Unclear on the Concept

Talk about creatures of habit: Once a dog gets used to the idea that he can’t walk through a glass door, he won’t walk through it even when the glass is gone.

Apparently, this has happened before:



  1. I’m worried that my dog will do that once he goes completely blind :[

  2. Dogs don’t have to be smart. They can get by on their good looks.

  3. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I’m sending funds for counseling for both goggies.
    Maybe they needed a written memo, to comprehend the new logistical conditions.

  4. Sorry to nuff, but I don’t find it amusing, it seems a betrayal of the dogs trust, to piss it about like that 😦

  5. Hello, old stick.

  6. Maxmillian9 says:

    I can only wish this worked with my rottweilers who’ve realized they CAN go through a screen. 🙂

  7. sigh…my dogs do the opposite, they try to go through doors when they are closed, then look all confused when they just bump their heads. Not the glass doors, either, they try and walk through opaque plastic and wood.

    As sad as it is, these pups are smarter than mine…

  8. Giggled myself silly at these videos!

  9. The second video is titled:”stupid dog…” Actually, I see both of these dogs as smart. They have learned the rules; a human has to open the door. What would be stupid, is a dog who repeatedly bashes his snout on the glass, thinking that he can get through because he can SEE through.

    The videos are hillarious though. Except I’m nauseated from the ‘herky jerkiness’ of the first one. The narrator reminded me of the Mad TV UPS guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYgYVxFXdKg

    I could just envision that’s how the owner looked while filming. No wonder his dog is such a spaz, lol.

  10. Lol, I had a dog who was really smart. He had gotten to the point where he could unlock the glass door, then we switched to a normal wooden door and he was all confused.

  11. Dogs aren’t stupid. The title on the second video makes me angry.

  12. Can’t you see that there’s a goggie force field in these doors?
    Of course the poor goggies can’t get through the door!
    Them’s smart goggies 😉

  13. Sweet, sweet pups!

  14. Jenn in IL says:

    OMG, I love dogs so much. This confirms that I will always have them, no matter how “stupid” (which I don’t think they are…they seem smart enough to have learned not to walk through something just because it looks invisible). These pups are so funny!!

  15. Oh well, it’s a Golden. Nobody every claimed they were geniuses. 😀

  16. Cinder's Mom says:

    Was this filmed during an earthquake?

  17. Not stupid! Don’t like title either. Funny though.

  18. That’s not being stupid. Those dogs are being very smart.

  19. leaves of cat grass says:

    better safe than sorry…

  20. Heh,I’m pretty sure dogs think we, humans, have magical powers. We make invisible walls and can pass through them seemingly at will. We make light appear even at night by touching a wall. A human can leave and “hunt” for 30 minutes, aka shopping, and return with enough food to feed a dog for weeks. Then there is our magical box on wheels that can go faster than any dog. Finally there is the talking box in the living room that makes noises and has indistinct shapes on it that cannot be smelled!

    The dogs in these videos aren’t so much stupid as using magical thinking to understand the strange bipeds they live with.

  21. My cousin’s run through his plate glass sliding door SEVERAL times and broken the glass. I say these dogs are really smart 🙂

  22. Funny but puzzling. I would have thought that with all those scents flooding in from outside the dogs would realize the door is open…

  23. vermilion says:

    I wish I had a waggy tail like that to come home to every day, I’d be a lot happier. I also don’t like when people call animals stupid 😦 Intelligence is relative! It seems like these dogs would be able to learn a lot of tricks. I just hope they don’t learn the new idea “clear doorway = can pass”, and then smash their noses into the glass when the glass gets replaced.

  24. WHU-AT?!

    there’s a nuffer in the ranks!

    to the torches! he’s a witch!

  25. Heck, I’ve done that in the first video before – LOL!

    Take Care,

  26. Me too! I’d say that these are very smart dogs — and very silly humans! 😉

  27. I think these dogs are VERY clear on the concept! 😉 Especially because I’ve walked through numerous screen doors over the years! I may have a very expensive college education, but I can’t seem to grasp the concept of look, touch, make sure door is open, THEN — and only then — walk through. Smart doggie! Smart, smart doggie!!

  28. These dogs either think they can’t pass through the door because it’s blocked or know that they’re not supposed to go through a door unless a human opens it up for them. If it’s the latter, that doesn’t mean they’re dumb but trained well!

  29. I agree with mamabear. I think this shows how smart the doggies are and how well they learned the rules.

  30. Glad I wasn’t the only one who felt that way when he saw the words “stupid dog”.

  31. Our first Golden Retriever never figured out how to push a half-open door and go through. He would just stand near the door and whine till someone opened it for him. Also, when he was a puppy, he was afraid to come into a room if he had to pass the cat (who would, in fact, attack his ankles every time). We had to get up and escort him past the cat.

  32. soxfan413 says:

    Yeah, Hon Glad, what these people did was not really fair to the dogs. The thing is, we teach our dogs all sorts of things whether we really think about training or not. These dogs have likely inadvertantly learned their people don’t want them to go out that door unless the door is open AND the human says, “okay, c’mon” or whatever…

    So YAY for the smart dogs! 🙂

  33. FINALLY!!! Some sensible comments instead of the usual ‘oh, so cute’ or ‘I love it when my dog does that’. In this case, the owners are the stupid ones.

    Sharpy, you need to change your name.

  34. Aw, Zia. Sorry. Don’t worry. I know of many dogs that have gone blind. Keep things the same as they’ve always been and make sure you use sounds and your voice to let him know where you are and what’s going on and what you want him to do, and all that. You have time to get ready for this, hopefully. You’re a good owner, obviously, to even know he has a sight problem. Sometimes people have dogs that have become blind and their people don’t even realize it, partly because dogs deal with it so well. Hugs to you.

  35. Nandalal Alley says:

    My little dog “Muffin” barks at her own image when she gets near the mirror. One day our cleaner broke the mirror hanging on the wall. As I, with Muffin in my arms, crossed the spot where the mirror used to be, she immediately went grrrrrrr…
    Dogs dont’ recognise their own faces.

  36. Dave Barry wrote that after his screen door was blown away by a hurricane (leaving the porch intact), his dogs persisted in waiting by the porch doorway for him to “open” it so they could go into the yard.

  37. Hoarse- “Magical thinking” beautifuly put. Ther is a type of literature, caled; ‘Magical realism’ (someone else can probably confirm this.)

  38. “But… the door… is CLOSED!”

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    So…are Goldens like the beauty contestants of the dog world?

  40. These are very good dogs! I’m very proud to see that they know not to go through a door unless it is opened for them. Not stupid dogs, but rather smart dogs

  41. The doggie isnt stupid!

  42. Stupid dog owner does not realize he is repeating the same phrase over and over again with a very annoying voice 🙂

  43. When our cats were bebehs my mother would keep them from passing through the entrance gate. They were to remain inside the property. As they grew up and hormones kicked in, they’d leave and reenter the house through roofs, fences and trees – but NEVER the gate, even if it was open wide. And if you called them they’d look at you like “it’s a trap, right?” then go over the fence. Cats, peeps.

  44. hippiemoon says:

    Soxfan143 is right. My old girl was pretty much blind and deaf for a year but she handled it wonderfully. I didn’t change anything around the house so she always knew where her special spots were. And her sense of smell was fantastic. She always knew when I had a treat for her and she always knew where to find me in the house. Stomping on the floor let her know I was calling for her. I always made sure I put my hand right in front of nose, so she knew it was me when I went to pet her or wake her. There are ways to deal with it. Blind or deaf didn’t matter, the love was always there. Peace and hugs to both of you.

  45. Oh man, so freaking cute.

    Like many others, I narrowed my eyes at the “stupid” title of the second vid. Pfft.

  46. Andi in NC says:

    not cool….

  47. Gigi (the original one) says:

    OK since there doesn’t seem to be a filter that prevent people from using the same alias and you took the same as me, I will modify it to avoid confusion.

  48. I have to say it seemed a bit mean to me too. I laugh at my dogs’ antics every day but not at the expense of making them look stupid. The dogs in the vids sure don’t seem stupid to me.

    Having said that, I did manage a small chortle upon viewing the two vids. Darn me!

  49. dont like the title of the second vid and feel sorry for the doggie in the first vid……wish I cood see humor, but I guess Im a nuffer (whatever that is)

  50. *ahem* As a member of the aforementioned Witches group, I would appreciate it if you could find a different group to put the nuffer in, please? *crosses arms, taps toe, and waits for newly identified group*


  51. I’ve thought that goggies and kittehs thought that way for years!! Glad to see I’m not alone! I’ve often wondered what my kittehs think of us silly hoomans getting into a big box and watering ourselves all over, just to get out and dry off… I can see their heads turned slightly with a look like “wha?”… LOL

  52. I once had a Kitty door without a closable flap… So I rigged up a piece of cardboard that I could slide down inside the door, whenever I needed to block it off… Well two of my darlings figured out that the cardboard wasn’t moving, so please “stay out” until it was removed… Not my beloved Beep though… (She has a mental elevator shaft, but there’s no car in it…) She would constantly just go THROUGH the cardboard… She’d get a running start and just plow through it… No, she never hurt herself, but I did have to find another way to block the door safely… So yea, Cats… LOL

  53. Sheesh, I love animals (I’m even a vegetarian), but I’ll be the first to admit that the majority of dogs are not that smart! These videos are funny and I take no offense to the title of the second one. Most dogs are dumb. That’s a fact of life.
    Dogs do silly things like this because they are silly and not as smart as humans.
    They are just like little kids, so they don’t know very much. You can’t expect them to know the glass is not there when the glass is clear. People can be offended by the videos, but I enjoy the entertainment animals give us, intentional or not.

  54. oh dude. prepare to get nuffed.

  55. I got a good chuckle out of these two. especially the first one. I love how even after he goes through the mystic portal once and realizes it’s safe, he still doesn’t want to go through again. dogs 🙂

    (this is why I’m a cat person. so much more independent and yet the same amount of goofy.)

  56. Actually, it’s the reverse–the entire patio was blown away, and only the screen door remained. He talked about how the dogs could move two feet in either direction to go out to the backyard, but they stood at the door waiting to be let out instead.

  57. katiewritesagain says:

    I don’t usually leave comments…why do so many people insist in measuring animals’ intelligence by their own yardsticks??? Those dogs aren’t stupid. They don’t see or analyze the world the way we do-our world, that is. How stupid do we seem to them by any number of things we do without even thinking? Getting into a shower (when we scold them for being out in the rain) , getting into a rolling, rumbling box (car) when we scold them for getting near the street where there are cars, screeching at each other, eating things that smell horrible, drinking things that smell horrible, the list is endless. Seeing through the door isn’t that different than when there was glass in it…and humans are SUPPOSED to open the door. Sigh. They aren’t stupid, animals aren’t stupid.

  58. Yes I was really bothered by the title too! Glad others agree! The title of the video takes away from the awesomeness of cuteoverload…and cuteoverload is way too awesome!

  59. I was going to say the same thing. I was trying to leave a candy store in a mall and just walked right into the glass…more than once. One of my cats went through a period of jumping onto a table that had a very slidey tablecloth–he and the tablecloth would just keep going right over the side. It looked like surfing. I can’t say for sure that he wasn’t enjoying it, but I know positively that being trapped in the candy store was upsetting to me.

  60. dawnkeyotie says:

    That’s it CO. You are not allowed to use the word stupid. These videos should be named “very cute and smart golden retrievers that do something funny even though their evil owners make fun of them”. Or something.


    //heart Phil

  61. Change name of video to Stupid Owner…

  62. Sugiebear says:

    I agree, the title of the video made me mad and anyone who calls a dog stupid probably should not own ANY pet (and be neutered/spayed themselves, ha ha)! It’s ironic; the dogs are actually smart for not going through the doorway because they remembered what their owner taught them. Perhaps the video should be titled “Stupid Human” because the owner forgot he taught the dog not to go through the glass door/doorway.

  63. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    Clearly the doggie is well loved. Just because he amuses his owners doesn’t make him stupid….and I think the owners realize that. They know he has learned his lesson well. He cannot go outside until someone opens the door. Good dog! Amusing as all get out!

  64. Stressfactor says:

    I gotta say, I don’t have a problem with it.

    But then again, I’m one of those people who likes to throw the ball for the dog a bunch of times then *pretend* to throw the ball and watch the dog go running off looking for the ball when I’ve got it in my hand the whole time.

  65. GingerBean says:

    awww, poor doggies! I agree that this is walking the line between smart and *ahem* mentally challenged. I used to have a black lab I called BigDumbDog, though her name was really Xena. It’s all in love. 🙂

    I hope the powers that be here on CO don’t mind if I post a link to another blog on here but this is seriously funny and totally fits with this post.

  66. ouroboros says:

    It seem a little mean to me. The dogs aren’t stupid. Dogs have such big hearts…

  67. The dawg is obviously much more intelligent than the humans

  68. I agree with Hon Glad. It’s the word “stupid” that bothers me. Animals are beautiful and trusting (at least until someone betrays them too many times), not stupid.

  69. lol… I actually have cats that sit and wait for me to come back out of the shower. Maybe that’s what they’re thinking the whole time…

  70. That’s hilarious! The best part is that you told the story with love. I have one dog who’s very bright and good at figuring stuff out. My other dog is not the brightest bulb on the tree but she more than makes up for it with adorabuhlness. There’s a place for all of us in this world. ♥♥♥

  71. As the owner of an enormously sweet black labby/retriever/pitty mixture, dogs CAN be stupid. Very, very stupid. It’s just the truth! It doesn’t diminish my love for him one bit to know that he’s rather dumb – just endears him to me all the more. Here’s to stupid, sweet, loving dogs!

  72. SheepishKitty says:

    I throw snowballs in the snow, and my dog never found it…LOL!! Though he tried very hard and dig at the snow to see if it was buried. Then I just throw another one and he try to catch it in his mouth, and it was gone, and he try to find it again.

  73. LOL Lilac does this to me… and i can hear her kitty brain thinking stoopid human what in teh world do you want to be wet for?

  74. Oh, that’s right. I stand corrected.

  75. To be clear (like the glass not in the doors), CO did not use the word “stupid” – the creator of the second video did. CO can’t change those titles.

    And I do agree that said creator deserves withering glares for using that word.

  76. I see this more as a demonstration of the peculiarities in dog psychology, and the limitations of their understanding. The one where the man walks through the door to open it is particularly telling. And I don’t mind the term stupid in this context, either. I happen to personally know a very friendly, happy, wonderful dog that is also about as sharp as a fleece blanket. In other words, a slobbering idiot, literally, even by dog standards. Of course, it’s partially humanity’s fault, we bred dogs to be good hunting companions, they didn’t need to be smart for that. We provide the brains, they provide the super sharp senses of smell and hearing. Not to mention an almost manic desire to please. In the case of the dog I know, this is compounded by the fact that he’s horribly inbred. He’s still a great dog, and my Dad frequently comments that he’s a wonderful representative of his species, at least in terms of temperament and personality. I’m sure the owners of the dogs in the videos take great care of them and love them as they should. That doesn’t mean they can’t laugh at the dogs’ expense or share that laughter with those who have internet access.

  77. Agreed. Just because an animal is stupid doesn’t mean we love it any less. Or even necessarily laugh at it any more. I’ve known stupid animals and smart animals. Both make me laugh. Though, okay, I admit, I’ve known a lot more stupid dogs than I have stupid cats. I think it has to do with breeding.

    Anyway, relax! Enjoy the video! Or not. It’s up to you. Though I do recommend relaxing.

  78. Oh come, people. Dogs don’t know or care what the word “stupid” means. As long as you love them and feed them and play with them and treat them well, you can call them anything you want to and they’re thrilled to bits!

  79. I totally agree with you mamabear!! Both dogs were just being good pups. Shows how smart they are!!

  80. Nice camera work there, Shakes. Loved the video, except I want to throw up now.

  81. GingerBean says:

    I wish I could take credit for that blog but alas! it is just a favorite of mine. I didn’t write it. 🙂

  82. TrixandSam says:

    I too have a smart dog and one who is a few cards short of a full deck.Case in point: Trixie’s never liked going out in the rain. I shoo her out the door and she ventures out into the grass only as far as she needs to. I recently moved to a new place where to get to the back yard, one must go down a set of stairs to a deck, then down a few more stairs to the lawn. There happens to be a tree by the back door which overhangs the deck. Before leaves started falling, Trixie would have to take about a dozen steps from the deck to get to a patch of grass. After leaves started falling (and covering the sidewalk off the deck as well as the lawn) she put two and two together and realized if she was peeing on leaves a dozen steps away, she could pee on leaves that were on sidewalk just a step away from the deck. (I’m sure you see where this is going…) One morning she made her way down the stairs to the deck and very nonchalantly walked into a clump of leaves piled up ON the deck and did her business. When I scolded her, she gave me a look that could only mean one thing: “I DARE you to tell me what am I doing wrong here!”

    I started sweeping the leaves off the deck after that.

  83. *snerk* “Shakes”… Love it, Kathy!!!

  84. TrixandSam says:

    Zia, don’t worry!! They don’t really know what they’ve lost because their other senses kick in to make up for it. I fostered a little old lady dog who was completely blind at the time I got her. It took her about two days to figure out the house layout. When I prepared her dinner (I’d stand at the center island in the kitchen) she’d run around the island, round and round and round, until she’d hear the fork clanking against her bowl. Then she’d run, and I mean RUN, from the kitchen through the dining room into the family room where her pen was (and where she ate her food). She’d have the biggest, goofiest smile on her face the whole time. Gawd I miss that little dog!

  85. haha! i thought my dad was the only one that said “goggie”

  86. I’m totally with you. I think it’s a cheap laugh for no good reason. Do they really want their dogs crashing through doors, taking out screens or breaking glass?

  87. Yep!

  88. cavykatie says:

    Great story. People often try to categorize animals as ‘smart’ or ‘stupid’ based on human criteria, forgetting that there are many different kinds of smart! For example, I read somewhere that all those cats who bring their owners ‘dead offerings’ must think we’re not very bright if we can’t seem to figure out that we’re ‘supposed’ to be catching the same things! Their mothers taught them that way, so why aren’t we learning it? 🙂

  89. muttluver says:

    I’m sorry, my curiosity demands I ask….You’re a witch?

  90. SheepishKitty says:

    I know that if that happen to my door it probably won’t work for my dog. He is impatient, and often puts his paws on the door while I try to open it. So if the glass weren’t there, I can just imagine what will happen.

  91. I’m way behind, I know… sorry. But Mini Wolfsbane, ya can’t compare a dog with a child. Dogs can’t know what little kids know, and little kids can’t know what dogs know. I could say “apples and oranges” but it goes even further than that.
    Your lack of respect for dogs puzzles me, given the fact that you’re a vegetarian.
    Most dog are not dumb. Lots of owners don’t bother to interact with them enough to help them appear to be smart to humans…

  92. mandy_Reeves says:

    My shih tzu does this too!. Well sorta…our storm door hinge is sorta broken atm…so if I am coming in or going out…the wind will blow the door against the house but leave the metal part on the bottom that holds the hinge…it’s weird…she gets on her hind legs to jump and paw at invisible glass!

  93. Dog’s not stupid. He knows that he’s only permitted to enter if his person calls him and turns the door handle. Human is stupid for not realizing they’ve only done half the task.

  94. That is so cute I may cry.

  95. That blog is hysterical – I was totally held hostage by it for several hours after I clicked on your link! The blog entry about moving the dogs made me laugh loudly with tears running down my face the entire time. I also love her posts about her inability to get things accomplished – something I’m totally relating to now that I’m retired and have time to do stuff (instead I spend my time reading blogs!!!).

  96. Loving all the sticking up for dogs going on in here! My first dog, a golden lab, had an uneasy relationship with glass doors. We had one with very thick glass and very solid thick wooden surround. He was still a puppy. He didn’t like it when we’d go out for a few hours and leave him inside. The first time, he ate a hole big enough to let him through the door. The second time he must have heard a car or another dog pass by outside, and simply crashed through the glass like it was so much paper. I don’t think we replaced that door…

  97. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Ekajati:

    This strategy in response to the second damaged door, seems
    entirely sensible to me.

  98. Amen.

  99. OneHelluvaMichelle says:

    i don’t think it’s mean if the guy didn’t do it on purpose…we had our screen door knocked out by accident and out dog wouldn’t go through the open space either even after we showed her she could

  100. i hear ya.

  101. People teach their dogs boundaries. The dogs that wait patiently without crossing the boundaries until their pack leader does what needs to be done are “good” dogs who know their position in the pack. Dogs that jump on the door impatient to be let out think they’re the pack leader, and by human standards are being “bad” dogs. Neither of those things have anything to do with being “smart” or “dumb”. People are kinda weird for thinking they do.

    And also, stating that dogs are stupid and then going on to say that they are like small children implies that small children are stupid. Wow. Not knowing something doesn’t make you stupid, it makes you ignorant. It is fair to say small children are ignorant. Many adults are as well. It is not fair to say they are stupid just because they don’t know as much or the same kinds of things as you do. Same with dogs. Most people are actually pretty stupid when it comes to their dogs. And dogs know a lot of stuff that people don’t. So yeah. Some dogs are not as smart as others, that much is true. But a dog who is smart enough to figure out what their owner wants and do it even when their owner is acting like an idiot… that’s a smart dog. 😀

  102. I do respect dogs. I love them and I’ve owned a lot of them
    and I lost one recently to a head tumor. He was my buddy and I loved him very very much. I’m just saying that they aren’t the brightest animals on the planet. That’s all.
    Plus I said the majority. Some dogs, like rescue dogs, are very smart.

    I meant dogs are like kids in the sense that they don’t know a lot about the world around them. When I say that I don’t mean they’re stupid, I’m saying dogs have a very child-like quality about them. If I ruffle people about what I say, it’s just my opinion, and in the big picture my opinion isn’t worth much.

  103. *Sigh* I wasn’t trying to say children are stupid. I meant that kids don’t know a lot about the world around them and sometimes you have to tell them to do something more then once. I was trying to say dogs have a child-like quality to them. I didn’t mean anything bad by it.