Well looky here

Guess who just surpassed Betty White on the Amazon Calendar Bestseller liiiiiiiiist! [singsong]

Ehn! [Reaching higher sound]

I’m coming after you next, DILBERT and ANSEL ADAMS!!!



  1. Might make it an Xmas gift for my sister if the price is right.

  2. Dilbert!?! CO is being beaten by Dilbert? Ooooooh, now I really needs me some calendars!!!

  3. You have to get through Glee and 365 Days of Cats first. Tough going …

  4. That Betty White sure is cute!

  5. You’ll never beat the 365 cats calendar! bwahahahahahaha!
    (I ususally buy both!)

  6. I can see Ansel Adams ducking behind some beautiful black and white trees, trying to avoid Meg.

  7. way to go! next we’ve got to take out Glee!

  8. Betty’s fuzzy, but not nearly as soft and cuddly as a kitten! C.O. would HAVE to win every time, or the universe might implode. Or something.

  9. Ohhh C.O. 😦
    I would of never thought it of you! Bragging because you’re beating an old lady.
    What’s next? Taking candy from a baby?
    Well I want my chare of the loot! 😉

  10. Color me surpised, the moderation bot doesn’t understand sarcam.

  11. Why do you suppose the 365 Cats calendar is 11 spots up from the 365 Dogs?

  12. Er, 10, rather.

  13. Graceofbass says:

    Thank you, CO calendar gods, for beating all the Justin Bieber calendars. If you hadn’t… well, I’m just glad you did.

  14. I’d be scared of beating Betty White. She looks like she’d cut a *****.

  15. Or asterisks for naughty words . . .

  16. I think the answer to that is obvious if you are a “cat” person.
    *runs to take cover from the puddin’ from the “dog” peeps*

  17. Buy both! Betty White’s calendar proceeds go to animal protection. She’s been an animal activist for decades. Cuteoverload in one room, Miss White in the other.

  18. Theresa – I am no underschtandink, vot’s fivth der *****
    Please excuse mittel European accshunt, I’m regressing.

  19. Meg dearie, calm down it’s only to be expected.

    Has anyone seen the Thomas Kincade Calendar, I didn’t know you could paint in syrup. Gag!

  20. Totally reading this in the voice of Sean Connery a’la SNL’s Jeopardy skits. “The day ish mine!”

  21. it did??? awesome. i never understood the hype w/ that guy. on the other hand, i’m not 13. hehee

  22. it’s true. he’s most well known for his ability to add tiny, realistic “points of barf.”





    yes, i’m “the snarky one” around here. it gets a little chilly standing out here at the entrance manning the velvet rope!!

  23. oh yeah, that’s right! she would make an excellent CO spokesmodel!

  24. Dear Cute Overload:


  25. Sharpy – You induced a stomach wobbling laugh in me, not a pretty sight. There, it’s stopped now, you can open your eyes, er just a tad, just a tad.

  26. Oh, and I’d forgotten about the barf school of painting. When one thinks of pointillism, one usually equates it with Seurat. The barf school is sometimes known as flicks of sick.

  27. ICHC now has its first calendar!

  28. yay! CO calendar has to beat that boring ansel adams ugly picture show and that annoying glee show! But i don’t want to buy my calendar on amazon! i hate amazon. I’m getting mine at borders or B&N.

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    I really didn’t know Betty White had a calendar. (Of course, I don’t really buy calendars.) I love Betty White! I’ll have to check out her calendar. Thanks for the heads up, CO! (I was gifted your calendar a couple years ago. Yours rock, too.)