First you give me the meelks, *then* I retract the claws!



  1. Because cheetahs weren’t cute enough on their own, you have to show me a BABY one?!?!?! No one I know will watch Big Cat Diaries with me because every time the baby cheetahs come on, I gush over them!

    And they look about as adept as I am at putting on eye makeup.

  2. i dont know if its rare for cheetahs to purr for milk, but they are the only big cat to purr in general.great hearing them purr!
    All other big cats ‘chuff’…weird sound made that sounds like are slightly anoyed

  3. Cheetahs are also the only felines whose claws don’t fully retract. The claws are always visible, acting like treads for those fast take-offs.

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