse says:

    THAT’S what’s wrong – cows just dont do this … thanks, CRM … (rats are sweet, little babies) …

  84. Actually, this isn’t how cows get up or down. They kneel on their front legs to stand or lay down. This is really unusual and called “dog-sitting” and is usual an abnormal behavior associated with poor living conditions. This photo has me scratching my head trying to figure out why on earth she’s doing it.

  85. Maybe it’s a Far Side cow!

  86. I find her zen-like expression oddly moooving.

  87. I agree with you, occula. I also grew up on a cattle farm and I never saw any of our cows sit like that.

  88. Help I’v fallen and I can’t get up!

  89. Wow, cows sit? And why did the “dramatic” music play in my head as I looked at this picture, especially on the close-up.

  90. well color me informed… it’s totally not the same as blorping yourself into the chair… :/

  91. @Susan–
    I think you beat Oakley to the punch!

    (Rolling on the floor laughing my udders off)

  93. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    cha CHING!!!

  94. Yes! My husband and I both remarked that she’s sitting exactly like our pug/bulldog, who looks so awkward when seated.

  95. I agree, Julie, I’m a vet student and my first thought was pathology, maybe from calving complications, but her udder is very small. Can you share any links about cows sitting in poor conditions? Google failed me, and I’m interested in animal welfare.

    Though admittedly, she could just be a very odd cow. 😉

  96. Here’s another sitting cow…

  97. The photo didn’t work. 😦

    You can click this link to see it.

    Sitting Swiss Cow

  98. That is the fattest cow I have ever seen! And the happiest. Lol!

  99. LOLOL …I think Tchaikovsky would have smirked at that one!

  100. They ship to POLAND (I know, coz they’re sending it to me right now)! Why not to Alaska? Were you naughty or something?

  101. As soon as I saw the title Dairy Air, I knew pyrit was behind this one!

  102. Oy! I’ve been on my feet all day. This is the first time I’ve sat down today.

  103. I second the head scratching. I’m vet, and while it *looks* cute, I too couldn’t help but wonder if something is medically wrong with this heifer/cow. I hope she’s just picked up a weird and funny habit…

  104. It’s obviously a statement. She’s got a real beef with all the puns on cuteoverload; she thinks you guys are milking it for all it’s worth. Sure, there are tons of cow jokes out there, but only calf of them are really good and the rest are all bull. You can tell she’s herd ’em all! She’s starting to get a little cheesed off.

    But it’s alright, cuteoverload, she still loves you; to err is human, but to forgive is bovine.

  105. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….wow!!! Verreh Nice Punography!!!

  106. I hope the cow’s not sick. Cattle on feedlots are fed a highly unnatural diet to fatten them up. This causes chronic digestive pain—imagine your worst case of gastritis that never goes away. The stomach becomes so full of gas (a condition called bloat) that breathing is impaired because of compression of the lungs.

  107. gosh, you seem to know a lot about sick cows. why can’t you tell us what is wrong with our cow? why is she sitting this way? maybe she just needs some sort of platform to stand on. i guess she just hasn’t found the right one. too bad she can’t just stand up on her own and wander away in search of greener pastures.

  108. spacebunny says:

    “Ugh, I feel like a big fat cow.”

  109. This is an abnormal cow behavior called “dog-sitting” meaning he probably has a phosphorus deficiency which is a serious medical condition. He needs to see the vet ASAP!

  110. This usually means they have a serious phosphorus deficiency in their diet.

  111. skippymom says:


  112. Uh, Tiff, I hate to break it to ya, but all cows are girls.

  113. We’ve all heard of that great Indian chief, Sitting Bull. Well, this is his wife, Sitting Cow.

  114. Haha mooooo!!!