I’m coming apart at the seams!



  1. someone’s been playing in the snooooow!

  2. Wheehhhuuuu.. Glad that’s just on the outside. I imagine dat stuffin got dere whilest Puppy was makin misschief takin stuffin out of sometin else!

  3. I love the little Pomeranian “I am falling apart at the seams”. Do you know of any place to get a Pomeranian??? One that doesn’t cost 1500 dollars? I lost my little black Pom and miss her terribly, but everywhere I look they want a thousand dollars or more. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  4. ***For the person who wants a Pomeranian:

    I felt that I should tell you… I have a wonderful Pomeranian. I bought her for $700 Canadian. She was from a breeder with a good reputation and her dogs have the cutest faces, softest fur and are very intelligent… so I had to have one! But… it’s worth it to pay 1200-1700 if you want a pom, because someone charging that price (should) have a Kennel Club membership with a documented ancestry demonstrating good genetics for health and behaviour.

    My pom has a tiny under bite that I didn’t notice when I bought her (you can’t see it at all). It caused 6 teeth to clash, causing severe discomfort and improper jaw alignment and could have led to abscesses. All six had to be surgically removed (advised by three different vets) at 4 1/2 months old, which was very expensive! She is not even two years old and just had a VERY expensive knee surgery on both legs because she had two luxating patellas and other issues that caused her sever discomfort. None of these were noticeable when she was a puppy and all together, I have spent thousands of dollars on her health so far, because if I didn’t, she would have been in severe pain, had terrible arthritis and jaw issues. Poms are prone to so many serious health problems. I totally understand now why pure bred dogs with documented, quality genetics are so expensive- but do your research to ensure this is the case, (ask the breeder lots of questions!) because they may just charge a high price.

    More than anything, the reason I would buy one of those poms is because you are not supporting poor quality breeding. The financial costs are not what bothered me, it was watching my dog suffer at such a young age, go through so many surgeries (two legs, two jaw procedures, and spay)… and I always worry how her siblings are doing because maybe they weren’t so lucky to have an owner who could afford/be willing to pay the vet bills.

    I hope you will take this into consideration when buying a purebred dog- they tend to have a lot more problems than mutts-so be prepared to spend a lot of money!

  5. Thought you’d like this

  6. I cant get that one. Hope this makes up for it:)

  7. Shelters are great for dogs of any kinds. Search Petfinder.com for Poms in your area – you’re bound to find one.

  8. Yay! I found Bunny and Rascal on Petfinder! They’re the best!!

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