Some People Can Be So Rude.

Excuse us? Why that is just the most offensive thing we’ve ever heard! How dare you call us sweater puppies!

The cats’ meows, Stephen A.



  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Sweet kitties.
    Nice boobies.
    All is well.

  2. Jay in Oregon says:

    I see nothing wrong with this picture.

  3. My first reaction: “Aww, matching kittens!”

    Scroll down… oh.

  4. Then I scrolled back up and awwed at the kitties some more. =)

  5. Yep! That’s what I did too! 😛

  6. I wonder if that is what Dirac had in mind when he introduced the Bra-Kit’ notation…

  7. Aw! Kittens & Boobies. Don’t think there’s anything that could make the picture better!?

  8. That is the worst bra I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t look very supportive but I guess it’ll be warm for winter.

  9. Do those kittehs come in a 32F? Must have!

  10. All I can think is “OMG it tickles!!!”

  11. And……we’re off (pulls up some chairs and get the popcorn ready, *waits*)

  12. Agreed…

  13. “Oh, hi! We were just hunting Tufted Titmice.”

  14. *laughsnort!*

  15. ROFL!!!!!!!!! FTW

  16. I’m sad that I can’t find these at my local LaSenza …

  17. And if you thought underwire poke-through was painful ….

  18. Um…. can we stop it already with the boobies?

  19. Ouchie if they extend their little claws! (but I want my own kitty bra!)

  20. Oh, wow. I approve of this picture!

  21. 😯

  22. O NO He/She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    Harrumph. I am also indignant!
    The word is “sweateuws”!!

    Another Harrumph!

  23. >SNORK<

  24. I’m imagining shrieking and shifting kittens in my shirt during a meeting. “These are worse than underwires!”

  25. Booby muffs!

  26. F’s? My back hurts thinking about that.

  27. Kitty porn?

  28. *laugh!!* they grow in size too. Victoria Secret’s new line of bras! just in time for the Christmas shopping season

  29. May not want to tell your boss you’re looking at kitty porn at work. hehe

  30. like the wise bear once said, “only you can stop your own boobies.”

    as for cuteoverload, no “we” probably won’t.


  31. Kitteh 1: How you doin’?

    Kitteh 2: I’m feline fine! How YOU doin’?

    Kitteh 1: I’m ready to bust outta here.

  32. Hilarious!

  33. I’m imagining protesters outside CO headquarters holding signs that read: “Take your bras off!”

  34. Oooh, great idea! So instead of everyone noticing a drastic change when you buy one of those Bombshell/Miraculous bras that makes you two sizes bigger (or get implants), you’ll gradually grow so as not to be so obvious!

  35. 😆

  36. *snerk*

  37. I guess we now know what Victoria’s secrets are.

  38. Whoa, sounds like you’ve got some to spare. Care to make a donation to an A/B?

    *looks up the number for McNamara/Troy*

  39. *digs out the cookbook for made-from-scratch puddin’ recipe*

  40. No! You can however stop it with the bitching 😀

  41. *hands Mary a cuppa puddin’*

    Here, throw this. 😈

  42. gloom raider says:

    I like to imagine there’s some spy narrative here. Like, one of the kittens can scan documents and the other can disable enemy agents by mewing at them sadly.

  43. Best bust to date in my opinion. I would however note that kittens are not very supportive, so they must be more for warming purposes. I know I could use some fuzzy boob-warmers this time of year- low temperatures can wreak some havoc with the girls!

  44. corn starch – check
    sugar – check
    milk – check
    eggs – check
    butter (the real stuff) – check
    cocoa powder – check
    vanilla – check

    Okay, I’m ready when y’all are…

  45. Of course I will, the boobies are fine, I should thank god they’re not yours 😀

  46. Only if it’s tapioca. All other pudding is too delicious to waste ^_^

  47. Aww, how thoughtful [?] Perhaps you should worry more about your own boobs and less about mine, it’s a little creepy.

  48. Tapioca is gluten-free, so I think that can be arranged. (That’s why I make my own.)

  49. up with boobs!

    (or my favorite nuffer slogan, “boobs are not for children!”)

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    Perhaps this is the newest version of the BSE. The kittehs paws are much more sensitive than your own fingers. Can we get these at the nearest drugstore? Or are they prescription only? And just think of the lives they will save!

  51. Oh, please don’t even mention yours. Your picture makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Ta ta!

  52. Roflmao at calling them puppies.

    and I just know there is a headlight joke in there somewhere… but my brain can’t seem to get it out.

  53. Much better than “down with boobs.” We don’t want to see them go there…

  54. Hey, your headlights are on.

    These guys look very supportive, but perhaps not in the, well, physically, literally true sense. Still, here’s a use of fur in fashion that I can really get behind. And on top of.

  55. Dontcha mean “ta-tas”?

  56. Well perhaps next time you stick your finger down your throat you should be closer to an appropriate vessel.

  57. They obviously have specialized training. That’s the real reason they make biscuits.

  58. I have a feeling that poor thing needs something a little higher-calorie. Perhaps butterscotch! Mmm.

  59. Aw, you guys, now it’s just getting downright mean. 😦 I’m all for a little puddin-throwing, but we don’t need to get so harsh on CO. Everyone take a deep breath, huff a kitteh, snorgle a puppeh.

  60. the best part is that most of us commentators are women hee hee


  61. Get in the jello ring and wrestle you two!

  62. *SPANK*

  63. Buh, buh, buh, brinnn! She nuffed and then caled me fat first!

  64. Wow, Brian, I don’t know if I have enough ingredients for a ring-full. 😯

  65. Thank you occula i just knew it was in there XD

  66. *giggle*

  67. Wooo-eee-ooo. Two kittens having an out of booby experience.

  68. I just can’t imagine wanting to put something with razor sharp claws near my breasts. Ouch!

  69. High Yeems!

    *wincing slightly at the wee extended claw just above the left hand, no no not that left, your other left*

  70. If I remember my ’70s Mad Magazine correctly, it was:
    “Up with miniskirts!
    Down with tube tops!”

  71. A cat scan for your bosom buddies.

  72. Hmm. Normally I’m not such a fan of cats’n’racks, however…This time I have to give it up. *clap-clap*

    This is a very lovely bosom and more importantly I love the color placement of black against pale and the distinct matching of the kitteh eyes to the blouse. So with all this I have no choice but to say to owner of said bosoms, “Well done, you.”

  73. (The Original) Mel says:


  74. (The Original) Mel says:

    P.s. I like tapioca.

  75. That’s more painful than those razorsharp claws. Well, maybe almost as painful.

  76. Meee too. Tis my favorite pudding!

  77. Well, if the cats and racks offend people maybe next time we can have some blouse bunnies. Literally. Some fluffy bunnies who like cuddling up to their owners for warmth or vice versa.

    And suddenly I’m channeling The Todd who’s like the Dude but with a banana hammock and a 15-yr’s mouth.

  78. Banana hammock? He stole Winston’s bed?!?!

    *digs out pitchforks and torches*

  79. 260O, sparkling with over-the-top quality puns as always 🙂

  80. Owww ;-;

  81. LOL! FTW!

    i actually do remember that.

  82. LaureninGeorgia says:

    FTW, as always. I snorted in a most unladylike fashion at this one.

  83. i was actually aiming for elle for getting personal, but okay, you can have one, too.

  84. Snicker! and two Paws Up!

  85. AMEN !

  86. High-five toebeans!

  87. *struggles to refrain from making lewd comments*

  88. I’m sportin’ H’s. I will gladly donate down to a B. Let’s talk!

  89. All I have to say about this is ew. Sorry CO this is the first time I’ve ever disagreed/been a nuffer, but this is too bizarre.

  90. Woohoo! I can finally wear a bathing suit without people thinking I’m 12!

    So, when’s a good time for you?

    *gets out date book*

  91. Ooohhh… nice!

  92. And quite effective, I don’t doubt. GR, you could probably patent that and sell it to the government for a fortune.

  93. Trust me. even Winston would’ve have gone there.

  94. Also, I hope those are real, ’cause if those kitties have claws it could get ugly real fast!

  95. the bug man says:

    One of the bird species that’s been part of some important behavioral studies in Britain is Parus major. I’ve had to include them in my biology lectures now and again. It’s tough to find a decent picture of them online, however, because they’re known colloquially in Britain as “great tits”.

  96. I’m a man (or just a boy in a man’s body, depending on who you talk to too) and I approve this latest CO Cats an’ Racks post. AMEN.

  97. Yumm 🙂

  98. “No, no, no, doc! I didn’t say I wanted kitty implants! I said I wanted…oh nevermind. These are softer anyway.”

  99. Makes an excellent chocolate pie, too. 😀

  100. The lesbian contingent approves this message.

    Just, not a massage, please. Teeny little kitten clawses, owwie! No muffin-kneading right now, bbs!

  101. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I believe it should be kitties and…oh, never mind.

  102. Seriously though, i lurve me some CO, but not the boobs. I really don’t want to see them at home or at work (and cute overload is part of what keeps me sane at work). So, no more boobs. They aren’t cute. Even with kitties, puppies or small furry rodents accompanying them. If I want to see boobs, I have a pair of my own. Or I’ll watch porn.

  103. dawnkeyotie says:

    I’m an H also. I am thinking about getting a shelf-walker for my boobs.

  104. Too funny, I think we cross-posted! 🙂

  105. Incidentally, my own set doesn’t do much for me, but this pair is quite lovely. And the kittens are the BEST accessory. /rack the vote

  106. warrior rabbit says:

    Maybe the TSA will hire them.

  107. /rack the vote

    😆 😆 😆

    Stoats n Racks!

  108. Most commentors on Cute Overload are women?

    What. A. Shock.

    Dude here. I have my browser maximized and I’m taking in the whole landscape, cats and all.

    Also, some joke about “if you saw the kittens before the boobs…”

  109. NSFW warning and/or screener pls. Some of us tend to watch C_O even at work and having boobs on our screen, no matter how many kitten are hiding between them, makes us look like less desirable workers.

  110. Yeah, the whole animals in cleavage thing is really weird.

  111. At least it wasn’t blue-footed boobies they were looking for…

  112. I think I’ll just take this moment to say how SHOCKED I am by this photo. I am never coming to your website again…until tomorrow!

  113. Ore there C.O. Awards? Because Oakey, you just might have to win.

  114. Ore there? *looks at her glass of wine and wonders what’s in there*

    ARE there, natch.

    *takes another sip*

  115. My head jes sploded, hahahahahahahahaha!

  116. They def eye the rule of kittingks clawingks on boobies. Lassie, I canna reemembuh sich brave ur ee!

  117. One of the only acceptable ways to wear fur . . . aside from cats sleeping on your head. Or on your lap. Or puppies warming your tootsies. So, I guess basically, as long as the fur-provider is alive and willing, it’s all good.

    Shivering at the thought of a furry bra! Tee-hee! Paired with weasels in your drawers (pronounced “drahw – errs”)

  118. Wow, are Hs really that big?!?! 😯


    *on phone, not work computer!*

    😯 OMG How do you carry those things around with you everyday?!?!?

  119. If not, then maybe the TNA.

  120. Jennie Mello says:

    Most bras lift and separate. Boring. This one, however, squeezes them tighter together in a lovely squishy furry bunch. Nice!

  121. PO:

    Pornography Overload

    Grrrr :-(((

  122. Did NOT see that one coming (but am anxiously awaiting the photo!)

  123. Meriweather says:

    Body shaming: not cute.

  124. Too funny, Brinnann!

  125. Meriweather says:

    A touch of cleave isn’t porno. Would you object if the two kittens were sitting on a guy’s shirtless chest?

  126. Meriweather says:

    Speak for yourself. I think animals cuddling up to something fluffy and warm is adorable.

  127. You think this is pornography? You, my friend, have a whole world of discovery awaiting you on the rest of the internet.

  128. No! Not enough with the boobies!

  129. Also agreed. I think I won’t even scroll through the evil comments this time . . . .

  130. Look! It’s the new Purr-Up Bra ™ !

  131. not reading: not cute

  132. 😦 I miss when my cats were small enough to put in a bra!! Now they’re big and would probably stretch the straps too much.

  133. SQUEE! Twin black kittehs! Secondary: Pretty mint-green satin shirt. Then: Oh yeah…cleavage.

  134. Boobies aren’t cute? O.o

    Since when?

  135. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    golly gee WHILLikers

    but tapioca is sum NASTY STUFF (PtOOOOOey!!!) 😦

  136. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ TrixandSam:

    When the webpage address below, loads onto your computer screen, please “press” and/ or click the Red Button on the screen. Thank you.

  137. Hey, one of my favorites had the gentlemen with a calico kittens in each of his chest pockets on his plaid shirt.

    We have no problem with men showing cats and racks. Well, except its the computer server kind.

    We even love the kitties on dish racks.

  138. cute kitties, and nice boobs. but is any else going to comment on how very early 90s that shirt is? Making me miss my 90210!

  139. Don’t squeesh the kitties!!

  140. Here you go 🙂

  141. But these won’t set off a metal detector . . . :mrgreen:

  142. I’m a male person. Is this common female behavior? OK, maybe it was all the kittens’ idea, but I think they had help getting in.


  144. Dear C.O.,
    Some of us do get a bit weary of having to look at other women’s jiggly bits. It strikes me that the people here that do not get the ‘ew’ factor are A. Men or B. those that have already been desensitized by copious amounts of harder porn. C. Both. If you ARE going to force this upon us, could you at least make the playing field even? I suggest a new category: “Cats n’ Cracks,” — ever seen the old Saturday Night Live skit where Dan Akroyd plays a plumber? You could take your cue from that. I am sure many here would find it equally as tasteful. 🙂
    Sincerely, A first-time-poster on C.O.

    PS Please stop so harshly nuffing the nuffers, they do have a right to an opinion. It makes the comments rather unpleasant to read sometimes.

    PS PS I LOVE MARUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Can’t be helped, Brinnann. It’s simple physics.

  146. Tapioca is really good for dropping from a twenty-second floor balcony. Now, how would I know that? 🙄

  147. Actually, come to think of it, I’ve met some kittens that would crawl into anyplace snug and there was no stopping them. So maybe the human in the picture didn’t have to do any stuffing at all.

  148. As the Joker would say: Where does she get those wonderful puns?

  149. “Banana hammock”? Sounds classier than “budgie smugglers,” anyway. :mrgreen:

  150. HAW!

  151. Actually, nothing about this is particularly creepy except the hovertext. 😯

  152. This isn’t someone trying to be cute, it’s someone trying to be provocative. No cuteness here.

  153. hahahahaha

  154. ahahahahahah

  155. clearly you haven’t endured the Housewives of Wherever The He11 They’re Spawned!

  156. WhOA!

    Methinks this is an important Cats ‘n’ Racks innovation! Twice the normal kittage, plus you get the cleavage… Stunningly brilliant!

    Put me down for three dozen.

  157. YAR!

  158. “waaaah, change your entire website! because i like to slack off at work, dammit!”

    while cats n racks is not my favorite thing, i’m certainly not going to ~demand~ this “porn” be taken down or censored. don’t like it? keep on scrolling. and don’t look at CO at work.

    on topic: this picture is adorable. i want the kittiesss.

  159. is that everyone?

    is that all you got? come ON! you guys are puss—*SPANK*


  160. something tells me you will enjoy having this one in your arsenal as well.

    okay wait. all the britspeak on here has me worried that i’ve said something naughty there.

  161. Er…so looking at CO at work as long as there are no boobs showing does make you look like a desirable worker? Where do you work, and are there any job openings?!

  162. CO you disappointed every time you post a picture like this.

  163. we know, we know.

    we can’t please everyone.

    come back tomorrow, you’ll forgive us!

  164. Aww yay! Two of my favorite things!!

    …wait no. FOUR of my favorite things 😀

  165. Kits ‘n Tits!

  166. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Sharpy: fun!

    ‘dja notice, that the address you linked, tracks how many peeps fail to “press play” on the page? 🙂

    #/ Failures to date, etc.

  167. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    But….what are VictoREIA’s secrets, hmmmmmmmm???? 😉

    (rhetorical qwershtyun….I prob am too cowardly to want the actual answer….)

  168. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ gloom raider:

    Evidently I must be an enemy agent, b/cuz I would be ENTIRELY disabled by any kitteh’s sad mewing ……

  169. Ick, CO, why do you have to go and spoil my appetite with pictures like this?

  170. The tufted titmouse birds are SOOOO much cuter than the booby birds.

  171. Well, they did used to bind them in the 1920’s to get that fashionable “Great Gatsby” flat chested flapper look where their long necklaces would fall “just so” and not be disturbed by anything protruding. The poor ladies who were well endowed were not considered as elegant.

  172. Oh, my. Look at that beautiful pair of…

    kittens. I love black kittens.

  173. I’m sorry but that’s just wrong. I don’t put my pets anywhere near my junk. What is wrong with this chick?

  174. How about D, girls who like boobs and/or girls, regardless of porn?

    Heteronormativity for the lose.

    Seriously – THEY’RE BREASTS. Get over it and your cripplingly puritanical viewpoint. You wouldn’t be complaining if there were kitties curled up on a guy’s bare chest. And if you still don’t like it, there’s that magical BACK BUTTON in the upper-left corner of your browser.

  175. I have no idea what size I am. I don’t care. I don’t want big boobies. Too cumbersome.

  176. Ha! Oakley, you’re the best.

  177. I don’t understand why people are disgusted by boobs, especially females being disgusted by them. You know you have them, too, right? Do you get a panic attack every time you take a shower? Do you have your bathroom mirror taped off so that you’ll never have to look at them? If you’re a never-nude, I’ll totally understand, though. 😉

  178. Oh, wow. I am so not googling that.

  179. Okay, gals, no need for a cat fight! 😛

  180. LOVE this! Thanks, Sharpy!

  181. yeah, and the blobulous shfting and meowing will go totally unnoticed 😈

  182. Actually, when I saw this, I was like, “CO. The new kitty pr0n site.” …………..I’m sorry. I just did.

  183. I think she was speaking for herself, hence the “I” and not “we.” And I agree with her, boobs are not cute. However they do provide a shock factor and therefore cuteoverload will probably never get rid of them. I mean look at how many comments there are on this picture, that’s gotta be good for traffic.

  184. Actually, that tracks how many times the button has been pressed. The number goes up when you push the button.

  185. asw if we really want to go unnoticed. Snerk!

  186. Agreed! I wonder how many of these submissions cuteoverload gets? This girl was looking for compliments on her breasts, not compliments on her cute pets. I do not like that this girl is getting her way! There are other sites for that.

  187. Oi.

    (My name is Victoria. I feel like I should be offended somehow.)

    (…..think of this scene.)

    ((He’s known as the village liar.))

  188. Having worn both I can attest that their natural inclination was for the minniskirt to go up and the tube top to go down so really the slogan was pretty darn accurate LOL!

  189. Got milk?

  190. I’m not disgusted by boobs. In fact I very much like mine and like to look at them…when I’m looking at porn. But I come to cuteoverload to look at cute animals, not boobs. Some people here have the whole, “It’s natural, you breastfed once” thing going on. Sure, fine. But to me they are sensual and erotic, and I don’t want my cute animals on them. It’s just…weird.

  191. don’t forget about the blue tits too!

  192. Ummmmmmm……………. that depends on what kind of shirts you wear. It’s only 50’s-70’s here, and I’m already wearing layers. XD Like I said, I’m a cold wimp.

  193. warrior rabbit says:

    Well, SOMEBODY was bottle-fed.

  194. *spluttering noises as I try not to snicker*

  195. ……………….BIZARRE BOOBIES!!!

    ….wait. Ew.

    I don’t like cats’n’racks. This is not bizarre. Seriously, you haven’t seen this in public?

  196. ROFL! Too funny!

  197. Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa. Cripplingly puritanical? Srsly? The comment was made in good humor, from the looks of things, and she was stating her opinion nicely, more in the form of civilized debater or problem solver than OHNOEBOOBZI’MNEVERCOMINGAGAIIIIIINNNNN!!!!

    C’mon. She’s right about the anti-nuffs thing. It’s entertaining when it’s pudding and popcorn, but then it gets old.

  198. How sad that we women can not enjoy the beauty of our own bodies… and how sad that we are afraid to stop and admire the beauty of someone elses either .

  199. Wise choice.

  200. deathqueen38 says:

    aww cute kitties. mmm sexy boobies

  201. ………if this gets through………. I remembered my earlier anti-nuff and my over-active conscience called me out.

    ……………….I can see both sides of the argument?


  202. Wow. Clearly someone is clueless to metaphor, satire, and humor – and pretty much proved my point. LOL

    Talk about venom..

    -Last time poster on C.O. (must be record time!)

  203. A “never-nude”- *snerk*

  204. Amen, kittyadventures!

    I think this pic is adorable — I bet the kitties are all cozy and warm! The thought of having kittens snuggled up to me like that makes me feel all fuzzy. Lucky kittens, lucky lady. All is warm and snuggly happiness!

  205. I am not a lesbian. I am not a man. But I must say — HOORAY FOR BOOBIES! And HOORAY FOR KITTIES! and HOORAY FOR KITTIES IN BOOBIES!

    That’s my two cents.

  206. Meriweather says:

    Kind of my point, Kar. It’s a little disenheartening when a woman’s body is labeled porn where a man’s wouldn’t be.

  207. Meriweather says:

    E. Women who don’t find parts of their body inherently disgusting? I’m not actually disgusted by boobs, what with having a pair myself. I’m not disgusted by other women’s boobs, either. Why would I be?

  208. Meriweather says:

    Tish tosh, everyone knows that women’s bodies are filthy disgusting things only for sex.

  209. Aww. Reminds me of the time my own sweet black kitten was resting on my chesticles when one of my metal bookshelves came crashing down onto the tile floor in my apartment, startling kitten…and the two almost became one :-s.

    I bet the kittens are acting as boobie-guards.

  210. Noooo! Don’t go! I like you! I replied to your comment! It’s just in moderation!

  211. Meriweather says:

    But to me they are sensual and erotic, and I don’t want my cute animals on them. It’s just…weird.

    It’s okay for you to find women’s breasts sensual and erotic.
    It is not okay for you to tell women that their breasts are inherently sensual and erotic just because that’s your perception. I didn’t grow these things just to arouse you. They just kind of came with the package. You don’t get to tell me or any other woman what parts of her body are ‘okay’ and ‘clean’.

  212. One of my favorite bits from the movie “Thoroughly Modern Millie” (Julie Andrews, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Channing) is the part where Millie frets because her beads will not hang straight because her kittens are too big . . . . .

  213. Idea: why not use the cats’n’racks category as a breast cancer awareness tye thing? Would that attract fewer nuffers? C’mon! C.O supports not having to remove chesticles because of cancerous lumps! That’s a good thing, right? Riiiight?

    Oh…….. I give up.

  214. I find this offensive. I enjoy this site because it is good, clean, and uplifting. This belongs on a soft pornography site, not on I am disappointed. I’m sure that a lot of families use this site too and it’s a shame that children are subjected to this.

  215. You seem to be overruled.

  216. The bubs are covered!!! People get a grip!

  217. Yup, they are the first line of defense against boobie-traps.

    (I’m gonna knocker off for the night now, before I get busted.)

  218. *gives you award*
    *wipes tears*

  219. *Has no such compunction!*
    Thank you ma’am, may I have another? ;D

  220. I know exactly what you mean D: Once the ambient temperature gets below 60, one has to start being very careful x_x

  221. IDK what kind of boobs you’ve seen. These are far from bizarre! They’re quite symmetrical actually!

  222. Oh my. I don’t know what frightens ladies about a pair of boobs.
    Have you never had the joy of a warm snuggly thing between them? You should try it, you’d understand!

  223. WINNER! *Vegas slot machine jackpot noises*

  224. ^ That. For truth.
    This is porn, perhaps, to Amish people? [No offense to the Amish, I dig the barns]

  225. Another winner!!! Jackpots for all!!

  226. “No cuteness here”??
    So those are ugly kittens?

  227. “I didn’t grow these things just to arouse you.”

  228. If I get mean and snarky [well… more so than I already have] will I get in any kind of permanent trouble? I don’t want to be banned, just to prove that I’m better, even though I’m fat ^_^

  229. Oh get a grip, do you feel nauseous every time you look downwards? Because that’s vertigo, not your boobs.

  230. ?? This is “Not safe for work”??
    There aren’t even any nipples! There are pictures of puppies with more genitals showing than this.

  231. Also, I’m sure I could just sit on her.

  232. oldrockerguy says:

    pretty much perfection….cute kitties and cute boobies….is there any thing else we need to say

  233. Love the pic, love the cats, nuffers, get OVER yourselves. I rolled my eyes so hard I lost a contact lens.

  234. And the Bush Tits…

  235. i agree with Equalizer. I am not puritan, not uptight, think breasts are just fine, but just TIRED of disembodied boobies. It is exhausting to see disembodied female parts out there, constantly, everywhere, for “titillation”. Love the kittehs, I’m sure they are comfortabuhls, breasts are fine, and yes, they are not porn. But…. so tired of constant images of female body parts as marketing tools, as come-ons, as objects of scorn, lust, insult, amusement…it just makes women seem less human and more as commodities. Not outraged, not offended…just tired of it.

  236. first time posting on co, and i must say, its because the nuffers are annoying me. so i have but one thing to say. my GAY brother and i love this picture, and anyone who hates it enough to nuff, is likely an american conservative female canine who needs to remove their Cranium from a location that i refuse to mention on CO unless it is connected to an adorable creature and learn that they cannot control the world!
    signed, an american liberal (female)
    ps. please forgive my capitalization issues, i am on a phone.

  237. Girls Gone Wild: Humane Society. Show us your kitties!!!

  238. Mmmmmm… yes, please. 😀

  239. 😆 I heard of stuffing your bra but with kitties 😆 I agree with you, Kar, with that bra would be warm enough to wear in the wintertime 😀

  240. Dang! And here I thought I was being lady-like! (Oh, wait….the only lady in the house is the four-legged one.) Carry on!

  241. exactly! boobies are NOT for children! they are for men and women ONLY!

    seriously? i understand that this photo isn’t for everyone. it’s a little racy and we really don’t post this stuff just to bother people. it doesn’t bother most people and the site isn’t for children, it’s for everyone. i do feel bad if you are uncomfortable, but we ARE good, sometimes not so clean and we hope you’ll keep coming back.

    speaking of uplifting…

    sorry, i’m a terrible, terrible person! i’m no good, i tell ya!

  242. People have a right to like the pic, and they also have a right not to like it.

    I have a kitten and well, not once did I think it’d be cute to stuff her down my shirt. And then, take a pic of it!

    I just don’t get it, that’s all, and that’s ok. Maybe I’ll stuff a puppy down my pants and take a pic, or my gecko, or the bearded dragon down my bra…now where do you draw the line? And no, I don’t wanna see a fluffy corgi pup on some nekkid guy’s chest. That’s just not my thang.

    All those who are nuffing the nuffers are being too harsh. Yes, the boobies are nice and I like my boobies too but I come here for the animal critters, not sweater critters.

    cute animals on a cute critter site >>>> nice boobies on a cute critter site

    /steps off soap box

  243. I have no secrets! (Just don’t look in the secret compartment….)

  244. *snerk*

  245. a non a mouse says:

    so….what bugs me more than the pic are those that call people who don’t like the pic bit*(%es who need to get their head out of their @#$. Really? Is that necessary?

    I’m a liberal female too, hey, girl power, but this is a cute animal site, not a cute racks and cats site. Maybe that should be a separate site – then I can have the choice to go there, or stick with cute animals, straight up.

  246. Again (As I responded to an earlier post of yours as well where you told someone to speak for herself when she clearly was already), I said that I find breasts to be erotic and sensual and never did I say that they are inherently so or that all women or men should view them as so. Thus, it is MY OPINION that breasts are sexual and thus I (and possibly only me, surely I do not speak for all women) that cute animals and breasts are creepy. Also, I didn’t say anything about your breasts, so…awkward.

    Please be at peace enough with yourself to let others express their opinions and STOP PUTTING WORDS IN PEOPLE’S MOUTHS.

  247. I’m glad they post these – I, too, started out as a non-posting nuffer, but seriously, it’s Meg’s site, and now, I just enjoy the humor of it. Not to mention there is nothing like fuzzy critter(s) snuggling up to the girls! Too bad mine are too large (the fuzzies, that is). And in addition, the fortunate lady above, has a very lovely pair (or two).

  248. But if they insist, just put them in a bra.

  249. RIGHT ON!!! WELL SAID!!

  250. You’re a man [Judging by the name ‘John’]- cats can do real damage to your junk and probably wouldn’t feel very good! Ladies like a soft texture against the bosoms. That’s why we like silk and such [my opinion anyway]
    Also, she’s not stuffing them down her pants. That’s a bad idea no matter which gender you are!


  252. Yes! LOVED that movie (and play). Thanks for the reminder.

  253. Oh my. Now come on, just because people are annoying prudes is no reason to assume their political alignment or anything else of that nature. Just call them what they are- obviously the product of a sad lesson that the human body is shameful. They don’t need to be conservative or liberal or anything else to have been taught that lesson, just a victim of our culture. It’s actually rather sad- I will be praying they get over themselves, and the rest of us should “pray” [or your preference] too.

  254. In the words of the sort-of departed Theo, CO is PG-13, isn’t it? It makes no pretense to be anything else.

  255. a non a mouse says:

    well, I don’t want to see them unless I google “naked boobies with kittens.” Is that ok? Or, if I knowingly watch a rated R movie (sheesh, even PG-13 nowadays). If this site had a rating of *not for kids* then, hey, look, there’s gonna be boobies and I’ll be at the ready. But this is cuteoverload – I expect teh cute, not teh boobies. No need to get so defensive!

    relaaaaaaaaaaax. Not everyone is going to agree with you or me. It’s gonna be ok!

  256. I do this all the time with my pet! Its her fave sleeping spot!!

  257. What the hell? I come here for boobs, and you post a picture of kittens? Some of us are trying to ignore our jobs and surf the web. And what part of this picture am I supposed to let my kid look at? WTF, C.O.? Why aren’t you more accommodating to my specific preconceived ideas of what your website should be? Not cute. Not cute at all.

  258. At first i was like “ew… camera whores” BUT the comments make me enjoy this. Still not fond of camera whores, even if they do include pittens… Who am i kidding, I would do that if I had two kittens in a heartbeat.. not sure If i’d send it to CO though x3

  259. There was a woman boarding my flight to SF last night who had gratuitious boobies-hanging-out, and I don’t mean just your average low-cut shirt. I mean she might as well as been topless, and that would’ve made more sense….yuck. If she had cute inky kitties sticking out, I might have been more forgiving.

  260. First of all – wow. Reading comments like Elle’s makes me want to stop commenting or reading the comments. I’m going to take it under advisement.

    Second of all – hovertext for the win!

  261. Yeah, good luck with that Ange.

  262. That is funny b/c cats n racks always made sense to me. When I was a kid, my mom and my aunt would put cats in their shirts all the time. We had a lot of cats around, and a lot of free time…’twas before the interwebs you know.

  263. I guess I’m just not familiar with it. I have raised baby birds and baby guinea pigs, you name it, but never once did I connect warm boobies with baby animals – I never thought to grab a baby guinea pig and stuff him down my shirt. Nah, not for me.

    On that note, off to take pics of “pups and butts” and “kitties in my bits”….kidding, kidding!

  264. Are you kidding? That looks painful.

  265. agreed. the kitties themseves are stand-alone cute. they don’t need “embellishment.”

  266. warrior rabbit says:


  267. Sharpy, that’s hysterical. You were born to be here.

  268. Best four comment thread ever.

  269. Hey John? Your pets called. They said “Thank you for not putting us anywhere near your junk.”

  270. (Runs around taking words out of people’s mouths . . . )

  271. Okay. Um. Owww. Just owww.

  272. My kitty likes to sit on my chest when I’m lying down on the couch. She’s too big to fit in my rack, but that doesn’t stop her from stepping on it. Which is ouchy, because she is big and fat.

    /pointless comment.

  273. Martha in Washington says:

    *sung in a Bob Hope voice*
    Thanks for the mammaries!

  274. Overheard in the makeup trailer on the set of Total Recall…”You idiot! I said give her three titties, not two KITTIES!” 😉

  275. Completely agree. So not appropriate for this website. It makes me wonder who is the one screening the content.

  276. Whoever thinks this is hot, funny, or awesome needs to grow up and get a job. First of all anyone who uses their own pets in a sexual nature is disgusting! Second of all it looks reallyy great when you are at work and go to this web site which is normally PG… and then some tramps boobs pop up on the screen. Yeah, I’m sure I’ll have fun explaining that one. C.O. I am disappointed!

  277. Second that. Actually, chocolate first, then tapioca (wanders off to the kitchen….)

  278. Nice pair!

    I do mean the kittehs. 😉

  279. Hehe, not disgusted by boobs, here – I’m a boob-fan, in fact, I quite adore them, my own and those of others’. No problem at all. I also love kitties. Adorable kitties here. If someone thinks this is porny, sheesh – you ever actually watched porn?

    This particular boob-owner though, haha… I remember being younger, we’d snicker at these type of girls, always wanting to push their breasts at any given camera but in particular, webcameras. This particular angle, even the ‘crop’ of the image, these girls were all over the forums. The way she’s positioned her hands for maximum uplift? The neckline of the shirt being splayed open? She’s arching her back so her chest is pushed forward, drawing shoulders back, tilting her head to the side to make her neck look pretty. It’s not a girl snapping an adorable photo – it’s a girl trying to look sexy. You’ll find a gazillion pictures almost precisely like this one save for the kittens inside the bra – which totally cracks me up. She figured out a way for her boobs to get more attention!

    Maybe we’ll see a parade of attention-hungry girls with animals stuffed down their shirts?

    Oh, wait…

    (And, ah gods, those kittens are SO cute).

  280. darkshines says:

    Boobies are great. I love my DDs. I love everyone elses boobs, regardless of size. Boobs are beautiful.

  281. Just hear me out.

    If there’s a shot of a guy with a cute animal – once in a blue moon – it’s not his naked pecs with all other identifying features cut off. He’s clothed and you can see the rest of him. He’s hailed as a caring, animal loving person. He’s a human being, not two sexualised lumps of flesh.

    Lots of people don’t stop to think of the difference. Even less people stop to think about what’s so wrong about this. But I do see what’s wrong with it and that doesn’t make me any less entitled to post my opinion.

    I’m not disgusted by breasts by any means – indeed I appreciate them very much – but there’s a time and a place. I come to CO to be cheered up after reading depressing things about the real world. Cute animals cheer me up. Disembodied female body parts for the purpose of cheap titillation do not.

    There have been plenty of people posting their dissent to pictures like this, and I’m sure there are plenty more who don’t dare because they know they’ll be immediately jumped on for being a horrible puritan. Maybe… just maybe… we have a point.

  282. Is it mean of me to want to howl with laughter at the ‘boobs are not for children’ comments?
    I mean, hello? SRSLY?

  283. You have all inadvertently answered a question, I should have asked , years bak.
    Which was “what is the Puddin’ you all refer to. The first thing I thought of was ‘Blancmange’ pronounced bler-monge. It is or was a packet of powder which is mixed with milk and sets to a jello like consistecy.

  284. To the ’nuffers — I frequently show precisely that much boob skin (sans kittens) just walking down the street and hanging out around town. You also must not be from Florida, as you would be desensitized by everyone wandering around in bathing suits all the time. This women is wearing a blouse for pete’s sake– that counts as FULLY CLOTHED and more than appropriate for children and the elderly to view.

  285. I don’t mind pictures of boobs, but can we have a picture where we get to objectify a hot guy’s pecs for a while? Equal opportunity and all.

  286. I’m assuming that your comment is a joke? Either way: Good job getting more or less all the stupid cliché arguments against these pictures in one single comment. Most amusing.

  287. That pic is a bit much. I love the humor on this page, this one went over the line. I’ve told several younger people about this page, and it’s upsetting to think about them seeing this. Not a tragedy, not a huge deal – just my opinion that for the huge age differences viewing this page, that one went too far.

  288. YOU ARE WRONG to be criticizing someone’s issues with seeing boobs. because in the US there is something called Freedom Of Religion. and many Muslim women are not allowed to show skin to strangers. so you can imagine how hard it is for all the fully-burka’d women who read CO to deal with the boobage.

    now you feel bad, don’t you? you didn’t know that there were so many devout Muslims reading CO did you?

    and yes, I know they’re devout Muslims, because anyone else who was actually offended by this ‘soft-core porn’ really needs to disconnect the Internet from their cloister.

  289. But they are on a woman! Don’tcha know? Women are bizarre and should be covered from view at all times. Or so I’ve heard from various groups arguing for “morality” (however one can find it moral to teach women that they are better off invisible/hidden).

  290. At British Public School’s (Private School), Tapioca was known as Frogspawn,
    I hasten to add, I did not attend a private school, of any shape or form. 🙂

    Jeez, I wish I new how to do something other, than a smiley, it’s gettingkinda kinda tedious.

  291. Eh, what’s “cute” about this? What’s next? A nice close-up of some guys crotch with a puppy hanging out of his fly? No more like this, please.

  292. I’m currently trying to put my biggest cat in my hoodie BECAUSE IT SO DAMN COLD HERE >_<
    I don't care if people find it sexual, I can't do anything else than being envious, at least, she is WARM.

  293. bookmonstercats says:

    We’d let you off anyway, Sharpy, or just go “snerk”

  294. Renta pun.

  295. I normally enjoy this website but this picture is disgusting. Using pets, or any kind of animal for that matter, in a sexual nature and then make it public in what’s usually a family friendly website is shameful.

    –A conservative American female with a PhD, thank you very much.

    >first time posting on co, and i must say, its because the nuffers are annoying me. >so i have but one thing to say. my GAY brother and i love this picture, and anyone >who hates it enough to nuff, is likely an american conservative female canine >who needs to remove their Cranium from a location that i refuse to mention on >CO unless it is connected to an adorable creature and learn that they cannot >control the world!
    >signed, an american liberal (female)
    >ps. please forgive my capitalization issues, i am on a phone.

  296. ftw

  297. 285 comments so far!
    don’t think i’ve ever seen that many..

  298. I, for one, am not a man, do not look at porn, and am not offended at all. I agree with others who have said that the sight of cleavage is a normal everyday occurrence. It’s a body! We all have them, some with breasts! This is doubtless not everyone’s aesthetic, but then, what is???Please don’t jump to assumptions.

  299. Now the people who don’t like the pic are Muslims. Give me a BREAK.

    I’m not religious at all and I don’t like the pic. There goes your theory.

  300. well said.

  301. Everyone keeps talking about that lady’s boobs. So what about the boobs. Look at the kitties instead. They are absolutely adorable. I love their little expressions. Did anyone notice the little spect of white on the little kitty’s chest? They are so cute.

  302. that’s exactly why we post this kind of stuff!


    everyone has had their say. the personal attacks and judgmental outbursts were unfortunate, but i’m going to shut this down unless someone has something truly positive to add.

  303. I agree with you. I guess I’m an annoying female dog Muslim prude, judging by some of the nuffing of the nuffer comments here. So sad.

  304. Agreed. A well-matched pair. 🙂

    Not even going to read the nuffs.

  305. I’m a liberal American female working on her PhD and I totally agree with you. Why do politics and religion have to be thrown around? Some people just don’t like it, that’s all.

  306. I agree, well said.

  307. you think this post was bad? you should see the stuff that i delete from our spam filter all day long! yow!

  308. Bottle Green says:

    Hipcheck, that was clever. Well done.

  309. foodlady3000 says:

    No, no one noticed because the boobs are in the way.

  310. It’s tomorrow! *waves* to everyone!

  311. That’s right, boobies are for babies. 😛

  312. I’m actually from Va. Lots of beaches around here. Still don’t like the pic.

  313. I have no doubts about that, that’s one thing we can agree on!

  314. Over 300 comments! W00t! How typical. Kittens are cute, my boobs are better. 😉

  315. It’s called a locket, so cute.

  316. ttly agree.

  317. Woo! I hope so! 😀

  318. But what if I want to war a light colored blouse? Does this come in with white kitties? Love the picture. Co’ers Personal Log: This site is not “family friendly.”
    It has animals, yes, most of whom are cute, yes. However, the Poiputratuhs of this delight can not possibly take responsibility for the behavior of people who should not be using work time for the surveying of Cute Overload. And, as with me and the monkey and snake pictures, you too have the option of scrolling down to the next picture. Sheesh! HI everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! Orchestra concert this weekend w00t!

  319. When someone decides to post a cats n racks picture on cuteoverload, do you guys have a board meeting and plan of action set up before go-time? *sigh* “Hey everyone, Prongs wants to put up another booby picture again. Mike, have 20 moderators keepin an eye on the comments. Sharpy, do your best to leave in a few snarky comments to fuel the lolz. People, we need to work togther and keep things smooth or this can tank like last time. Commentary shutdown is for dire emergencies only. Stay classy and cute out there. Break!”

  320. It seems like commenters here are becoming nastier with each other as a whole, and that makes me sad. It’s totally valid for people to disagree with an image and state why (i.e., faceless ladyparts do tend to objectify both the ladies and their parts). However, stating “I don’t come here to see XYZ” doesn’t hold water since CO is not now, nor has it ever been, rated G. This has been reiterated throughout the life of the blog.

    It’s also totally valid to disagree with someone’s disagreement, and it can be done constructively without calling someone names. It just seems like more and more that some anti-nuffers are becoming bullies rather than politely stating their point.

    Manners, folks. They’re the new black.

  321. bosom buddies

  322. What really gets me is how people complain that there are TOO MANY of these cats ‘n’ racks pics. How often do these same people come here? Every single time there is a rack with kitties on the front page? Is it unfortunate dumb luck? I can’t honestly remember what the last rack looked like!

    Cats ‘n’ racks are rare. RARE. So quit your whining and wait for the next free post of a cute anipal on a free website that does not belong to you.

    *squeezes her stress ball franctically*


  324. O HAI!

  325. Wow, great boobs and adorable kittens.
    I think we need to switch Sweater Puppies to Sweater Kitties

  326. you’re supposed to howl with laughter! it was intended to be funny. i mean, give the fluffer nutters a little credit.

  327. wow, i do the work of 20 moderators?

    *rattles tip jar*

  328. “The site isn’t for children, it’s for everyone…”

    Thank you for saying that and making an important distinction. I’m tired of everything having to be categorized as either “for children” or “totally inappropriate.”

    Generally I don’t even notice the racks – I’m here for the critters – but (as noted above) I do think this set of, um, kitten caddies is particularly fine.

    -straight old married liberal animal-loving female (SOMLALF?)

    The only reason this never occurred to me to try is that I never wear a low neckline myself – I’m more a tee-shirt kind of dame. Looks cozy, though.

  329. All I can think of is CLAWS! Claws like little needles! NO thank you, lovely though the kittens are! I would love to cuddle them, but outside the shirt only.

  330. WIN

  331. Just a question for those of you bothered by the boobs…are boobs that big of a deal to you that you have to get tied all in a knot about seeing a little cleavage? Who’s oversexed now?

    Newsflash: Half the population has them. Actually, more than half if you consider moobs 🙂 I have no idea why they’re such a revelation still.

  332. i think so, too. 😀

  333. i didn’t, but i love it!

  334. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “chit chit chit”…

  335. Obviously, it’s totally CO’s fault that this dude is surfing the web at work.

  336. Well said. It’s like the anti-nuffers are the new nuffers. Not all nuffing is bad people! I simply expressed MY opinion on here without criticizing anyone else’s and was jumped on for 1) not liking the picture (oh no! why don’t i just keep my disapproving thoughts to myself? only people who like the photo should be allowed to comment!) and 2) apparently trying to make women feel bad about their bodies because I said that I find breasts to be sexual (which OF COURSE I meant everyone else should too, duh!). People like Merriweather and Mary are the new nuffers, jumping down people’s throats for having a different opinion. I understand if someone were to say “No decent woman should not expose her breasts this much.” Then, by all means, jump on said person. But anti-nuffers I implore you to actually read what people are writing. Sometimes it is just a “No thanks, I don’t like it.”

  337. Sharpy – I have something positive to add. I really like your red font colour. Good choice. *tosses a loonie into the tip jar – hopes the exchange rate is ok*

  338. As it is not possible to see what is going on under burka, they could have a full farmyard of critters for all we know.

  339. Re. The early humourous part of the postings.
    I had heard that womans erm, powder room conversations, where raunchier than mens. You ladies have failed miserably. 🙂

  340. B*gg*er were.

  341. Waves to Katrina… How are you? and don’t get too warn out with the concert season!

  342. why, thank you. it’s supposed to be pink, but if you’re seeing red, well… 😉 could it be your email address?

  343. “I rolled my eyes so hard I lost a contact lens.”


  344. Actually, this is NOT just a cute animals site.

    The title of the blog is “Cute Overload”. Not “Cute Kitty Overload” or “Cute Puppy Overload” or even “Cute Animals Overload”.

    Basically, it’s anything and everything that the blog owner thinks is cute. Which may occasionally include boobies, human babies, toaster covers, whatever.

  345. Wow. If you think this is porn, then you must be a Puritan.

  346. Marry me?

  347. I’m with you Nina. It has nothing to do with politics, religion or education, it’s a matter of taste.

  348. You don’t get to decide what is appropriate for this site. You do not own or run it, right?

  349. Here’s a tip: don’t spit into the wind.

  350. ‘On that note, off to take pics of “pups and butts” and “kitties in my bits”’

    Ok, that is hilarious.

  351. I’m at work in a cubical environment with people walking by pretty frequently. When I opened up this pic I went:

    1. Wow, awesome!
    2. /blush, minimize
    3. /sneak-another-peek
    4. /look around and chuckle

    No big deal.

  352. @Nina – unfortunately, you are correct. which sucks. boobs aren’t cute. i looked at my list’o’cute, and those aren’t on it.

    @meriweather – i am speaking for myself. no “we” was there or implied. everyone is welcome to their own opinion, me included. 🙂

  353. But this is not your site. You don’t get to decide what is on this site.

  354. I’m a guest here. Unless my opinion is a compliment or thank you to my generous hosts, I’ll keep it to myself.

    Thank you, hosts!

  355. Neither do you. I did say “maybe.” I think it’d be a good idea, I’m not making any demands.

    Choices are nice to have. I think I’ll go to the Daily Puppy instead where they have pictures of cute puppies. Not a person in sight. Imagine that, a cute animal site with cute animals only!

  356. Just trying to keep things light 🙂

  357. He’s entitled to his opinion. Again, no one is making demands, sheesh.

  358. Oregon Girl says:

    Really? How many of us (male or female) have been in bed on a Saturday or having a nap (in the buff) and your feline cuddles up to you, furcoat on skin? Or better… purring furcoat on skin? That is truly one of the best most relaxing feelings evar!

  359. I LOVE the expresions on the kittens faces…
    Like they are sayig ” Did you hear what she Said? Why I NEVER!”


  360. It irritates me beyond measure that people come here and try to dictate to the site owner about how this place should be run. It’s the equivalent of someone coming to your house and telling you your color scheme is hideous and they won’t come back until you put up new wallpaper. It’s obnoxious.

    It doesn’t make you an evil person; it doesn’t mean I can make cracks about political leanings or religion or whatever. But it makes you rude, and entitled, and I get enough of that @(*$ during my day, without having to see it here. Don’t like how this site is run? Go away.

  361. The Cute Avenger says:

    Isn’t it funny how times have changed? Even though numerous guys (dear friends of mine who are like brothers, mind you) tell me they don’t care about the size of… ah.. you know… endowment, I’m really hard-pressed to believe that flat-chestedness is the cultural “norm” for beauty these days.

    Sorry, sorry… didn’t mean to open up a can of worms. But the thought had struck me as I read the comment.

  362. The Cute Avenger says:

    Unfortunately that’s just how it goes… I dunno where in history it was said that female chest = immodest, unsightly, etc, and male chest = just fine. But that’s how it is.

    Can you imagine how much nicer it would be to not have to wear a bra and/or shirt during really really REALLY hot weather? I always tell the hubby and my guy friends that they’re lucky. -shakes fist in righteous indignation-

  363. The Cute Avenger says:

    Hitchin’ up the buggy, churnin’ lotsa buttah, raised a barn on Monday, soon I’ll raise anothah!

    I couldn’t resist 😀

  364. Not one bit.

  365. Not one bit. To both.

  366. Doesnt hurt at all.

  367. The Cute Avenger says:

    Chesticles!! I love that term! It’s now one of my new favorite words.

  368. How do you go speaking for an entire group like that! I’d think you know better. While I may be a homosexual female, I’m still a decent human and someone with a boss!

    Just kiddin, y’all. I’m with you Stele3.

    Kittens. Awesome. T+ts. Awesome.

    – More of the lesbian contingent.

  369. I don’t want really big ones. Just normal sized ones. 🙄

  370. *snerk*

    😆 😆 😆

  371. Do you know that this site has always been PG13 and cats and racks has a long tradition on Cute overload! IT has been apart of the CO Landscape since the very beggining.

  372. warrior rabbit says:

    I’d just like to say that, as someone who works at one of those big companies that filters and blocks the internet for other businesses, this picture would not be flagged in any way. There’s nothing lewd, rude, or nude, so those claiming NSFW are… overreacting.

  373. warrior rabbit says:

    Also, didn’t the snout-licker have more comments?

  374. still not as many comments as Buddy!

  375. Did the ModerationMachine moderate the moderator?!?!?! 😯

  376. Actually, I was thinking somewhere along these lines. I just didn’t know quite what to do with it.

  377. (I was afraid I’d accidentally say something that was offensive to a breast cancer survivor or someone who’d lost a loved one to it. 😳 )

  378. (I also worry overmuch about offending people, when I’m not being sharpy – I mean snarky.)

  379. cute little kitties but kinda over seeing someones giant pair – it ruins it for me – maybe if I was a boy but even so, that set are a little abundant….

  380. Melissa, that’s so friggin’ adorabuhls! And funny!

    I believe animals’ preference to snuggle up to our bosoms must be because of the squishiness of the spot, the warmth, and the heartbeat.

  381. We should all carry around a couple of extras in our purses to hand out on such occasions as this. Who knows? The dear woman may have not been able to afford a pair of kittehs for herself.

  382. HI to all of my fellow Peeps! I am Ok-enough. All is well on the steppes of Central Connecticut. Had some bad times a few times, but I’m here now. Like my new hairdo? (snerk) It is very short- Rachel Maddow short! It was down the middle of my back, so some people are not recognizing me! It has taken 10 years off my appearance!

    Hello kittyadventures! How you doin’? (heavy New Jersey accent needed to pull this off)

    The Central Connecticut Civic Orchestra has 47 young musicians in our eighth year, and that is before the Orchestra Summer session! I’m hoping for more in the January-June semester. It would be so cool to break the 50 barrier! We also have two new conductors to add to our staff, so all is well. Concert on Sunday at 4.

    Killer Corgi, (Abbey) is fine. Fat and fluffy, just the way she should be. She just went to the beauty parlor so she is also slippery and shiny. She also camouflages perfectly with the fallen leaves in her backyard. Her UCONN Bigger big brother now has a Continental Giant Bunny, ( a manly-man rabbit), so I have a Grandbunny! His name is Loki. He is about 10 months old now, still growing. His ears are 9 inches long! Smaller big brother is firmly ensconced in Washington, D.C., and finding college a fun challenge. Abbey misses them dearly. She pines sometimes. Bigger big comes home and pets her. Smaller bigger will come home at Thanksgiving time- at 4:30 AM! Bigger bigger will redeem him from the train station at 4:30 AM! And I will be ready at 5:00AM with a huge breakfast waiting for them. Just so you know, I won’t be taking any more appointments on Wednesday at 5:00AM. Sorry, I’m booked.

    I hope to hear from all of my fellow Peeps, to catch up. Theresa, do you still have your choir? How is it going?

    I missed you all and hello to Sparky, our moderator, very nice moderating there.
    Here are a few loose Quatloos for your tip jar. Keep the change.

    OK, gang, you turn!

  383. Please tell me you’ve seen Jamin. He has on a shirt, but still…

    *goes off to search*

  384. “Locket”! I’ve never heard that before. How cute!

    And yes PuttyTat, I did notice it.

  385. 😆 Or judging by the comments, infamous.

  386. I personally appreciate the differing opinions expressed in the commentroversies. Yes, I may snark a bit…all just for fun. But really when I’m reading along I’ll think, “Oh, so-and-so has a good point there!” But I read a few dissenting replies down the page and find myself thinking, “Wait, that’s a good point too.” Sometimes the personal attacks can become down-right nasty, but for the most part I’m able to take the informative portions of the comments and ignore the not-so-nice bits. What I’m saying is, hearing everyone’s opinion helps me learn, helps me think of things I may have never realized before. So keep up the bitchin’, peeps! And I’ll keep passing ’round teh puddin’s to make sure everyone stays nourished!

  387. I can’t believe no one’s posted an emoticon pair yet:


    Though I can’t quite figure out how to add the kitties…

  388. Agreed.

  389. *drops puddin’ in Wolfie’s wine glass while she’s not looking*

  390. I happen to disagree with their view of what’s cute here. That’s all. We have that right. Some like it, some don’t. It’s very simple. I’m not bashing anyone who like it, but those of us who don’t like it for whatever reason are getting bashed pretty heavily.

    The comments for babies+animal posts have the same thing – the comments are all “I don’t want to see baby humans, I want to see baby animals!” Which is their right…I happen to agree with the cute animal pics only viewpoint. Usually, it’s not a problem. Give me a cute fluffy puppy over a pic with people and animals in it any day.

  391. I find it obnoxious that when people disagree with something it’s deemed obnoxious. But, now we dissenters are rude and entitled – how are you not rude and entitled just making those statements? We don’t all have to agree here. Telling people to go away because they don’t agree with you is rude.

    Comments are open for opinions. People are offering just that. Some like it, some don’t. If they didn’t want opinions, they shouldn’t be open for comments.

  392. warrior rabbit says:

    @ @
    ^^ ^^
    =.= =.=

  393. well, it kinda is a big deal if you felt you had to minimize it and sneak to look at it again. it’s not appropriate for work – that we can agree on. Sure, I surf the ‘net at work. Who doesn’t? Even my boss uses Facebook during the day – but if this was on her monitor, I’m sure she’d be embarrassed.

  394. =^.^= @@ =^.^=

    How’s that? That’s kinda how they’re in there.

  395. Well, that and the fact that if my girls looked like that, I’d post pictures of it EVERYWHERE. Really. EVERYWHERE. And I am not talking about the kittens. Bravo, boob girl. Bra-vo. Enjoy ’em while you’ve got ’em.

  396. Right on CC!!!
    It gets tiring reading all of the “CO shouldn’t be posting this!” blahblahblah..BS

  397. *claps* Amen to that.

    I love the pic. I rescued a litter of kittens once. They were so little! Only three were still alive when I found them, but it was the middle of an ice storm so in the shirt they went.

    They still have a habit of crawling under my shirt at night to sleep on my chest and one still tries to hide there!

  398. wow, 400 comments.
    what’s the record?
    and i think the kittehs are adorable.

  399. Gail White says:

    Amazing how the comments pile up for a rack, isn’t it?

    Meanwhile I’ll take the one on the left. Um, the black one.

  400. Haha, as an aside, I attempted to shove my own cat down my shirt, an attempt inspired by the picture and some of the comments that it was warm and comfy. As I was cold and not comfy, I figured perhaps the addition of a kitteh would help.

    Mr. Darcy, however, is a large cat, and I am a small person. He got stuck in my shirt. Stretched it out something fierce.

    Sigh. Must get a kitten.

  401. Well, welcome to teh internet, 99% pr0n related, 1% of the-rest-of-all.

  402. warrior rabbit says:

    No, YOU don’t want to see that. Know the difference, please.

  403. OG youre a woman after my heart.

  404. wait…theres kittehs in that picture?
    Oh hey, youre right!

  405. I do!

  406. I agree with Macy.

  407. Some of the so-called “nuff” comments are obviously obnoxious and hateful (calling the girl/woman in the picture a tramp, for example. That’s completely misogynistic). But some of them, even if I don’t agree, are fine. Why do CO regulars have to clutch their pearls and pile on? Why respond over and over and over? It gets old. One person’s opinion is just that. As long as they express their opinion politely I don’t get why there’s such groupthink (with some, not all, posters) on this site about “WE MUST EXPEL THE INFIDEL.” There are valuable points made about the shame we attach to women’s bodies and the normalizing of porn but some of the anti-“nuff” comments seem designed to prove how they’re part of the cool group on this site. If you’re going to respond, don’t insult–respond thoughtfully. Just a thought.

    Or in other words, what muttlover said 🙂

  408. Hee hee hee!

  409. Yay Soo Glad you are back and I hope you have a really awesome visit with your kiddos for the holidays.

    It is as always samee old same old for me.. college marches on… work is still part time… Kitties are fine.. they love chasing the fall leaves right now and of course the birds at the feeders… OMG little one Caught her first Mouse at 14 poor thing wasn’t sure what to do with it. LOL

  410. I think back then it was more a “fashion” thing with the women – not necessarily the viewpoint of the MEN – lol. And, no, I don’t think basic human nature has changed that much.

  411. themanwhowasntthere says:

    Nobody ever said posting one’s opinion was rude or entitled. CC said that posters who “come here and try to dictate to the site owner how this place should be run,” are obnoxious, rude and entitled.

    Reading comprehension… it is your friend.

  412. So your SHARPY!!!! now your sec ret is out 😉 HAhahahaha!

    Just kidding I know your not Sharpy!

  413. Anonymous Coward says:

    and to think i felt like a pig for noticing the fun bags before the kittens. but after reading enough comments in this thread, i don’t think it would have offended anyone of the female persuasion that hangs around here.

    my late wife (ex-airforce brat, ex-military herself) wold have felt perfectly at home on this site. the things she could end up saying would have made grown men go red in the face…

    oh, and btw, nice kittens. i hope they are declawed (sp?) though…

  414. Anonymous Coward says:

    arrgh! don’t you hate when blog software edits your posting automagically?!?

    there was a “house, m.d. meets the geeks” joke in there.

    like (remove some spaces to see the mock-html appear):

    ${controversial statement here}

    and now i have to explain the joke, i am digging myself, aaaawwww nevermind…. :-\

  415. Anonymous Coward says:

    aarrrgh, again!

    oh, well, trust me, it was funny both times (if you are a geek), you had to be there, yada yada yada…