Wait ’til you see my Tryptophan coma

Behold the most pathetic let-me-nap mew at the .37 mark:

Another Quality Foraged Link from Ant.



  1. Oh my dear sweet lord… marmie+yawning+spottybelleh+meowinks=Rosie’s head asploding.

  2. the second one at .48 is THE most patheticest “let me sleep” sound ever. Seriously.

  3. I am a big fan of the paws on the forehead stretch (see the 40 second mark). Our cats do that move, too, and it slays me every time.

    @arlnee: I agree. That little whimper is indeed pathetic. And adorable.

  4. His paws are killing me! They are huge. Polydactyl maybe?

  5. Is it just me, or does that kitteh have HUGE paws? They look enormous on his (?) face…

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Hey… Did I sleep through a couple days? Is it Caturday already?

    Anyhow, since we’re knee deep in kittenpalooza, allow me to share this (which I sent in several months ago but clearly was deemed Not Good Enough):

  7. I just watched a minute of AAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. warrior rabbit says:

    I think he needs something to grab onto (rather than a slippery syringe), but the hacked off swat at :19 makes me laugh.

  9. My boy kitty had huge paws too. He’s a biggun now!

  10. That tongue!

  11. MarmieLover says:

    Oooh those ginormous pawz…… *boom**splat*

  12. Hey, Boris Badanov — enough with the baby talk. Let me get a little shut-eye here!

  13. :48 sounds like a little bird. 🙂

  14. Why always Boris?

  15. The barely audible plead at the :48 mark is priceless.

  16. let the cute kitteh sleep please

  17. Tony James says:

    These are technically referred to as WMDs, or Whizzing Mittins of Doooooooooooooom!

  18. Tony James says:

    That 0.37 mew translates as: “Hey hey, why you Russian? We’re in no hurry here…”

  19. *gasp* Look at the size of those PAWS! He’s going to be a monster when he grows up…

  20. *love*

  21. Cambridge Rat Mom says:

    Yeah, they need to be able to suckle, then swallow. That syringe is just crampin’ his style.

  22. SharonK1973 says:

    The ears that are level with his head while he sleeps are soooooo cute!

  23. No comments on the totally gratuitous “It’s a boy kitten” camera pan?

    Look at the size of those . . . paws. Yes, “paws,” of course. What?

  24. (When I was very small, I saw a litter of kittens, and a grownup was picking up each kitten, examining it, and telling me which ones were boy kittens and which ones were girl kittens. I asked, “How can you tell?” And the grownup didn’t skip a beat — “You can tell by the spots on their belly.”)

  25. (The Original) Mel says:

    Poor Tosha is just tryin to get sleepinks. He’s gotta rest after lugging those big feets around all day.

  26. So sweeeeeeeeeeet!

  27. His name is Tosha! Tosha, the Russian kitty: Da, Da!

  28. OH that is too funny!

  29. I love that the world over kitties are adored and snorgled… gives me hope that someday maybe we will have peace.

  30. “Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!”

  31. Adorable!!!!!!! Hooray for cat naps!!!

  32. Well, um, that IS how you tell, isn’t it? It’s how I’ve always done it.

  33. oh dear me. so prosh. let babeh sleep!

  34. The only reason I remember that story is because for years after I should’ve known better, I thought kitten-sexing involved some kind of arcane spot-reading skills. It wasn’t until I grew up and adopted kittens of my own that it occurred to me to look at their teensy, cute little genitals.


    Maybe the syringe isn’t the best way to go, but the swatting paws were so funny!

  36. Okay, now that is REALLY funny.

    And, I think when I get home I shall ask each of my cats, “And how are your cute little genitals this evening?”

  37. I.e., Me in college: “Apparently, determining the gender of immature felines is difficult because of the early occultation of the secondary sexual characteristics. One must instead rely on sex-determined pigmentation patterns, most easily observed where the fur is thinnest. Or so I am given to understand.”

    I grew up in a family of dog people.

  38. This is me. Only I’m not as cute, and more verbal, much to the consternation of my parents.

  39. Also, the yawn is adorable, and makes me yawn too. There, I yawned just thinking about it. Twice.

  40. 1. Spotteh belleh!
    2. Tiny grumpini!

  41. HP you’re right! I almost mentioned the gratuitous harbl action – but didn’t – it’s like WHAAAAAA?

  42. Lots of Russian kitties on YouTube named Tosha. Does anyone know what it means? It doesn’t look anything like the Russian words for “cat” or “kitten.”

    (Then again, “Sasha” doesn’t look anything like “Aleksandr,” so what do I know?)

  43. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    And that, my friends is how you get kittenrash… letting your hands get too close to the grabby paws.

  44. Well, you know what they say: “Big paws, big . . . pawprints.”

  45. kibblenibble says:

    My friend and I refer to boy kittys’ private parts as “pom pons.”

  46. It’s “Garfield – the Early Years!”

  47. “why I oughta….lemme at ’em, lemme at ’em!…i’ll moida ’em!”

  48. ‘Tosha’ is a shorter version of ‘Antosha’, which is a nickname derivative of ‘Anton’, which is the Russian version of ‘Anthony’.

    Yes, derivatives of Russian names one would use in familiar situations are sometimes profoundly weird. xD

  49. Malaficent says:

    Is that lady saying that she’s biting his toes? My Russian skills aren’t so good since my family is Ukrainian and I didn’t learn very much of that language :/

  50. @ MJ: Tony the Tiger!

  51. If she isn’t, she should be.

    I do like the way our hostess makes that tongue-smacking, human-waking-up noise when Tosha has his big yawn. You don’t need Russian skills to pick that up.

    She’s completely smitten with that beautiful boy, she is. No need to translate.

  52. *snerk*

  53. kibblenibble–thanks. Now I can’t even say the word pom poms anymore. Great.

  54. No! Really? I never would’ve guessed!


  55. ……….I thought it was a guy at first.

    ………the sound was kinda low, ok?

  56. I have a little syringe sock made of terry cloth that they can grab on to. Makes all the difference in the world.

  57. Would you want someone to wake you up with high-pitched, squeaky baby-talk?

    Of course not. You’d want low-pitched, murmuring baby talk.

    Smitten, I tell ya.

  58. Still in his cute phase, he has his OME and with those paws he’ll be a big boy of a Tom!

  59. Awwww kitty is adorable, love the little meow. Would be nice if we could understand what the lady was saying though.

  60. I feel for ya, kitty. This is how I react pretty much every morning!

  61. Garfield as a baby. 🙂

  62. It’s an older woman. She’s telling Tosha to wake up, to come eat. There are lots of diminutives, too, like “Toshinka” and “malenkii,” the last means “little one.” She clearly loves the little guy and doesn’t want to wake him up, but it is time to eat and so she wants to wake him slowly.

  63. The squeeze at 0:39 was just TOO MOISCHE!! Kaboom.

  64. I lof heeeem!!! ❤

  65. How is she not stroking that beautiful belleh? Or snorgling it? That’s where I’d be!

  66. The disembodied voice gives this the quality of an artsy Russian film.

    Well, if it were in black-and-white. And didn’t have the “mew.”

  67. The Cute Avenger says:

    Because Natasha is already chasing moose and squirrel!

  68. This is the opposite of the original “Simon’s Cat” video.

  69. The Cute Avenger says:

    Oh my goodness… pawsies. Itty bitty little mitty pawsies. And the wild whiskers! Ahahahaha…. There goes my brain.

  70. Isn’t Russian a beautiful language. If I had kids, Antosha would be near the top of my list, just after Endymion.

  71. I agree with you, warrior rabbit 😀 Who ever is feeding that kitten should wrap a washcloth around the syringe so that kitten will have something to hold as its sucks 😀

  72. Also having the kitten lay on its tummy on a towel as it sucks is also good as it like feeding from mom cat 😀

  73. AWW 😀 Let that kitty sleep 😀

  74. See mapper, above.

  75. You sound like Data the (cute) android from Star Trek: the Next Generation. Possibly this is why he named his pet cat Spot, and why after referring to Spot as ‘he’ for several seasons, this was abruptly changed to ‘she’ when the cat got pregnant?

  76. *snerk*

  77. I am quickly growing very tired of dogs, and seeing kittens/cats doing adorable and odd things like this constantly does not help!

  78. “Fuzzy wobbles” in our household.

  79. You can name your son Endymion but then call him Boris.

    (throwing out a reference to see if anyone gets it)

  80. Noelegy – Nope, don’t get it. Wild guess Boris Godunov?