And a Happy Monday to You, Too

Yeah, I had a wild weekend, but I’m totally ready to work armblty mrmfl zzz… Whuh just a few hours’ sleep, here I am, fresh as a daisuggh fnurrff zzz… Whoa so I’ll have those TPS reports on your desk by ten o’cloarggh mumble thud…



  1. So cute!

  2. work hard, party harder little pup!

    I’m so totally using “armblty mrmfl” as my de facto I’m-so-sleppy grumblings from now on.
    (though is it “arm-bulty murm-ful”?)

  3. Glad to see the Sleep Lab is fully staffed.

  4. Pupster going down in 10….9….8….7….

  5. This dog is representing my current state of being via interpretive dance! ❤

  6. Somebody get that baby a comfy bed!

  7. How ineffably sweet.

    It’s just as well I don’t have to attend meetings, I’m sure I would be snzzlefroomwazat “Yes yes, I totally agree (sotto voce) whatever it was you said”

  8. (The Original) Mel says:

    I’m supposed to be in a meeting right now, but instead I’m going to take tis lil guy’s advice and armblty murmfl all morning.

  9. Let me stay up to watch the end of the movie, pleeeeeazzzeeeee, mom! I’m totally awake now and I won’t fall asleep for at least an hour anyw… thud! …zzzzzzzzzz

  10. Sweet baby says ‘leave me ‘lone, let me sleep’!

  11. That’s me in bed this morning. Just hit the snooze again. Just one more time.

  12. Looks like me at work in the afternoon, only much much cuter.

  13. Looks more like “fully zonked” to me…

    I would like to see the “previously” video, where he totally has the rips and has worn himself out.

  14. Yes, Tracylee, yes it is.

  15. *snort* That’s…*giggle* wonderful. *ahahahahah* *sigh* Thanks for the laugh!

  16. where is that sweet baby’s BED for gosh sakes? sleeping on a cold tile floor–NUH UH

  17. Agreed. That’s why he was whimpering. “Geez do I hafta sleeps here?”

  18. What language is the person speaking?

  19. Soooo cute…

  20. Dog Latin

  21. Aww lookit those toesies…

  22. The little grumblings just about killed me… soooooo sleepy.. so adorable

  23. Looks like someone has a bad case of the Mondays!

  24. can tell that that cute little puppy is going to be huge one day!

  25. Or my lap would do quite fine too! I will now wait patiently for someone to put a sleepy lab pup in it.

  26. Even as a puppy, my boy refused to sleep on a bed. He preferred the cold tile floor. Still does five years later.

  27. baileysgrandmom says:

    Methinks puppykins needs a soft, warm lap to snooze in. Wait! I just happen to have one of those! (Grabs puppy, sneaks off to sit down & thus produce said lap.)

  28. i heart those chubby paws. they almost look elephantile.

  29. Sleep Lab! LOL LOL

  30. I’m soooo….[yawn] sleepy….

  31. P.S. NTMTOM, the phrase “Happy Monday” is an oxymoron!

  32. hmstracylee says:

    just wanted to make sure I was saying it right : )

  33. So tie-tie! So cute! So snuggly! I love the little wrinkles above his nose and those paw-paws. Bet they smell like movie theater popcorn…

  34. Martha in Washington says:

    I bet the “after” video shows this pup’s people all with their faces smooshed into his sleepy belly! Or maybe I’m just projecting MY wishes onto them.

  35. *snerk*

  36. The person in the video is speaking Cantonese. She is saying, “so sleepy, very very sleepy…” over and over again.

  37. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    GET IT PHOLKS?? (sleep) “LAB” = labrador poopie !! YAY 🙂

    Hopelessly Immature

  38. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    no no no that’s og-Day Atin-lay!! c’mon peeps 🙂

  39. Owe. Mah. Gah. How could the camera person NOT fling that camera away, make a high-speed crockpot soup, scoop up the pup, put on a chill/lounge-mix on low, throw an afghan over them & snooze away the afternoon til the soup was ready?!

  40. Well thanks goodness he made it down to the floor before he fell over. That floor was so far away I didn’t think he’d make it. Those safe puppy landings are always a bit iffy.

  41. Sweet baby! Put down a nice soft cushion, pick him up gently and lay him there. I personally volunteer to have the cushion on my lap. For real!

    I keep hearing this song in my head. Don’t have any of the lyrics besides, “Baby you’re mine…” in a gentle female voice.

  42. Ahhh! As soon as I see “armblty mrmfl zzz” I know we’re dealing with NTMTOM! And a brghl mrfrztz wrgl to you too, Sir!

  43. “Ixnay on the ottenray!”

  44. bob drummond says:

    that means this little guy is going to be a very big guy someday

  45. Baby Mine from Dumbo? No “you’re”, though.

  46. The paddling back feets at 0:18!!!!

  47. Tracylee, that’s a five-yard penalty for gratuitous vowels.

  48. Exactly what I was thinking! Poor baby…I would have him schnuggled up in a blankie and tucked in his own little bed.

  49. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Victoreia: c’mon gal, it’s “slePPy”, ’round these ‘ere parts!!! 🙂

  50. Wait a minute, wait a minute!!!
    Peeps, did you know that today is National Bundt Cake Day? I am devastated that nobody told me! I had no time to prepare!! 👿

  51. I didn’t even realize she was speaking Cantonese the first time I was watching it, which is strange because I speak Cantonese. I was probably too enamored with the tired puppy.

    Yeah, she’s basically saying, “Almost asleep…almost asleep. Oop, not sleeping yet! Not sleeping yet! Oh, so sleepy. Oh, so sleepy. Almost falling asleep. So sleepy, so sleepy. Almost falling asleep…”

  52. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Fern: I think you might have the following song as your earworm. I’ve only put one item from the article directly here, then the Wiki article, which lists more than four other releases of it (including the soundtrack to the film “Mermaids”, with Cher)….so it’s a pretty lengthy bit of background data.

    “Baby I’m Yours” is the name of a song,
    written by Van McCoy which was a hit for Barbara Lewis in 1965.

    The Wiki article page, with LOTS of detail, is located at:

  53. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!!111!!!!1!!!1

    This poor puppeh expresses how I’ve felt all day…!
    There’s just not enuf coffee…!
    And I still have to do my laundry at home…!


  54. Random: that scene makes me bawl every time I watch it. Mommy elephant gently rocking her baby through the bars of her prison + that song = impossible to handle without tears.

  55. Oh, [yawn] right, [yawn] sorry. I [yawn] forgot.

  56. Hypnosis session?

  57. Martha in Washington says:

    Damn. And if I’d a known you were coming I’d a baked a (bundt) cake!
    “It’s a bunDT cake…bunDT.” “There’s a whole in the cake”

  58. Martha in Washington says:

    Sorry …”hole”. But you get it anyway, right? I need some coffee.

  59. I love the little creaky noises he makes at the end, right before he gives up and lays down.

  60. Me too! I was thinking, “Poor little buddy misses his litter mates and the warm puppy pile…”

    “Warm puppy pile” being the industry term for snuggled sleepng puppies….

  61. Oh lordy, this is how I look today.

  62. Blanket! Comfy beddie! Stuffed animal! STAT!!! Sheesh people dont you recognize a code 784Qte when you see one???

  63. crazy wienerdog lady says:

    sooooooooooo tie-tie!!!!!!

  64. I find myself oddly irritated by this video. Maybe it’s because I myself am tired, but I find myself thinking (and almost saying out loud), “lady, shut up, let him sleep!!!!”

  65. This is one thing I’ll never understand about baby animals…WHY do they resist falling asleep? XD It’s not like they have to stay up to write a paper or submit a report. Puppy, there is nothing stopping you! Just give in to the sweet temptation and snooze when you feel like it!

  66. High speed and crockpot do not beling in the same sentence.


    The one paw! The pink toes! It’s too much!! TOO! MOISHE!!!


  68. Those mini-growls. Deadly. 🙂

  69. This has to be the most beautiful muzzlepowshe in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!*Barfs a rainbow and dies*

  70. hee. throwin’s something together can be pretty quick, some left over toikey, a little rice & some bacon browned up w/onions & musheroons, can of cream of mushrum soup *bam* you has soup. let it stew up til the whole house smells like nom…

  71. awwww what a little blob! i hope someone put him somewhere soft and warm for his nap!

  72. Silent Meow says:

    Makes me want to smother ’em with butter and eat ’em! nom nom nom

  73. Another question nobody has asked yet…
    Is his name REALLY Mr. Seven?? Or is humor gone over my head (again)??
    And Cheers to Hon Glad, for keeping “ineffably” and “sotto voce” in the lexicon.

  74. Now I’m hungry.

  75. Ok, my heart has melted. I want that puppy. Smoochers!

  76. I know how you feel puppers. Working on the West Coast, and I’ve been doing that since 8pm. Except, I’m not as cute. *cries*

  77. Mrs. Kravitz says:

    Well there ya go. I was also wondering why pupster was sleeping on a cold tile floor, but I’m sure any pupmom who talks him to sleep… and films it!… probably also immediately either scooped him up and deposited him gently into a cushiony bed, or wrapped a fuzzy blankie around him.

  78. Mrs. Kravitz says:

    And now I both (a) have an earworm and (b) am gently sniffling when I think of poor widdle Dumbo and his gwate big earsies. Thanks ever so much! (Seriously, can’t think of a nicer way to start the day.)

  79. Puppy needs a pillow, a blanket and a nice comfy lap to cuddle up on. Cute little puppy.

  80. Or a lap!

  81. It’s her ‘Mother Tongue’.

  82. I agree.

  83. Hooray for your “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” ref!

  84. This format is new to me. Could we, in theory keep answering everyone’s comments within the comment and thus have an unlimited number of strings going at once? Has anyone tried it yet? Wanna start somethin’ here? Hmmmmmm?

    And HI NOMTOM! Wonderful as usual, our clever, fellow Peep!

  85. Oh, and how cute is dat???? X3

  86. cantonese. mum is gently telling her child in the background to leave it sweet muffins alone because the it’s super tired.

  87. wow i must be tired. such a grammar fail.

    trying again: language = cantonese (dialect of chinese)
    Mom is telling her child to leave poor sweet puppers alone as it is so very tired!