If it don’t work out, oy could be a bookend!



  1. adorable little one – what breed is he / she.

  2. Looks like a closely shaved Pomeranian

  3. Oh for the luv of plush! Adorable, yes. But is it REAL!!! I’d like the chance to check in person, please.

  4. Queen of Dork says:

    It’s cute. It looks like it should have a wind-up key in its back. And when you wind it up, it marches about stiff-legged and its mouth opens and goes, “reep! reep! reep!

  5. Can it be that you peeps don’t recoginize the world famous Boo? He’s a Pomeranian and loves to wear shirts, etc. Check him out and fall in love with the fuzzy little man.

  6. Boo is an amazing Pom and has a buddy named…. Buddy!!!

  7. Elizabeth says:

    A Pomeranian for sure. He is just so adorable I could cuddle up with him.

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