I’m going commando

NO WAY am I wearing a peenk sweateuw.

Beady eyed righteous lambkins from Handsome Brook Farm. Spotted by Andrew M.



  1. They’re mine!!

  2. Oh yeah, tough guy? Let’s see how anti-peenk-sweateau you are come shearing season.

  3. That guy is such a knit-picker.

  4. starlinguk says:

    Perhaps he’s just a knit-wit.

  5. starlinguk says:

    Purls of wisdom there, my friend …

  6. oh that’s just baaad…

  7. *snerk*

    p.s. starling, whenever I see your name, I don’t automatically separate it into starling+uk, it’s more like star+linguk
    and I don’t know what a linguk is, can you help a broad out, here? is it like Aer Lingus’ dingbat cousin?

  8. Thank you for the lambs. Now we must have updates about the CHIEF PUPPEH OFFICER! Is she adequately performing her duties?

  9. Ewe are a riot! *groan*

  10. (grins sheepishly)

  11. Well, to be fair, I wouldn’t want to wear a sweater made out of my relatives either.

  12. lizcavaliere says:

    Does anyone else want to pull his lamby-ears and nuzzle his pink nose, or is it just me???

  13. crystalrabbit7 says:

    Or one with a pink Scottie on the back.

  14. I so needed to see this lamb-commando today. Thanks!

  15. BEEP!

  16. Just ewe.

  17. I will knit him a blue sweatur. err… can you lend me some yarn???

  18. Identity Crisis?

  19. What’s a Z-smap? I think the M should be an N.

  20. I dunno… I see the lambkins asking “Where’s my sweater?”

    And I love the little scotty design on the other sweater. I want to hug them so bad!

  21. You tell em Lambkins, I go commando every night, us Honourable Anstruthers can take it. What with being brought up in a freezing 17th century Manor House and surviving the Rhadamanthine regime of Miss Beryl Scrapebucket D.Lit (Oxon)
    at the St Crumworth Academy for Wayward Girls, who needs jammies. Pah.

  22. Don’t you mean “so baaaaaad”?

  23. I just sent my boyfriend a link to the Handsome Brook Farm website. Farm stay with lambykins for vacation next summer?? Yes please!!

  24. maybe it’s having an identity crisis!?

  25. Little lambkins says:
    First off, do we look like dogs?
    Second my pal here is a dude! Got anything other than pink?

  26. (The Original) Mel says:

    I have convinced myself over the course of the last few minutes, that the best thing for this lamb and for me is for it to come visit me at my home (in downtown Dallas) and try on my sweaters.

  27. Oh Skippies Mom YOU are so baaaaaa-D!!!

  28. Lambing Season is usually Spring and Fall…. just so you get your timing down 🙂

    Wait till you see them Leapen sproinging!

  29. So I went and perused their website too and OMG what a great vacation idea. I love it. of course I wake up to this pretty much everyday at my house but I would still love to go there.
    Do you think they have cats that you can borrow to sleep with at night?

  30. No, EWE are!!! (OK, that joke isn’t getting tired or anything….)

  31. Baby sheepieeees!!! Aka natural lawn mowers!!

  32. groan, giggle, groan

  33. crrrazycatlady says:

    That face looks somehow wise, kind and understanding. Can I spend Thanksgiving with him instead of my family?

  34. Looks to me as if the lamb is asking “do you also have a pretty sweater for me?”

  35. Personally, I think pink on an attractive dude looks great!

  36. He is unbelievably cute – assuming he is a he. I want to cuddle up with him on my sofa this winter. I won’t make him wear pink!!

  37. the pink would totally match the nose, though, and it’s still nosevember.

  38. kibblenibble says:

    *kisses lambie just between his beady eyes*
    *is happy*

  39. Moo!

  40. “I herd you wanted to put that sweateuw on me. Get the flock outta here with that thing!”

  41. He looks like he’s just about ready to sproing off the page there!! With that little smile, I think he’s up to sumfing…

  42. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ (grins sheepishly)


    or, perhaps I should say,


  43. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    I’m a bit more standard. I wanna BEEP his/ her nose.
    But yeah, rubbing his/ her fuzzy ears sounds enjoyable too.

  44. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oooh good I’m not the only one who wondered about that.

  45. Oh, the door is open for my pink rant! I refuse to give my adorable little niece anything pink. Little girls are inundated in too much pink these days. Too much pink!!! There are other colors.

  46. Hovertext: “Z-smap”? I would love a Z-Smap, if only I knew what it was! *perplexed*

  47. Stop it, I say! Stop it! LOL !

  48. Ooooooooooooooooooooohhh,
    Maresy doats and dosey doats
    And liddle lambswear sweateuws,
    A kiddlewear sweatewus too
    Wudden ewe?

  49. As a children’s librarian, I have to wear special prescription filter glasses that protect my eyes from all the pink on the little girls.

  50. What’s the matter, you don’t like sheep laughs?

  51. Can I come with you, please?

  52. Luxury! We were brought up in a petri dish, and we were glad to get it!

  53. Jay in Oregon says:

    And here I was expecting a TSA pat-down joke…

  54. Very nice!

  55. But if you tell that to the kids these days, they won’t believe you.]


  57. I once worked at a hardware store in the paint department. People frequently asked advice on what color paint to buy. When it came to babies rooms I joked that if it was a boy they could paint the room blue, and if it was a girl… they could paint the room blue.

  58. I’m sure she’s more-than-adequately performing her doodies, at least…

  59. oh those…soulstealing eyes…
    do they ever give wool sweaters to sheep? that’s pretty messed up 😀

  60. It sounds like one of those fancy-schmancy GIS programs or something.

  61. It’s bad enough when the office folks catch me talking to the computer; it’s worse when they find me on the floor, giggling madly!

    (What? Doesn’t everybody talk to their computers?)

  62. Yes, but will the lambs believe you? (blinking innocently)

  63. Miss Malice says:

    Ohhh lambs why must you be so adorable *and* so delicious?

  64. I’m a girl, and I painted my room blue! (We won’t go into how old I was at the time…..)

  65. No, no – I think this little lamby needs a cute little pink hat with those fuzzy balls hanging down from it, so he/she and the rest of the little lambies can soft-kronsche them when they get stressed (as anyone living in a pen would)!

  66. Due to my selective but consistent use of a few CuteSpeak terms, my husband has the affliction now…he can’t say the word “sweatER” anymore either.
    Asked me where his “gray sweateuw” was yesterday. Very dignified.
    Thank you, Meg!!!

  67. *snerk* You said “fuzzy balls.”

  68. cute but my experience of lambs – not so smart

  69. Why? They don’t kill the sheep for their wool. If you give the lamb a sweater s/he’s surrounded by the wool of an ancestor or a family member. Sounds sweet, warm, and comfy to me!

  70. Sheep don’t get killed for their wool per se…but mulesing is a pretty messed up thing to do to a lamb.

  71. Saint Stryfe says:

    Are you the real one?

  72. Lewis n' Clark says:

    wow! that’s lambtastic!

  73. Petrie dish? You were LUCKY! We just had the lid to a cup of yogurt, all licked out…

  74. *double snerk!!!!*

  75. But….. it’s not made out of her relatives. That would involve entrails or skin or some such, and that would be gross. It could possibly be made out of the hair of animals belonging to the same species, but she can’t know if anyone she knew contributed, and hey, it grows back. So lamby, quit’cher baaawlin’ and wear the sweater! Cuz baby, it’s cold outside….

  76. I do that to my dogs all the time.

  77. Um. Was I the only one who thought, “Too. much. info.”?


    Just checking.

  78. My room is bright yellow. My dad said it would keep him up. I was just all, “They painted my room while I was gone! Cool!”

  79. There is a reason we didn’t go up to Tennessee to join my dad’s side of the family.

  80. Only if the fuzzy balls were made of hay or somethin.

    And yes, I said “fuzzy balls” too.

  81. jmrpottery says:

    I have a peenk Sweateuw too!

  82. Peeenk sweateuw! Adorable lamb, but can we please have a re-run of teh original peeenk sweateuw, with a kitteh inside? It killed me dead.

  83. We used to WISH for a yogurt lid!

  84. I once stayed at a B&B in which the resident cats would visit you at night. 😀

  85. Make a z in the air with your hand and snap your fingers at the bottom.
    OR smap if you type badly like me! 🙂

  86. I don’t so much talk to my computer as swear at it.

  87. If he is a he, watch out when he’s tupping.

  88. Sweatewuh... sweatyouah... sweatoh... says:

    …how do you pronounce “sweateuw”, anyway?

  89. After a hard day there is nothing better than a cup of hot cocoa and Meg’s selections of Teh Qte….Your captions rock Meg!

    And I am excited to note Holligans’ observation of the wonderful word ‘sweateuw’ entering common (non-Cuteologist) parlance 😀

  90. starlinguk says:


  91. starlinguk says:

    I didn’t think much, I just went o_O

  92. I agree with Fern’s logic. However, how many humans would like a garment made out of human hair?

  93. *chuckles* With a Frawnshe accent, m’dear.

    (I believe it’s similar to “suetere” with a soft r. I may be mistaken. And the French accent is a must. Otherwise it won’t come out right.)

  94. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    no no no you could NOT have made a kids/ lambs cross-reference. Nope. I won’t believe that. It cannot be twue.

  95. Would you wear a scarf of human hair? No. Because it’s creepy.

  96. hey, let’s not be so quick to judge! i bet lady gaga would!

  97. Lady Gaga would probably wear a sweater made out of entrails…

  98. there is at least one artist i’ve read about who makes dresses out of meat. but that’s nuff-bait if i ever saw it.