Deep Thoughts

“If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is “God is crying.”

“And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is “Probably because of something you did.”.

Deep Thoughts courtesy of Jack Handey (who else? and who has a new book by the way) Photo by Christina V. and Jay “the Tongue” V.



  1. deep thoughts and long tongue… quite a mix! I bet he is a talker…

  2. DERP.
    I love this dog.

  3. The link is messed up. Jack Handey rules!

  4. Ram Dawgs says: Just pee.

  5. Jack Handey for Poet Laureate!

  6. bob drummond says:

    This reminds me of the time I was taking my first psychology exam
    back in college. This is how I initially reacted. Duh!!!!

  7. Yeah a Papillon!

    That’s one of the breeds I’m thinking about getting because because I don’t know if it’s true or not but I’ve read that they love cats.

    The only thing holding me back is I’m not sure my cats wouldn’t gang-up on the poor little thing wile I was out and beat him up!

  8. Well those are nice things to think of when you are looking at a cute and silly dog. Who invents that stuff?

  9. enlightenmentgirl says:

    Yay, it’s Jay! @ Gigi, papillons are awesome and they do like cats. My last one was nose-touching buddies with the Siamese next door.

  10. “Duhhh…I don’t know, George!”

  11. Sorry those captions made me guffaw. Probably being raised a devout Catholic and if I got hurt while doing something wrong my Grandmother said “See? God punished you.” So I can relate.

    And that herp derp look on the pup’s face is adorable.

  12. Ana Félix Pires says:

    Christina V.! I’ve no idea how long ago you posted two other photos of this adorable fluff of adorableness, one portrait and one candid after his bath, but I never forgot him. He’s so freaking cute and his constant ” 😛 ” never fails to make me smile! Please share more of this baby! 😀

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Huh. He reminds me of somebody but I don’t know who.

  14. snorglepup says:

    Pup is thinking, “Where did all these pretty leaves come from and why would anyone want to rake them away?”
    Maybe those were just my thoughts…
    BTW, lovely ear floofage!

  15. Hey, this is “Mr. Bed Tongue” from January 2011! The tong, eet does not go back in dee mouf!

  16. warrior rabbit says:

    I love dogs, etc. with the permanent extend-o-tongue feature — it’s so charming! What a cutie.

  17. After a night of carousing, puppy discovers he just can’t hold his licker…

  18. Aww, cute! I wonder if that dog has teeth. My 11-year-old chihuahua had to have all of his removed, and he frequently looks like that, with no teeth to hold his tongue in. =p

  19. I want a doggie whose tongue hangs out like that!!!

  20. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    I think his ears & associated Floofage will soon
    carry him off into the Stratosphere…..Talk about “Dog-eared”!!!

  21. I love cats says:

    Nice ponytails!

  22. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    In re.:
    “being raised a devout Catholic and if I got hurt while doing something wrong my Grandmother said “See? God punished you.”

    Et moi, aussi, Lillith 🙂

    Hence my consistent use of the phrase “Recovering Ex-Catholic,” per
    John McGivern (unless he used it from someone else, of which I don’t know ….)

  23. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….peut-on dire que votre nom c’est si beaux/ belle!!!
    Je m’imagine, qu’on est nee au Canada ou a la France.

    C’est vrai ou non?

  24. I used to have a dog that had such a bad mouth ( he was a neglected dog I rescued) that his few remaining teeth had to be removed and put on antiboties for a while. His tongue kept flopping around for a few weeks before he got some tongue control, but this dog is much, much cuter. Good to know teethless dogs can do very well.

  25. My favorite Deep Thought went something like this: Mankind is such a mystery. It’s a combination of two words: “mank” and “ind” and therein lies the mystery.”

  26. Shouldn’t that be “puppeh-tails”?

  27. Tee hee.

  28. I’ll have you know my IQ was tested to be at 185. I am expecting my invitation to mensa any day now.

  29. Anonymous Coward says:

    @Lillith, “O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!”, and co:

    (not a troll)

    i was raised in a catholic society and, frankly, i don’t get the “God punished you” along with the whole ${feel guilty} thing people in the usa keep saying about catholicism. is it something in the air over there? not trolling, i’m just curious on the origins of the bizarre image catholicism has in the usa. only there can you hear “catholics are not christians!” — wow. again, not trolling, if anyone could enlighten us, citizens of other countries, it would be appreciated.

    on another note, more up the “cute” alley, hey, we’ve seen this puppy before. cute and amusing, yes, though what’s the deal with the tongue? 😛


  30. Gotta love Jack Handey… and silly-looking pups.

  31. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  32. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    The Universe is a better place for your actions & love, Joy!

  33. Yeah….. my mom used to….. no. Cuteoverload. Happy thoughts.

    ……….I don’t really like the captions, but that’s just me.


  34. Just pee happy, don’t worry.

  35. Jack who!

  36. Bells and smells.

  37. Don’t hold your breath 🙂

  38. Why its slurpples McGlurk, the meanest badest…softest silliest…..

  39. I love cats says:

    Hearted! =D

  40. Christina V says:

    Thanks Ana! Yep that’s the one and only Jay, he’s now 12 years old and still hamming it up for the camera! Never thought he’d live this long when I found him abandoned in a ditch a few years back….let alone be more well known then any person I know! His goofy face and adorable personality always keep me smiling, I’ll have to make him his own website at this rate to share his photos that people keep asking about. 🙂

  41. Oy. 12 hours in the moderation lounge.

  42. New Jack Handey, yay!

  43. Mark in Boston says:
  44. Anonymous Coward says:

    just in case my previous comment gets moderated into the twilight zone, what’s the deal with the tongue?

    btw, i don’t think this tongue would work on a pug, a pomeranian or any breed other than this thread’s puppy. it just works on him (her?).

    well, that’s my theory and i’m sticking with it.

  45. Nikki – Yeah, what’s a person sposed to do already?

  46. My neighbour had a papillion and he hated cats. He’d hop around the cat yapping his little head off while the cat (who was bigger than him) sat there with a disdainful look on his face.

  47. @ anonymous coward

    it’s not about what country you’re from. in my opinion, a certain percentage of catholics seize on the whole guilt thing in a destructive way, and some don’t.

    but people love to put others in boxes, so regarding any religion, ethnicity, or minority group, it’s the most extreme, stereotypical image that sticks in the public imagination.

    my rule of thumb: to use what may be a kernel of truth to generalize about any large group is almost always wrong.

  48. Ana Félix Pires says:

    (I understood everything you said but lack the fluency to reply back in French I’m afraid. Damn me for not paying more attention to those classes in high school!)

    Thank you! I’m from Portugal actually, though yes, the name Félix was “borrowed” into our language from the French. 😛

  49. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    merci et mes felicitations! 🙂

  50. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Hello! Here’s a possible interesting link on some background. Also: assuming that you may have watched the film “The Blues Brothers”, even John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd, presenting as urban hoodlums…the FIRST PLACE they visit after Belushi has been released from prison, is to the Mother Superior of the Parish/ Catholic School they attended as children (their characters’ childhoods); they even attempt to sit in the little desks in which they took classes. The Mother Superior chases them around with a 12″ ruler to slap them very heavily on their hands….the PURPOSE behind their further (ahem) illegal behaviors, is to gather funds to save their parish school from being closed down.

    so anyhow, here’s the other article link.
    Thanks for expressing social compassion! Peace.

  51. Adorable pap. my ‘cheweenie’ used to do that when she got old. that said, I think the quote was originally by the late great George Carlin, started back in the 80’s.

  52. Anonymous Coward says:


    ??? this “guilt thing” is something i never heard about growing up. the only thing we kept hearing was about attending sunday mass on a regular basis, follow other religious events/obligations as required, and the such.

    of course, coming from a multi-cultural/religious family (catholicism, multiple forms of protestantism, two orthodox “flavours” and reformed judaism (i think)) maybe a few traits of every form of worship was toned down a bit for extended family’s sake. it did make for interesting holiday seasons, especially for those cooking the family meals! (had we had muslims and buddists too, which almost happened, the cooks would have gone positively insane)

    but even catholic-only families we grew up with (my part of this big diverse tribe) never heard of that, so when the “catholic guilt” schtick comes up in usa-centric sitcoms and whatnot, it is a bit of a non-sequitur to us.

    …and now for something completely different, re. the pup’s tongue: from glancing at the thread, am i correct to assume it is because he/she is now toothless, the teeth usually holding the tongue “inside”?

  53. wow, sounds like you had a very interesting upbringing! no time for guilt or stereotypes 😉 maybe american catholics are more prone to “the guilt thing” because of our puritanical history, and more shame in general regarding sex and nudity and such…

    love this sweet doggie!

  54. If this dog lived in Rochester years back I met it at mother’s or some other bar one drunken night, same type of dog with same tongue affliction was sitting on top of the bar. Adorable.

  55. herp derp