“I Kissed a Cat and I Liked It”

Except for the milk mustache, that part was gross.

You have excellent taste, Alexander G.



  1. cyberpunkrocker says:

    I kissed a chipmunk and I liked it, too

  2. Oh pleeeaaaaase tell me this pic has a happy ending!

    *Picturing kitty cat and chipmunk becoming the best of friends and playing in the grass together*

  3. My goodness, that is one bold chipmunk!

  4. Threshique says:
  5. This story cannot have a happy ending. Either a) And then the cat ate the chipmunk. Or b) And then the chipmunk bit the cat on the nose.

  6. this is very charming! i think the voiceover is what we sound like to our pets.

  7. “….the taste of her catnip chapstick….”

  8. Andi from NC says:

    In my best “Bill Murray in Ghostbusters voice” : Cats and chipmunks living together!!!!!

  9. Hello, My name is Indigo Munktoya.
    You killed my father.
    Prepare to die.

  10. Baby sqwerl: “Are you my momma?”

  11. Stop saying that!

  12. bookmonstercats says:

    Goodnesses me *faintly* what a bold – and fortunate – chipmunk.

    Glad for the happy ending.

  13. Hello, My name is Indigo Munktoya.
    You killed my father.
    Prepare to die.

  14. Sweet gentle kitty! Yay! Cat’s rule!

  15. This has made me inexplicably happy. 😀

  16. Threshique says:

    The voiceover explains that the sender-inner of the video is also the owner of the cat, a cat that is a experienced hunter. He claims that everything ended happily, and that the squirrel-mother was probably close by during the whole time, wich could explain the boldness of the youngster. In Swedish of course.

  17. “I hope my sqwerl boyfriend dont mind it”

  18. warrior rabbit says:

    Sniffingks! Yay for non-noms and happy endingks!

  19. “Mass hysteria!”

  20. “Your breath does smell like cat food.”

  21. I don’t mean to sound like a pedantic jerk, but that’s a baby European squirrel, not a baby chipmunk. Chipmunks always have stripes on their backs, whereas squirrels don’t.

    As a person that took in a baby squirrel, it got along just fine with my cat. So long as the squirrel stayed away from the cat’s food dish, there were no arguments between them. They pretty much went about their business as usual, and on the rare occasion you’d see them snuggling.

    It’s not that the cat wasn’t a hunter – it caught a couple of mice – but because it “knew” it was an (injured) baby squirrel it left it alone. The squirrel ended up dying of what I presume to be epilepsy (or some other nerve disorder with similar symptoms), which we didn’t even know about until a week or so before its death.

    [When I found it on a late October rainy day, I thought that it had fallen out of its nest. I tried to put it back the next day, however it followed me back home. I assumed its mom had kicked it out of its nest, and planned on releasing it back into the wild the following spring; it died in January, so I guess its mom knew it all along 😦 ]

  22. Is the couple in the video the same as the one in the pic? In video, the cat looks more splotchy, and the squirrel-munk doesn’t seem to be striped.

  23. spank you!

  24. FTWLOL!

  25. (The Original) Mel says:

    Oh, you made my day.

  26. I love this picture. Inter species mingling always fascinates me. My cat and dog always sleep together.

  27. It’s “Montoya.”

  28. I believe it’s two different videos. The first one is a chipmunk (stripes on its back,) the second is a baby squirrel with an entirely different cat.

  29. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (I think Gigi might have been trying to do the whole -chip-“munk”/ puns bit …)

  30. If we’re being pedantic, I should probably point out that it’s “Inigo.” >_>;

  31. Where does it say “baby” chipmunk. It sure looks like a chipmunk to me. Where was this photo taken – in Europe? Where is this information located?

  32. “Listen Darlin’, I know you really want to meet my parents, and I really want them to meet you too…it’s just…well, I’ve never brought anyone to the nest before…”

  33. Threshique says:

    sorry, I guess I should have been more clear, i just posted the video since it reminded me so much of the pic… so awesomely cute.

  34. I have entire families of chipmunks that have condos in my stone walls around my house, and they love to scamper around, yukking away, and occasionally driving my dog nuts. I love to watch them perch on the boulders and do the staring content – they usually win. Those chipmunks have been around for generations – guess they have found the right property to live.


  36. “Give us the gate key.”

  37. Fleurdamour says:


  38. @cyberpunkrocker: The taste of his (her?) acorn chapstick?

  39. We have this same animal in our yard and we call them Chipmunks here in PA.

  40. I kissed quite a few cats and I liked it too! No chipmunks though. :/

  41. Trying again to embed video…

  42. Hmmm, embed code not working. Anyways, you guys got the link – enjoy! 😉

  43. I love cats says:



  44. ees that the Looney Tunes ducklet talking ?

  45. My boys like to play with little fury critters and sometimes bring them to visit.
    However the little visitors are either dead or dead with most of their body missing,or dead with only the green bit left that my boys don’t eat.

    Nature red in tooth and claw.

  46. “Chipmunks always have stripes on their backs, whereas squirrels don’t. ”

    Kermit, in the posted picture, I see stripes on its back…ergo, chipmunk!

  47. Sharpy – OK, come clean, you’ve turned the modder back on, haven’t you, and turned it up a notch. What did the Doctor say you must never do? don’t you remember, surely you do! *

    * Major piss take alert 🙂

  48. Kathleen in Canada says:


  49. I love cats says:

    Oh boy! If ever her sqwerl BF finds out…………….I’ve seen sqwerl’s throw some mean punches…

  50. That squirrel is lucky 😀 Our cat, Dooley, would of been pounding the stuffings out of it.

  51. Kermit: Cute (and sad) story.

    margimarz & violet: I think kermit’s talking the one in the video. That looks like a European sqwerl (red!), and maybe a baby one (such a beeg head! It has its own moons). The lil’ guy in the picture has stripes, just like kermit describes, so I’m sure s/he’d agree its a chippymunk.

  52. Margimarz –

    Cath is right; I was referring to the baby European red squirrel in the video, not the picture of the chipmunk in the blog entry. Sorry, I thought it was obvious since I wrote my comment as a reply to the video, not a new comment.

  53. Calm down now… the chipmunk is in the original photo posting. The squirrel is in the video posted up there at 5:05 am.