Cute Overload 2011 Calendars

Come ON People! Are we going to let the 2011 BETTY WHITE Calendar beat us up the Amazon sales charts!? Oh, it’s ON, Lady!

Seriously folks, the 2011 Cute Overload calendar is like a slice of heaven on your desk. There are Buns, impossibly small OMG ponies1. pups, Kittehs, Pocket pets, and peegs! With captions penned by Theo, NotThatMike, and Meg.

Choose from two formats, the desk Page-a-Day:


The Wall:


And also online here:

Amazon! (Page-A-Day Calendar)
Amazon! (Wall Calendar)
Powell’s! (Wall Calendar)



  1. This can be a great xmas gift…. yay!

  2. I already have tons of ’em for my dear ones! I really love C.O. calendars!!

  3. I think we should also demand a Goose blog [Gog?].
    Er, although it might read as:
    “Woke up/ate some stuff/pooped/got skritched/napped/got scared by a dust mote/ate some non-food stuff/was sick/ate some food stuff/pooped/got skritched/fell asleep . . . ”
    But with pictures!

  4. Goose blog = glog? Oh, wait, that’s the stuff you drink.

  5. A free Slap Chop ?!? Now I can slap my troubles away !
    (you’re gonna LOVE my nutz !)

  6. No, that’s grog.

  7. I gots mine already!

  8. Isn’t that what Boo’s owner has done? OMG Boo/Goose meetup!! Do it! Yay!

  9. I ordered mine last night 😀

  10. Just ordered mine! 😀
    I’m sure Betty will understand, she’s an ani-pal advocate.
    Oooh, just got email from Amazon, I’m gettin’ my calendars on Friday!! YAY!!!

  11. Maybe we should all chip in & get a C.O. calendar for Betty White ?
    (I know the calendars aren’t expensive but if we all chip in then we can all sign the card. ) :oD
    I can just see the card now….. To: Betty, From: The gang that lives in
    Cute Overload.

  12. No, that’s Glögg !

  13. TrixandSam says:

    Personally, I stay away from that glogg stuff; the hangover’s a killer.

  14. Glog is the sound that is made when you pour grog out of a jug.

  15. Ummm….. I think that if people were gonna buy a c.o. calender, they wouldn’t need so much reminding! Cuz peeps here are pretty devoted…..

    I just like the “Yes it exists I cannot make this stuff up” on the Betty White photo. I think I’mma go buy one now! *malicious grin* (NO, not really, I’m kidding.)

  16. …….upon reviewing the Betty White calender……………………….


  17. as someone who lives smack dab in the middle of the moment, i have to say i forget how popular cuteoverload is in the non-internet world. and any reminder that tells me i can do something online instead of at a mall is worth a million, trillion, zillion dollars. so really, it’s almost like you’re MAKING money if you think about it, another thing i don’t do very much.and that's how sue c's it

  18. This……this has nothing to do with the post.

    (It did amuse me for a few minutes.)

  19. You don’t do which very often? Make money, or think? I’d love to do more of the first, but try to avoid the second.

  20. (The Original) Mel says:

    Teh Qte will stomp a mud hole in Betty White’s calendar!

    Wait…what am I saying? I may be slightly competitive.

  21. Do any of the proceeds go to help animals????

  22. Ditto on both!

  23. Dearest Muttluver,
    Goose needs a new pair of shoes, so get ready for the Calendar ad onslaught! Fair Warningks!
    and that's how sue c's it

  24. 😀 As I said, after seeing what Betty White has to offer, I don’t mind so much.

    (Shoes? For a dog? Mine would hate them. :P)

    Also, GOOSE!!! *glomp*

  25. Do any of yours????

  26. Argh! At least CO features cute things that are REAL. Betty White is actually a muppet.

  27. Just ordered mine – it should be here Wednesday! *happy dance*

  28. Maybe it´s cause I´m European, but…. who the frak is Betty White???

    Got my calendar a few weeks back, and one for my best friend too. *bounces*

  29. I must admit: I bought the Betty White calendar as a birthday present for my sister, who’s a big fan. BUT I also bought myself the CO desk calendar, so…Hmm. I guess I’d better go buy some more CO calendars to up the ante.

  30. NO – DON’T CHOOSE AT ALL – Buy them Both! That’s what I did last year. I have QTE at home and at the office! Plus I bought nieces the page-a-day. They loved it!

  31. Are the desk calendars (or wall; I’m not too picky but I think I’d rather have the desk one) being sold in stores in England? Specifically south-east England?

  32. I has one! I got it in like September. I saw the Cute Overload logo and had to have it!