Owsche 2

Sender-Inner Ryan R. says that lil’ Sophie hurt her leggage.

Baroooooooo! [crying sound]



  1. so sad…. poor little thingy

  2. zombie tomato says:

    Oh poor Sophie! I wish to gently scoop her and snuggle her and put little smilie face stickers on her cast and feed her treats and gushy foods…. I hope she’s better soon!

  3. Aww, sweet little girl. I hope she feels better soon!

  4. Tsk-tsk!! Poor schnookie…[hands puppy a Cheeto]

  5. So sad!

  6. Sophie: It wasn’t my fault. That cat tricked me into chasing it up a tree….um…ouchie.

    Poor puppeh, can she look anymore pitiful? I prescribe lots of cuddles and sleeping in late.

  7. warrior rabbit says:

    Awww, poor baby! Such a sad face. Feel better, Sophie!

  8. I prescribe lots of cuddlingks and smoochies on the nose. Poor baby!

  9. That little angel has perfected the “pity me” face ,,,@^@,,, She needs more gentle love! (Even though I’m sure she’s getting smothered x3)

  10. I hope cute Sophie heals up wonderfully.

    AND.. I think the pictures of wounded animals are not cute. Stop with the cats and dogs in wounded poses, please. Why is it “cute” to see a wounded animal, obviously in pain?

    Anywho… I love Sophie! YAY for her!

    More pictures pot belly pigs! YAY!

  11. General Approval says:

    That there Sophie is feeling blue, you know its true..

  12. Aaaaawwwww… somebody needs lots of ear skritches and tummy rubs!

    Give lil’ Sophie puppers a chewy rawhide bone to take her mind off the hurt leggy… and help keep her from chomping the bandages!

  13. Her cast needs signing. ❤

  14. Oh noes! Cute or sad?

  15. Poor little thing! I’m sure she’s getting plenty of love. Also, I understand aquamarine is totally in this season, she she’s safe on the fashion front.

  16. bookmonstercats says:

    Poor baby. What did she do?

  17. La pauvre? le pobrecito. Der arme matrose. O pobre. Ouch. Poor baby. So much love.

  18. Awwww poor baby. 😦 Such a mean-looking big boo boo on a little girl. ::blows gently on the cast:: Hope she feels better soon, I’m sure her family’s taking good care of her.

  19. That simply made me go “awwwwwwwwwww!” Hope you get well soon, little bebbeh.

  20. Her leg in the cast looks oddly like a ballerina pose in tights …

  21. THAT is one powerful look, my C.O. friends. I feel so guilty, like I’m responsible or something. *wrings hands in agony*


    P.S. If Sophie’s a girl, it’s “la pauvre” (not “le”). Sorry, couldn’t help it – my mother tongue is French!

  22. ah! look at that pout! it’s too much!

  23. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    Which post(s) are you referring to? A wounded pose is not the same as wounded animal.

  24. my lower lip is in perma-pity-pout for this poor baby

    kinda making it hard to drink my coffee without drooling, so she’d better heal up quick!

  25. Awwwww…….the saddest of puppy dog eyes…………..snif…….

  26. I like that imagery. *puts on Hat of Denial*

    This puppeh isn’t wearing a cast. She’s wearing leg warmers!

    Lovely tendu, puppeh!

  27. Sad baroooooo.

  28. I bet Sophie got painkillers from the same vet that put that cast on her leg.

  29. naughtypaw says:

    Were they cleaning the floor with her, perhaps?

  30. I hope we get an update when she’s running around again!

  31. Well, if she will try to do the splits after six gin and tonics, what does she expect.

    Erm, that’s being ironic.

  32. My mother tongue is «joual» so I would say: Pôve p’tit bête.

  33. LaureninGeorgia says:

    @hon glad – better than one-armed push-ups after too much champagne.

  34. *gentle kisses for Sophie*

  35. Catsquatch says:


  36. I don’t think she’s in pain right now. Probably uncomfortable, what with the cast and everything, and there might be some pain, but it’s still cute. Because it triggers our nurturing instincts, which is what cute is all about.

    “I am so pitiful and helpless! Please hug me and make me feel all better!” Try to deny that call. I dare you.

  37. warrior rabbit says:


  38. Awww poor baby!!

  39. B’awww, what an impossibly sad face! She needs a kiss on the nose, STAT.

  40. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Nice Hat, Brinnann!! 😉

  41. *sidebar* I thought the article took on the gender of the noun, though its been QUITE a while since French class!! I trust you, Wolfe, just curious.

  42. Awwww!! What a sweet girl. But don’t they know that little girls get pink casts? 😀
    Oh well. I’ll just have to draw some sweets on there for her *grabs markers*

  43. Thanks! I just bought a couple of new ones – fall and winter colors. You can never have too many!

  44. Awww! Not the hurty leg!!!

  45. OUCH!

  46. Right on, Gigi! Tu viens de quel coin?

  47. You’re totally right, McTwin! But the noun (in this case the proper noun “Sophie”) is feminine, so the article must therefore be feminine as well. 🙂

    Yeah, as you can see, I’m not just a C.O. geek… I’m a grammar geek, a comics geek, and the list goes on…! :-b

  48. Laureningeorgia – Ah! so you tried it hmm. 🙂

  49. What is cute about an animal’s pain? Zero. That is a real animal, not a cute toy. Thumbs super down, CO. Not good, not good.

  50. Awwwwwww, sweet baby! Get well soon!

  51. La pobrecita!

  52. Yes, yes. You want attention. We all understand.

    Before posting comments like yours, people should really take a deep breath and attempt to employ some logic. Is the dog wounded? Yes. Does it appear that the dog has owners caring enough to attend to said wounds? Yes. Is it likely that the vet provided medication to relieve the dog’s pain? Very likely, yes.

    What you are left with is a cute puppy in a cast, who will be absolutely fine.

  53. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Grammar Geeks Unite!!

    A Grammar Geek

  54. Yeah pictures of wounded animals are not fun, but pics of animals who have had adequate vet care and are on the mend are cute in a sad kind of way. At least this leetle pupster has someone who takes care of these things.

    A cast isn’t so bad. Not fun but it means that someday Sophie is going to run around again. At least pups heal pretty fast.

  55. Poor little girl! My puppy Milan just got his bandages off a few weeks ago. I hope she mends quickly. Most appropriately classified as “cute or sad” indeed.

  56. Another day… another post… another comment that doesn’t realize from the very existence of the “Cute or Sad?” category means that pictures like this have been posted many times before, and will continue to be posted at this site regardless of one commenter’s opinion. (Same goes for the “cats ‘n’ racks” category, while we’re at it.)

  57. We rule!!!

    Or we like rules, anyway. 😉

  58. Aww, poor puppy. *forehead kissingks*

  59. emmberrann says:

    We are lucky to be living in a time when bebbeh doggies can get treatments to make their owschies all better soon… Just sayin’…

  60. Yes, because this puppy is obviously in a horrible, horrible situation.
    Personally, with all the *real* abuse and neglect out there that I see every day rescuing dogs, this heartens me. I’m excited and happy to see that someone loved her and bothered to not only spend the time but the VAST amount of money it takes to fix her. She is loved and taken care of.
    Next time you want to cry about an animal’s “pain”, visit a shelter and ask what happens to fighting dogs and strays.

  61. 2 months of casts, 50 miles to the vet and back twice a week, water therapy and and $6,000 so spike could have metal plates in his legs instead of being put down. we’re still paying it off. i think HE’s abusing US! 😉

    spike marie

    spike marie

  62. Awwwwww, lookit that face! Poor little baby.

  63. Wow Sharpy, you have things hard in America. My vet is less than a mile away flu shots about £30, I have never been involved in a very complex treatment, but Sid my Tux boy cut his leg badly, emergency vet, stiches, bandaged, stay over three days £130 insurance payed £80, I beleive you can’t even buy pet insurance in theUS, althogh I know things are different from state to state.

  64. Oh, and Spike looks worth every dime. 🙂

  65. I hope Sophie gets her cast off soon. It sucks to have a cast on, especially when you have an itch.

  66. well, i choose to live far from mod cons, so that’s my own fault. we can get vet insurance here, but i’ve never bought it. maybe i should–? also, every single one of my friends said we were crazy to spend that much money on an old dog with birth defects. i tend to go a bit overboard for the cute.

  67. This is a Puppy-on-the-Mend and she should have our good wishes directed toward her. Not sad at all, it gives us all an opportunity to help the person she owns. Best wishes to Spike, Sofie and all on-the-mend Peeps, too!

  68. when I saw those lil sad puppeh eyes…I was like
    well at least you have a nice humane who takes
    you in for good care!!! I am sure Sophie is
    getting the BEST TLC around. XXXOOOXXX from me..

  69. SweetLadyn.n says:

    Aww D:
    I hope he gets better soon.